Sunday Morning


She stood looking out the window in the kitchen with her tight gym clothes on. She had been awake early to do a yoga lesson and her dark hair was swept up in a loose ponytail. It was morning and the sun was barely shining through the evergreen trees that lined her backyard. A pesky squirrel was competing with some blackbirds for the sunflower seeds she had spread out on the deck just minutes ago. She was watching so intently that she didn’t hear her lover sneak up behind her. He had been in the shower and smelled fresh and musky. He stood behind her and softly pressed his naked body against her and wrapped his long arms around her waist. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. His dick felt hard against her ass and she moaned with anticipation. These were her favorite mornings.

He took her left arm and lifted it up in the air as she placed her hand on the back of his head. She had a soft touch and he loved the feeling of her fingertips on his head and neck. His head came forward and he started to nibble and kiss her neck. His arms were still tightly wrapped around her waist but as he kissed her neck, he could see that her nipples were started to harden through her white tank top. They were screaming to be pinched but he just let them sit there untouched. He knew who was in charge. As he moved his mouth slowly to her ear, she got goosebumps as his hot breath hit her ear and neck. “Are you ready to be my dirty slut?” he whispered in her ear. Without warning, he grabbed her arm forcefully and pulled it back down to her side. He took a step back and pulled her ponytail hard as her head snapped back. He kissed ensest porno her mouth roughly, violently tasting her tongue. He stopped and stood over her, still gripping her ponytail. He felt his dick harden to its capacity as she stared up at him with those innocent blue eyes and he thought about his control.

He pulled her head up, twisted her around and put his hands on her shoulders as he pushed her down to her knees. She smiled when she saw his big dick just inches from her sweet mouth. He wanted to fuck her mouth and he knew how much she wanted to taste it. She looked up, her eyes begging him. He nodded at her and watched her go after what she craved. She loved how his dick felt in her mouth and she cherished every moment. She liked to start slow and suck on the head. Her hands stayed busy and softly rubbed his balls. Slowly, she would take it all as her tongue stroked his shaft inside her wet mouth. His head dropped back and he let out a moan. Her lips were tight and her wet tongue was so warm on his cock. He looked down at her again and their eyes met. She grinned as his dick went slowly in and out. He reached down and pulled the band out of her hair and threw it on the floor.

She was his bitch and he knew how to treat her like it. His big hands came down on both sides of her head and he tightly grabbed a hold of her hair and gripped against her head. His hips started thrusting back and forth and he felt his dick go down her throat over and over again. Her left hand reached around and squeezed his ass as he fucked her mouth harder and harder. Her right hand was escort porno in between her legs, rubbing her swollen clit. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second and she closed her eyes and wished that he was fucking it. She slipped two fingers in her juicy cunt, then three. She looked up at him and the look on his face meant that he was about to cum. Quickly, a fourth finger went inside of her. She moaned and screamed while her mouth was being fucked as she came on her four fingers. He was staring at her now and he loved her sounds and the way she looked as she brought herself to an orgasm. The sight of her made him explode as he pulled his dick out of her mouth and shot it on her tongue. Some juice dripped down her chin but she was quick to take her fingers and catch it all. She stood up and sucked his cum off of her fingers and lifted her right hand to his face. He took her fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean, tasting her sweet pussy juices.

She walked over to the counter and grabbed her bottle of water. She took a big drink and offered some to him. As he was drinking she slipped her pants off and leaned against the kitchen counter. She never wore panties while doing yoga. She watched him finish off the bottle of water and she knew that he was such a sexy man and she was lucky to have him. He put the bottle down on the counter and approached her with a smirk on his face. They could do this all day and they often had. Both of them had an insatiable appetite for sex and for each other. They were kissing now, softly and slowly. He placed his hands on her waist and lifted gizli çekim porno her gently onto the counter. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nibbled on his bottom lip. He knew this meant she wanted to get fucked but he pulled away and said quietly “Not yet.”

He grabbed her legs and lifted them up until her pussy was spread open for him. Her feet rested on the countertop as he ran his fingertips over her inner thighs. She was panting and her breath became short as they continued to kiss while he teased her. She was almost whining now and he knew he had tortured her enough, so he knelt down and started to flick her clit with his tongue. It was swollen and he loved to tease it. She was easy to get off and that was something he loved about her. He placed a couple of his fingers in her pussy and worked it slowly. She was wiggling and moaning and he knew she was close. With a great plunge, he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it while finger-fucking her nasty wet little pussy.

She gasped while she grabbed the back of his head and she started scratching at it as she came hard and fast for him. His tongue went from her clit down to her hole and he darted it in and out and then buried his face as he tongue fucked her as deep as he could, which he knew would bring her to another quick orgasm. She was almost screaming now, the pleasure too much to take. After the second climax, she pushed his head away and her legs fell. He smiled and lifted her off the counter and stood her on the ground but her legs were too weak, so she fell slowly to the floor. He looked down on her with satisfaction. She looked so beautiful lying there and as he looked deep into her blue eyes, his dick felt hard again. He bent down and scooped her off the floor. She was much too valuable to him to let her lay on a hard floor. He brought her into the living room and laid her body softly on the couch.