Station 71


“Here wear this.” He tossed me the dark blue t-shirt, the words ‘station 71’ in big white letters over the heart looked back at me as I folded the shirt back; slipping my arms and head through the appropriate holes and I blushed, looking up at him shyly.

“Well, how does it look?” I gripped the hem of the shirt and turned around in a cute little twirl laughing softly as I nibbled on my thumb’s tip nervously. He grinned like a horny boy taking me in for a second and soon he crossed the distance between us, slipping an arm around my waist pulling me close before his hand settled onto my cheek, cupping it and bringing my lips up for a deep kiss. The height difference between us was something I loved and I pushed up on my toes to kiss him even deeper. His fingers slid against my thighs, tugging at the purple lace panties I wore that were hidden just under the shirt. I could tell he was feeling the way the fabric stretched over my bubbly ass. He gripped it, an entire handful as he pulled me to him even tighter and our lips began lacing together faster and more urgent as I moaned against him.

That was all it took for him to reach below my ass, lifting me up and as my legs wrapped around his waist he carried me to the bed throwing me onto it. I laughed watching him, my legs closed at the knees as I squirmed a little bit, “wh…What are you going to do to me?!” I put on my best little girl voice as I lifted a finger tip to my lips chewing it lightly as I watched him pull of his own shirt revealing the bare tanned body that hid beneath the fabric, the v’s of his hips were prominent as he slowly undid the zipper of his jeans. The sound of the zipper’s teeth coming undone was torture to me, as I dripped even more for him watching and waiting eagerly until I couldn’t 1080 porno take it anymore.

Sitting up I reached forward pushing his hands away to do it for him, “I’m sorry Sir but I can’t wait anymore for this!” He didn’t even fight me as I pushed his jeans and boxers down his hard cock springing to life, slapping me in the face as I reached up to grab it, gripped it with my hand.

Seven inches of hard cock was in my grasp and I loved it as my hand slid up and down feeling the way his cock was iron hard with such need for me and to get off, yet his skin was so silky smooth. I loved this, having a man in my hands; there was no room to question if he desired me truly or not because it was so fucking obvious! My tongue slipped from my lips taking its time as it slowly licked the head, dragging against the purple throbbing tip and I sighed with content as his precum coated my tongue. He was so eager, so ready and so was my mouth as I pushed him between the full lips of my face suckling gently. His hands eagerly pushed into my hair, the dark black curls spilling through his fists as he stroked my scalp hissing those two words I loved the most, “good giiiirl.”

Not even 4 minutes in and he was already complimenting me and the words sent a shiver down my spine. I pushed him into my mouth more and more slowly being consumed by the clean yet manly taste of his skin and before I knew it he was pushing against the back of my throat. I squirmed as I held myself down, tricking my brain into thinking I was ok as I squeezed my left thumb in my hand relaxing my gag reflex. His hips were trembling and as I looked up at him, my dark glasses framing my brown eyes and long eyelashes he groaned once more pulling my head down even further. His hands 2 k porno suddenly gripped hard in my hair as he moved my head back and forth faster, “what a good little slut you are, sucking my cock like a hungry little whore…” His words were mumbled almost, as his voice was thick with lust and all I could do was grown as my cheeks sucked in, tightening around his thickened length. I pushed and pulled my body with his grip, hands holding onto those perfect V shapes and I tried desperately to move so the heel of my foot could dig into my cunt but he stopped me from shifting knowing I was trying desperately to find a way to relieve the itching between my legs.

“Not yet whore. I will satisfy you when I’m good and ready for you to have pleasure.” A hand left my hair suddenly and came down to my face, smacking me with the finger tips leaving a stinging presence and a pink mark, and soon the hand was back where it belonged tight in my curls. It was humiliating getting caught but the sting was oh so good as I reveled in the pain. I mumbled around his cock a “yes sir” kind of sound as I continued to work harder for him. My mouth at this point was filled with so much drool that every time I pulled back and pushed down, it would slowly seep from the seal of my lips and drip down his sac or onto the bed creating a wet spot. His head tossed back as I could feel him tense in my mouth, but I wasn’t done, no not yet. With one hand I left go of his hip and I cupped his balls gently squeezing, massaging and rolling them in my palm letting my own saliva coat my hand.

They were heavy with his seed and every now and then they tightened with the pleasure I was giving him and the eagerness to cum. I could tell he was trying to hold back on me, and that 3 k porno infuriated me and so I did the only thing I knew how – I pushed him through the barrier of my throat and deep down into the slick tightness. I stopped moving as I held him inside of my throat, my nose pushed against the bare skin of his pubic bone. The tight column of my throat spasmed around him, struggling to open enough as my body instantly wanted to take a deep breath. My lungs burned and my mind screamed at me to pull up but I couldn’t – not yet – not until I got what I came for. Within a few moments his body began to change, I could feel him tense and it started at his feet, crawling up his legs till it got to his hips and he began to squirm helplessly, hips pumping in and out of my greedy little mouth until finally his sac tightened in my hand, pulling up completely to his body and there it was the first stream.

His cum was thick and sweet with a salty aftertaste and it coated my throat shooting straight to my belly as I slowly pulled up, letting it hit and coat every inch of my throat and mouth that it could. God it tasted so good to have him cum in my mouth and my tongue bathed his cock head, rubbing just underneath the ridge to coax out more of his cum. Moment passed as his hands held my head steady, his cum had finished shooting at this point and I swallowed it giggling as I slowly pulled from his cock, my tongue snaking around pulling any remnants off.

Sitting back on my feet I looked up at him, a hand on his hip still lingered and I wiped my mouth with the other and I watched his face. Those eyes were swimming in lust, relaxation and just pure bliss and I know I had done my job well. “Come lay down now ok?” I tugged at his hand helping him into the bed as he almost fell into me. Scooting him up the bed and against the pillows, I curled up to him, pulling the blanket over us and I settled against him listening to the raging song his heartbeat played. This was perfect, he was perfect, and the moment we shared was even better.