Summer Heat


It was brutally hot that day. It was the middle of August and I hated my parents for not putting in the pool they had promised me so long ago. It was the summer between my graduation from high school and my first year of college, and it would have been so great to have my friends over to lay out and swim. But my parents just didn’t have the time for that this year; both traveled a lot on business, leaving me at home for extended periods of time. This was my third week straight by myself, and I loved every minute of it. The house was stocked with food, and the maid did the housecleaning.

But sunning during the day, and going out with my friends at night was getting quite boring. I knew that my first year in college would be difficult though, and I just tried to relax as I prepared for the fall. I missed my mom; we were very close, and I felt as if I didn’t have anyone to confide in when she was not around, even though we talked by phone every night. She basically ran the household. My dad was so whipped by her sexuality that he would do anything she asked. My mom was very dominant, and she kept a close eye on everything dad did. Actually, I call my mom by her first name, Terri. My dad’s name is John. I call him by his first name also.

I can remember Terri telling me when I was sixteen, “Linda, you have the look of a twenty-five year old. You need to know everything there is to know about sex.” And she told me everything. I lost my virginity soon after, and matured quickly. I was five foot ten, 128 pounds, wavy brown hair curling down to the back of my neck, and a nice figure. Terri and I even wore the same size bra, 38C. Her and I were still going nude around the house, which drove my dad wild. I suppose my mom did this to keep him on a sexual edge. She needed sex a lot, and her and John were always fucking. Sometimes I fantasized about joining them, but I usually just ended up masturbating a lot.

On this day I was still somewhat hungover from the night before. I had invited my best friend Marie over, and we drank some vodka, while watching porn tapes in my parent’s bedroom. Marie ended up passing out, and I masturbated with her right next to me on the bed. She had just left now, and I took a cold shower in an attempt to shake off the cobwebs. Our maid Emily had already arrived, and I greeted her in the nude (she was used to that).

She made me coffee, which helped me to wake up. As I sat in one of the breakfast barstools, I lit up a cigarette, which seemed to surprise her. Emily was a dark Mexican woman, and very attractive for aged forty. She was married, with three kids, and she had been our maid for around five years. We knew each other well. So there I sat, legs spread, puffing on a Marlboro, nipples hard, pussy getting wetter by the second, talking to our maid. I loved being nude in front of her, and I could feel her eyes roaming all over my body. We chatted for a few minutes as I drank the coffee, and I grabbed my shades and headed out onto the back porch to layout. It was already close to ninty degrees outside, and I baked under the sun’s steaming rays.

Even though our back porch was not totally secluded, Terri and I didn’t care about laying out nude. I could see our neighbor, Jeff, mowing the grass next door. porno izle A nice looking man, he was in his mid forties, and divorced. I kept peeking over my magazine to see if he was looking at me, and sure enough, he seemed to be mowing in circles. He was riding the mower in only a shorts and tennis shoes, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off his chest as he rode by, less than one hundred feet away. Never before had I ever thought about fucking him, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I looked at the sliding door to see Emily staring at Jeff, and me. I began to touch my clit, and I could feel the heat burning in my pussy. Sweat rolled off my body, and I took a long drink of water. I stood up, and could see that Jeff had stopped mowing, looking directly at me. Before I went back in the kitchen, I slapped my ass, and waved for him to come over.

Emily was still in the kitchen as I walked in. She looked rattled, like a frightened rabbit.

“Miss Linda, what were you doing there?” she asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just have never seen you touch your body there. What if the man comes over?”

“I want him to come over here, Emily.” I began to massage my tits, without really thinking.

“Why, Miss Linda?”

“I am going to seduce him, that’s why. Take the rest of the day off, and be back tomorrow.”

“I would like to stay and watch, if that is ok with you, Miss Linda.”

“Very well, you may stay, but stay out of sight for a while.” I told her.

“Of course, Miss Emily.”

I have to admit the thought of being watched was totally exciting to me. Emily and I went upstairs, and I went to my bedroom, finding a pair of white pumps to put on. The doorbell rang soon after, and I slowly walked back down the stairs.

I looked through the peephole, and saw Jeff standing there, shirtless. I swung the door open, and he seemed stunned when he saw I was nude, except for the heels. All he wore at this point were a pair of flimsy jogging shorts.

“Hi Jeff, and yes, my parents are out of town.” I told him.

“You look fantastic, Linda.”

“So do you, neighbor.” I looked him up and down. He was an attractive man, the rugged type, dark hair, although thinning, but a really nice body, and a definite bulge in the front of his shorts. I was so turned on by this scene, and I wanted it in the worst way. Jeff was about the same height as me, but with my heels on, I was about four inches taller than he was. My nipples rubbed his furry chest as I moved closer to him, and I could feel the bulge touch my pussy. Jeff wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed passionately. After a minute I broke off the kiss, and took his hand, leading him into the kitchen.

“Take off the shorts, Jeff.” He had them off in a second, and I was thrilled to see such a beautiful cock. Jeff had an immense patch of fur there also, with a pair of nice hairy balls to boot. I leaned him back into one of the barstools, and I reached over to the countertop and grabbed a rubber band, which I used to put my hair in a ponytail.

“Jeff, when was the last time you had a nineteen year old suck your cock?” I asked.

“Never in my life.” He replied.

“When was the last time you had your cock sucked at all?”

“It has been months, amatör porno Linda.”

“I can tell, Jeff. You are really hard, aren’t you?” His cock was lying against his stomach, pulsing, about seven inches in length. I ran my fingernails up and down his balls, and he just watched, occasionally reaching out to caress my titties. I kissed him again, and then licked my way down his neck and shoulders, past his stomach, and then I took his hard-on in my hands. Jeff moaned quietly. Terri had taught me the best ways to give a man head, and I wanted to take my time with Jeff. I was still standing in front of him, bent over at the waist, my feet together like the prim and proper girl that all men wanted. That’s what my mother always said; act like a lady, fuck like a whore. I began to lick Jeff’s balls, twirling my tongue in circles, and I looked up into his eyes to see him watching every move I made. My soft lips moved up and down the shaft of his cock, and he started to move his hips in circles. I loved it. Turning men on was the ultimate thrill for me. I wrapped my right hand around his cock, and placed my lips just on the tip. I looked at him again.

“Jeff, do you want me to put it in my mouth?” I teased. He could only nod in reply. Once again I swirled my tongue in circles around the tip of his cock, and then in one motion, I took him deep in my mouth, holding it there, and I placed my hands on his knees. His cock tasted wonderful. The smell of him was enough to make me cum right then. I kept looking into his eyes, wanting to see how he reacted. He seemed stunned to have such a pretty girl going down on him. I moved my tongue against the underside of his cock as I kept him in my mouth. I wish I could have seen how I looked; lips protruding, cheeks moving in and out, eyes wide with delight. I really loved doing this to him. I started a slow bobbing motion with my head, and I was soon able to take all of his cock into my mouth, which was making him crazy. Jeff grabbed my ponytail, and began to fuck my face. I had only gone down on one boy before, and never before had I experienced this. I just let him do it, and do it, and do it. But I didn’t want him to cum. I wanted him to fuck me first, and then I would let him get off.

I pulled my head off his cock, and turned around to let him see my ass. Jeff was mumbling to his maker as he rubbed his hands all over me. I backed up to him, and started to rub my butt against his cock. My nipples were so pointed they hurt. I leaned back into his arms, and took his hands in mine, laying them on my breasts. I loved the feeling of his hard cock against me. We stayed like this for only a couple of minutes, and by that time my pussy was soaked. I wanted him to fuck me.

I looked up to see Emily in the next room, standing naked, playing with her pussy. I was so turned on by this time I didn’t care what she did. I reached up to the shelf above the countertop and took a condom out of the small dish there. I quickly unwrapped it, and ran it down the length of Jeff’s cock with my mouth. I looked up at Jeff, who was watching Emily finger herself in the next room. I turned my back to him, and bent over, spreading my legs. Jeff slid to the end of the barstool, and I could feel anal porno his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

I wailed as he grabbed my hips, and began to burrow deep inside me. His big cock spread my inner walls, and soon he was totally within me. My legs were tight, my ass in his hands, and he began to fuck me.

“Oh fuck yes baby, I love your pussy. I know how bad you want this. You’re such a bad little girl, letting your neighbor fuck you like this.” He knew exactly what to say.

“God yes, Jeff, fuck me……fuck me…..fuck me…..fuck me.” I repeated over and over. I could see Emily in the chair, fingering her pussy wildly, and rubbing her lovely breasts. Jeff’s cock felt like a rod of steel inside me, and his balls were flying everywhere. He began to tease me further with his words.

“You like having your maid watch us, don’t you Linda?” he said.

“YYYessssss, I love it!” I shrieked.

It hit me all at once; my head shot up straight, and my legs began to shake. My toes curled up inside my pumps. Jeff grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back forcefully. My pussy started to contract tighter, and I could feel my clit expand.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh……. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHFFUUUUCCK!!!!!”

My entire body stiffened as I orgasmed. I kept begging for Jeff to fuck me harder, and I came again and again. I could hear Emily whimpering in the distance. She must have had an orgasm also. Reluctantly, I pulled my body off of Jeff’s, and turned to face him. I quickly removed the condom from his cock, and I leaned over to kiss him, thanking him for the great fuck. Then I leaned over, and took his cock in my mouth again. Emily moved over to us, wanting to get in a better position to see Jeff explode. I took his cock with zest, and it didn’t take long before I could feel him tense.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.” He kept repeating that over and over. I wrapped both my hands around his shaft, and began to pump his cock as I sucked him. I could feel him grow larger, the head of his cock expanding, and I knew he was on the verge of cumming.

I took my mouth off his cock, and stroked him faster, rubbing the tip of that lovely erection all over my titties. Emily began to speak in some wild Spanish, urging Jeff on.

“AAAAAAAWGGGOOFFFFUCCCKKK” Jeff screamed as his first blast of cum drenched my tits.

“Whooooohooooo baby, come on more, more baby!” I kept stroking and Jeff kept cumming. The next few blasts landed on my neck, and I took one hand off his cock long enough to swipe some of his fluid off my tits and taste it. Then I kept up the rhythm of pumping his cock, until he had shot every last drop. I then kissed him, and tossed him a dishtowel to clean himself up.

“Jeff, I don’t really care if you tell my parents what happened. I just want you to know that under the right conditions, we can have sex anytime you like. But that’s all it is, just sex, understand?”

“Sure Linda, of course.”

Then Emily looked at me. She obviously had something to say.

“What is it Emily?” I asked.

“Miss Linda, may I use this man the way you did just now?”

I laughed loudly.

“Of course you can baby. Just go upstairs and use my bedroom.” I replied.

Emily led Jeff upstairs, and soon I could hear the sounds of him moaning. I felt totally satisfied, and went back outside to sun, Jeff’s cum still fresh on my tits. I couldn’t wait to call Terri tonight. She would get a kick out of this.

Perhaps next time she could join me.