Stormy Nights, Steamy Sex

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A soft breeze blew around them cooling thier heated skin. The day had been almost suffocatingly hot and sweat covered their bodies. The sweet promise of a storm filled the air like the faint scent of a woman’s perfume.

The clouds were darkening overhead when his lips touched hers. She sighed softly against his mouth and pressed herslf closer to him. She had wanted him to kiss her for so long, and now that he was, she wanted to enjoy it. The kiss was soft, slow, almost hesitant.

He pulled away from her to look at her face. She bit her lower lip shyly and smiled at him. A drop of water fell onto her chest. He watched it for a moment as it slid toward the valley between her breasts. He pulled her closer to him and lowered his head. The tip of his tongue traced along the very edge of her right breast before capturing the elusive drop. With his tongue he left and hot, wet trial until he got to the pulse at her neck where he bit down gently. A soft moan escaped her lips as more drops fell from the sky. She lifted his head and brought his lips toward hers. Her tongue played along the corners of his mouth seeking entrance.When he complied she delved her tongue inside, exploring. She could taste the faint saltiness of her skin from when he licked her. He moved his tongue along hers, tasting her.

She caught his tongue between her teeth and held it a moment before sucking it. She moaned softly as she did it before releasing him. He looked a little surprised but smiled before kissing her again. This time the kiss was more firm, more intense. It was as if he were trying to eat her from the mouth down.

The cool rain began to pour down on them as they kissed. Their clothes clung to their bodies and soon became nothing more than a clingy barrier. They stripped each other between kisses and sighs, grasps and moans. They fell to the ground clinging to each other in the tall grass.

Lightly she brushed her hand across his upper thigh feeling his hardness throb against her. She grasped him firmly in her hand, in awe at how hot he ws despite the cool down pour of rain. She stroked him slowly getting used to the feel of him her hands. A deep groan escaped him as he threw his head backeyes closed. She had the sudden urge to ride him but not yet. Not right this moment, he wasn’t ready. She wondered how bilecik escort deep his groan would go if she did ride him. While her moist pussy envelpoed his hard dick would she be able to make him beg? What if she teased him? What would he do if she were astride him, his dick fully sheathed inside her and she didn’t move? She would lean back and finger her clit until she came again and again but wouldn’t ride him. What would he do? Would he become so half crazed with desire that he would ravish her body?

Her pussy tightened in response to the thought before she felt his hand on hers.

“Stop,” he said, removing her hand from his shaft.

She turned her head. She hadn’t meant to get so carried away.

He smiled at her before lowering his head to capture a nipple between his teeth. She monaed low in her throat and lifted her chest offering more of herself. He licked around the nipple in slow circles before quickly biting her. He heald the nipple between his teeth putting more and more pressure until she cried out. She grasped his head and pulled him closer to her. He began to suck her breast, softly at first, then harder and harder.

The rain fell on them in big heavy drops but they didn’t care. It was as if they didn’t even notice. He kissed down her body pausing only to dip his tongue into her navel and gently bite her there. When he got to the curly hair that covered her mound he lightly stroked her with his fingers before he began to kiss and bite along her upper thigh. He loved the feel of her hot soft flesh as the cool rain fell upon it. Damn she was beautiful. He took her knees in his hands and placed them on either side of his body her feet flat on the ground. Keeping his eyes on hers he spread her legs wide. He could see her lower lip tremble in the dim light of the sky and he leaned over to softly kiss her.

He smiled reassureingly at her before thunder rumbled and he lowered his head to her pussy. He kissed her softly there feeling how wet she was. With his finger he parted her pussy lips and stroked her. She shuddered beneath him and he did it again. He took his middle finger and began stroking her clit slowly up and down as well as side to side. Her back arched and she reached up to bring him down in a kiss.

He continued to manisa escort finger her clit as her tongue plunged in and out of his mouth. High-pitched whimpers escaped her throat and her ips bucked against his hand. She abruptly broke the kiss and bit his neck. His body jerked in surprise and he groaned. He stopped rubbing her clit and put two fingers inside her, then a third. She was so fucking wet, he couldn’t believe how wet she was. He moved his fingers in and out of her slowly, pressing up a little to hit her G-spot. She bit a little harder on his neck holding his flesh between her teeth and began to suck it.

What he was doing with his fngers was driving her wild. She ground her hips against his hand calling his name.

“Harder!” she begged. “Please do it harder!”

When he complied her high-pitched whimpers became full deep throated moans.

Above them the sky rumbled deeply with thunder and quick flashes of lightning lit up the sky. He jerked his fingers out of her causing her to cry out. She whimpered and grabbed at his hand, tryint to get his fingers back inside her.

He took her hips and pulled her against him. He ground his hips against her feeling how wet she was for him. His dick would lightly brush her clit and she began to whimper impatiently.

“Put it in,” she whispered. “I want you to fuck me.”

He lowered his head and kissed her lips, his tongue going into her mouth. He positioned himself and slid into her.

She moaned wrapping her arms around her neck. She started to move against him but he held her still. He closed his eyes feeling her pussy mold itself around his dick. He began to move then with slow deep thrusts. She raised her hips to meet his, matching him thrust for thrust. Her eyes were closed and there was a small frown of concentration on her face as she bit her lower lip. They went on like that for awhile before he began to move faster. She wrapped her legs around his waist drawing him deeper into her. Her cries were between a moan and a shout as she held him. He silpped his arms beneath her and held her close. Without warning he quickly rolled over onto his back leaving her on top of him.

He placed his hands on her hips, giving her a squeeze. “Ride me,” he said.

She placed her hands on his mersin escort chest moving back and forth slowly until she found a rythm. She began to move faster and harder against him. Head thrown back, eyes closed, she screamed her pleasure.

He held onto her hips, his fingers digging into her skin. ONce in a while he’d slap her ass just to hear the moan that came out of her. She was so close and she could tell that he was too. She gave on final thrust before rising off of him.

The shocked expression on his face was almost priceless, but not like the one on his face when she took him in her mouth. She licked along the underside of the shaft tasting her own juices as well as some pre-come. Her bobbed up and down as she stroked him in the opposite direction with her hand.

“Take it,” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Take it all, baby.”

With her tongue she traced the ridge at the heaed of his penis. She thought she saw his eyes roll in the back of his head and wanted to smile. Instead she pulled her lis over her teeth and gently sucked and bit the head. When she felt he couldn’t take anymore she raised her head giving him a last, lingering lick.

The storm was going on strong as she climbed back on top of him. She moved her hips against him, barely letting him insdie of her. He reached up and pinched her nipples hard making her cry out. She put him inside her and spread her legs before storking her clit. She moaned bucking her hips only a little.

He continued to play with her nipples alternating between pinching them and softly kneading her breasts.

“I’m gonna cum!” She cried, just as lightning streaked across the sky. “I-I- oh shit!”

She felt her body explode around him again and again as wave after wave of her climax took over her. She callapsed against him, her body and pussy still shuddering.

He moved against her, slowly riding along the las waves of her orgasam. The storm began to let up, the thunder and lightning slowing. He began to move faster and the way her body was tightening around him he knew she was going to cum again. She kept her face buried in his neck, her breathing and her pussy the only things letting him know how close she was.

He gripped her hips, a deep groan escaping him. He couls hear small mewling sounds coming from her and her hands tightened on his shoulders.

He gave one final thrust inside her before he came and vaguely he could feel her coming too. When they were both relaxed, relaxed their breathing hard, the storm had passed. He kissed her lips and face softly and stroked her hair.

Now that was a perfect storm. He thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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