Sue’s Bath Time Shows Ch. 2

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“The back door is unlocked, Robert. I’ll wait for you here.”

It was five minutes before Sue heard a tapping on the bathroom door.

“Come in,” said Sue.

The door to the bathroom clicked open. Sue heard the patter of bare feet on the floor. She did not look. Excitement filled her. She felt the tingle of anticipation. Her hand went between her thighs. She felt her clit growing, her inner self grew warm and twitchy.

Her fingers explored well known territory.

“Hello, Robert.”

“Robert could not make it. I came instead.”

It was a woman’s voice. Sue opened her eyes and looked at a woman wearing the uniform of a hamburger stand. A wild lear twisted the mouth of the woman.

“So, you are expecting Robert. Surprise. I got home early and found him at your back door. I sent him home. Since he likes to watch you, I thought I would give him an eye full.”

The woman got on her knees next to the tub. Her name tag, “Elaine”, was inches from Sue’s face.

Elaine grabbed a handful of Sue’s hair. Elaine pulled Sue up and twisted her head to the window. Sue saw Robert watching. He had a video camera.

“Oh, yes, you little bitch. We will have this on tape. How would your dick wad of a husband like it if he knew that you had a lesbian lover?”

Sue pulled her wits back together.

“Oh Mistress, how can I earn your mercy?”

This surprised Elaine. She wanted to teach Sue a lesson not to tease her husband. But something snapped. She was in a position of power. She felt a wetness spread in her uniform pants, between her legs.

Elaine pulled Sue out of the tub, a bit if her hair pulled out of Sue’s head. Real tears formed in Sue’s eyes. Guilt replaced power.

“Oh, Susan, I’m sorry.” Tears came from Elaine’s eyes.

Elaine held Sue’s face, one hand on each cheek. She used her thumbs to wipe the tears from Sue. Their eyes linked. Elaine leaned forward to brush lips with Sue. Sue opened her mouth to receive Elaine lips. Their lips sealed. Using their tongues, the two women explored teeth and palate.

Sue fumbled with the buttons on Elaine’s shirt. She had trouble concentrating on the buttons and kissing at the same time. Elaine solved that when she ripped her shirt open popping buttons around the room. Sue fondled her partner’s breast through the bra. That did not stay on long. It, too, flew across the room.

The two women kneeled on the floor, facing each other. Elaine was naked from the waist up. Sue was totally exposed. Elaine hungered for Sue’s breast.

She forced Sue to lay supine on the floor. Elaine took Sue’s nipple to her lips, sucking it. Her hand moved to Sue’s pussy, and found her opening. Elaine parted the tangle, then invaded the hidden zone. The intake of Sue’s breath told her she found the target.

Elaine found out about a quirk of Sue’s physiology. Sue lactated when ever sexually aroused. gaziantep rus escort She had this trait since her first baby. Larry never complained, so she never thought to prevent it. Larry used it in his coffee.

The first taste of human milk startled Elaine. She never received liquid from a woman’s breast in the past. She drank from other parts of male and female anatomy. This, however, was a first.

Sue noticed the reaction Elaine had to her first taste of human milk. The act of nourishing someone in the most personal of ways was far more sensual that just having your tits sucked. Elaine was without child, so she would not know. Hopefully, Sue wished for her, someday that pleasure would be Elaine’s

Sue lay on her back, exposing herself to Elaine. She did not resist. Sue just let her senses flow. She let all the stimulae flood her nervous system. Her mind overloaded. Then her body overloaded.

Elaine did not expect Sue’s reaction. She arched her back, until she was supported by her feet and shoulders only. Sue’s ass cleared the floor by six inches. Elaine marveled. Sue gave new meaning to calling sex “ride the pony.”

Sue collapsed from exhaustion. Elaine rested her head on Sue’s chest. Sue’s heart pounded in her ear. The rise and fall of Sue’s chest was like a storm tossed sea.

Elaine looked down at Sue. She saw the milk ooze from Sue’s nipples. She licked them.

“No, Elaine, it’s your turn.”

Sue helped Elaine out of her grease splashed, mustard covered pants and pantyhose. Elaine was bare. Smooth flesh greeted Sue. Sue took a lick of the shaved mound between Elaine’s thighs. Sue’s new found sex partner was ready.

Sue brought the Captain out of hiding. Elaine’s eyes widened. Her heart quickened. Elaine was on the verge of hyperventilating.

She fondled the four pounds of rubber penis. She kissed it. She opened her mouth and took it in. Sue watched in admiration as Elaine swallowed over half of it. Sue saw it bulge in Elaine’s throat as it moved up and down. Elaine removed it before she passed out.

Elaine rolled over to her hands and knees. Her hair hung over her face. She looked over her shoulder to Sue.

“I’m a bitch in heat, Susan. Dog fuck me with that.”

Sue knelt behind Elaine. The twin cheeks faced Sue like bronze mellons. It was now that Sue noticed that Elaine had total tan coverage of her body, down to where her pubic hair should be. Not one tan line showed on her body. It fit her black hair and brown eyes.

Sue was over come with hunger. She leaned over and kissed those half globes. The scent of pussy juice rose to her nostrils. She rolled onto her back and slid her face under Elaine’s crotch. She pulled it down to her face. The slick skin guarding Elaine’s slit dripped with fresh love juice. She drank it like an American airman lost in the Kuwaiti dessert.

Sue’s tongue probed the hot crevice below Elaine’s navel. Sue bit the throbbing flesh button to Elaine’s sexuality. Elaine clamped her thighs to Sue’s head to hold her in place. Sue was not released until she brought Elaine to orgasm.

“Now, ram that thing in my pussy and don’t stop.”

Sue inserted her finger into Elaine’s pussy. It was tight. She held the Captain to the opening. It was like wanting to put a D size battery in a AAA flashlight.

Sue held the ten inch latex cock to Elaine. She rubbed it until the head parted the folds. It presses against the inner gate. Sue just moves it around, getting it nice and lubed.

The pressure against her opening gave Elaine a minor orgasm. Her arms gave way. Her ass was in a downward slant, her face on the floor.

Muffled by the floor, Elaine said, “Shove it in. I need something to wrap my pussy around.”

Sue pushed on the Captain. It stretched Elaine. She never had anything this large inside. Sue started to pull it out. Elaine’s breathing became pained. She bit her lips to ease the pain. She bit hard enough to draw blood. Sue started withdrawal.

“Don’t you stop, bitch. I want it all. I want ever inch inside. Shove it in. Don’t stop. Do it in one motion.”

Sue needed to lube the dildo. Not finding anything handy, she dipped her fingers into her own pussy. She got them wet and smeared it on the dildo. It started to slide in smoother.

It took a bit of time and lots of pain. Elaine finally had her ass in the air with a lump of pink latex stuck in her pussy as she knelt on the floor.

“Why did you stop, Susan? Fuck me.”

Sue pulled back the rubber rod. She pulled it back to the latex head. Elaine pulled in her breath as the dildo was pull out. Then Sue pushed it back in as Elaine exhaled. The two women matched movement and breathing. Speed gradually increased. A peak was reached and Elaine cries out in pleasure and pain. Sue felt the spasms through the latex.

Sue pulled the dildo out. Elaine collapsed. She managed to roll onto her back. Sue laid next to her. She placed her hand on Elaine’s belly. She felt the muscles quivering deep inside her neighbor. They fell asleep.

Something woke Sue. She felt teeth on her clit. She saw Elaine face down between her legs. She had a mini-orgasm when Elaine’s tongue entered her slit. That was when she noticed someone standing behind Elaine. It was Robert

Robert had his wife in a head down-ass up position. His actions and sounds indicated he replaced the Captain at the helm. His movements were matched by Elaine, going down on Sue. His forward thrusts into his wife were matched by her facial thrusts into Sue’s cunt. In Sue’s mind, Robert was fucking two women at once. The thought of this made Sue cum in Elaine’s mouth.

Elaine glanced into Sue’s face. She reached up to play with Sue’s tits. The squeezing made Sue dribble milk. Elaine wondered about Sue’s special talent. She passed the fucking she got from her husband via mouth to her new friend. The thought of being an extension of Robert’s cock into Sue caused her to grip down on that cock.

Robert let loose his jism. He felt it flood his wife’s pussy. It usually back-washed out around his cock. This time, the big latex cock stretched her, giving him plenty of space to fill. He made every effort to fill her.

Robert looked past his wife. He saw Sue at the end Elaine. He followed Elaine’s arms to Sue breasts. He saw the milk being pumped from Sue by Elaine’s hands. He had the passing thought that he fucked his wife so much, it was overflowing her into Sue and leaking out.

It was a chain collapse when Robert pulled out of Elaine. He fell to the right side of Sue and she fell to the left. Robert leaned on his elbow and looked at his neighbor.The long brown hair was sprayed around her head. The gray eyes were half closed. Her full lips were parted as her breathing slowed to a regular rhythm. He looked to her breast. The whiteness of the milk was still there.

Robert dipped his finger into it. It was warm and still wet. He tasted his finger. Sue turned to him.

“Go ahead. Try it. When was the last time you had fresh milk?”

Robert took a tentative lick of her nipple. He liked it. He took in fully into his mouth. He sucked. He was rewarded with a drink that had no other comparison. He lifted his head a second and a hand forced it back in place. His head bumped another on the other breast. His hand went as if on its own accord to Sue’s pussy. He found a third head there. He looked across Sue to see Larry drinking from the second straw, so to speak.

Robert pulled back. Sue’s hand forced his mouth back to the tit.

With Robert sucking one breast, Larry on the other, and Elaine in the middle, up to her eye teeth in pussy, it did not take Sue long to climax. She had her fingers wrapped in the men’s hair. She pulled them hard against her breast. Her legs pulled Elaine deep into her cunt, filling her face and mouth with cum. The foursome fell in exhaustion around Sue.

Larry broke the silence by saying, “It’s getting crowded in here. We need a bigger room.”

Sue answered, “Don’t think so. At least not today. The kids are due home from school in a half hour.”

The four dressed. Elaine managed to find all her buttons. Larry spoke at the back door.

“We’ll have to get together more often.”

“Coffee and cake at our house Saturday night?” asked Robert.

“I’ll bring the cream,” said Sue.

Hours later, Sue and Larry sat in front of the TV after sending the kids to bed. Sue slipped her hand between her husband’s legs. She caressed his cock. She was rewarded with it growing.

“You know, Larry? This afternoon I had the Captain and Elaine’s mouth. But, I didn’t have a real cock. What do you want to do about that?”

Larry carried Sue to the bedroom and showed her what he would do about that.

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