Summer with Michelle

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My name is Quinn, and this is the story of my summer of enlightenment. At 19, the world was my oyster, ready to be shucked, but at 19, I didn’t quite see it that way. I had never had sex, been with a girl or even kissed beyond a peck on the cheek, and that played on my mind constantly. I was more than ready, very interested, and book sex just didn’t cut the mustard.

I came home from first year away at college this way. I was a super nerd and socially backward. I didn’t understand why this was, because I was tall, lean, athletic and good looking. I guess I was looking for something or someone that just wasn’t easy to find.

I had a summer job lined up in the office of a school friend’s father. At a Christmas party she had said, “Write to my Dad. He is looking for summer students.” And so there I was.

Walking along the sidewalk in front of the office was when I first saw Michelle. I didn’t know her name yet, but my first glimpse of her made my heart skip a few beats, and my breath to come fast. She was beautiful. Medium height, dark lazy hair, darker eyes and a slim figure to die for. Her lips were full, and luscious, with a decidedly teasing smile lurking just below the surface. How was I going to talk to her without totally screwing things up?

Well, as it happened, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her then. She entered just ahead of me, and the boss took control of introductions and assignments of tasks for the day. It was going to be busy, with not a lot of downtime for socializing. Added to that, there were several other young women there that looked interesting, to say the least.

Over the next few weeks, I would learn that Michelle had worked at the office the previous year, then gone back to school. She knew the others socially, although as I would find out, not well. One of the girls eyeing me was married, and the other engaged. So much for a full field. I almost resigned myself to the possibility of a lonely summer.

I flirted tentatively with all three of my coworkers at first, gaining confidence slowly. Michelle always played it cool, responding with her shy but slyish smile. She was from a conservative family, and academic excellence was de rigueur. She was smart, sharp, and going places. Also, I gathered from snippets of unguarded lunchtime conversation from her female coworkers, a virgin, and a man-hater. I wasn’t sure of the first diagnosis, but I knew they were dead wrong about the second. She had dropped a few hints that I might get somewhere with her if only I could screw up the courage to act on it.

Anyway, one day while doing some mundane task beside her, I whispered quietly in her ear, “Would you like to see a movie some evening soon?”

Much to my surprise she turned and said, “I thought you would never ask! What about tonight?”

I headed home that evening, full of anticipation and trepidation. I had rarely gone out with a girl, and Michelle seemed more than the girls I had seen. What would she expect? What did I expect!! I was about to find out.

I met her at the subway stop just down from the movie theatre. She wore a pair of snug jeans, which accentuated her gorgeous curves, and a nondescript top, almost as if to hide what lay beneath. She gave me a polite peck on the cheek when we met. So much for hot and heavy!

Sitting together in the movie theatre, I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. She seemed rapt. As the plot thickened, I felt her pushing against me in the seats. She radiated this warm glow, enveloping me in a feeling of lustful caring. I felt her hand touch, the rest on my thigh. Carefully, I pulled my arm up, a put it gently around her shoulders. This elicited a very encouraging response, of more pressure against me, and more pressure from the hand on my thigh. We sat like this for ages, it seemed. As the heroine in the movie anticipated her imminent rescue, Michelle turned to me and kissed me, not with the polite peck, but directly on the lips gently biting me immediately after. I responded in kind kissing her lips, nibbling back in return.

Most people underestimate the erotic potential of making out. I was about to understand just how powerful it could really be. As we made out, lips exploring lips, I thought there had never been such an experience of total body enrapturement with such a small act. My heart pounded, and my groin was doing things it had never done before. There was this pressure and urgency that was new and exciting, and totally overwhelming. And if I thought that lips on lips was just about as erotic as anything I had ever experienced, she then flicked her tongue between my lips, and as I gasped, she slipped it onto my tongue, I thought my heart would explode, and my cock would bust out of my pants. This was something I had only ever read about, but I was a very fast learner and was totally committed even before I really knew what was transpiring.

We then proceeded to basically eat each other’s faces. I tell you it was the most exciting and wonderful experiences of my short ankara escort life. I explored her stomach, through her shirt with my hand, and just when my fingers were exploring a gap between her blouse as her jeans, the movie came to an untimely end. (Was the heroine rescued? I’ll never know, having missed it all.) We stood, embarrassed by the lights, and slowly made our way to the exit. In the passageway, I gently bumped against her, and she pushed back, taking my hand in hers.

I waked her home. It was only 5 miles. We talked nonstop for the whole 3 hours. She was staying with her aunt, so at the door, she gave me more than a sisterly kiss and told me she couldn’t wait until we could do this again.

Michelle lived with her elderly aunt, and she was rarely out. I lived my parents and Mom was never out. Anyway, to have a friend up to my room was Verboten. I had learned that from an older brother. It was going to be an interesting summer after all!

All the way home, my groin ached in a way it never had before. I was almost painful how sensitive my balls were. I had to walk very carefully.

Next day at work, she looked at me differently than previously. There was a glow in her eyes I hadn’t seen before. I have to admit that I looked at her in a totally new light also. She subtly motioned me over and in a Soto voice, whispered that no one should know. Office gossip could be fatal, and we couldn’t have that. I should flirt shamelessly as before. I had no problem with that, but I could hardly wait until our next rendezvous.

Working all day in close proximity, smelling her aroma, watching her move, was almost too much to bear.

But the day did pass, and the next and then the next. The closest I had been was walking her to the bus. No chance of a passionate kiss, it was in public and we didn’t want to risk being seen by a coworker. Friday finally came, and I managed to slip her a note that maybe a movie could be in the offing. Shortly after, she gave me a subtle nod, and we were on.

We had several dates over the next few weeks. Movies, walks, and even a few museums. It was important for me to know how Michelle ticked. Most dates ended up with some major making out, but with no place for privacy, we didn’t progress very quickly.

There was one evening, however that stood out. We had been sitting in the park near her place just at dusk. Everyone else had left, and as we were kissing, she let my hand wander down to her waist. Her jeans were looser than usual, and my fingers found themselves on her bare tummy, just at the upper edge of her special triangle. I pushed down more, feeling her bush and then her indentation, and she moaned slightly, spreading her legs to give me better access. I could now feel her lips and the flood of moisture on my finger. I moved gently and she pressed against me.

Deeper I went, and she was so wet I could slip three fingers along her lips, the middle finger slowly separating her inner lips, and coming up against her clit and her hood. An opportunity to explore should never be turned down, and I made the most of it. I knew my anatomy from books, but this was the real thing! I rubbed gently, in circles and in figure eights, her juices making the sliding exquisite.

She moaned and pushed against my hand.

“Don’t stop,” she said.

And we continued with our necking and my exploring of her nether parts. She moaned and squeezed my fingers with her thighs, opening again to give me headway. My erection pushed into her side and I was embarrassed by its obviousness. Michelle was not, and rubbed her hand hard over my jeans and I throbbed beyond belief. Michelle unzipped my fly and reached in to continue her stroking, now with her hand inside my Johnnies. I swooned, unable to help myself. It was the first time I had ever felt female hands on my member. As she explored deeper and cupped my balls with her fingers, I felt the first contraction deep at the base of my cock.

Suddenly we heard a dog bark, and voices. We retreated, embarrassed by our haste, and the aborted climax, but Michelle just turned and wrapped her arms around my neck, and continued to kiss me. She licked a bit of wetness off her finger, smiling at me. A little must have leaked out because I certainly had not completed my journey.

“Mmmm. Tasty. Do you have any more of that stuff?” She asked.

I knew then that I was really in over my head.

Walking home, Michelle suggested that I go over to meet her at her place the following evening, maybe about 6:30. My balls ached so much, I didn’t think I was going to make it home without an ice pack.

Next evening, I was there only a few minutes late. I had good bus connections. My step was light as I headed up her walk. She opened the door with her smile already beaming brightly and asked me in.

“I want you to meet my aunt,” she said.

Social chitchat has never been a love of mine, but neither has it been a weakness. I could hide my true feelings well, projecting a continence ankara escort bayan of rapt interest. I didn’t have to here. Mildred was old, charming and bubbly. She seemed as pleased as Michelle that a boy was finally making social calls to her. We sat in the kitchen, and she insisted on feeding me sandwiches, telling ‘Michelle’ stories, and then pulling out a deck of cards for the three of us to play Rummy while we talked. It was a nice evening, and I didn’t miss the movie, although I was reminded of what might have been when Michelle started rubbing her foot higher and higher up my leg under the table.

Before I could believe it, Mildred looked at the clock and said, “Oh dear, bedtime already. You young people tidy up when you are done.”

Michelle winked at me, and said, “Yes Millie,” and Mildred made her way to her room.

I was a small place, and pretty soon we could hear her quiet, regular breathing through the door jamb.

Michelle looked at me and said, “Let’s go in the TV room. It’s quieter there.”

We sat on the sofa. Michelle turned on the TV to a quiet nature show. She snuggled up against me and I held her tightly. I turned to face her, gently touching my lips to hers. She responded eagerly, exploring my lips then mouth with her tongue. We sparred delicately back and forth for a while. The incredible ache in my groin returned, as my cock got harder as harder. It was trapped in a double layer of my jeans and undergarments. I shifted my weight, turned away and excused myself as I reached down to disentangle myself.

Michelle reached around me and in a very husky voice said, “Let me help you a bit.”

So much for modesty!

She fumbled a bit with my belt, then slowly unzipped the fly, looking into my eyes for signs of encouragement. She must have seen some, because the next thing I knew, she had planted a firm kiss through my underwear on my rock hard rod. I thought for a moment I was going to lose my load right then and there. Slowly she pulled my jeans and underwear down and put her left hand under my balls. She took the swollen, red and purple tip of my penis in her mouth, licking a drop of pre-cum off the tip, and wrapped her right hand around my shaft.

I croaked, “Be careful, no brakes.”

A tentative lick and she looked at me and said, “Very nice. I’ve never tasted one before. Can I have another little kiss and lick?”

Did I really need to say yes? I just said that I had no way of stopping if she continued at all! Michelle didn’t seem to hear, or just ignored my obvious signs of extremis.

Cupping my balls in her hand, she again took the tip of me in her mouth, but this time it seemed to slide in and just not stop. I’m not that extra big, only 6 and a half inches, but I stand tall and proud and have good girth. Seeing it all disappear into her mouth was very overwhelming. She gagged a bit, and suddenly I saw man manhood reappearing. Gagging made her salivate tremendously, so as it disappeared again, it was in a warm bath of very slippery juices. Five or six times like this and I felt my ball’s tightening, and an overwhelming urge to thrust.

“Oh God, let me hang on a bit longer,” I prayed.

I started to push against her mouth, but I was already in deep, and her head bounced up.

“Not so fast,” she whispered. “l have something else in mind. l promise I won’t leave you hanging this time.”

“What about Millie?” I asked.

“She sleeps like a rock,” was the reply.

Michelle stood up, slipping off her jeans and her blouse. She was gorgeous, but she never gave me time to admire her mostly naked body. She knelt and pulled my underwear and my jeans down and off over my now bare feet.

“I’m not on the Pill,” she said. “Do you have a condom?”

I said, “No.” I hadn’t expected such quick progress of events, and our joint nativity was obvious She looked really disappointed.

“No monkey business then! We don’t want any accidents.”

I understood. She said she had a friend who had a favorite kind of condom and would get them the following day.

“How do you know all this stuff?” I asked. “You said you are a virgin, but you seem to know lots more than me!”

“I read a lot,” she said as she grinned at me. “I’ve just been waiting for the perfect specimen to practice on.”

I was detumescing with all this talk now, not feeling quite so desperate. She saw this and took a step forward, placing her hands on my shoulders. She straddled my lap and lowered herself slowly, so my quickly reinflating penis was in direct contact with her pussy. Only one, paper thin layer separated us. I could see and smell the stain on her side of the barrier. With a few gentle rubs, the moisture penetrated right through to my erection and we were rubbing back and forth.

She stopped suddenly, looking at me.

“This is no good!” she moaned, “I am so horny, and this is too rough, and it just won’t do.”

She held me for a moment, then looked at me slyly.

“Can you control escort ankara yourself?” she asked.

What else could I say but, “Of course.”

Michelle stood, then quickly shucked off her panties. “Your turn, Quinn,” she whispered.

I wasn’t one to waste time. I flung off my shirt, and I could hardly believe that I was totally naked with an equally naked girl in front of me. I looked at her body, and my god was it beautiful. My cock was hard as a rock, my balls ached, and I had a dripping wet pussy heading my way! Again Michelle gently straddled me, lowering herself onto the length of my rod. She pushed it forward so that her lips partially wrapped themselves around my shaft.

“You have to let me control things,” she commanded. “No frantic movements down there. If I say STOP, then that’s what we do!”

She started sliding slowly up and down my length. Oh, but it felt good. Better than her mouth! The pace was just slow enough for me to think I might just hang in there for a bit. Then I noticed that Michelle’s eyes had begun to glaze over. She was moaning softly and breathing faster. Her rhythm increased as she’d slid along my length, and I knew that was going to be it for me. Suddenly she grasped my neck, a jammed her pussy hard down on my shaft. I felt her bum and pussy muscles contracting hard against me. Too much, and my balls tensed, and I started unloading! Wave after wave of ropey cum flooded my stomach and chest.

Michelle sat back and lifted herself off me. She inspected herself, and with a smile said, “That worked rather well!”

I had to agree.

Cleaned up, we sat wrapped together on the sofa, kissing and touching one another, in a tender, caring way.

Later, at home, I thought of what had transpired. I had only known her half the summer, but I already knew that I wanted to be with her forever. I thought of tomorrow, when I would see her again, and fell into a deep, blissful sleep.

I didn’t get a chance to see her again for a little over a week. I was as horny as hell, and I wondered over and over how we could be together and go exploring again.

Finally, we met one evening on the lakeshore, close to her aunt’s place, and near a small greasy spoon. After having a small burger and drink, we walked along the waterfront, chitchatting and holding hands. What we talked about is not important. It was nothing and everything.

At dusk, she looked at me after a long kiss, and said, “Come back to my place. Millie has gone to visit my Mom. She is probably reporting on my social life. She won’t be back till morning!”

I almost choked. Alone and home!

We strolled back, both of us trying to be cool, and not too anxious. We stopped multiple times to kiss deeply, and take each other in.

In the flat, Michelle offered a drink. I said I could skip T and go right on to U, and she laughed at the corniness of the joke. We were both just a little nervous. The previous encounter had been spontaneous, and unexpected. This was a little different.

Sitting down on the couch, she sat on my thigh, turning towards me and giving me a full, open-mouthed kiss. We enjoyed this for a while.

“Did you like what we did last time?” she asked coyly.

I replied in the affirmative, and pulled her around to that we were in the same position as then, but now fully clothed. She kissed me again.

She looked me up and down in a lascivious way, and said, “You know, I really haven’t seen much of you. I’d like a better look if you don’t mind.”

And with that, she pulled me to my feet and led me into the bedroom. I spun her around and kissed her on the lips, working my way down to her neck and upper chest.

“Don’t let the blouse stop you!” she cooed, and slowly popped out one button after another.

I slowly slid the blouse off her shoulders and arms, admiring every progressive inch it as it was revealed to me. I kissed her wonderful soft skin as it became available to me. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She was small, with perky breasts and large dark nipples. I bent down and kissed first one, then the other. They became swollen and turgid, and she moaned with pleasure, “Don’t stop now, I could have you do this forever!”

I fumbled with her jeans snaps, but she pushed me away.

“I said I wanted to see more of you!” and she unbuttoned my shirt, peeling it away slowly, and flinging it lightly into the air. Then she worked on my belt, unclasping it with one deft movement.

“No fair,” I complained, “you have seen the belt before.”

She laughed, and warm wonderful laugh of one who is really enjoying themselves. We were lightening up, and less tense now. She slowly inched my jeans down, leaving my undershorts where they were. They were not hiding much, but that’s beside the point.

I hooked my fingers into her waistband. Snug, but it slowly slipped on down past her hips, then off her ankles. She reached up and put her arms around my neck, kissing me in the way I was really getting to like more than anything else in the world. She pushed her body into mine. I felt the warmth of her breasts on my chest, and the push of her bare stomach on my cock. She clung tightly before breaking away.

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