Suppressed Passion


“Leave me alone, woman, you try my patience.”

“You have no patience, what’s there to try? You’re nothing but an insensitive, egotistical bastard!”

“And you’re a silly little girl.”

These noises came from an inn room late at night. Elenia and Tithonus were arguing. He had no patience for anyone, and she went out of her way to be friendly and felt he didn’t appreciate it. It was not really a good partnership, but something held them together even so. Elenia thought this was the worst argument ever, though, and although neither were willing to admit it, what caused it was a severe case of mutual lust.

Both of them were interested in the other, even if it was mostly in a physical sense – and neither were willing to admit it. Elenia was a virgin and had never had these feelings before, and didn’t know how to admit it if she tried. Tithonus simply didn’t want to admit that he might be weak over a woman.

The fight had started over the fact that Elenia had asked Tithonus very gently to accompany her to the shop to pick up her sword, as it was late and she didn’t want to go alone. Tithonus had grouchily answered he was busy. Normally she would just have left, but this irked her more than usual, and this was the result.

“You make me so mad!” Elenia shouted. “Haven’t you ever been afraid of anything? You and your high-and-mighty attitude-” she got no further, however, for Tithonus turned and lightly slapped her across the face.

“Where I come from, women know their place.”

She glared at him fiercely, but the tears were flooding her eyes and she didn’t want to admit how much it hurt her. She turned on her heel, grabbed her pouch belt, and headed out.

She didn’t return until late that night, and by then she had devised a plan for revenge. Elenia was a thief by profession, and she waited until she was sure Tithonus was asleep before she enacted it. She wore her black night gown, a little slip of a thing that barely reached mid-thigh and had spaghetti straps. She knew she was hd abla a beautiful woman, with red-gold curls that reached the middle of her back, and emerald green eyes. She was only 19, and had not yet found any man whom she had considered making love to – except Tithonus, whom she’d dreamed of on many a night.

She and Tithonus were staying in an inn room with two suites, so they had the common room together but their own place to sleep. Carrying nothing but a knife and a lockpick, she slipped across the main room and picked his door. She slid inside and closed it behind her.

It took her nearly an hour to get across the room. He was a light sleeper, but Elenia had snuck past many kinds of people in her short life. She took her time, moving through the shadows, until at last she reached the side of the bed.

Slowly, inch by inch, her head appeared over the side. She had done her job inordinately well, and he was still sleeping on his back.

She moved like lightning now. One knee on his chest, the other knee on his out-flung arm. She hardly weighed anything, but it was the knife pressed against his throat in the same instant that stopped him from throwing her off. She heard him inhale slightly, and then whisper, “Elenia?”

She pressed the knife just enough to make a trickle of blood run down his neck in the dark. “Good guess.”

His voice was a little scolding, but a little worried as well. “What are you doing?”

And suddenly she realized that he had no shirt on, that her bare thighs were pressed against his skin, and that she was wet and aroused. She tried to clear her mind, but instead threw away all her caution and answered, “Learning my place.” And leaned forward and inexpertly kissed his mouth.

He grunted in surprise, and then kissed her back. Her grip on the knife hilt slackened, then relaxed. There was a dull thud as it hit the floor. Neither of them noticed.

His tongue pressed against her lips, then forced them open. She gasped as it filled her hentai porno mouth, exploring, darting here and there. It ran against her teeth and then suddenly sucked her small tongue into his mouth.

His hands were already roaming her slim body, and they left burning trails. He grasped her dress and roughly pulled. She gasped as it tore away, leaving her naked skin burning at his caresses.

He gripped her bottom tightly, and his hand dove between her legs. He began stroking her roughly, and she realized she was wet and moaning, rubbing wantonly against him. She never would have thought she liked it rough but here she was acting like a little slut over one kiss.

Tithonus gripped her waist and rolled her roughly onto her back, and his mouth dove to her neck, nibbling and even biting. He spread her legs and pushed a finger into her – and grunted in surprise when he bumped against her barrier. He hesitated only a moment, though and her nails dug into his skin as his tongue ran down over her breast and his mouth closed tightly over her nipple. The tightness between her thighs was unbearable.

She felt him doing something, and then realized he was removing his pants in the dark. In a minute she felt his bare legs against her, and then she felt his hardness pressed firmly into her thigh. Without letting herself think about it for a minute, she reached down and gripped him with her small hand.

The embers that had flamed lightly between them had suddenly burst into life. She wantonly opened her legs, begging with her body and her eyes for him to take her.

He didn’t disappoint her. He gripped her shoulders, and thrust forward and roughly parted her wet folds. She felt a searing pain in her lower belly, followed by exquisite pain and pleasure combined as he lanced into her.

He filled her completely, and as she arched her back up against him she felt his hips come to rest full against hers. He barely gave her a second to rest, but almost immediately began thrusting in kızıl porno and out of her, sliding his hard length against her silken skin.

Their moans filled the room. He was so rough with her, slamming in and out as her tightness slowly opened fully to him. His teeth bit gently and then harder onto her neck, and her nails dug into his back. Occasionally he would kiss her, almost a willing rape of her mouth, and she moaned and arched for more. Suddenly he pulled out of her, and she gasped in mingled pain and pleasure as he left her.

He was a much larger man than her, and with ease he lifted her up until they were both sitting and she was in his lap. He gripped her waist and easily lifted her off him. Turning her around, he impaled her once again, her back pressed firmly against his chest. His hands snaked around to her front and began exploring, tweaking a nipple, sliding his fingers along her clitoris. She could see her own virginal blood between her legs but he didn’t seem to care.

His fingers were huge and expert and she came over and over until she was weak under his ministrations. Still he didn’t stop, just took her over and over again. She felt him tense, groan, and she felt his hot burning seed spill into her. It didn’t even slow him down, though.

Morning dawned, bright and early. Elenia awoke with a start. She reached to the other side of the bed, expecting him to be gone. But her wrist was caught by a hand, and there he was, as handsome and dark as ever.

His eyes were dark, but not angry. For the first time ever she thought she saw a hint of genuine amusement in them. His grip tightened on her wrist for a moment, making her gasp…then relaxed again. He dropped her hand and actually caressed her cheek, albeit roughly. “What was that all about last night?”

To her own surprise she blushed scarlet. “I don’t know, I was just so mad at you. You’re so arrogant…” she trailed off. What was wrong with her? She’d never been shy.

“Well, you can get mad at me more often, then.” His voice was lazy, contemplative but as she looked down she saw he was stiffening again at the mere thought of her.

Elenia was sure the arguments wouldn’t lessen. In fact, she was sure they would increase, especially if they were to lead to this.