Stress Relief Conclusion


My eyes sprang open, as I realized I’d fallen asleep again, I quickly looked to the clock to see what time it was, and then beside me to see him still sleeping peacefully. I was glad to see I’d only slept for about twenty minutes this time. I sat up, and began a slow massage across his shoulders and down his back. Moving quickly, I sat on his lower back and continued massaging his back, trying to wake him up. He rolled his head to the side, and opened his eyes to gaze up at me. “What are you doing?”

“Waking you up.”


“Well, since I fell asleep for a few minutes myself, I figured you didn’t need to sleep much longer, you might be missed at home.”

“Mmm, and here I was hoping you were just interested in my body again.”

“Well, there is that too, before you have to leave.”

“Maybe I’d rather sleep…”

“Oh, really? Well then, I guess I’ll just let you go back to sleep,” I smiled as I moved to ease off the bed and away from him.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” he said as he grabbed my wrist keeping me from moving any further.

“Well, sikiş izle if you are going to sleep, I’m going to go enjoy this nice big hot tub over here.”

“You aren’t going anywhere, not ’till I’m finished with you.”

“Mmmm, so you say,” as I tried to pull my arm free, intending to sashay away from him, hoping to have the last word for once. I should have known better. Not only did I not manage to pull my arm away from him, I found myself laying back on top of him on the bed as he had rolled over when he pulled me to him. “Ok, you win.”

“And don’t you forget it either.”

“Oh, yeah, why is that?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Oh, is that supposed to scare me?”

“Shut up,” he growled as he rolled again placing me securely beneath him. I tried to talk again, but he kissed me before I had a chance, “I said, shut up.” His hands trailed over my body, never staying in one place, giving pleasure, then searing towards another destination. I could do little more than moan as my body was kept at an easy hum of pleasure. Then, he moved me so brazzers that my ass was pressed tightly against him. I felt him press his dick along my ass, then he pulled my legs open, and slid his dick along the folds of my pussy. Soon, he was covered in the slick, warm, wetness and pushed easily into me. Every sure stroke into me had me seeing stars, he reached around to stroke my clit just as he bit down right at the nape of my neck. My reaction was instantaneous, my body erupted into an amazing orgasm that seemed to go on forever as he continued rubbing my clit as he bit my neck.

I laughed, because I never seemed to be able to even dream of what he’d do to me next. As he rolled again, moving me so that I was on top of him, still facing away from him, I felt as if I was so completely, wondrously filled. I began moving, enjoying having control of the movement for as long as he let me have it. He pushed me forward slightly, and began slowly rubbing his finger over my ass. I moved faster, anticipating his next move. As he stroked my ass, I stroked my clit, fake taxi porno trying to keep in the same rhythm. Within a matter of seconds, I threw my head back and could do little more than hang on as another orgasm pulsed through my body. I felt like I was falling, and he moved me again, laying me on my back, as he moved over me. He pulled my legs up, holding my feet against his chest as he began to push into me, faster and faster, my hips were soon bucking as orgasm after orgasm rolled through me, then I felt him push harder into me as his cum shot deep into me.

He slapped my ass as he moved away from me, “I need to go now, you gonna be ok?”

“Hmm, oh yeah, I’ll be fine, I’m not sure I’ll move the rest of the night, not sure I could if I wanted to.”

“So, mission accomplished?”


“I promised complete relaxation and satisfaction, mission accomplished?”

“Oh, yeah, you did good, REAL good. No complaints here,” I sighed.

“Well, I try to please.”

“Hell, I don’t think I could be more pleased.”

“Oh, you could, but I’ve got to get home,” he laughed as he walked out the door, leaving me lying on the bed satisfied, satiated and exhausted. My stress relief day could not have gone any better. I felt refreshed, and ready to take on the world, after a good night’s sleep anyway.