Stock Girl Stalked


This story is one I’ve been wanting to write ever since I started working in a grocery store. Now that I’m leaving, I’ve finally gotten around to writing it. It isn’t based on a true story, just a silly fantasy. It’s the shortest (and probably cheesiest) story I’ve written, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Here’s to those of us who bag your groceries, stock your milk, and lust over you in the aisle!

Kylie grunted as she lifted the box of water jugs to the shelf. Her muscles flexed as she reached up to settle it into position above her head. It was stocking day, and the staff always thought it was hilarious to set the butch lesbian to the task of lifting the heavy boxes. She didn’t mind much, as it was a good challenge – not to mention a good work out! She brushed her hands on her stained green apron, and thought for the thousandth time that she wished they would wash it for her – or get her a new one at that! But, it was a small mom and pop store, and sometimes little things like washing aprons or filing papers didn’t get done in time. It was frustrating, but understandable. She sighed and turned around to grab another box when her eyes met those of a customer standing behind her on the other side of her stocking cart. A customary smile hit her face, which was followed by an unexpected flush in her face – the woman waiting for her attention was gorgeous: short dark brown hair that was falling in her face a little bit, flashing green eyes, and an incredible body to boot. Kylie had seen her in the store on multiple occasions before, always seeming to run into her. She was worried the woman thought she was stalking her or something, when really in all honesty she was consistently accidentally running into her. Regardless, she had to ignore the fluttering inside of her. As she usually did at the sight of incredibly attractive customers, she choked down her attraction and propped up her professional side in a heart beat.

“Hello! Is there anything I can help you find today?”

The aydın escort woman smiled slyly at her, eyeing her up and down.

“I think I may have already found it.”

Professionalism be damned. Confusion ran amuck on Kylie’s face. “Excuse me?”

“Right here,” she replied, reaching behind Kylie to grab a water jug – deliberately brushing Kylie’s breast as she did so. She leaned forward, hand still on the jug, and whispered in Kylie’s ear.

“What are you doing tonight, Kylie?”

Dumbstruck by the touch, the closeness, and the fact that this vixen knew her name, it took her a moment to respond.

“I, um, I’m closing the store tonight…”

“By yourself?”


“I’ll be back then.”

“Oh….um…okay, sure.”

The woman pulled back, water jug in hand, and sauntered away. Kylie’s eyes were glued to her retreating figure, jaw agape. She was in shock – she had been drooling over this woman for months, but kept it as nothing more than eye candy. Now she was coming back the one night she had to close the store by herself, and Kylie had no idea what she had in mind.

The rest of the day was a slow blur – putting out product, taking care of customer problems, cleaning. She at one point managed to find the time to look up the woman’s name – Regan. It seemed to take forever before it was 15 minutes before close and still no sign of the mystery woman. Kylie sighed, and absently wondered if the whole thing was some big joke by her coworkers. Soon it was 2 minutes before close, and not a customer was in sight. She went to the back, shut off the floor lights and then came back to the front. From there she went to lock the front door, when she looked up and saw Regan standing outside, smiling that same sly smile at her.

“Have time for one more customer?”

Kylie, this time, managed to smile back.

“Only very special customers,” she replied as she opened the door and locked it behind them. As she turned around, Regan slid her arms around Kylie’s neck, pressing their bodies together. Her lips went to Kylie’s ear, sending a shudder down her back.

“Kylie, I’ll make no qualms about it. I shop here to stare at you. I want to fuck you like crazy, and I think the feeling is mutual… it?” Finally the “accidental” bumping intos made sense – it was Regan stalking –her-! Kylie’s heart was beating a discordant hyperactive drumbeat, and she was momentarily stumped for a response. Finally, she decided upon one.

Using the muscles she had earned from all those days of heavy lifting, she picked up Regan who immediately wrapped her legs around Kylie’s waist. She carried her to the check out counter and sat her down, and immediately pressed her lips against Regan’s. It was the most impulsive, crazy, random thing that she had ever done – and it was only going to progress from there. Regan’s hands immediately slid up Kylie’s sides and ran through her hair, tugging softly as their tongues intertwined. Regan gently bit Kylie’s lower lip as her hands slid down to grope Kylie’s breasts. Kylie gasped softly and pressed her palms into Regan’s back. It wasn’t long before Regan was pulling off Kylie’s apron and t-shirt, and Kylie was returning the same treatment. After finally freeing Regan’s breasts, Kylie was on them like a magnet. She licked and sucked her nipples, pinched and nibbled, giving them a treatment that caused Regan’s hips to buck as she moaned from the teasing.

While still giving full attention to Regan’s breasts, Kylie began to slip her pants and panties off, tossing them behind her. Suddenly, Kylie pulled her to the edge of the counter, and dropped down and began lapping at her wetness. Regan’s knuckles turned white as she gripped the edge of the counter, leaning back to lay down as she moaned and grunted. Kylie ran her tongue lightly up and down Regan’s slit, taunting her before she delved into her. Regan panted with anticipation as Kylie’s licks became more firm, but still long and slow. Clearly Kylie was savoring her. Finally her tongue began to bore into her center, attending to each fold and crevice inside of her. Slowly she would slide her tongue in and out, until Regan felt she would go mad, her hips bucking in a silent beg for more. Finally Kylie attacked her clit, flicking it with her tongue as quickly as she could – hard fast strokes begging for her to come all over the countertop. Regan was quick to obey as she let out a moan of release and orgasm overcame her. All her muscles tensed, her cunt singing an avalanche of wetness. She panted, her hips collapsing on the counter top. Kylie stood and wrapped her arms around her, propping her up while still holding on to her.

As she caught her breath, Kylie leaned up to whisper in her ear.

“How did you know my name?”

Regan laughed.

“It was on your name tag.”

“…oh. Oh yeah…”

Kylie’s feelings of stupidity were short lived, as Regan began sucking on her neck and pinching her nipples. Regan slid off the counter top and turned Kylie around, pressing her back against it. Kylie took the hint, and slid up on the counter, laying back as Regan had. Regan worked her way down Kylie’s body, pulling off her pants as she headed south. Soon Regan’s mouth was doing a number on Kylie’s hot spot. Gently she slid a finger inside of Kylie, slowly thrusting it in and out as she sucked and licked on her clit. Her pace increased, and she pulled on Kylie’s clit with her lips. She removed her fingers and sucked on her hole, running her tongue in and out as she fingered Kylie’s clit. Finally she rolled it between her fingers as she sucked hard, tongue fucking her quickly. Kylie groaned and gasped, wetness pouring out of her as she came.

Regan climbed on top of her panting body, smiling wickedly.

“Do you give this kind of customer service to everyone?”

“Only…the ones as gorgeous as you,” Kylie replied, returning the wicked grin. “But for you I can make some extra special treatment…” She grabbed Regan and rolled her over, starting to head down her body again…