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I lay in the warm sun, I can feel the roughness of the towel under my palms, as I spread my fingers I can feel the slight coarseness of the sand as it tires to slip onto my towel. I smile wiggling my toes. I feel your eyes on me, caressing my body as you watch me lay still. I smile slightly as I slowly move my hands up onto my stomach, I feel my smock dress bunch under my fingers as I move my hands until my thumb and forefinger are framing my belly button. I open my eyes slightly to find you lying beside me, you’re propped up on one elbow, and your hand is tucked behind your ear. I smile at you as I slowly create a fist with my hands, dragging the hem of my skirt a few inches higher up my thighs. I see your eyes flicker to the movement and back to my eyes, smiling in that wicked way you do I grin back at you. Encouraged by your expression I stretch my muscles, bending one knee I let the hem fall into my lap. I hear your slight groan of appreciation as I let one leg fall wide letting the flat of my footrest against my other knee. I can now feel the warm sun heating my inner thighs, the warm air like a lovers caress on my slick pussy lips.

You shuffle towards me, and I hear the sand make that slight squeaking sound as you come up beside me, you place your hands over mine and I feel the warmth of your hands; the slightly course feeling of your skin as you spread your fingers wide. I close my eyes as I feel your free hand brush my hair away from my neck before the delicate softness of your lips makes contact. I hear you breath in taking in the sent of my perfume as you start to lick and kiss my neck. I tilt my head providing you with easier access and moan softly when I feel your teeth graze against the sensitive flesh. My hips make tiny circles as I feel my desire grow. Your hand coasts down over my stomach coming to rest across my pubic bone. I whimper, knowing your hand is so close and feel my pussy flood with desire, secretly enjoying your tease. You raise your mouth from my neck and look left and right of us, before looking back down on me.

“Someone might come past at any time…” you caution me. I bite my bottom lip feeling my wet pussy lips moving slightly against one another as I adjust my position, my clit throbbing hungrily for you. I sigh and make a move to get up, and you smile wickedly at me, moving your hand a fraction higher. “How about one taste… to tie us over hmm?” you ask as you use your big hands to push my thighs further apart and rest your fingers against my slit. I shiver, enjoying the feeling. You clear your throat, as you slowly spread my slick pussy lips.

“Mmm…. you are so wet for me” you murmur as you tease my entrance, feeling my juices coat your fingers. I catch my hand at the nap of your neck and drag your mouth towards mine, hungry for your lips on mine, as soon as they touch I press mine firmly to yours, before opening my mouth invitingly I feel your teeth catch my bottom lip and suck it into your mouth. When you free my bottom lip, I run my tongue along the seam of your lips, teasing your mouth with my tongue. You moan, and open your mouth to me. Quickly taking over you thrust your tongue into my mouth as you push forward and slip two fingers inside of me. I shudder as I drag them into me, milking them with my walls. You start to thrust slowly, within a few thrusts I’m taking them down to the third knuckle. Moving away from my lips you kiss my jaw then neck nudging my head aside with your face. You groan as your fingers slip in and out of me, dragging them out you spread my juices over my swollen pussy lips. Raising your fingers up, you lean forward slightly and you graze my engorged clit and I feel my breath catch as I struggle to control my hip movements. You drag them down my slit, grazing my clit and effectively parting my pussy lips you thrust them back in as I let out slight whimpers.

“Oh babe… babe… oh god fill me.. god.. fill my cunt” I stutter as you start to fuck me with your fingers again, harder this time, biting my neck softly as you do so. I grip the towel feeling the sand run over my fingers, gritty between them. I suck in short breaths planting one of my feet I start to push my hips up.

“That’s it darlin’… show me how you like it.” You whisper in my ear as you start to kiss my neck, you kiss the hollow of my neck when I throw my head back, feeling my orgasm rising. I start to let out soft moans, my hands coming up to cup my breasts though my top, easily finding the firm nipples and giving them a squeeze. My breathing catches as my pleasure spikes higher with ever tug of my Bostancı Escort nipples, like shots of fire straight down to my aching pussy. You twist your hand and your thumb brushes my clit. I let out and appreciative groan, arching my back slightly in response.

Suddenly I feel your fingers slip from me, my heavy lidded eyes open and I frown at you, fighting to control my breathing. You hold up your fingers, slick and coated in my juices. In the light it looks almost like your fingers glitter as the light reflects off of my juices.

“I think you’ve forgotten something love…” I say with a pointed look down my body, resisting the urge to move my hips. You smile at me as you come to sit up beside me. Still holding your fingers aloft.

“I asked for a taste…” you murmur as you bring your fingers to your mouth, sucking them clean of my juices. I watch your nimble tongue flirting with fingers and make a small sound of distress as I imagine that tongue against my clit. You smile wickedly at me as your fingers slip free before leaning forward and kissing me, you press your tongue into my mouth, pushing some of my juices with it. I take them willingly and my mouth fills with the musky flavour. As we break the kiss I find my juices all over my lips and with your eyes trained on my mouth I slowly lick them clean.

You smoothly get to your feet with feline grace and hold your hand out to me. I wonder if I will be able to stand in my current condition but place my hand in yours regardless. You pull me to my feet and snatching up our towels you stride quickly along the beach towards our villa. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see your cock pressing hard against your board shorts. I smile, in my minds eye seeing me ripping down the Velcro and freeing your delicious cock. I shudder and you give me a questioning look. I merely shake my head in response. You nod, picking up the pace as our villa comes into view. I can feel my juices all over my thighs, them slipping against one another as we approach the door.

Stopping you look impatiently for the key, finding it, you shove it in the lock and quickly pull the door open. Dragging us inside you turn, pushing me back against the door, I hear it click shut just as your press your body to mine, your hard cock pressing against my belly. You look down at me your eyes full of fire, its almost too intense to look. You grind your cock against me, and catch your fingers in my hair, pulling my head back so I am looking at you directly. You lean down and kiss me hard, your teeth and tongue working against my lips and mouth aggressively as you pin me in place. I shudder, rolling my hips against yours as you cock moves hot and hard between us. Suddenly your rip your mouth free and we both stand for a moment, short of breath. You kiss my lips one last time before you release my hair and run your hands down to my top, taking firm hold of the smocked front you yank it down, letting my heavy breasts fall free. I feel my nipples harden completely in the cool air of the villa.

“I love your nipples when they get hard for me…” You comment as you catch one in your big fingers and pull it hard, making me shudder.

“I love how they get darker and bud, tells me you want me as much as I want you…” You continue as you cup both my breasts and push them together, bringing both my nipples close to not another. You lean forward and take both of them into your mouth at the same time. You start sucking and biting of on them, while my hands go to your head. I link my fingers into your hair as you continue to lap attention on my nipples.

“I love your tits hun..” You murmur as you nuzzle them softly. I squeeze my hands in your hair to get your attention. You look up at me from your position, raising an eyebrow in question. I smile at you before looking towards the bedroom door.

“You know what I really like love? Its having you fuck me on a bed..” I tell you, my smile turning cheeky. You stand up again, grinning; you grab my hand and drag me towards the bedroom door. Quickly leading me though, I look at the bed, it has simple lines with a low line bed end. You walk over to the windows and throw the curtains open, letting the sunlight flood the room. You then move back towards me taking my hand you tug me forward, stopping at the end of the bed, You pull at my long curls on my shoulder, brining me closer you kiss me heavily. I lean into your, kissing you back as you maneuver us around so I am standing with the back of my legs against the bed end. You break the kiss, holding your lips a breath apart Kadıköy Escort from mine.

“Are you still slick for me hun?” You ask as you nudge my nose with yours softly. I smile, my hands coming to rest on your hips; I let my fingers crawl under the waist of your board shorts.

“Why don’t you find out?” I ask and you growl softly in the back of your throat. Quickly turning me you push me forward on the bed, I let out a slight squeal and find myself on all fours before you. Looking over my shoulder I go to sit back on my knees, but your hand comes out and takes a fist full of my dress pushing me forward again.

“No… I like the view..” You inform me as you push the dress up so it is sitting along the top of my arse cheeks. You then push down a bit harder with your fist.

“Go down on your elbows hun..” You ask, and as I do so you let out a soft moan. I can feel the cool air on my skin, and its only intensified as you spread my arse cheeks, and I hear a soft clicking sound as my pussy lips part as well. You lean forward, kissing each arse cheek in turn before using one of your fingers running it down my arse crack, before coming to my slick pussy lips and slipping it easily inside.

“Mmm.. very wet for me..” You whisper as you drag the finger out. I whimper, pushing back slightly, in a silent plea. You lean down and I feel your breath against my pussy lips. I feel my juices pool, anticipation winding me up like a spring. Suddenly when I think I can’t bare it any longer you lean that fraction closer, and take one of my plump pussy lips into your mouth, sucking one then the other before spreading me with your hand and licking over my entrance. I can feel my juices releasing as your tongue probes. Pulling back you plant a soft kiss on my pussy lips.

“Yes… very wet for me… how would you like a big cock in that hungry cunt?” You enquire as you stand back up. I nod, moving to get up on my knees once more. Again you grab my skirt and push me forward.

“No… I like you open and ready to be taken, stay there” I shudder slightly and I hear the tell tale sign of your board shorts coming apart, and the soft sound of them sliding down your legs. This time on approaching me you wind your hand in my skirt, making it tight around my middle. I can hear you jerking your cock, that soft clicking sound as you run your hand up and down the shaft. I imagine it, feeling the heat of your body getting closer to mine. You press slightly on my back, forcing my arse further into the air.

“Mmm… I love seeing you offered up to me..” You moan as you press your cock against my pussy lips. My juices quickly cover the head of your cock as you rub it slightly over my entrance. I feel you line up and slowly start to push forward, deliberately so that I can feel each inch as I am impaled on you cock. I squirm back, and you tighten your hold on my skirt pushing me more firmly into the mattress so I can only wait as you slowly fill me with your thick cock. I take deep breaths, striving for control when all I really want to do is buck back on your cock, press your balls to my wet pussy lips. You chuckle as if you’ve read my mind, waiting for a heart beat with your cock deep in my pussy. I reach out with my ands, catching the smooth fabric of the sheet. You watch as I make fists in the bedding, my walks milking you. Slowly you start to thrust, almost coming completely out before thrusting back in with equal gradualness. I am helpless to make you speed up your pace as every time I move you still me, making me take it over and over. I moan, the slow torture driving me mad.

“Tell me what you want..” You ask me, pausing for a moment in me.

“Bloody hell… fuck my cunt hard love!” I growl desperately. I feel your hand petting my hip and arse.

“Why didn’t you say so my sweet?” You ask before your fingers bite into my flesh, pinning me still as you start to buck your hips, the head of your cock stretching me as you thrust in and out quickly, I let my head drop forward moaning into the mattress. You release your grip on my hip only to bring your hand down sharply, spanking my arse hard enough to leave a slight sting. I moan, pleasure shooting though my lower body.

“Mmm you having your arse spanked hmm?” You ask me as you bring your hand down a fraction harder, causing me to grip your cock as you thrust into me.

“Ahh.. so you do..” you comment, while I start to moan on every thrust.

“I want to hear those beautiful moans” you tell me, releasing my skirt your fingers coming to my hair, gripping it firmly you pull Göztepe Escort me back by my long curls, forcing me up onto my hands and knees with my head tilted back. There is a slight sting at my scalp and I moan louder at the combination of sensations. My breasts now swing back and forth on your hard thrusting. My hard nipples gaze the fabric as you fuck me.

“Harder… fuck me hard..” I moan, I feel your hand grip my hip more firmly and you start to fuck me really hard, your balls swing smacking against my pussy lips with every full thrust.

“Ah, god, yes.. yes, YES” I groan, helpless to do more than enjoy the feelings filling my body. Your hand suddenly comes down hard on my arse causing me to squeal slightly.

” Yes, take it..” You groan. “Fucking take it..” You grind out.

“Mmm… your cock feels so fucking goo-oo-d” I tell you as you take a firmer grip on my hair, making my back ark sharply under your weight. Leaning over me, you reach under me and brush my clit as you Kissing and nibbling my shoulder you bite down on my delicate skin, as you keep fucking me and rubbing my clit.

“Cum for me.” You whisper in my ear. I moan in response feeling my climax rising.

“CUM NOW.” You demand and I feel my climax peek. A scream breaks my lips as my body starts to shudder. Racked with my orgasm, you keep fucking me, feeling me gripping you, milking your cock as I lose myself for a moment.

You suddenly pull out and I groan in displeasure. “No.. cum in me…” You use your hand in my hair, making me turn towards you. I look at you, your cock slick with my juices, your chest heaving with your laboured breathing.

“I want to see you suck my cock clean” You tell me as you draw me closer by my hair, bringing your hand to the nap of my neck with my hair still between your fingers. I look up at you making eye contact. Open my mouth slightly I feel your cock head past my lips. You pop into my mouth and I am hit by a mixture of my juices and your pre-cum, I moan with you as you apply slight pressure to the back of my head, and I easily take half of your length into my mouth, sucking I clean off your cock within a few thrusts. You groan, as I focus on the head of your cock, sucking hard on the head while I jerk the rest of your cock with my free hand.

“Clean all the way to the base hun..” You tell me as you push my head down further when I take a down thrust. I feel you hit the back of my throat and my blink back the rush of tears on my eyelashes.

“Almost there…” You tell me as the pressure builds in the back of my throat. Suddenly the pressure releases as you push into my throat and I fight back my gag reflex.

“Mmm… yes that’s it” you moan as I hold in place, my nose pressed to your pubic bone. I push my tongue out a little bit, licking around the underside of your cock, which forces you further down my throat.

“Mmm… god yes. Fuck yes!” You groan as you thrust your hips slightly, Slipping in and out past my tonsils. Pulling me back you rub the head of your cock across my lips as I suck in big gulps of air. Tapping the head softly against my lips I suck the head of your cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it one last time.

You look down at my pouty lips, swollen from sucking you and my glassy eyes and smile at me, rubbing your thumb across my bottom lip.

“Don’t you look beautiful.” You murmur taking your cock in hand. I shift so I am sitting on the edge of the bed. You start to jerk right in front of my face, my eyes trained on your quick moving hand.

Looking up at you I smile at you licking my lips. “I know what would make me look even more beautiful.” I comment as I cup my breasts, catching the nipples in my fingers and tugging and squeezing them.

“I love watching you jerk your cock. It looks so delicious.” I press my breasts together still tugging on my nipples.

“Cum on my face love, shoot your big load all over my lips, my breasts…” I encourage. Your groans become rhythmic and I know you’re getting close. I drop one of my hands to my still slick pussy and rub them over my slick pussy lips. Bringing them up I rub them over one of my nipples. Looking up at you, I draw the wet nipple up to my lips and suck it into my mouth, licking it clean of my juices. I see your face crumple and a groan from deep in your chest escapes. You shoot all over my face and raised breast, leaning forward I open my mouth and you push the head of your cock into my mouth with my nipple. Sucking them both at the same time. When I release your cock, you use the head to rub your cum along my face and tap it against my nipple, getting the last few drops of cum out on my nipple and watch as I raised my nipple to my mouth, sucking the last drops clean. You smile at me as I drop my breast.

“You’re right, now you are very beautiful.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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