Summer Daze

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Summer Days

“Thanks for letting me use the pool,” Kate said, while she slid into the chilled water.

“Thank my parents,” Michael answered. He was busying himself near the edge of the pool with checking the filters and chlorine levels. His long board shorts were covered in neon palm trees and flamingos and hung just below his knees. Kate watched him behind her dark sunglasses; Michael leaned over the water and stuck his hand in, checking the temperature. They had been friends for several years, having met at their “after school” job at the local pizza place in town. She was a senior in high school, and he was a sophomore in college. There was a strange, sometimes awkward, attraction between the two that had never been fully explored.

Kate lifted off her tank top and exposed her large breasts tucked comfortably behind her black bikini top. Michael acted as though he didn’t see her, and she swam into the middle of the pool, the cold water sucking her breath deep into her lungs. It was hot, and the air hung stagnant. Loud locusts chirped in the trees and small, wispy clouds dissipated as they neared the blaring sun. She could feel the heat on her skin and adjusted her sunglasses. Shouldn’t stay in the heat long, she told herself.

He continued to busy himself with countless, and somewhat frivolous activities near the pool’s edge. She finally called out to him, “Are you going to get in?”

“Wasn’t planning on it. I still need to check on their house and make sure everything is alright.”

“That can’t wait,” Kate leaned back on the cool, smooth side of the pool.

Michael grinned while he looked at her, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses, “I told you I was here to check on things, not swim. Have fun, I’ll be back.”

She watched him walk away and into the house. His parents lived in the country and miles from their closest neighbor. Across the hot field of beans, she could see a distant house, blending idly into the green forest surrounding it. Kate leaned her head back and began to float on the surface of the water. They had both changed in the last five years: he had completed college and found a job as a tech writer for an internet company and she had broken up with her boyfriend of three years, dropped out of college, and began managing a car rental company in the airport. Yep, things were different. Her tits and slightly pudgy stomach breached the water’s surface and her hands trailed beside her. What would it have been like? She wondered. Would it have worked between us? There was a point in time, just after high school she was willing to try it with him. He had broken up with a girlfriend while she also was on the mend. But it never happened.

Now, here she was. Alone, in his parents’ in-ground swimming pool.

She heard Michael return and raised her eyes to see him dropping his legs into the water and reclining to rest on his arms. “Everything alright?”

“Seems so.” He was watching her. Kate dropped her body back into the water and slowly paddled to the side of the pool, where he sat. She rested her chin on her dripping wet arms and caught herself glancing at the outline of his cock beneath his swim trunks.

They sat in silence for some time with the midday sun beating on their bodies, although, he had kept his blue tank top on. “Aren’t you burning up?” he broke the silence.

“No,” she shook her head. “The water is good. You should get in.”

He smiled at her.

All of her feelings came flooding back. She felt the butterflies knotting in her stomach. The two of them, together; the things she should say to Şerifali Escort him. He just smiled and looked away. Kate glanced back down at his crotch and pushed away from the side, undoing her bikini top. Her tits fell into view and tickled the top of the water. Michael looked suddenly stunned but said nothing.

“You’ve never seen my tits,” Kate said with a grin. He shook his head but didn’t reply.

She wondered if he was getting hard. Slowly she moved toward him and let her hand fall across his swim trunks. Underneath she could feel his penis swelling. He didn’t move and didn’t react.

“What do you think? Is anyone around?”

Michael looked up into the hot, country summer air and shook his head. She could tell he was getting aroused by her. She slowly undid the strings to his shorts and pulled back at the Velcro. His hard penis came into view. He leaned back and she pulled his shorts past his knees and into the water and exposed his swelling erection. With the sight of her longtime friend’s exposed, nicely shaped cock, she could feel her own arousal beginning. The warmth and slickness between her legs grew as she pushed forward and smiled up at Michael. They both had dark sunglasses on it was difficult to read his reactions.

“Is this alright,” she asked and took his cock in her hand, gently stroking the smooth shaft.

“So far,” he finally grinned. Her stomach fluttered and she leaned down and pushed his cock slowly between her lips and into her mouth. She coated it with saliva and slowly rubbed her tongue against the underside and head. It swelled more inside of her mouth and she began rocking her mouth up and down the hard shaft. She had always enjoyed giving head but in this moment, the excitement got to her and her heart raced as her blood surged throughout her body.

His head rocked backwards, and she matched the movements of her mouth with that of her stroking hand. Inside her mouth she felt his dick jump and twitch, she pulled away and sank back into the cool water of the pool. Michael made a low groan in his throat and his chest heaved with his deep, quick breathing. Leaning back, his hard erection flexed under her soft, saliva soaked stroking hand. Under water she reached down and moved her bikini bottoms aside; her natural juices mixed with the water and she could feel her swelling clit between her puffy pussy lips. Quickly she parted them and felt her hot sex and arousal that shot into her stomach.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

Michael grinned and glanced around once again, as if to see if anyone was spying them. His dick was still hard and his smooth, shaved balls were dark and pulled tight. The view of him made her hot and deeply aroused.

“I’m fine,” he grinned again. She leaned up and flicked her tongue across the red tip of his cock.

“Just fine,” she whispered. “You don’t like this?”

“No. No,” he laughed. “Obviously I hate it.”

“What if I told you,” she pushed her mouth back onto his shaft and back up before finishing the sentence, “that I’ve thought about doing this for years.”

She began sucking his cock once again, her head bouncing up and down his shaft. His breathing increased and he let out a few low, deep moans. Her hand stroked up and down his dick before finding his hot, tight balls where she massaged and moved them around in her small palm. Michael pulled the bottom of his shirt up so she could see the glistening outline of his abs. Her stomach flinched and his dick jumped in her mouth. She pulled away, not wanting him to finish just yet, but it was too late. His cock twitched and a small stream of bright Ümraniye Escort white fluid sprayed onto his bare stomach.

“Oops,” she giggled and fell into the water. His dick twitched again and another small stream trickled down his shaft. “Was that it?” She felt slightly disappointed but realized he was still fully erect.

“No. Thank God.” He laughed and removed his shirt.

“Want me to get that for you?” She didn’t give him time to reply before she had swum toward the edge, pushed herself up and licked the small pool of cum from his stomach. The salty, warm taste tingled on her tongue as she swallowed it down. He stared in shock. “How about you do something for me? Maybe let that take a break?” She motioned toward his throbbing penis.


“I don’t know,” she pushed herself up beside him; the water ran down her bare tits and stomach. Her bikini bottoms accentuated the curve of her full thighs and hips. She knew he was taking in her soaked, bare body from behind his sunglasses. The heat of the sun beat down on her and her nipples grew hard from the coolness of the breeze.

He still hadn’t made a move.

Kate pulled her bikini bottom to the side and revealed her puffy, shaved labia. She had always left a small trail of curly bronze pubic hair just above her slit. Now she looked toward Michael; he was intensely watching her. His dick, still gleaming from the mixture of saliva and pre-cum, was growing hard once again.

“I haven’t had my pussy licked in forever,” Kate smiled and let her bottoms fall back to the side. Michael must have caught her slight grin as she glanced off into the distance. It didn’t take long before his shirt was pulled off and he fell, naked, into the pool before her.

Her stomach fluttered as her legs spread, letting his face fall between her thighs. Kate let her head rock back and she could feel her bottoms pulled to the side and her pussy lips spread by his fingers. She was soaked and his warm tongue glided softly between her lips and pressed upon her swollen clit. Intense pleasure coursed through her limbs as his tongue swirled and dance across her hot, wet pussy. Her breathing intensified and Michael pulled her hips closer to the edge of the pool so that he could fully access her aching body.

His tongue ran up and down her pussy lips and his index finger quickly found its way into her soaked vagina. She let out a gasp and low moan while hoisting her left leg up onto the ledge of the pool. Her hand found the back of his head and she slowly stroked her fingers through his hair while waves upon waves of hot pleasure flowed from her pussy. She moaned and rocked her hips.

“How’s that?” He pulled away but left his thumb stroke softly across her exposed, drenched clit.

“It’s great,” she got out and quickly pulled her bikini bottoms to her knees and down into the water. Michael pulled them from her feet and exposed her naked body to the summer air. Under the water she could make out the image of his erection and tan body. He swam into the center of the pool and dunked himself beneath the water. Her pussy was pulsating, and she wanted to reach climax soon. Once he surfaced his glasses fell from his face and he rubbed his eyes with his fingers.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” he grinned and placed his shades back on his face. “What do you wanna’ do now?”

She shrugged and let her hand fall between her thighs. Her fingers opened her pussy lips and she slowly swirled them in a circular motion. Michael watched her intensely. Kate continued her show and slid two fingers into her pussy and began rocking them in and Üsküdar Escort out. The sound of her juices resonated across the water and she moaned with pleasure. She pulled her fingers out and let herself slowly down into the chilled pool.

Michael swam over to her and they embraced. His erection pushed against her soft stomach as their faces fell close to on another. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said to him with a grin.

“You’re right,” he kissed her neck softly. “But, it’s a little late for that, isn’t it?”

Her hips suddenly were up, and his hard dick was pushing roughly between her pussy lips. It was rough at first until his tip found the snug and slick inside of her body and slid the remainder of the way in. She could feel herself grip his cock and let out a long, slow moan. He grunted into the skin of her neck and she began to ride him in the water. Their bodies moved and rocked beneath the surface and waves rippled throughout the hot pool.

Michael kissed her on her lips, “Oh, Kate,” he moaned as his dick thrusted inside of her. Bolts of pleasure fired throughout her body as the two friends met in rocking, wet passion there in the hot summer air. She loved it, but at the same time felt a forbidden twinge of ecstasy. Kate’s legs wrapped around his firm ass and she accelerated her rocking while her tits slowly swayed beneath the water.

“Oh, this feels so good,” she groaned. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Michael’s rhythm slowed, and he pushed her body back against the slick walls of the pool. Kate leaned up and rested her body on the edge; her tits hovering on the surface. Michael was determined and he gripped her thighs beneath the water and began thrusting quickly. His penis rocked the inside of her and both of them groaned in the grips of pleasure. She felt herself approaching climax in the grips of their aggressive, animal instincts.

“Keep going. Keep fucking me,” Kate let out and her body tensed under the pressure of her oncoming orgasm. Michael’s head rocked back, and he thrusted harder into her pussy. “I’m gonna cum. Make me cum. Make me cum.”

Kate began matching his strokes with her hips. Rocking quickly under the water. Their bodies slapping silently beneath the surface. She felt waves of heat and electricity roll through her entire body. Her vision went white and she moaned into the hot air. Her orgasm erupted and her muscles tightened. Michael slowed and pushed his dick completely into her feeling her walls contract and grip his cock. His body fell into hers as her orgasm began to subside. Michael’s lips found her hard nipple and sucked deeply. He pulled himself out of her.

“Wow,” Kate said with a grin.

“Sorry about that.” He was still rock hard beneath the water. “We shouldn’t have done this.”

“I know,” she slyly spoke. “It’s your parents’ pool!”

He leaned on the pool wall beside her. Their naked bodies touching at the hips. She was still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm. A car quickly drove by on the country road and they watched as it passed them; the driver unaware of their secret rendezvous.

“Your parents’ pool,” Kate smiled and reached down to find Michael’s hard cock below the water. She began to stroke him quickly and his body tensed. His dick throbbed under her touch and she glanced below the waves to watch his hips thrusting with her stroking fist. “Don’t cum in the pool,” she teased in his ear. She jerked his cock quicker and his muscles tensed. She felt his orgasm explode in her hand and she looked down to see streams of cloudy cum spew into the water. He moaned as the strings flitted from his cock beneath the waves.

“Oh, no. You got it in the water,” she kissed his ear lobe and his penis began to weaken while she slowly stroked him.

“Yep,” Michael smiled and kissed her cheek. “Are we still friends?”

“I think so,” she grinned.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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