Summer Storm


The crows had gone somewhere to hide, and a storm wind was whistling through the corn. The high green stalks bent and rattled with the weight of the ripe cobs; their tassels fluttered like flags. Thick broad leaves flailed in the gushes of cool air from the lake.

“How soon will Malcolm be back?” I asked Caddie.

“Couple of hours,” she answered, putting a rinsed plate up, looking beyond the field behind the house. I watched her shift her weight from one foot to the other as she stood at the sink. She squeezed the dishcloth in her right hand. Water fell musically into the suds.

Caddie’s legs were superb, even when she stood flat-footed, like now. Sturdy calves, toned. When she reached across her body the cotton dress tightened so that I could see where the elastic of her panties rode into the contour of her hips. I had speculated earlier in the evening about whether there was a bra in use, but she had cunningly and deliberately answered that question by rubbing against me while setting my place.

Now she leaned forward to work the sink’s taps, shifting her weight again, lifting her right foot so that the toes were sort of tucked under, exposing the soft wrinkled sole. I could feel myself swelling in my jeans.

I stood up from the kitchen table, pretending to be interested in the weather while I tried to rearrange my thickening genitals more comfortably in my clothes. But the movement only increased the stimulation, and I had to crab-walk to the door, hoping she wouldn’t notice my erection. A gust of wind came through the screen and enveloped me. It was a relief at the end of a steamy day.

“Why don’t you come over by me?” Caddie said. “Thunder makes me nervous.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” I said. Then I heard the rumble, pulse of light just behind the hills.

“How did you do porno that?” I laughed.

I gave her a look, but her eyes were coy and elsewhere. There was only the sound of the water falling into the sink, the soft clatter of the dishes against cups, and the rushing sound of the wind roaming the fields. I went over to where she was.

I stood close behind her. Body heat close. Breath stirring the hairs on the nape of her neck close. I could feel the surface tension between us about to give under the strain. Her wedding rings lay in a saucer on the sill.

The first place I touched Caddie was at the center of her back. I felt her shiver, felt the solid heat of her through the light fabric. My cock nudged her buttocks as I embraced her from behind. She pressed back against me as lightning flashlit the room.

Christ, jesus.

Her bare shoulder tasted like salt and gardenias. I couldn’t get enough of it. I ran my mouth up the side of her throat, my hands sliding down her forearms, pinning her wrists together in front of her, pulling her back to me.

She turned and we kissed for the first time. Her hands came up and she held my face. Warm soapy water dripped down the front of my shirt.

“Hey,” she gasped into my mouth. “Hey.”

Her tongue was delicious. She took one hand away from my face and cupped my hardon through my jeans. I fucked forward at her touch, driving the imprisoned head into the pressure of her palm, feeling her rub and squeeze. I was just about snarling with pleasure and need.

The rain let go. The curtains whipped and snapped. The lights went out, leaving us groping and staggering in the twilight of the farm’s kitchen.

Caddie yanked me by the belt toward the table, almost fighting me there. We bumped the dinette’s edge; the cute salt-and-pepper shakers and the anime porno cute paper napkin holder and Malcolm’s damned cute crossword puzzle pencil cup all hit the floor and rolled into the dimness.

I broke the kiss and licked her throat some more, tasting her. She had her hands under my t-shirt, moving all over me. Her eyes were glassy and I could see my saliva shining at the corner of her mouth. She saw me glance downward and reached down to pull up the hem of her skirt for me.

I ground my mouth into the front of her panties. I think she came. I inhaled through my mouth and nose, breathing her musk. It went right to my cock. I pulled her panties aside and licked her. Caddie bucked off the table’s edge and grabbed the back of my head in both hands.

The rain was strafing the yard outside the screen door. Shapes were blurred and indistinct in the downpour. My mouth was full of her. The insides of her thighs slid around my ears, making the sounds come and go as she drove me to my knees, scrubbing her mound into my face, really making me eat it.

I reached up under the top of her dress and worked on her breasts while I foraged between her legs. She got her clit positioned against my tongue just the way she wanted it at last, and ground straight down, whimpering and sobbing. I sucked her pussy, dreaming of how the breasts in my hands must look.

Ten minutes later we were fucking on the table. Her dark reddish hair was splayed above her head on the wholesomely checkered cloth. Her eyes were dreamy slits. She smiled up at me, her mouth forming shapes in time with the tremors in her belly. Mal had always bragged about his size and how Caddie liked it; my own modest cock moved in and out of her exquisite tightness now, apparently doing the job.

She gripped the edge arap porno of the table and moved her hips around, working to make it good for me, squeezing my prick inside her, making me take more friction, then less, then more again. The gesture made me want to make it even better for her, and I tried.

She was naked under me now. Her breasts were bigger than expected, a little loose with age; they swayed on her ribcage so sexily in time with my thrusts. Caddie’s nipples were thick brown buds that rolled in my fingers.

It was getting dark in the kitchen. The rain was steadier now, gurgling through the drainpipes, sluicing off the pitched roof onto the long grass. A chill wind flooded the room, freezing the sweat on my ass and back. I saw gooseflesh on her thighs and moved my hands to warm it away.

I leaned into her, knowing I couldn’t last much longer. I gripped her soft belly gently and pumped deep a couple of times, holding it still, then a couple of more, harder. She came again, wide-eyed, hauling me down to her for a juicy, brutal kiss. The legs of the table juttered on the linoleum floor.

That did it for me. My scrotum began to tingle past the point of denial. I felt the start of an orgasm so powerful that it frightened me. Maybe my heart would just stop. I went cold all over and my sperm began to pour into Caddie.

She kissed me all over my face, again and again. Her legs were high and wrapped tight around my waist, bare heels dug into my ass, locking me into her pussy. My spasms seemed to merge with hers, to become the same thing, the same flesh, all that.

I settled against her. The rain had stopped.

A couple of hours later we heard Malcolm’s pickup in the driveway. His workboots thumped on the front porch. Caddie and I had taken our places at the opposite ends of the room. He was a crude big man, loud-moving and loud-talking. We were both going to feel differently about him now, in lots of important ways.

I stared down into my coffee and then at her.

She looked right back, steady and fearless.