Staying Close to My Sister Ch. 04

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I was still in shock. Despite the passing of several month since my daughters were born, they were still the first thing on my mind, and each time I saw their faces I knew could never deserve something like this. It was absolute pure love, unconditional and inimitable. Along with love came concern, or maybe fear is more accurate. Constant fear loomed around me that anything could happen to hurt them. Luckily, I had so many amazing women with me to make sure my angelic daughters received the best parenting a child could ask for.

My sister Elizabeth gave birth to our darling Emily, and my mother gave birth to our beloved twins Jane and Jennifer, all three born mere minutes apart. Sally and Amanda, my aunt and cousin, were both beautifully pregnant and helping with the babies that had already arrived. The prior mothers were already quite experienced, though clearly Elizabeth and Amanda had inherited their motherly instincts.

The former lesbians Trisha and Karen had since moved in, glowingly pregnant themselves and excited for the gift of motherhood they did not think they would ever receive. They too were a great help for the babies who had already arrived, so despite my overall lack of fatherly instincts, the little ones never experienced a moment without attention and affection.

On that particular morning Sally and Amanda dealt the doting as everyone else was getting ready for work. I was excited as buzz around the office suggested big news for the company. Our team, consisting of Elizabeth and myself alongside the lesbo duo, typically took care of data entry under the leadership of our bitch-in-recovery boss Martha. Recently, however, I had been moved to handle certain side projects to help facilitate the expansions the company made to handle the surging growth of business.

Rumor had it that there would be a big announcement today, so my excitement was by no means unique. We piled into the minivan we had recently purchased and drove off. Elizabeth and mom were not pregnant at this point, as we had been taking precautions against having even more kids so soon. We still planned to have more of course, but we sought to ensure we had the time and space to accommodate all of them.

We pulled up and darted inside, gathering in the auditorium with the other employees. The owner of the company stepped up to the lectern and gave us a bright smile. Mrs. Gertrude Moody was an elderly woman with short gray hair and no shortage of wrinkles. She wore clothes that would only look in place in old silent movies, and she was well known as a shrewd business woman. Despite this, any time I spoke with her she had a warm grandma-like demeanor.

“Thank you for joining me today, and thank you for your hard work that has made this company what it is.” She went on for a bit about the particulars of our hard work and the growth of the company, and how the few dozen employees currently working here would eventually be joined by hundreds or even thousands more. “It really is all thanks to you, and I believe that actions mean more than words, so rather than just telling you how much your work means to me, I’d like to show you.

“The specific amounts for each person will be delivered privately later on, but I am happy to announce that every person in this room will receive a raise!” Cheers rang throughout the room, then she continued. “Many of you will also receive promotions in the coming weeks and months as we hire more employees who will need training and leadership.” More cheers rang out. “Finally, I’m sending each team on an all-expenses-paid beach vacation!” Once again applause and cheers filled the room. While I was elated hearing all the good news, I was also concerned about how our vacation would go with Martha present.

As the presentation ended and we all went back to our workroom Martha said she wanted to talk with us. I was afraid of what she might say even though she was overall better behaved since I confronted her, but she still slipped sometimes and said some seriously bitchy shit. I was afraid she might say that Karen and Trisha should not feel too excited as their lackluster performance certainly did not contribute to the growth of the company. It definitely felt like something she would say. I crossed my fingers as Martha started.

“I wanted to let you know, Mrs. Moody is one-hundred percent correct. Everyone has done a great job in these last few months. I’m really proud of all of you. I haven’t been the best boss, but even despite that each of you have gone above and beyond. Trisha, Karen, I’ve always said the worst stuff about you and never gave you the help you needed to grow. Thankfully Ray and Elizabeth gave you the help I should have been giving you, and now you’re model employees. I wanted you to know I’m sorry I let you down.”

I noticed Trisha was pale and jittering anxiously, then she suddenly dropped her bottle of water on the floor and started crying. I hurried to her side, “Are you okay?”

“No I’m fine!” Trisha sputtered, “Maybe it was all too much kaliteli gaziantep escort to hear at once. It really is good news! And Martha saying all that… I just got emotional.”

I rubbed her shoulders to help her calm down as Karen said, “Yeah, thank you Martha, we accept your apology.” Karen paused and sighed, as if she was thinking about her next words carefully. I thought she might tell Martha never mind, one little apology does not mean much and it’s too little too late. To my surprise, Karen’s next words had nothing to do with Martha. “I’m not sure we should go on a trip like this while we’re pregnant. Might not be good for the babies.”

“I think it should be fine,” I replied, “I’ve never heard anything like that before. And both of you deserve to go more than anyone.”

Elizabeth cut in, “She’s right Ray, it’s probably for the best that they skip out on the trip. We’ll miss you for sure, but we aren’t going to be upset if you can’t go.”

Trisha mouthed a thank you, and to be honest I had no idea what was going on in her head. I knew my sister well, though, and I could tell she had picked up on something that I missed, so I did not press the issue further as Karen addressed Martha.

“I really do appreciate what you said. I know you’ve been trying hard to treat us better. Since we have five tickets for the vacation and the two of us are going to miss out, would you like to invite your sisters to go instead? I know they’re still working hard at college and I’m sure they need a break.”

Martha looked shocked, I guess she did not know what to say, so she started crying and hugged Karen. I almost brought up the fact that one of Martha’s sisters was pregnant, so if that is the reason Karen and Trisha cannot go, then she probably will not be able to go either. As soon as my lips parted, Elizabeth gently stepped on my foot, so I just shut up and let the two embrace in peace.

A few hours later, I was called to meet with Mrs. Gertrude in her office. The girls all giggled and suggested that I must be in trouble. I started to get worried, but my fears were quickly abated. I returned to announce that I was being promoted. Over the next couple of hours everybody got pulled one by one, coming back to report they got the figures on how much their raise would be. The rest of the day was rather unproductive as everyone was much too distracted by all of the good news.

As we were leaving work for the day, Elizabeth found a moment to speak in private as we ambled out towards the car. “Serious congrats on the promotion bro. With all the good work you’ve done on those side projects while keeping up with your normal work, you definitely earned it.”

“Thanks sis, I think you deserve one too.” I replied.

“Actually, she did offer me a promotion. I didn’t want to take up a ton of new responsibility right now with all the babies. Not to mention we have more on the way.”

“That makes sense. I was wondering why they didn’t give you one. I think it’s smart to focus on what’s important to you.”

“Yep, plus I don’t need to work my way up anyway. That’s your job Mr. Breadwinner!”

“Fair enough, I’ll do my best!” I smiled and posed with flexed arms, eliciting a giggle from Elizabeth. “By the way, what was going on this morning? You know, with Karen, Trish, and Martha. I don’t get why they can’t go because of the pregnancies. I mean one of Martha’s sisters is pregnant too and nobody brought up that she can’t go.”

“Haha Ray, you really didn’t pick up on what was going on, did you?” Elizabeth teased.

“So you knew everything?”

“Not everything, at least not at the time, but I could tell she had a different reason, and she really didn’t want to go. I spoke with Karen in private during lunch and it turns out Trisha is super scared of the ocean. She doesn’t want to go anywhere near it.”

“Why the random excuse?”

“She’s embarrassed about it. She’s so cute!”

“Well what about all the hugging and crying?”

“Oh come on Ray, Martha gave them a genuine apology. Karen offered the tickets to her sisters as an olive branch. You know, so she wasn’t saying she forgave her just to keep it from getting awkward. She really forgives her and wants to build a bridge between them.”

“Damn you picked up on a lot so fast. I knew you were smart but not this smart!”

“Or maybe you’re just a caveman Ray.” Elizabeth giggled and playfully bumped against my arm.

“Maybe so,” I laughed. “At any rate, I wonder how the vacation’s going to be with Martha and her sisters. We’ve never even met them before, I wonder if they’re as crazy as Martha.”

“Everyone we meet is crazy.” Elizabeth said, and we shared a laugh. “But one of them is pregnant so I guess she can at least get a guy.”

“A while ago back when Martha tried to seduce me, she told me her sister got knocked up by some stranger in a park.”

“Yeah, it sounds like she’s probably crazy, we’ll just have to make due. I’m sure you and I can still have gaziantep kaliteli escort a lot of fun together.” she grabbed my hand, gently stroking her thumb against mine. “It’s a shame Mom can’t go with us though. It’s just our team.”

“What’s with that anyway? Why do they have to split the vacations up?”

“I asked around earlier, it looks like they can’t afford to shut the whole place down for any amount of time with all the expansions going on. They are sending each team individually to stagger the vacations so the office can still run.”

“That makes sense, I feel bad for Mom though.”

“Same, we’ll have to make it up to her somehow. By the way, what did you get promoted to?”

“About that. It’s sort of weird…”

We finished our conversation on the way to the van, then rode home and rushed inside to tell Sally and Amanda the all the exciting news over dinner.

Amanda fake pouted, “It’s a shame Sally and I can’t go. And also Karen and Trish because…” Amanda paused, “their pregnancies. So you better send us tons of pictures!” We all agreed that we would send as many as we could.

“Yeah, I want you to send us photos of the beach and the waves and everything!” Karen said. “I haven’t been to the beach since, well, in a long time.”

Amanda smiled and said, “You heard her, we want you to send us pictures of everything.” Amanda winked at me.

Next Sally chimed in, “You said each team is getting sent individually, right? I thought you didn’t work on the same team as them Judy. Do you have to go separately?” she asked Mom.

“Actually,” Mom started, “I spoke with Mrs. Moody about how my vacation would work. I’m not on a team per se, I do analytics and work mostly independently, just reporting to her. She said that she couldn’t possibly send me all by myself, and since she knows my children work together on a team, she would book me to go with them.”

“That’s great Mom!” Elizabeth and I said in unison.

Mom smiled at us, “We’ll have to celebrate after dinner.”

We continued with dinner, and I made sure each of the four pregnant ladies ate plenty to keep themselves healthy. After the meal we cleaned up and put the babies to bed, then we went to the living room and the girls gave me a knowing smile as I rubbed my hands together in anticipation, finally a sex scene! It feels like it’s been years!

We were all very used to this by now so there was little ceremony as we stripped down to get to business. Elizabeth and Amanda grabbed my arms and pulled me to the couch, sitting me down between them, my cousin to my left and my sister to my right. They ran their fingers across my chest as Elizabeth cooed, “Hey ladies, I forgot to mention it during dinner but a certain someone got a promotion today.”

“Oh yeah, with all the excitement I forgot all about it.” Trish said. She and Karen dropped to their knees on the floor in front of me, rubbing their soft hands against my thighs.

“I’m not surprised.” Mom said as she took a seat next to Elizabeth, leaning against her daughter’s back and looping her arms around her. Elizabeth looked blissful squeezed between me and our mother. “Mrs. Moody likes to gab my ear off about how good of a job you do on those special projects.” She slipped her fingers around Elizabeth’s nipple.

Sally mirrored Mom on the other side, sandwiching Amanda between us as she joined in, “Ooh, what are these special projects? Something dirty?”

“What? No, it’s just work duties. Stuff like creating training curriculum for new workers, doing some hiring reviews, and helping to plan some aspects of the expansion.”

“Speaking of expansion.” Amanda said as she caressed my slowly hardening member. “But anyway, that’s not what I was picturing when she said special projects. I thought you were fucking the owner lady so you could get that promotion.”

“No, I wouldn’t fuck some old lady.”

Trish gasps, “Don’t say that, she’s always so nice!”

“That came out wrong, I’m not trying to be mean. She’s super nice and I love working with her but I don’t think about her sexually and there’s no way she thinks of me sexually either. Plus, she’s married.”

Mom chuckles, “She’s always complaining about how he can’t get it up. She hasn’t been fucked in years.”

“Please! I don’t want to fuck Mrs. Moody!”

I felt Elizabeth nibble my ear, then she sweetly whispered, “Relax Ray, we’re just messing with you. We know you don’t have to whore yourself out to work your way up.”

Amanda reversed her hand on my dick as she stroked me, “Yeah, we’re just happy for your promotion. Although with a tool like this I bet if you tried to sleep your way to the top you would be the CEO of a massive company within a week.” The group laughed, and I felt better that they were not seriously trying to compel me to sleep with the elderly owner of our company.

I said, “Actually I’m not the only one who earned a promotion?”

“Oh really?” Sally asked.

“Elizabeth earned a promotion gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan too, she just didn’t want to take it right now.”

“Why not baby?” Mom asked as she moved her free hand to Elizabeth’s other tit.

“Geez bro,” Elizabeth chided, “I didn’t want to tell everyone tonight.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize.”

Elizabeth moved her hand down to join our cousin’s on my manhood. “It’s okay, I could never be mad at you. I didn’t want the promotion because I want to focus on what actually matters to me.” She grazed her finger against my tip, dabbing some precum to provide some lubricant. “I want to focus on our babies, not a bunch of new responsibility at work.” She moved her supple lips back against my ear. “And after all, my big brother is such a man that he’s going to be able to provide for everyone. Isn’t that right Mr. Manager?”

Mom gasped, “Are you serious?”

Karen and Trisha exclaimed, “Manager?!” in unison.

Sally and Amanda look confused, unfamiliar with our company’s structure. Mom explains, “I thought he would be moved up one level to the position of his current boss, that Martha lady. Manager is three levels higher than that. Hell, it’s one level higher than me! Managers work directly under Mrs. Moody, and there’s only three at the whole company. Or at least there were only three.”

“Fuck Ray,” Amanda chirped, “You really are sleeping with her! What the fuck?”

“No, I swear! I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

“Well, you left some kind of good impression with her.” Elizabeth cooed.

“Aren’t the other managers like in their fifties?” Trisha asked as she started fondling my balls.

“At least in their fifties,” Karen answered as she joined her partner. “I hope they’re not pissed that a guy in his early twenties is going to join them.”

Mom chuckled, “Well if they have a problem, they’ll have to take it up with Mrs. Moody. But there’s no way they’ll change her mind.”

Amanda went back to stroking me, “Hey Judy, are you jealous that she promoted Ray over you? I hope you weren’t aiming for that spot.”

“Maybe a little, but it’s way overshadowed by my pride for him, and of course for my little girl.” She slipped a hand down her daughter’s belly and down to her sex.

Slightly breathless, Elizabeth said, “To be honest Mom, I’m glad he got promoted rather than you. I don’t want you to have to focus on work. Being a manager would mean so much responsibility, so many hours. I know what matters to you, and I know you want to spend your time with the babies just like me.”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that.” Mom replied as she slipped a finger inside Elizabeth. “My babies make me sooooo happy.”

“Hear that bro? You better do a good job as manager. Soon I’m going to quit, and so is Mom, and Karen and Trish too.”

“That’s a lot of responsibility.” I replied.

“I trust you to handle it, we all do. And it’s certainly going to have it’s perks.” My sister pulled away from Mom and climbed on top of me facing towards me, lining herself up against my member. “Like for instance, I’ve been so frustrated having to wait to get pregnant again because we don’t want to get overrun too quickly by babies.” Amanda kept my aim true as Elizabeth sank down my shaft. “But if all the mommies get to stay home full time with the babies, we’ll never have to wait again. Are you ready to feel my pussy again?”

“Fuck yes.” I breathed.

“Sounds like she’s ready for another baby.” Mom said, dropping her freed-up hands to her moist sex. “I guess she’s tired of all the anal.”

“I was tired of it the day we started,” Elizabeth replies as she started to slide back up my shaft, “But let’s wait for the vacation. We can make it really special, maybe on the beach.” She lifted herself from me and dropped back down between Mom and myself.

Mom moaned as she put her arms back around Elizabeth. “Getting knocked up again during vacation sounds amazing, now I can’t wait.”

“Aww now I’m really sad I’m not going,” Amanda pouted, “But at least I don’t have to wait to feel this.” She replaced Elizabeth on top of me, but faced away, sliding down onto my shaft while looking down at Karen and Trisha. “Good thing I’m already knocked up like a good girl. You can shoot it in me all you want. Your little subordinates down there need to do a good job to make sure you shoot plenty of healthy sperm inside me.” The duo on the floor eagerly followed orders and lapped at my cum tanks as Amanda moaned “Fuuuck I’ve been needing this all day.”

Sally slid over and rubbed her daughter’s bulbous belly. “She really does need this Ray, I tried to help her out but I can’t satisfy her like you can.”

Amanda started moaning louder but managed to say, “That’s not true, you made me feel so good. I love you so much!”

Sally laughed, “I know you do honey. I love you too, but I don’t have a big hard dick like your cousin does.” She slid her hand down to toy with her daughter’s clit, much to Amanda’s delight.

Then my attention was drawn to my other side as I heard Mom say, “Oh baby you’re leaking.” I look over and see her deft fingers circling her daughter’s motherly nipples, leaking milk meant for her baby upstairs. Mom leaned over and started suckling at Elizabeth’s right tit, so I leaned my head over to suckle at her left, still driving into Amanda on top of me while the former lesbians sat on the floor and ministered to my quickly filling sack.

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