Stories For Chris Ch. 02

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Melissa has no idea how long it will take to get to the airport by bus, so she gives herself as much time as possible. Suitcase in tow, and PDA in hand, she stands waiting. Her handheld is filled with various digital photos, and she is now looking at them intently. Chris’ enjoys capturing shots of their sex together as much as she does, and the result is a fantastic collection of hot memories that always make her ache for more.

When they first started seeing each other it was difficult enough that they lived over an hour apart, but after four blissful months together over the summer, it was agony to be separated by an even greater distance. Being as independent as they each are, they find it strange how desperately they miss each other. Days seem like weeks, and the past few weeks can easily be called an eternity. Melissa started counting down to this vacation since the day Chris confirmed the flights, and the very idea of them having two full weeks together has her bursting at the seams with anticipation. As if going to Tokyo for the first time wasn’t thrilling on its own, the excitement was doubled, no – tripled – by thinking about how much “catching up” they plan to do.

Glancing up from a delicious photo of Chris’ head between her legs, Melissa sees a bus approaching in the distance. She quickly turns off her PDA, pops it onto her carry-on bag and gets ready to lug her suitcase on board. The ride is shorter than she expects and she finds herself to be much earlier than necessary. Kindly, the clerk at the check-in desk puts her on stand-by to catch an earlier flight to the city where she is to meet Chris. Of course, this still leaves her ample time at the connecting airport before she and Chris are scheduled to meet.

Melissa spends the whole flight day-dreaming the naughtiest thoughts she can conjure. The time alone can even be called productive in the sense that she imagines up, not one, but two new fantasies. She can’t wait to tell Chris since she is quite sure he will find them just as promising.

By the time the plane lands, Melissa is wetter than ever and can think of one thing only. As if on autopilot, she heads for the women’s washroom and lock herself into a stall. Closing her eyes, she lifts her skirt and pulls the crotch of her lacy panties to one side. She is so wet that her fingers circle her clit effortlessly. She strokes her sliken pussy up and down, and then brings her fingers to her hole. Carefully inserting one, she tightens her muscles before sliding it in and out. As her pace quickens, she becomes eager for two fingers. She revels in every sensation it offers while her mind wanders to replay the fantasies she had envisioned only a short while ago. Melissa begins to crave her vibrator and considers pulling it out of her carry-on bag, except for her worry about how much noise it might make. She opens her eyes and shakes her head. No, she can definitely wait until later… she’ll be seeing Chris soon enough and knows that what she really wants is him – his lips, his tongue, his cock.

Still completely wet, Melissa sees no point in keeping her panties on. She slips them off, and tosses them into her bag. The smooth fabric of her skirt feels great against her ass. Why did she ever wear them in the first place? Upon exiting the stall, Melissa reapplies her lipstick and runs a brush through her long, dark hair. The lights in the washroom cause her rhinestone collar to reflect with sparkles, particularly across her exposed chest. She is wearing a rather revealing shirt that she hopes Chris will like… to remove.

Melissa takes a seat to wait at the terminal entrance where she guesses Chris canlı bahis şirketaleri will likely arrive. Before long, she sees his head rising in time with the escalator. She jumps up and watches him, waiting to see how long it will take for him to notice her. Despite the crowd, he spots her in a second. They move towards each other quickly and lock into each other’s arms. Their kisses are gentle at first, but grow harder and more desperate. Suddenly they stop to look at each other again.

“I missed you so much,” Melissa says, breathlessly.

“I know. Me too,” Chris responds. They stand holding each other for a moment longer, when Chris takes Melissa’s hand.

“Should we go figure out which gate this flight is leaving from? We can go hang out there and get back to greeting each other,” she smiles. Chris nods in agreement.

They sit waiting for their flight as closely as the uncomfortable benches will allow. Melissa nuzzles her head on Chris’ shoulder close to his neck, and he holds her close with his large hand caressing her shoulder. Melissa can smell his cologne – it makes her feel like she is floating, as it always seems to do. Inhaling another deep breath, she tilts her head up to kiss Chris’ neck. He lets out a contented sigh. The softness of his sound is interrupted by a barely audible announcement over the loudspeakers. Their flight is being delayed for one hour, and the airline apologizes for the inconvenience.

“Inconvenience? I’ll say!” Melissa bursts out, “That makes for one more hour of waiting until I can jump you!” She giggles and kisses Chris on the cheek with a noisy smack. To get her back, he kisses her louder, but with his lips placed upon her neck just below her ear. The sensation makes her giggle. She throws her arms around his neck and draws him closer for kisses on his lips. Just as their kisses began to grow deeper, he pulls back and looks into her eyes with a mischievous grin.

“I’m not waiting an extra hour.” He stands up, grabs his carry-on bag, and marches off. Melissa leaps up and follows.

“Where are we going?” She has now caught up with him and they are holding hands.

“Don’t know yet,” he replies with a smile.

After a little bit of hunting, they discover a hallway that is located behind a few shops. It looks empty enough – just a low-lit corridor with doors that likely lead to storage rooms. Chris tries a few of the doors only to find them locked. Melissa starts to giggle quietly – the whole scenario is amusing. Suddenly, Chris hits the jackpot: a door leading two a small washroom with two stalls. Off the prescribed path for travellers, this is probably an area intended for airport employees only. Chris steps into the washroom, and Melissa jumps in behind him. They walk towards the furthest stall, making as little noise as possible.

They pick up exactly where they left off – deep kisses that leave them short of breath. Melissa unbuttons Chris’ shirt and buries her face in his chest. His cologne is enrapturing, and she inhales it deeply while covering him with delicate kisses. She loves how his chest hair tickles her face, and she loves how she can tickle him right back with tiny flicks of her tongue across his nipple. She begins to suck on one, while squeezing the other with her fingers. Intermittently, she allows her fingernails to softly graze his collarbone, which causes him to shiver.

As they bring their lips together again, Chris begins to release the row of hooks and eyes holding Melissa’s shirt together. As the sides fall apart, he lowers her bra and releases her breasts from the cups. Melissa loves the feeling of her partially canlı kaçak iddaa dressed body pressed up against his. While he fondles her breasts, she begins to unbuckle his belt. With more room to move, she reaches around to squeeze his ass with one hand while running her fingers through his hair with the other. She holds his head closer to hers, and he takes the chance to bring his lips to her ear. He whispers: “I’ve dreaming about you all morning.”

“Glad to hear I’m not the only one… my mind has been occupied with thoughts of your delicious body, too. I got so horny that I had to lock myself into a stall the second I got off my plane,” Melissa confesses with a devilish smile.

“You did?” Chris is pleasantly surprised. With this, he reaches down to hike up Melissa’s skirt. He notices instantly the absence of panties, and quickly thereafter realizes her wetness. “Feels good,” he growls softly into her ear.

The atmosphere is suddenly changed with the sound of a creak. It must be the door to the washroom. Melissa lets out a little yelp – what would happen if they get caught? For one thing, they would miss their flight, but maybe get charged, as well. Chris covers Melissa’s mouth playfully, but she gets the hint. He smiles at her, and he can tell from her eyes that she is smiling, too.

They hear the shuffle of footsteps followed by the sound of the stall door next to them opening. Next is the click of high heeled shoes entering the washroom, which also click their way into the stall. Chris and Melissa stand silently and hear the rustling fabric, then a zipper. Within seconds, they hear the sounds of a man’s restrained moans. This is followed by a woman’s voice – which is muffled by what is clearly a mouth full of cock.

“Oh yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah,” the man whispers.

Melissa reaches down to Chris’ cock. If it was rock hard a moment ago, it’s twice as strong now and completely ready to go. Melissa drops to a kneel and takes Chris’ pants to the floor with her. She looks at his erect cock with longing. She kisses his tip, and then brings her tongue to the base of his shaft. With her hand stroking his ass, she licks from the bottom to the top; slowly at first, then faster. Just as Chris is getting into the pattern of this sensation, she brings her mouth the top again and hungrily takes in as much she can. Chris, who is often quiet in his ecstasy, closes his eyes dreamily, and lets his head fall back ever so gently. Running one hand along her pussy, she uses her own juices to grease up his cock for a hand-job while she nuzzles and licks his balls. He begins to moan softly, and that causes Melissa’s hearing to perk up.

The sounds from the next stall are getting louder – there is definitely some serious fucking going on. It sounds like the man is sitting down and the woman is riding him hard. Melissa is dying to see what’s going on. With her hands still stroking Chris’ cock, she stands up to discover that the wall is too high for her to look over. Although, it doesn’t really matter since, in an instant, she is distracted by something much better. Chris is going down on her now – he is holding apart the folds of her pussy with his fingers and licking her clit frantically. She begins to moan, and upon doing so, notices the sound of the other woman’s moans as well. Pleasuring herself earlier definitely got her worked up, but add to that all of her fantasizing, and Melissa discovers that she is ready to burst: her clit is throbbing and Chris is working wonders. She grabs his shoulders and grips tight while pressing her back harder against the wall.

“Oh my god!” she can barely keep her voice canlı kaçak bahis down as her body tenses up even more. “Oh my god!” this time she is louder and the release of her orgasm is so urgent that she almost loses her balance. From the sounds of it, the woman in the next stall is on the verge of her own massive orgasm. Something knocks over on their side of the wall, and there is an exclamation: “Holy fuck!”, which is followed by a man’s deep grunt.

Chris stands up to face Melissa, his lips and chin are glistening. After licking Chris’ lips, Melissa, who is still shuddering, steps to the side, then turns around. She raises the back of her skirt with one hand, bends forward, and leans against the stall wall with the other. Chris wastes no time entering her; she moans heavily as he fills her. The motions are long, slow and perfectly timed: Melissa slides down onto Chris’ cock while squeezing down, and he holds her waist with both hands as if guiding her. The feeling is perfect, and just what they’ve waited so long to experience.

As Chris begins to stroke Melissa’s hair, she turns her head to notice that the stall door is now open. Was it not locked in the first place? A man and woman are standing before them; the woman is in front of the man, and he’s kissing the side of her neck. They’re both watching Melissa and Chris, and clearly enjoying the show. Melissa can only guess that it’s the couple that was having a great time in the next stall. Chris’ thrusting suddenly becomes faster and harder — perhaps he’s taken notice of their audience, as well? Melissa feels Chris’ body leaning forward, so she reaches up and turns her head. She can barely reach him, but they kiss all the same. Melissa now has both hands holding her up against the stall wall to create resistance that will let her fuck her lover back with all the forceful passion that he is giving her. Her voice begins to get louder; it’s now absolutely impossible keep herself under control. Suddenly she hears what she knows signals Chris’ ejaculation – a sound she loves so much, which is followed by the heat of his cum filling her completely. After waiting a few seconds, she squeezes down on his cock rapidly and feels his body shudder for a few moments longer. He leans forward again, this time wrapping his arms around her. As they are holding each other, Melissa feels Chris’ cock slide out of her. Next she begins to feel his cum begin to drip from her exhausted pussy.

It is at this moment that Chris and Melissa recall the presence of their spectators. Melissa and the woman make eye contact in a way that gives them the opportunity to study each properly. The woman is well-dressed in a perfectly fitted black suit and her ankle-strap shoes complete the look which is best described as: fucking hot. From the look on the woman’s face, what she is enjoying most is Melissa’s exposure through dishevelled clothing which is pulled away and aside for access and pleasure.

“May I?” The woman asks. Chris steps back, and the woman moves towards Melissa who is still facing the wall and keeping balance only thanks to her spent arms propping her up. The woman brings herself to her knees behind Melissa and, after stroking Melissa’s legs, runs her tongue along each of her inner thighs. Clearly enjoying the sweetness of Chris’ cum, she eagerly brings her lips to Melissa’s pussy to devour whatever else may be left behind. Melissa is surprised by this, but enjoys every moment of it, nonetheless. The moments are over quickly.

Satisfied, the woman stands up, kisses Chris on the cheek – perhaps as a thank you? – then turns to leave with her man following right behind her.

Melissa turns to Chris. They smile, laugh, and then kiss. Without speaking, it is clear to each of them that the experience they had just enjoyed was definitely entertaining but that, if they wanted to catch their plane, they’d better hurry.

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