Storage Facility Encounter

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I drove out to my storage unit today thinking that it would be a typical trip to stow some more of my life away for safekeeping. It certainly didn’t turn out that way.

A little background first: I used to live out on the South Fork but after my divorce, and after the real estate boom, I could no longer afford to live there. As an example, when I bought my waterfront home in the 1970s, it cost me $85,000 which was a tidy sum at the time. When my ex sold the house seven years ago, she pulled in over $2,000,000.00. The nice little house I rented on the bay was $1800 per month. Suddenly, my landlady jacked it up to $25,000.00 per month, May through September. And she got it! Rents went sky high and I couldn’t find a place.

I had no choice but to move up-island and was fortunate to find a little room behind someone’s garage where my dog and I could live. I rented a storage unit in a nice, secure, air-conditioned facility in East Hampton. That’s where my life, my history and nearly all my possessions reside today.

My current landlord got remarried last month and gave me thirty days to get out of Dodge. I haven’t been able to find adequate housing yet and I have been putting more stuff into the storage unit so if my dog and I have to live in my car, we can travel light.

So, on this day, I stuffed my car and we headed east. It was a beautiful October day, warm and cloudless. I stopped first at my dog’s favorite beach so he could run and romp for a while. Then, sadly, we headed over to the facility.

It took me about a half hour to unload the car and pack everything into my space. I strategically placed my stuff knowing that I had one more trip to make. As I was finishing up, I heard the freight elevator making the trip to the basement. This was unusual since, over the years I have been using this place, I have never seen anyone down here in the basement before. I continued about my business until I heard a female voice grunting. I turned to see my dog at the hallway entrance wagging his tail, an indication that we had company. I heard the grunt again and walked out to the small lobby where the freight elevator lands. There was a young woman struggling with a loaded cart as her items kept spilling off the side.

I immediately offered to help her and we packed up the cart which I then pushed as she led me to her unit located just sex izle down the hall from mine. This was obviously her first trip because her unit was whistle clean and empty. She held a shiny new lock in her hand. After I showed her how to unlatch and open the corrugated garage-type rollup door, she inspected the space to see where she was going to place everything. While she walked the space, I inspected her.

I figured her to be mid-to-late twenties. She was not very pretty, in fact I would describe her as plain. Her black hair was in a mid-length ponytail and held together with a pink clip. She had a nice body though. It was well conditioned but, in her small frame, not particularly strong. I guessed that she was a yoga or pilates devotee. She was wearing a red jogging suit but as we unloaded her cart, she doffed the jacket revealing a torn Bruce Hornsby tee. I watched her move around and took in her nice rack stuffed into a sports bra. I figured them for 36C which seemed especially nice on her small five-foot-two body. A nice package. With make up, she might even be attractive. Oh, yeah, she introduced herself as Janie Warren.

We made some small talk as I helped her store her boxes of books and some random loose items like lamps, hangers and bags. As I wheeled the cart back to the elevator, I stopped at my space to close it up. Janie walked into it as glanced around, inspecting the contents.

“Wow. You have a lot of stuff in here…a lot of cool stuff.”

“It’s the accumulation of my whole life with the exception of what my ex took.”

“A lot of cool stuff…a Martin guitar, a couple of electrics, a Marshall amp, gee, Woody Allen movie posters…” She seemed to be taking inventory and I wanted to close up the room so I ushered her out, pulled the gate down and fastened the double locks.

“I wish I had a place to keep that stuff with me but, for now, here it stays. But I come back and forth to get whatever I need.” We walked back to the freight elevator, I loaded it back up and sent it back up to the first floor. As we walked out of the facility, my dog trotted into the woods to relieve himself. I unlocked my car and opened the back door for him.

Janie called to me. “Do you have a few more minutes? I could use your help unloading the rest of my shit.”

I looked over at her SUV and there were at least two more loads. alt yazılı porno “Sure. Let me just get him in the car.”

I got another couple of carts and after about a half hour, her SUV was empty and her storage unit was full. We were both sweating and we sat down on a couple of boxes. I pulled out a joint and asked her if she was interested in partaking.

“Oh, that’s a great idea.” I lit it and passed it over to her. She toked up and coughed. “Mmm. That tastes good.”

“Mind my asking, but how come you’re storing all your stuff?”

“I just moved into a smaller apartment up in Sag Harbor and there’s just no room for all of this. I’m really attached to all of it but it will have to wait for my next, larger, place.”

“You’re a big reader, I see.”

“Yes, I love to read.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a librarian. I guess that figures, right? I work at the John Jermain Library.”

“What a cool old building. Are they going to build that annex?”

“Oh, yes. It should be finished next year.”

“What’s you favorite reading matter?”

“I like classic novels, you know, books like Madame Bovary and like that. And you?”

“I like novels, historical biographies and erotica, myself.” The joint had burned down to a tiny roach. I clenched it and got up to leave. She was still sitting.”

“I really appreciate your help. Without it, I’d still be shlepping stuff down here. Is there a way I can repay you?”

“No, Janie. Thanks anyway. I was my pleasure to help a damsel in distress.”

“You sure? I can give you a few bucks?”

“No, please. Don’t insult me. It was my pleasure. I’ll be on my way now.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” She reached out to me and ran her hand along the crotch of my jeans. “There must be something I can do?”

My flaccid cock suddenly came to life under her little hand.

“Good. I knew I could return the favor!” She slowly unzipped my pants and my awakening cock popped out. She didn’t miss a beat and slid her hand along it. She leaned in and took it into her mouth. Oh, that felt good. I moved closer to her and reached down to fondle a large round breast. Oh, that felt good, too.

Her soft mouth was doing wonders on me. My cock was throbbing as it she pulled it deeper into her mouth. With one hand, she was caressing my balls altyazılı sex izle and I knew that if she kept this up, I wouldn’t last too long.

“I want you to fuck me but don’t cum in me, I’m off the pill.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m clipped.”

“Oooh, then who cares. Come on, put it in me.” She pulled down her pants and her little white panties in one motion. Then she got up on a stack of boxes and bent her ass up to me. I leaned over and gave her some licks reaching into her lightly haired pussy.

“Put it in. I want your cock.” So I did. Standing behind her, I slid into her and began to fuck her in earnest. She reached down and played with her pussy while I fucked her. Occasionally, her fingers slid along my dick. I was in heaven.

I was fucking her fast and furious and she was panting hard. My dick plunged deeper and deeper and I was balls up inside her. She was thrusting hard against me and I knew that I was approaching my climax.

“Oh, yes, fuck me hard…oh yeah.” I felt my balls boiling and I couldn’t hold out. Her tight canal was squeezing me and I began to shoot ropes of cum into her bowels. Rocking on my heels, I felt my legs grow weak as I emptied myself into her. When I was done, I stayed inside as she brought herself off and felt her squeeze me as she came with a deep sigh. Finally, I slipped out with a pop. I leaned back on some boxes to recuperate.

“That was terrific.” she said. She was flushed and her face was bright pink. She reached over and shook my dick. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you. That was super. I needed that.”

“Yeah, me, too. It’s been a while but it hasn’t been that good before. That did hit the spot.” We fixed ourselves up and closed up her unit. We bounded up the steps like little kids.

As she went to her car, I reached into my jacket pocket to hand her my card.

“So, Janie, when can I help you again? It really is my pleasure.”

“When are you coming back out?”

“Probably, day after tomorrow.”

“Good. Thursday is my day off.” She handed me her card. “Call me and I’ll show you my new apartment.” She got in and drove off.

I got into my car. My dog was asleep in the back and as I drove away, I was whistling. You know, in retrospect, she was better looking than I first thought. And Thursday was only a couple of days away. I knew she’s even be better looking by then.


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