Sunbathing Out Back

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The Saturday after a hard week at work dawned with the promise of glorious weather. By mid-morning I had finished my essential chores and the sun was shining warmly, beckoning me into the garden. This was the first time in a long long time I had no kids, and no partner. He was off visiting family, and they were otherwise engaged in their usual weekend hangouts with friends. Unable to resist the lure of a lazy day’s sun worship, I showered and put on a red, two-piece bikini that I’d bought during the winter months. I’m not exactly body confident, my 40hh breasts are my crowning feature, but I’ve always felt shy about the rest of me. However, seeing as this was a chance not to be missed – I took it. After all, there was only just me here. And I was getting to the point I no longer cared. A silk sarong and dark sun-glasses completed my outfit.

The mirror at the foot of my bed showed me a surprisingly pleasing image of myself. I was very surprised at how good it looked! My short, blonde hair was drying rapidly in a way that looked styled, my boobs looked well held in the top and my tummy, my least favourite part, was barely noticeable set against the magnificent cleavage and comfy hips. I’m told I have a pretty face, but I’ve always thought it quite average, even so, with happy thoughts in my head I couldn’t help but smile at myself in the mirror, and for a few moments I could see the attractiveness that I’d normally overlook, particularly when my ex used to tell me all the time and I never really bought it.

I am very lucky that my current house is an end Semi on edge of a small suburb. Rarely would anyone use the footpath which ran between the end of my garden and the field beyond, but today there were a couple of young men sat chatting with their bikes on the ground. As I looked out from my window, one of the lads looked over his shoulder towards me and turned quickly away when he saw me looking back at him. In that moment I felt a flutter of excitement in my chest. Had he been watching me while I dressed after my shower? Had he seen me naked? Did he like what he’d seen? Was he as good-looking as he appeared from up here?

With these and similar thoughts running through my mind, I grabbed my daughter’s ipad from her shelves, hurried downstairs and took a bottle of desperado from my fridge. By now I’d worked myself up a bit and was in two minds about going out, but I told myself that it was my garden and I should just enjoy the weather while I had the chance. So I walked out through the patio doors, put my book and beer down and fetched the garden furniture from one of the out-buildings.

Just as I was gaziantep escort bayan about to settle down on my lounger, I thought I saw movement from the bottom of the garden. I stood up on my tippy toes and tried to see better, but the small hedge at the bottom blocked my view. I walked halfway down the lawn, but still couldn’t see anything so I made my way back to where my beer was warming in the sunshine. I took a quick drink from the bottle and lay back. As I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, I realised that I was feeling very sexy, and maybe, perhaps a little bit daring? Another mouthful of warm beer, another couple of minutes thinking about the man I’d seen from my window. Were he and his friend watching me through the hedge? Would they do or say anything if I took off my top?

I put my bottle down, sat up and reached behind my back to untie the strap. Pulling the top clear from where it was held beneath my boobs, I lifted it over my head and dropped it besides the forgotten ipad. A feeling of excitement, mixed with unexpected liberty and the sheer pleasure of the warmth on my nipples crept through me as I put my hands behind my head and stretched. Was that a sound, or movement by the fence? I didn’t care anymore. I just lay back, took my shades off and closed my eyes.

It felt so pleasant lying there. My nipples were very excited and I let me hands wander up to my boobs, pushing them down flat, then up and together, squeezing my nipples and pulling them until they were hard and red, before running my fingers gently around them, sending tingles down my spine to my pussy. With everything else forgotten, I massaged and fussed and played with my boobs, turning myself on more and more with every pull and twist and squeeze.

I let one hand push my sarong open and run down my tummy, tickling gently as it went, whilst I lifted my beer bottle back up with the other and rolled it back and forth across my chest spilling lager and condensation over my tits as it went. My other hand brushed down to my thighs, touching and tickling there before returning to my mound, brushing against my pussy as it went. I rubbed my mound firmly, working down until I could feel the top of my crack through the material of my bikini bottoms. I moved my thumb and finger down further, pinching and rubbing my lips together until my clit had swollen and was being pressed between them.

I poured the rest of the beer over my chest and it ran down my front as I discarded the bottle and moved my hand back to my slippery, wet breasts. Parting my legs, I eased my hand into my bikini bottoms and let out a small gasp as I parted my outer lips and slid my finger in between the lusciously sensitive inner ones towards my vagina. Dipping my finger inside myself, I lubricated my finger and thumb before pinching my inner lips between them, rubbing them together, working slowly up to my magic button. As I squeezed and rubbed my clitoris I let out another moan and began playing with my nipples more vigorously.

Suddenly my bikini bottoms felt too restrictive – they had to come off. They were quickly on the floor, my legs wide open, and my fingers back to my pussy. Now I needed both hands: one rubbing my clit and the other dipping inside me, pushing against my g-spot and back out again. As I felt my orgasm starting I opened my eyes and my hearted jumped. The lad I’d seen from my window was just walking past the bottom of my garden, and he was turning to look at me!

I snapped my legs together and reached out for my beer bottle, groping and searching for it with my fingers as I tried vainly to hide my guilt.

“Great day for it” he said, smiling at me with amusement in his beautiful grey eyes. Now he was so much closer, I could see that he was about 20 and very good looking.

“I, I, I was just…” I began.

“Hey, no problem,” he replied, “everybody does it.”

“Good biking?” I asked stupidly, unable to think of anything better to say.

“Nope,” he answered, “complete rubbish. But we weren’t here for the cycling, just to sink a couple of beers and enjoy the weather. Thinking of which, you seem to have finished yours, I have plenty here if you’d like to share one?”

“Sure, why not?” I replied, “What about your friend?”

“He went back to his place about half an hour ago,” he replied, coming in through the gate.

As he walked up the lawn towards me, I fumbled my sarong back across my lap and watched him approach. He was tall, athletic and as he got closer I could see that the bulge in his shorts was a generous and perfect complement to my own excitement. My pussy was still begging for relief and I couldn’t resist return one of my hands to my nipples. As he pulled a can off his multipack, I stood up in front of him, my sarong dropping to the floor. I took the can from him, placed it behind me on the sun lounger and reached up to pull his face down towards mine.

He dropped the rest of the beers, put his arms around me and pulled my trembling, naked body tight against him as our mouths opened to each other. We ground our faces together, tongues deep in each other’s mouths. He held my face against his with one hand as he placed the other firmly on my bum, with one finger slipping down between my cheeks. I could feel his hard cock pressed into my soft tummy, his hard chest crushing my soft boobs, and thought I was going to cum right there from kissing alone.

Desperate to be fucked by the stunning stranger, I pulled his T-shirt over his head and fumbled his shorts down with barely a break from our kiss. With my arms firmly around his neck and back I let myself down onto the grass and pulled him on top of me. I spread my legs wide and felt his cock nudging at my wet lips, parting them, his head entering me, stretching me, deeper and deeper as he slid himself into me.

As he pulled it back out, his head rubbed across my g-spot and sent a wave of absolute pleasure through me and started my orgasm again. I pushed my face up against his neck, kissing and kissing and trying not to bite. I pushed my hips up against him as he slid deeply in and out of me as my orgasm crashed over me, once, twice three times he plunged deep inside me as I was trembling and crying out in pure pleasure.

He slowed down and nearly stopped, but I told him no. The continued movement of his fat cock rubbing against my insides sent one mini-orgasm after another up and down my body, until I thought I was going to pass out.

His thrusts got steadily faster and harder. I could feel the muscles in my cunt squeezing him and soon his cock seemed to get much bigger and I knew he was going to cum. Feeling that and knowing he was about to shoot his spunk deep inside me brought my orgasms to another massive climax. I felt him try to withdraw, but I shoved his bum down with my feet, driving his cock right in until he filled me almost to the point of pain. Then I felt his cum squirting against the top of my cunt. My head was thrown right back as I screamed, my back was arched with shoulders in the grass, hips crushed against him and feet on his back pushing him back in me again and again as he continued to squirt.

Slowly, very slowly our climaxes passed; our writhing subsided and we collapsed into each other’s arms. As my pussy began to relax and a little of his semen dribbled out of me, between my bum cheeks and onto the grass, it suddenly dawned on me what I’d just done.

“I, I, I…” I stammered again.

He leaned over and kissed me gently on my lips, “shh, I know” he said and stood up. As he pulled his clothes back on I leaned up on my elbow and watched him.

“You want to stay for that beer?” I asked, nervously and more than a little embarrassed.

“No, thanks,” he answered, “you keep them.”

He knelt beside me, leaned over and kissed my forehead then briefly whispered “you’re perfect” in my ear as he stood up and left. I watched him walk down the garden, through the gate and out of my life without another word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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