Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 02

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This is based in fact. I’ve changed a few things, both to make it less clearly identifiable for all involved and also to smooth the story out a bit, since life is never as simple as we’d like. So I took out some of the more convoluted teen dopiness that we all (or me, at least!) engaged in.

And in case you missed part one:


My world had been turned on its head. I was 18, and I’d come to grips with the fact that I liked guys by this point in my life. Being straight would have been easier, but it’s not how I was programmed. And then came the most unexpected, bizarre turn of events. The biggest crush of my life was with the best sex partner he’d ever had, a girl who fucked his brains out but had a crush on me. So now that I’d admitted to myself that I was gay, the first person I have sex with is a girl. Granted, it was sloppy seconds, since the girl was filled with the hot load of my crush before I slid into her, but it still was sex. I was inside another person, and it felt awesome! More so because I knew my cock was very slick from a load of cum Todd had shot into Debbie before I slid into her!

As we fucked, my mind was all over the place. The sex itself felt awesome. Really, if fucking doesn’t feel awesome, something is wrong, right? And I have to admit, while I wasn’t really looking for straight sex, Deb knew her stuff. She didn’t just lie there. She used the muscles of her pussy to squeeze and milk my cock. What really blew me away was how I was getting her off. Maybe part of it was being with someone new, but she made clear from the start that my cock being very thick was a turn-on. And then we found that the thickness apparently was enough to give her something she normally didn’t get—not even while being plowed by the hottest man I’d ever seen—an orgasm from being fucked. Needless to say, things were going well.

After Todd and I had both cum inside her, Debbie went to shower. Todd made what seemed to be a flirty comment about my ass, and then he trotted off to join her. So I was lying there thinking, “Okay, I can’t complain about any of this, but what the fuck is going on?” It’s all a lot clearer in hindsight, but at the time I was so confused. Unbelievably turned on and ready to keep shooting years of pent-up horniness out my dick, but still confused.

Having nothing better to do—and figuring if we’d all been having sex together, then following them to the shower should be no big deal—I went to the bathroom and found exactly what I expected. They were in there together. At home, I had a shower with a curtain, but this was a glass door on a tub/shower combo. Definitely nicer. I’d like to say I walked in to the most awesome view of them naked together behind the glass. But what I really saw was rough outlines of them behind some very foggy glass. Still, it all was sexy, and I was getting hard again.

Debbie was giggling, and I could see enough to know that they were having some fun together. Not sex. Just washing each other, playing grab-ass and stuff like that. It only took a minute for them to notice me, and Deb yelled out, “hey, Jess, whaddya think this is? Some kind of peep show?” Yeah, she was a classy girl like that. I started to say something in response, and she said, “Just shut up and get the fuck in güvenilir bahis siteleri here!”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I walked over, slid the door open and stepped in. The sight of Todd naked… even now, just thinking about that starts to get me hard. His spent cock was dangling there, not completely soft but not hard anymore. And Debbie was, well… girls never really did it for me, but I couldn’t help remember what it felt like to be inside her. With the thought of moving my cock in and out of her, I started to get hard again. She smiled, and she looked back and forth between us, scraping her nails on both of our chests at once, tracing her way down and stopping just short of our cocks. It was the perfect tease. “My hot men. I must be the luckiest girl ever!”

Well, I still wasn’t sure why she thought I was so hot, but I could agree with her when it came to Todd. But then she turned to me. “I already knew how cute you were, but this…” and she grabbed my cock. “This cock is awesome. I never cum from being fucked. Even this gorgeous stud back here (Todd was behind her as she gave me her attention) can’t get me off that way. But you! I hope your balls refill fast, because I need you fucking and filling me with you cream around the clock!” I smiled and then glanced over at Todd to see if he was pissed. But no, he was enjoying this. I think maybe he was enjoying my not knowing what to do at the sudden and intense attention I was getting from this walking sex machine!

The warm water continued pelting us as we stood there, although they’d turned the shower head so most of it hit the side wall. While Debbie stroked my cock, she started kissing me, and then she kissed even deeper. Remember, I didn’t really know what I was doing… but I’m a quick study. So as her tongue made its way into my mouth, I pushed back with mine. Our tongues wrestled, and she moaned, and then she broke that off. She started kissing down my body, sucking one of my nipples as she worked her way down (Whoa! Was there an electric wire from my nipple to my dick?!), and then she kept heading down. When she got to the level of my cock, she said, “most awesome cock ever!” I looked over at Todd. This had to be bothering him. Wasn’t this his girl? But no, he looked amused. He was smiling a lopsided grin, and that look on that gorgeous face made my heart pound. I had to kiss him right then! There just was nothing that was going to stop me! Nothing except my own fears, so I stood there, looking at him, grinning in amusement—and I suppose he probably was getting turned on by the whole scene.

Debbie held my cock, and I thought I was about to feel her take me into her mouth again (despite talking about our fucking a minute ago—not that I was going to complain either way!). But then she made a kind of satisfied moaning sound, leaned in and started licking my balls. She licked them and then started sucking and biting on my sack. I didn’t think I’d like that kind of thing, but her attention made my cock throb. I have to admit, I spent a lot of time looking over at Todd as she worked on me. The whole scene was like I’d walked into the world’s best porn, but it was real. Then she moved up and took me balls-deep into her mouth. Wow, that girl could suck! I’d learn later that guys really do have more natural talent for this on canlı bahis siteleri average, but I have to give her her due. As I’ve said before, the girl had skills.

As she was sucking, she came off me long enough to move around a little, so she was bent ninety degrees at the waist, her ass pointed towards Todd. She looked over her shoulder as she kept her hold on my dick, and she said to him, “He’s got an awesome cock. Have you seen how awesome this is?” He grinned and said, “I think you may have mentioned that once or twice.” “Yeah,” Deb said, “it tastes great, too. But you know what would make all of this amazing?” He smiled and without a word, aimed his own dick at her pussy, taking her from behind. She moaned “Yes!” loudly and then plunged her mouth back down on my dick.

Debbie’s sucking was feeling really good, and a few feet from me, I saw the hottest man in the world pumping his studly hips, driving his cock into her. Better yet, I could look right at his face and see the raw pleasure. That’s always been one of my favorite things, to see a hot man’s face in the throes of passion. So while I’ve learned that I actually was fortunate to have a decent amount of staying power naturally, the whole scene was adding to the effect of her talented mouth. I felt my own hips pumping as I met her sucking with strokes of my cock into her mouth. She was moaning around my shaft as I felt her tongue working me over, and I had my eyes locked on Todd. His eyes had been closed for most of this, which was a shame, since those blue eyes were beyond beautiful. So I kept enjoying the sucking, thrusting my hips and watching my studly friend fuck deep into his (our?) girlfriend. And then as I already was feeling my balls pulling tighter, it happened. He opened his eyes and was looking right into mine, at the same time that he got a very hot, almost mischievous smile on his face. That was all it took, and I said, “Deb, I’m gonna…” And fun girl that she is, she clamped down even harder on me and moved her mouth even faster. At that same moment, Todd’s thrusts were getting very fast. The smacking noises of him slamming into her were getting to jackhammer speed, and when I started shooting in her mouth and my legs almost gave out, he did something I really didn’t expect.

Todd suddenly pulled out and stroked his beautiful cock a couple of times before shooting his first shot. That shot was huge. It flew through the air, some landing on her back and the rest splattering on me! He then thrust himself back inside her and kept pumping as I felt Debbie moan around my cock and heard Todd moaning, making the most wonderful sound in the world as he emptied himself into her.

I was so turned on from this that I think I came even harder into her mouth. She had to be drowning in my load! But she swallowed all she could. Only a little seemed to leak around the sides of my cock, as she kept working on me. As Todd and I slowly were coming down from intense orgasms, he looked me in the eye, licked his lips and smiled at me. I didn’t know what to think. And then he ran his eyes down my body, clearly locking on the big gob of his cum clinging to my skin.

Something inside me told me what to do. I wasn’t sure if it’s what he wanted, but I knew right then that it was what I wanted! I ran my fingers over his cum, getting as much bahis firmaları of it as I could, and slid my fingers into my mouth, licking them clean. I had closed my eyes as I did this, savoring his taste. It was kind of salty, and I liked it. Even though I’d gone down on Debbie after they fucked earlier, this was my first chance to taste it like this. Deb still was sucking, so I didn’t know if she’d seen this, but I also wasn’t really thinking about it. I was still coming down from an intense orgasm, and I’d just eaten Todd’s cum. Nothing else mattered.

I came to my senses and opened my eyes, hoping… Yes, he was looking right at me, and his smile was huge. I still didn’t know where everything was going, but as long as he wasn’t mad, I was happy!

Debbie finally let my cock drop from her mouth, and Todd pulled back after a last few thrusts into her pussy! She stood up, turned and kissed Todd. And it was a deep kiss! He had to be tasting my cum in her mouth, but he didn’t stop her. As she broke their kiss, he smiled again. That man really could make my heart jump just by smiling! And then she said, “that was awesome, my studs! And (to Todd) you’re a great fuck, but I still need to cum!”

Then she turned to me and asked if I could help. I wasn’t quite ready to fuck again in the minute or so since she’d stopped sucking me, but I knew what she had in mind anyhow, and I was good with that. I dropped down as she put her right leg up on the edge of the tub. I never would be wild about eating pussy, but I could see that she already was leaking Todd’s cum. I leaned in and was again doing what, until that day, I never really thought I’d be doing—eating pussy. But I knew what I really was after. In hindsight, I think they both may have had some idea, too! I licked up every drop as she worked to squeeze out his load. It was all I wanted, and I went for it, while trying to remember what she liked. She was moaning as I worked and telling me how good it felt. Then Todd leaned in and started working in her pussy with his fingers. As he worked, my tongue and his fingers kept colliding. It may not have been where I really longed to lick him, but any contact would do. I was licking, pretending to be trying to eat her out but really wanting his load, and he was doing me a favor (which he probably realized) by finger-fucking her. I really don’t know if my licking alone ever would have gotten her off! We both kept at it, and before long she screamed and was pushing down hard on his fingers and my mouth. The whole scene was a little awkward, and I probably got close to getting bruised from all that was happening, but it was hot, too!

As she came down, even in the light spray of the shower, I could see fluids running down her leg. I stood up, and she kissed me. “That was great!” And then she kissed Todd. We were back and forth, with Deb just moving back and forth a few inches as we closed our eyes and kept kissing. At one point, it felt different and I opened my eyes to find that what was different was that at least some contact was being made between Todd and me. We pulled back, and then we all focused on finishing the shower.

We all said we were hungry and needed a break. So we shut off the water, and got out to grab towels. Deb went first, then me. As I stepped over the side of the tub, I felt it. A warm hand firmly rubbing my ass. That was no mere brush and no accident. And it didn’t feel merely playful. I was starting to get hard again, and I was very confused! But for that moment, it was time to dry off and get a bite to eat!

(Still more to come!)

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