Stranger’s Secrets


I sat at the casino bar all morning and into the afternoon. Even though I looked old enough to drink, I was sure the only reason I wasn’t asked to leave was because I ordered only soda, and I probably looked like I’d been through enough grief. I didn’t talk to anyone, and they quickly understood it did no good to try. My eyes were fixed on the floor behind the bar, but I saw nothing. I didn’t even notice the bartender shift changes until I snapped out of it around 4pm. I had been sitting in the same spot all day.

I only moved because half a day’s worth of soda was screaming for release. I went to the bathroom, shuffled back to the bar, and even though I didn’t feel like drinking, tried my luck at ordering a scotch. I’d never tried scotch before. I hoped it burned.

My request was flatly denied by the bartender, who then gave me a look that said, “Just feel lucky I haven’t had you thrown out onto the sidewalk”.

I understood his scowl. Here I was, underage at a Vegas casino bar, sipping four-dollar sodas in a chair that was meant for people thirsting for eight-dollar mixed drinks. I was about to leave, where, I never decided, when the fat man in the suit next to me got up and a delicate, lithe shape sat at my side. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in the least, and didn’t even take a glance at her until she spoke.

“Wow. You look how I feel.” Her voice was soft, yet high. Melodious.

Her tone was friendly. Not stranger friendly like all the others that had come and gone from that very seat all day, but companion friendly, like we were best buds meeting at our favorite hang out.

When I looked at her, my ease with her grew stronger. Something about her made you feel like you had known her for years, even if this was the first time you’d ever laid eyes on her. She was thin and taut, her healthy skin stretched over toned, feminine muscles. Her long, straight hair was a dusty brunette color where it wasn’t dyed; about a third of it was colored navy blue, dark purple, or maroon in vertical stripes. A thick strand of red and purple hung over one of her big, blue eyes.

Somewhere in her early twenties, the woman was average in height, with a perky, generous b-cup chest and shapely hips. She wore faded designer jeans, a one-size too small polo shirt, and a long, brown suede jacket. If my mind hadn’t been so twisted and tied in knots, I would have sprouted a hard on immediately. Even still, I felt myself responding to the way she just sat there, looking at me, waiting patiently for a response

“No offense,” I said, “but you look pleasant. I can’t believe I look that good.”

“Ouch,” she laughed, and turned to the bartender to order a drink. It was a Rum and Coke, so I assumed she was 21, though the bartender never did check her I.D.

“It’s really that bad?” she asked?

“That bad.”

Under normal circumstances, my flirtatious instincts would have taken over by now. But I was too destroyed; too confused to have any sexual fantasies involving this girl today. Early in the morning, I had come achingly close to fulfilling another fantasy—a dream involving another girl that I had been obsessing about for weeks; had been subconsciously looking forward to all my life. But all I got was a little taste of that fantasy, a little tease, and when it was over, she had said, in not so many words, that it would never happen. She had–quite literally–closed the door on the subject.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood to start a relationship just yet, be it romantic or carnal in nature. The girl seemed to sense this, and for a while she said nothing, probably deciding on whether to get up and leave right now, or finish her drink first.

Fortunately she stayed. After a few minutes, she looked at me again with that sly and friendly smile. She was no doubt determined to get me to talk, and I had to admit she was taking my mind off my troubles. I felt bad for sabotaging the conversation via ignorance. I held out my hand.

“I’m sorry,” I managed to smile. “I’m…” I couldn’t think of anything to say, witty or otherwise.

“It’s okay,” she said, shaking my hand. “I know that look. I’m Kay…”

But she wasn’t Kay, or it didn’t seem so. They way she drew out her name made me suspect she was about to say Katie or something similar, but decided against using her real name halfway through.

“A woman do this to you?” she asked, still smiling but seeming genuinely concerned at the same time. I didn’t have to say anything to answer. She nodded knowingly when our eyes met. She shied away and looked to her drink. “Well don’t think you’re the only one with romantic issues.”

I told her I found it hard to believe she’d have trouble in the romance department.

“Oh, I’ve always been a disaster with dating,” she explained as if it didn’t bother her a bit. “I only recently found the confidence to go looking for it. You know, to just be myself and quit worrying all the time. Take initiative.” She pulled at her dyed strands. “But I still strike out. Or get stood up.”

I thought Escort bayan it a crime that someone would stand this woman up, and I said so.

“I don’t know if it should be a crime,” she laughed, “but at least a misdemeanor.” Her smile faded, though slightly. “Especially this one today. You finally find someone, and you really click, you think everything is going so well and you give up your extra room key, even. And then it’s a no show.”

“You gave up your room key?” I asked, stunned.

“I was trying the Hollywood seduction thing. You know, slip the stranger your room key, say meet me in twenty minutes. I thought it’d be exciting.” She never lost her grin as she explained.

“Well, maybe he’s late. When did you give the key?”

“Last night.” She laughed.

“You seem to be taking this well.”

She shrugged. “So far I haven’t been robbed, so I haven’t really lost anything. I’ve spent too much of my life in a half-empty glass. The only way to survive is in a full one. The way I see it, I didn’t get stood up. I was presented with an opportunity to meet you.”

I blushed. “And what if I get up right now and say ‘Nice talking to you’, and walk away?”

Kay rolled her head back, exposing her slender, sexy neck and laughed. She scooted closer to me and smiled wide, and in a deep, throaty voice, said, “Thing about bar stools is, there’s always somebody waiting to fill an empty one. But you’re not leaving, anyway.”

Our banter continued through the night as we talked about nothing, but never found a lull in the conversation. It was just what I expected in a blooming Vegas romance. No personal info, just talking about completely inconsequential things in the most flirtatious way possible. Kay even got me a few alcoholic drinks, so by the time things started to heat up—her hand on my thigh, my hand on the small of her back, our lips just inches away from each other as we spoke—we were both sporting a healthy buzz. It wasn’t long after that point when the subject of checking out her room came up.

Kay had wandered into The Luxor as a tourist, looking not only for a date, but also a few of the famous Vegas landmarks. Her room was further down the strip, at Treasure Island. We took a cab, and managed to keep our passions controlled, opting for some light handholding and laughter instead of getting dirty in full view of the cabbie. By the time we got to Kay’s door, however, our clothes were already getting untucked, unbuttoned, and unzipped.

Kay pulled out her card key, but stopped short when she drew it near the slot. She let out a gasp of excitement, then lowered her voice to a whisper and turned to me, smiling.

“You want to try something exciting?” she asked. Before I could reply, she explained by pointing to the Do Not Disturb sign hanging on the door. “When I gave up my key, I said to put this sign up in case I wasn’t in yet.” Her chest heaved as she exhaled excitedly. “Want to try a threesome, Gavin?”

I admit I wasn’t instantly excited as she was about the thought of sharing this gem with another guy. I’d already had to do that on this trip, and the very memory was bringing back my foul mood. Kay saw my hesitation and leaned in to my ear, her lips so close they kissed my lobe wetly.

“It’s a woman in there, if that helps you decide.”

And help me decide it did.

Kay slipped inside first; to talk to this woman and make sure the addition of a penis in their date was okay. It was a tense few moments as I waited for the verdict, but fortunately it came out in my favor.

“I think she was looking forward to some one on one time, Gavin, so as long as you’re willing to share, you have the thumbs up.”

Kay opened the door, I walked in, and laid my eyes on the beautiful, half naked body of my very own housemate, Alana. I lost my breath and my stomach felt like it was lodging itself in my throat. I was too shocked to even fall over, so I just stood there, jaw dropped and eyes wide open.

Alana’s long, blonde hair was hanging around her shoulders and face, partially covering her sparkling blue eyes in a very sexy way. Her body had the sensual tautness of someone years younger than her true 26 years divided into all the right places.

She wore a purple bra, which strained to contain her large, firm breasts, squeezing them tightly together and generating some very intense cleavage. Her matching mini-skirt served its purpose well, covering just enough of her so as to show nothing, but almost everything. It hung low on her soft, round hips, and looked as though one little tug was all that separated her naked mound from full exposure. Alana’s legs always looked long, but never so much as when they had the help of her purple, thigh-high stockings and four-inch heels. From the neck up, she looked just as irresistible as ever with her little nose, long eye lashes, and flawless complexion.

Of course, Alana was also looking as shocked as I was feeling. Her eyes were unblinking, her mouth hung open, and the rest of her didn’t move as we stared Bayan escort each other down in bewilderment. And yet, despite our fears, I was still rock hard, and I could see her nipples poking from under her bra were likewise.

With all that had gone on between us recently, I felt like I should have just left, but before I could get my body to respond to that order, Kay had moved past me and took Alana in her arms. I don’t know what I was expecting, but everything was happening so fast, before I knew it, I was far too involved—and far too excited—to turn back. I silently watched as Kay slid her hands up Alana’s half-naked body to her face and pulled her in for a kiss.

The kiss began soft and sensual, with Kay gently caressing Alana’s face and neck with her hands. But Alana’s eyes were wild with emotion. Which particular emotion, I wasn’t sure, but hers was a powerful gaze, and it was locked on me. I know I should have left, and I should have felt that Alana wanted me to leave.

But despite the intensity of her stare as she kissed Kay deeper and deeper, I never felt anger coming from Alana. Nor did I feel embarrassment, sadness, or fear. Instead there was an undeniable lust in her eyes, as if she was saying one thing to me over and over: Watch. After all that had happened, why, I thought, would she want to tease me more? But then it hit me. This trip was supposed to help Alana find herself. Was she a lesbian or not? Maybe, after that night with the two drunken guys who didn’t take care of her needs, Alana had decided girls were the way to go. And maybe this was her way of telling me, so there would be no denying her sexual preference, and no room for any more of my fantasies involving her. That’s what she wanted. For me to give up. Give up and watch.

I should probably explain why seeing my housemate in this situation was such a huge deal. You see Alana and I had grown up together. My parents were her legal guardians when her mom died, and they raised us for several years before Alana moved out on her own. Then my parents died tragically, and in their will, the house was left to both Alana and I, and Alana was put in charge of my care for the next couple years until I hit 18.

We were always close, but never romantically. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we stayed together in that house even after Alana’s legal obligation to me ended. And it was perfect. We were as close as a brother and sister without being brother and sister, and the resulting friendship was strong and genuine.

But recently, sexual possibilities with Alana wandered into my mind. And to be fair, Alana had them about me too, as much as she hated to admit it. We’d done things here and there, little things to most people but incredible things to us, considering our past. She’d sucked my cock. I’d fucked her with a dildo and cum on her chest. Just last night I almost ate her out—the almost part and the rejection that followed was what sent to me the bar all alone and depressed in the first place. I wanted to go further with Alana, and despite what her body felt about me, she continued to refuse her mind of the pleasure.

All of that drama spilled away as, in front of me, the girls’ kiss grew bolder and more physical. Perhaps sensing me relax a bit and satisfied her message got through, Alana closed her eyes, forgetting me and involving herself fully with the beautiful woman in her arms. Their heads see-sawed back and forth as they mauled each other, and I could clearly hear their heavy gasping and wet lips and tongues smacking in the otherwise silent room. Kay ran her fingers through Alana’s blonde hair, while Alana cupped Kay’s tight little ass that hid under her long jacket.

Together, they took a step toward the bed.

Kay broke off the kiss, and then looked at me as she tried catching her breath. “C’mon, Gavin,” she smiled. “You don’t have to wait around in the doorway all night.”

Alana then whispered to Kay something that I could hardly hear, but what sounded like, “I just want you.” My suspicions were confirmed when Kay turned back to me, taking off her coat.

“You don’t mind watching, do you?” she asked, laughing. “I promise I’ll make it worth the wait. Just as soon as I’m done tasting this…”

She didn’t wait for my answer as she grabbed hold of Alana once more and guided her toward the king-size bed. Not that my answer would have mattered. I wasn’t under the illusion that anyone but these two women were calling the shots tonight. I was lucky to be a spectator, and my dick was throbbing at the idea of whatever awaited me. I moved further into the room, and then took a seat in a chair near the bed. Alana being the one in the underwear, I found it impossible to take my eyes off her perfect ass or cleavage. I hoped she wouldn’t notice, though I’m certain she was aware of little else.

Until, that is, when Kay began to strip.

Kay gently guided Alana to sit on the edge of the bed, then took a couple steps back and slipped off her shoes and jeans, revealing a pair escort of tight yellow panties. She modeled them for us, turning and thrusting her hips out this way and that, then made her way back to the bed, where Alana waited, hungry.

Kay stood over Alana, looking down at her as if deciding what to do next, and Alana waited for her to choose. Both were breathing heavily, and the sexual tension in the room seemed to increase ten-fold in a matter of seconds. Then, at once, both of them jumped. Alana pushed herself back, lying fully onto the bed, while Kay jumped after her, their lips connected once again before they had settled onto the mattress. Kay reached for and found Alana’s wrist, pinned her hands down, and tried her very best to slide her tongue all the way down Alana’s throat.

Kay pulled away, then lowered her mouth to Alana’s neck, licking and kissing it wetly. Still holding Alana’s wrists, Kay moved further south, burying her face in the cleavage and nibbling on the purple bra. Then she began licking Alana’s taut tummy, going down, down, until she could go no further without releasing Alana’s hands. Kay let go and dove deeper, catching the waistband of Alana’s panties with her teeth. Alana gasped and spread her thighs, then grabbed at her own breasts to massage them.

I fought the urge to release my hard cock, which strained against my pants and made a very obvious tent. But try as I might, I couldn’t help but stroke it gently through the fabric, licking my lips as I tried to imagine what Kay was about to taste. She tugged at Alana’s panties, and Alana lifted her hips to allow them to slide off. Kay threw them aside, making sure Alana’s heels stayed on, then kissed her way up Alana’s legs toward her pussy, which peeked out from under the miniskirt.

Then, with Kay just inches away from the target, Alana turned her head and opened her eyes, locking right onto mine. I could tell from her look of surprise that this was unexpected. She didn’t want to acknowledge me, not as far as including me in this session of steamy love. And if she were indeed trying to kill my fantasy, looking me in the eye wouldn’t help. That is why, I presume, she looked quickly away and panted Kay’s name.

Kay looked up, a bit confused.

“I want to taste your pussy first, baby.”

But even as she was saying it, Alana was pushing off the bed, nearly attacking Kay as she dove for a kiss. Their bodies met with such force I was surprised they didn’t tumble off the bed. Instead, their dismount from the mattress was slightly more controlled, as Alana drove Kay backward, onto her feet, and across the room. They stopped against the wall next to the bedroom vanity, Kay cornered and Alana already on her knees, ripping the yellow panties down off Kay’s fuzzy mound. In that same instant, Alana’s mouth was on her pussy, devouring it like a woman gone mad.

Kay reacted with similar passion; nearly climbing the wall she had her back to as Alana stuffed her tongue between her hot lips. She braced herself with one hand on the vanity, one against the wall, her ass on the edge of the vanity, and her entire, shuddering body supported on her tiptoes. The imprints of her nipples seemed huge, especially considering her bra and shirt were still on. Kay threw her head back and tried to scream, but she was speechless.

Alana was putting her entire body into eating that pussy, as if Kay’s clit and the wet folds deserved every ounce of her strength and attention. While Kay was only now finding her voice, filling the room—and surely, the hallway outside—with her moans and screams, Alana had been sucking and licking loudly from the beginning. She slurped and groaned and cried into Kay’s tender flesh, and when she finally took her face away just long enough to slide a finger into her friend, Alana was gasping for air as if already in the throes of orgasm.

Kay bucked at the addition of the finger, then bucked again and screamed at the addition of another. Alana fucked the pussy with her hand as her lips flooded over the hard, sopping wet clit.

“Oh, fuck I love this pussy,” Alana growled. “I want you to cum on my tongue, baby! Oh God, you taste so good!”

Kay had been very playful downstairs, and even in the beginning of this encounter. But now her face registered a fierce determination—to do what, I was unsure. She looked serious, or angry, like she was experiencing such exquisite pleasure it was simply too much for her to bear. Tears were sliding down her cheeks from her tightly closed eyes. Her skin had flushed red. Her body was shaking, and already she had moved back from Alana’s assault, rising to sit herself fully onto the vanity, stuffed into the corner of the wall and the mirror, with one hand tightly gripping the faucet and the other clenching the hair on the back of Alana’s head.

“Oh please!” Kay begged. “Please, please don’t stop! Make me cum!”

Alana must have known Kay was close, because all of the sudden she stood up and once again stuffed her tongue into Kay’s mouth. Keeping her fingers at work in Kay’s pussy and a thumb rubbing her erect clitoris, Alana deeply, passionately kissed Kay as she brought her to an earth-shaking orgasm. Kay screamed into Alana’s mouth, her whole body rigid and convulsing with sweat dripping from her body as she bucked on the fingers inside of her.