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With the towel draped around my neck and over my shoulders, I donned the denim shorts, checking to ensure the access card was still in the left front pocket. I slipped into the sandals, dropping to a knee to buckle a sandal shut, then repeating the process for my other foot. The entire time, I could feel eyes upon me, studying me, memorizing me, and I tried to mask the smile which attempted to form upon my lips.

Standing once again, I retrieved the book and the empty bottle of water, then stepped out of the shelter of the wide umbrella, enjoying the feel of the sunlight upon my damp body. Walking along the edge of the pool, I squinted against the sunlight as I headed back into the hotel itself, still prominently aware of the eyes upon me.

Unfortunately, none of the eyes felt familiar. None of the eyes held the power to make me instantly wet inside.

Entering the hotel lobby, the cool temperature conspired with my damp hair and swimsuit and skin. While I simply smiled shyly to those who watched me move toward the elevators, I was thrilled by their gazes. I imagined the businessmen following me toward the elevator, gathering behind me as I pressed the Up button and waited, following me once an elevator arrived and surrounding me, trapping me within their midst as the elevator doors closed…

I pressed the Up button and waited, my body moistening as I imagined the businessmen touching me — tentatively and chastely at first, then more boldly: hands upon my breasts, hands cupping my lower cheeks, someone in front of Göztepe Escort me touching me through the front of my shorts, someone else gathering my hair together behind me and tugging upon it to tip my head back and expose my throat to another man’s nipping teeth, still more hands slowly sliding the straps of my swimsuit over my shoulders…

With the rampant images within my head joining with the cool lobby air and the dampness of the swimsuit, my nipples hardened, becoming two unmistakable points pressing against the thin material, proclaiming my readiness for carnal delights. The towel draped around my neck and over my shoulders was nicely positioned to cover my left nipple, but my right nipple could be seen as a prominent dent in the swimsuit just next to the edge of the towel. I tried to slyly glance around me to see if anyone had noticed, and there was someone nearby, reading through one of the many brochures for area attractions and glancing up at me with piercing eyes, and I could have sworn that there was a slight smirk upon his face, meaning he had likely noticed the semi-exposed nipple.

The single chime announced the arrival of the elevator before its doors opened. I waited as an older man and a young woman, both dressed in formal eveningwear, emerged from the elevator, both of them appraising me briefly, the woman even offering me a quick wink once her eyes had arisen from my nearly-visible nipple.

Stepping into the elevator, I pressed the button for the twelfth floor, then waited as the doors began İstanbul Escort to slide shut. The mirrored walls made the small space feel larger, which in my mind instantly multiplied the number of businessmen surrounding me, touching me, exposing me. The straps of the swimsuit were moved further down my arms, resulting in an exposure of my breasts and the towel at last sliding down my back and pooling at my feet. Many hands graced my nearly-revealed flesh, and while one nipple was pinched gently, the other became trapped between another man’s teeth and nicely battered by his tongue.

I was whimpering, my desire growing. Closing my eyes, I became lost in the attentions of the unknown businessmen. The hand at the front of my shorts fumbled with the button, and as soon as it was freed of its confinement, the zipper was lowered, exposing more of my swimsuit. Someone else’s hand slipped inside the denim, pressing against me, learning the secrets of my writhing body and causing me to moan softly.

The chime sounded twice, and I opened my eyes slowly. I was gazing at my reflection in a mirrored wall, seeing a young woman in need, a young woman with the front of her shorts open and her hand slowly and sadly being withdrawn.

The elevator doors opened, and I emerged with my shorts still unzipped and unbuttoned. There was no one around to see me, although I did notice a security camera pointed directly at the elevator door, so if anyone was watching the monitors in the security room, that person was probably a little surprised Anadolu Yakası Escort at the state of my attire.

At the door to the suite, I used the access card to gain entry, and quickly stripped so I could relax upon the sofa and return to the events of the elevator, to once again be surrounded by the many businessmen as they tantalized me, undressed me, guided me, and ultimately took their turns in filling me and sullying me.

The door opened just as I was about to succumb to a much-needed orgasm. At last, he had returned from the seminar being held in the ballroom. His eyes touched me and caressed me as he approached, the door closing and locking of its own accord. “Go ahead,” he urged me as he gently pinched a nipple and took its mate between his teeth to batter it with his tongue.

I tried to be quiet as I trembled upon the sofa, his ministrations definitely augmenting the intimacy of the moment. When at last I was sated, he lifted his head from my chest, and in his eyes I could see the same lust, the same need as I had seen from the many businessmen in my mind and from the man who had been smirking in the lobby.

It was the eyes which primed me, which whispered to me as we made love upon the sofa, and that was when I realized that the businessmen in my mind and the man to the smirk had all been him — varying manifestations of him.

It was with that knowledge that I awoke early in the morning in an unknown hotel in an unknown city with a barely-known man who had stolen my heart and claimed my body just hours earlier. He was already awake, studying me and memorizing me with his eyes, and I gave a soft sigh of contentment and relief, for he was still with me, and from the way he touched me between my naked breasts, he did not plan to leave me anytime soon.

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