Strategy and Tactics

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When you have a firm grasp of the strategy (A careful plan or method for achieving an end.) and tactics ( the art or skill of using available means to reach an end.) an adverse litigator may use against you, you will usually win the case at trial.

This was the creed of both my mother and father, who had both spent many years in the prosecutor’s office in Savannah, Georgia.

Now in private practice together, when one would have a case coming forward for trial, they would put on a mock trial to probe and test the points of law looking for flaws. Needless to say, my mother preached to me the wisdom of considering exactly where someone was trying to go with a point before committing myself to reply to their comments. Her advice had served me well as I navigated through the troubled waters of high school, and the first three years of college.

I had a few dates as a freshman, sophomore, and junior in high school. By October of my senior year, I had a firm grasp of who was in which cliques. Some cliques were driven by a group of girls, while others were driven by the status of the guys who were pals, notably the jocks.

I set my sights on Sonny Johnson, who was the quarterback for the football team. He was an honor roll student who stood six feet two, and weighted one hundred and eighty pounds. Good looking; he was a real catch, and the leader of the clique that I wanted to be a part of.

At present, he was dating Gloria Case. He sat next to me in advanced algebra. I noticed that he looked me over a lot. My strategy was simple. I would steal him away from Gloria, and by going steady with him, I would become a member of the hottest clique in school. My tactic was age old. I would start wearing sleeveless dresses, and small cut bras so that he would see part of my breast from his vantage point next to me. Going down the road further, as my mother had taught me, so well, I envisioned that to hold his attention, I would have to let him have his way with my breasts on the first date. I decided too, I would allow him to have sex with me, to hold on to him. I had no intention of failing.

Two weeks later, on November 7, he asked me if he could give me a ride home. With my friendliest smile, I replied, “Sure.” During the ride, he looked at me while making small talk about class. Then, when we were going by Robert E. Lee park, he pulled over and stopped.

“Sue, would you be interested in going to the movies with me tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I would love to! What time?”

He picked me up at 6:45 for the 7:40 show. After the show, he took me to “Friendly’s” for a ice cream. After, like a script, he took me to a secluded place, and we necked for twenty minutes. If he did not hurry up, I was going to turn to place my breast in his hand, but he finally slid his fingers on to my right breast from under my arm. I kissed him full on the lips. He got the message, and soon had my bra up over my breast and was fondling me.

Twice in the next fifteen minutes, I removed his hand from the button of my skirt. I told him that he could run his hand on my hips, but the front and back were off limits. Well, you know how that goes. He inched closer to the “Goal” each time he moved his hand. We both got hot, but I stayed with my plan.

Sonny had sampled a lot of the fruit, but I was not to be a slut who gave sex on a first date. He asked me to go with him to the social next Friday. I had a hard time containing myself. That was a big deal. He was willing to be with me at a school function for all to see. If I played my cards right, Gloria was history.

On Wednesday, I passed Gloria in the hall. Her eyes were red from crying. Another big deal, because Sonny was not trying to date both of us. Though I was a virgin, I decided right then and there to have sex with him Friday, to shut the door on any other girl that might try to go after him when the word spread that he and Gloria had split up.

I was really smug, as I pondered just how well my plan had worked. My mother would be proud of me. Up to a point, of course.

It is one thing to set up a plan. It is another thing to say you will have sex to cement the deal. But, if you were a virgin, as I was, it really stirs your emotions to think that in a few short hours, you will let a guy “fuck” you. On Friday, I can tell you that when I stared at Sonny in class that I saw him in a far different light then I had ever seen a guy before. I was afraid that my wetness would show through my skirt.

Now, I will tell you that I love to dance. I have taken dance lesson since age five. I have been told that I have perfect timing. I am five foot seven, weight one hundred and eighteen pounds, and am 33-20-34. My breasts are a firm B cup. I am proud of those “Puppies.” Even the girls look at them.

We danced from 8:45 until 12:00. The gym was hot, about 75 degrees. I got very sweaty, as did Sonny. Had a great time. I was pleasantly surprised that he muğla escort was an able partner, ever doing the jitter bug. His whole clique accepted me without question. I was “Sonny’s Girl.” Everyone knew my name, so I had to assume that I had been the topic of discussion at some point in football practice. “Did he tell them that he already had an evening of fondling my breasts? Whatever?”

We piled into his car, and off we went. I got serious, and begin to analyze his strategy and tactics, when I noted that he was heading off into the rural area, up route 80. He casually told me that he wanted to show me his family cottage on the Ogeechee river, near Blitchton. “Right… More like you want to show me the bed, and your cock,” passed through my mind, but I said, “Oh, I would love to see it and the river. Must be beautiful in the moon light.” Sonny smiled, as he replied, “It is really pretty.”

He offered me some Orange brandy when we got there. Later, after he had started a fire in the fireplace, and he was using the bathroom, I took a long drink right from the bottle. I was shaking, and yes, I was very wet.

We sat on the sofa, and started kissing. His hand went to my breasts. This time, I let him remove my blouse, and bra. His mouth on my breast about drove me crazy. I pretended not to notice when he ran my zipper of my skirt down. Soon his hand was on the outside of my panties rubbing my mound. This was a lot different then when I masturbated, let me tell you. When I reached up with both hands to hold his head while we French kissed, I gave him the signal that he was free to roam and explore me. He got the message.

He pushed me down on the couch, and his finger begin to run back and forth around my slit. I opened my legs. I thought that I would faint when his index finger slid into me. He twirled it around inside me for a couple of minutes.

He knelt on the floor, as he removed my skirt, along with my panties. I was now naked. He took off his clothes, and stood looking at me for a few seconds. The moon light cast a glow inside the cabin. He climbed onto me and kissed me. With his lips still on mine, he reached down with his right hand and moved his cock to my privates.

I felt his cock catch in place as the end found my entrance. I was about to tell him to be careful and go slow, since I was a virgin, when he thrust his hips forward driving his cock all the way into me.

My worry was for not. There was no pain. I stiffed, and grabbed him tight around the chest. “Don’t move, just lie there for a minute,” I whispered in his ear.

We French kissed for another three minutes. Then, he begin to move in and out of me with steady thrusts. I could feel the beginning of an orgasm when he suddenly thrust hard nine or ten times, and I felt warm sperm in me for the first time. His cock did not lose its size. After just a few minutes of kissing, he was hard again.

This time, he would need several minutes before he cum. Enough time for me to experience my first intercourse orgasm. My vagina begin to contract and pulse. There was an overwhelming desire to open my legs as far as possible to allow him to push his wand to the very end of my tunnel. “Oh Sonny, Oohhooooo Sonny, Faster, push it in me. Oohhoooo, yes!” I knew right then and there that things would never be the same again. I was glad that the night was young.

After he cum the second time, we lay there uncoupled for about fifteen minutes exploring each others body. I traced his cock and balls with my finger. For his part, he inserted his finger in me, gently stroking it in and out of me as we kissed and talked in the moon glow. I found that to be very soothing, but craved for him to enter me again with his hardness, his joystick.

Soon, he was hard again, so we fucked some more. I had another orgasm. This one was more intense. I broke out in a sweat, thought my feet would cramp, and heard myself moaning a long “Ooooohhhoooooooooo, yyeesssssss.”

I knew my folks were at a convention in Atlanta, so no one would know that I was not at home. Sonny was a star athlete, with the body and stamina that went along with that. He moved me to the bed.

We fucked on and off for five hours, then finally fell asleep. It was 11:45 AM when he got up and went to the bathroom. After I had taken my turn, I came out to tell him that I was going to take a shower. Fat chance. He pulled me onto the bed and for the first time ate me with his mouth. It must have had a terrible smell, what with the sweat, cum and pee, but he did not seem to mind. “A girl can become addicted to this sex stuff” had just played in my mind, when I felt the build up of yet another orgasm. As it came over me, I grabbed his head and pulled his face into my pussy. Poor guy probably could not breath for a minute or two.

I was humping back at his mouth when he shifted position and inserted himself into me again. We fucked, ordu escort both cuming again, and were finally done.

“Trump that girls,” ran through my mind, as I stood singing in the shower. I was new to this game, but the woman in me knew that no guy would soon pass up a nice looking girl that gave him the affection and sex that I had just given this boy.

During the next week, I looked at my parents with new respect. Their way of going after a goal, had worked like a charm for me.

I had a great senior year. I was home coming queen, thanks to the block of votes Sonny’s football buddies game me.

Several times each week, I spent time on my back making sure that Sonny did not have the time or desire to wander. We both graduated in June.

Sonny got a football scholarship to the University of Virginia. It was a five hour drive back to Savannah. He got back for most of the big events that I wanted him to attend with me at the University of Georgia – Savannah, that I attended.

Time passed. There was a big change in my life during the fall of my junior year of college.

During the Christmas break, there is a major three day college music and dancing event, that I had fallen in love with. It was a couples competition, with each couple wearing a number, and all that. Several times each night, each couple would have the floor all to themselves to show how well they could dance the type of dance being contested. I loved being in the “Spotlight.”

Name bands came to town, as did such singing groups as the Dixie Chicks, the Temptations, and the Manhattan Transfer. I think they came as much to get away from the cold up North, as they did for the money.

Damn, Sonny’s team was playing in a bowl game. Damn, Damn, Damn. He would not be able dance with me at Christmas, or see me until the spring break in March.

I was desperate, and yes, sure, I was spoiled. I always got what I wanted, didn’t I? I would get a partner for the dances, using my friends; “Strategy and Tactics.”

My younger brother was a senior in high school. His best buddy was Sloan Cross. I had seen Sloan when he visited our house during the last couple years, but he was just a high school kid, so I never had a conversation with him.

There was talk at the dance studio that Sloan was a terrific dancer. It seems that his mother had once danced on Broadway. She ran a dance studio on the other side of Savannah. From what I had heard, he could do it all. One comment caught my ear. One of the teachers said that he had great timing. That is a code word, used by teachers, to describe a dancer that people like to watch.

I used my friends; “Strategy and Tactics.” I would ask him to be my partner for the three days of dance contests. To work as a team, we would have to practice for at least three months. I felt that I would have complete control of him. I would wear dance outfits that allowed him to see my breasts, and the outline of my privates. That would be enough to keep him in line. I, of course, would be able to dance in the “Spotlight” and be a center of attention. Since most of the old gang was away at school, none of my friends would know that I was with a “kid,” of nineteen.

As Sloan walked down our walk to go home one day, I said that I was going right by Maple street where he lived, and would give him a ride. It was just two blocks. I stopped half way there and ask him to be my dance partner.

“You mean me?” he stammered. There was confusion in his eyes. Later he told me that he thought of me as an older woman, almost like my mother. High school girls were girls, but college girls were women to him. He was so unsure of himself that he said he would let me know. That was not the answer that I wanted, or expected.

Two days later, he called the house. I answered the phone. “Sue, where and when do you want to start practicing?” Sloan inquired. “My mother thinks that it would be wonderful experience for me to be a partner with a dancer as good as you are, and to be part of the competition.”

“He had asked his mother? Oh, my.”

We practiced three times the next week. I bought a new outfit for $267.00. Smugly, I congratulated myself on another plan that was unfolding with out any flaws.

Sloan, at six foot, one inch, and one hundred and sixty pounds, was the perfect size to muscle me through some of our routines. His Leeds were perfect, and he had a feather light touch. During practice with him, I begin to appreciate just how good looking a guy he was. For his part, He lost the jitters of handling my body, or seeing me in a skimpy outfit. There was not much left to his imagination. I could tell that he liked what he saw, because he would get a silly grin when I came into view.

I made a mistake, and it was that I never considered that Sloan would develop an agenda of his own. A week later, he had driven both of us to the dance hall. After osmaniye escort a two hour practice, we had both showered. We got a bite to eat at “Shoney’s.” It was only four thirty, so he ask if I would like to take a ride with him to his family camp on the Ogeechee river. For a second, a warning bell went off. I made a second mistake and said, “Sure, I would love to ride up there.” I was thinking of all the great sex with Sonny. As we rode along, I closed my eyes to picture some of the wild sex. A big smile was on my face.

Sloan, lit the oil stove, because the temperature was down to sixty. When things were cozy, he ask me to come from the seat by the window and sit at the kitchen table with him. Finally, I begin to wonder what this was all about. Talk about under estimating someone?

Sloan took both my hand from across the table. He looked into my eyes, and said calmly; “Sue, when this started, just the smell of your perfume, or your sweat was enough to keep me awake all night thinking of you. You are, “lots of woman.” More then I have ever been around. I have done a lot of thinking about what is going on here. Your boyfriend, your brother tells me, let you down. You would have missed being the “Queen bee on center stage.” I am just a prop. Well, I’m not. I, too, have my needs and wants. I will go through with this only if you comply with my wishes.”

“Which are?” I said, as my mind raced. He was stating a threat to with draw. What was his strategy and tactics? It dawned on me instantly that he held all the aces. I slowly moved my head from side to side, with my eyes locked on his, for I knew that one of his conditions would be for me to spend a lot of time on my back with him between my legs. My skimpy outfits were coming back to haunt me.

“I give you my word that I will never tell anyone what we do together. I want to have sex with you three times a week until the events. I am a virgin. I want you to allow me to explore your body slowly in the light, several times, before sex. I do love you.”

I was speechless. “I do love you,” he had said.

Sonny had never said those words to me, no one ever had. Funny how things can change in an instant. I went from resenting him and my total lack of control to suddenly thinking of him as a lover. “We are a lot alike; him and I,” I thought. We sat staring at each other for thirty seconds, without speaking.

I said, “Today, now, right now?”

“Uh huh.”

My face must have given away the fact of my consent. He rose, and led me by the hand to his bedroom. I sat on the edge of his bed while he took off my clothes.

Our eyes stayed locked on each other. I lay down and watched him undress. I was in for another surprise. Sonny, for all his size, had an average six inches cock. Sloan was, I would guess, seven and a half inches long, and twice as thick as Sonny. It crossed my mind that I might feel the difference. Had I only known!

Sloan started by running his hands slowly over ever part of my body. He kissed me on the lips. The first time, I did not return his kiss. The second time I did, and then a hunger built up in me and I reached up and we were intertwined in a deep passionate kiss.

I closed my eyes, and let him explore me to his hearts content. It was ten minutes later that he whispered in my ear, “I need your help.” as he lay down on top of me.

I grabbed his cock in my hand by reaching under my leg, and guided it to the entrance of my vagina. With just the end in me, I reached up and held his head on both sides, giving him a deep French kiss as he thrust his cock into me. We were joined, man and woman. The fullness and warmth of his cock lit a fire in my loins. His words, “I do love you” ran over and over in my mind, as I did my best to show him how a woman can show love to a man with her body.

He placed his head next to mine, and with all his weight on me, begin to ride me with long steady strokes, which I met with upward thrusts of my hips. With all that foreplay, and the size of his “package,” I cum at the same time he did. It was simply wonderful.

We had other things to do that day, so we stopped an hour later. He was one happy guy. As for me, my strategy and tactics had been blown out of the water, that is for sure. Yet, there was something different here. As we rode back into town, I studied Sloan. Yes, he was three years younger then I, but he was, to me, a complete man, who had beaten me at my own game, calmly and in a gentlemanly fashion.

“We are a lot a like, him and I,” ran through my mind, again.

Two days later we returned to his cabin on the river. While we lay holding each other in the bliss that lovers share, I lay my soul out before Sloan. “Sloan, I know that you have college ahead of you. Would you consider being my guy? If we can make it, I want to marry you someday.” For a moment, I could not read his reaction. What he said next is a standing joke between us now.

Hugging me, he whispered in my ear, “You have stolen all the lines that I have been rehearsing all day. Damn straight, I’ll be your guy, and if you don’t run me off, I will marry you anytime, anyplace, as is, where is.”

I will tell you that those “Strategy and Tactics” will win a girl, and it did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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