Steamy Lovebox Built for Two

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I’ve never seen a European shower that inspired great lovemaking. Now, I’m happy to change my mind, given the right shower, but let’s assume that when I say that you and I are showering together I’m talking about a hot, American, steamy lovebox-built-for-two, lit by soft candle light flickering through its waters.

We’re really, really naked. And we’re already really clean, too! We’ve washed each other’s hair (sorry I got a little shampoo in your eyes, but you’re just too damned tall!) and we’ve soaped each other up and rinsed off more than once. We didn’t need to, but I like the soaping up part… a lot, especially the soaping up and the hugging part where our bodies slip and slide against each other quite nicely.

This time you’re holding me against your chest in one of your all-enveloping embraces… the kind that curls my toes. I step back just a bit to turn you around to face the wall. I wrap my arms around your chest from behind, tracing a path to each of your nipples. There should be a better word for them… something stronger and more masculine. Is there a good word in Greek to describe them? Unless you can come up with something better, I’m going to go with “buds” like the bud of a flower. And so… your delicious buds come to life under my fingers, and I hear a small groan escape your lips as they quickly harden into tight knots.

(Do you ever play with yours? Really? Take your left hand – oh, yes – and reach under your shirt and just pinch one of them for me. How güvenilir bahis does it feel?)

You didn’t know my fantasy involved your participation, did you? Did you know that I once had a dream where I was standing in an alcove, shirtless, braless, while a faceless man brazenly, almost forcefully, played with my nipples? Totally true! He never touched any other part of me in the dream. And do you know what else? I came! In my dream! It woke me up! And I was still shaking from the sensation! I have never had an orgasm just from having someone play with my nipples! Oh, my God, it was unreal!

But, wait, we’re still in the shower!

As much as I want to play – and play – with your oh-so-tight buds, I drop my hands down to each of your wrists, lifting them up and placing them on the shower wall, about as high up as your shoulders. Still behind you, I use my foot to press lightly on the inside of each of your feet, silently asking them separate, spreading your legs beautifully as you lean your weight into the wall.

I should just stop what I’m doing and admire you.

Are you self-conscious about your body even if you don’t see me looking at you? Or would you surrender it, knowing that I would never harm you? If the tables were reversed, I couldn’t help but surrender to you. I’ve already surrendered to you in so many ways…

I’ve soaped up my hands (remember, I like that part!) and I slowly step to your left side, my lips kissing your shoulder while my left hand gingerly türkçe bahis reaches for your beautiful cock. Have I mentioned yet that the movement of the foreskin of your insanely glorious, uncut manliness has inspired multiple fantasies? Multiple fantasies!

You were already pretty darned hard from all of the earlier showering activities, but you are in ALL of your glory now! I reach my right hand through your legs from behind to gently rub your balls (again, is there a better word in Greek?), soaping them up. You spread your legs a little wider to accommodate me. God, is that sexy! My hand, still very soapy, pulls back through your legs. As I slide past that little puckered hole, I feel you tense up, your breathing ragged from the stroking in front and the sliding behind.

Oh… I’ve never touched you there before! Why did I never think to? It feels wonderful.

I’m nervous you won’t let me do what I want to do. It’s completely unchartered waters, but there’s no part of you that I don’t find beautiful. And there’s no part of you I want to leave unexplored.

I slowly, and so gently, slide my index finger inside you, just up to the first knuckle. Your cock jerks in my hand. You gasp.

“It’s ok, my love, it’s ok. You’re so beautiful there. Please let me in, let me worship that part of you, too.”

I feel you relax, just slightly, but I don’t move. I just let you feel my finger, its heat, its slender shaft piercing you, so sweetly.

“May I? Will you allow me?”

You güvenilir bahis siteleri nod, not looking around, your eyes closed, seeing in your mind the delicate finger that now, slowly, makes its way further inside you.

Second knuckle, and you’re trying to relax but it feels weird… good, so good, and so naughty and so raw, but so damned weird!

“Oh… I never thought… I… oh, moraki mou!” Your voice is raspy with emotion.

Just as I feel I can go no deeper inside your gorgeous ass, one of your hands reaches to wrap around your cock, sandwiching my fingers in between, tightening them around your impossibly hard penis. With only three hard thrusts, you come in my hand, raining your juices all over the shower wall, tightening the muscle around my finger, reducing circulation to zero.

“Oh, God! That’s beautiful! You’re beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you, oh god… thank you!” I say.

I don’t know how long we stand there. Your skin is glowing, and I feel just the slightest tremor going throughout your body. When finally you’ve recovered just enough, I slowly, slowly remove my finger, lightly circling the outside of that wonderful entrance, then dragging it smoothly out from between your taut cheeks.

You are beyond putting words together, and, frankly, you’re not too sure how you’re still even standing at all! You lean into the shower wall, pressing your head into it’s ocean-green tile, before turning around, back into my arms, not quite ready yet to meet my eyes. I smooth your hair back off of your face and stand up on my toes to reach my lips to yours. You return my kiss, opening your eyes when I finally pull away from you.

“Are you ok?”

“I am… very OK.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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