Surreptitious Love Ch. 150

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Chapter 150 – The new Brothel is Developing (IV)

Last week, my young buddy Charlie and I had been to the older charming guesthouse again, where my long-term affair Nguyet was trying to reunite our orgy circle, pretending that she was hiring a bunch of hookers to set up a brothel. Even though Nguyet had been looking forward to a threesome with two guys, the sudden presence of the blind neighbors’ daughter – played by our petite, cuddly, blind masseuse Hanh – had changed the dynamic and added spice to our ruse. Hanh’s repertoire was limited, of course, but her innocence had quickly been tossed out of the window after we had undressed at the lunch table and then fucked four times. It seemed tacitly understood that we would repeat that rousing round this week – with a bit of backdoor sex added, perhaps.

This time, Charlie had arrived before me, but before we would go in, I lit a quick ciggy to see how his new fuck-buddy Emily was doing, who I had introduced to him about a month back. He told me that she was more than agreeable and eager; only the fact that his mother somewhat disapproved of their relationship dampened the joy. But since Charlie was going to move to Da Nang the following week to start an internship, Emily could also see him there, as her workplace was only about two hours away. Perhaps she would even stay with him overnight.

There wasn’t any real news from Charlie’s gorgeous aunt Yen, but even though he was having his fling with Emily – and sex with Nguyet once a week – he still asked me to do everything in my power to involve his aunt in our rousing role-play, so that the two of them could have another round of incestuous sex. Yen had sent Charlie Nguyet’s and my way last Christmas – after he had come on her wrist during a massage – so that we could help the hapless male virgin along a bit. That had worked out splendidly for two months, until Yen had somehow overcome her bad conscience and joined the fracas – all the way up to proper intercourse at his farewell party at the thermal springs in March. Ever since he had gotten back to town last summer, though, Charlie’s relationship with his stunningly beautiful aunt had been awkward, at best.

When we finally went inside, it was dark and quiet down in the foyer, as always, and so we just went upstairs, where we presumed Hanh – the lovely young blind neighbor – and Nguyet. But there wasn’t anyone at the alcove where we had had our naked lunch the previous week. Strange. I still took three glasses from the kitchen counter – after all, Nguyet, our unorthodox bordello queen, must be somewhere in the building – and poured two beers with ice. And, sure enough, a minute later she came sauntering down the stairs towards us, with a large towel wrapped around her torso. I put ice in the third glass as well and cracked another can open. After we had nodded at each other and she had sat down, I inquired where Hanh was.

“Oh, Mister Ben, that’s quite a story…” she was shaking her gorgeous diamond-shaped head, while she was emptying her glass.

“Last week, her mother found her soaked panties at some point in the afternoon, after Hanh had gone back…” Nguyet told us with a bunch of suppressed giggles. “So, she knew what Hanh… what we had done…”

Charlie had snorted with laughter but then stopped abruptly, perhaps because he thought it was a tad inappropriate.

“Oh,” was all I could reply, but then I asked Nguyet for a few more details.

“Well, I don’t know exactly how it happened but, as Hanh is blind, she probably didn’t know how soaked her panties were. And when she took them off, they were probably lying on the bed for a while… and then her mother eventually saw the sticky, shimmering little thing… I mean, those must have been two large loads…” she was paying me a compliment.

“Oh, I don’t know…” I replied modestly, waving the load-size off. “I mean, we showered together afterwards…”

Nguyet just shrugged shoulders and took another sip of her beer, suppressing a bunch of mirthful giggles, the way she looked. I loved that little story, as Nguyet was paying homage to the second time we had sex about four years back, after which the same had happened to her: after carelessly dropping her panties in the laundry basket, her mother found saw them there and inquired what that ‘awful sticky stuff’ was. Or something to that effect. She then even suggested Nguyet go to a gynecologist to have herself checked out. Eventually, Nguyet confessed what had happened and that that gooey white substance was no reason for concern. A few days later, however, her mom suggested that we continue our affair at their house, so as to not raise suspicion by renting cheap hotel rooms twice a month.

I would have liked to tell Charlie that little story but couldn’t, as that would have interfered with our role-play: Nguyet and I were pretending to only have met six weeks ago. In real life, Hanh’s mother had probably seen cum in her blind daughter’s panties and thus wouldn’t have batted Beşiktaş escort an eyelid. But overall, Nguyet’s little anecdote was pretty plausible. And cute.

„So, her mom isn’t allowing her out of the house today?” I played along.

“I don’t know… perhaps Hanh has to work or something… I don’t think she’s gonna be here today…”

„Is her mother actually attractive?” Charlie asked now, in Vietnamese for some reason, as he was a bit leery of Hanh and had a thing for women 15 or 20 years his senior.

“Well, for her age… yeah… I’d say so…” Nguyet told us, but then added: “But she’s always a bit sad… or melancholic, I guess, would be the better term… you, know, her husband left her and Hanh several years ago… just like that…”

I was tempted to ask Nguyet to invite Hanh’s mother here, to the newly emerging brothel to cheer her up but didn’t; instead, I inquired if there was perhaps an interview with another young woman scheduled for today. Nguyet’s background story for the brothel was that there used to be a formidable round of girls here at the old guesthouse before Covid, which she was trying to get back together. But so far, only our slightly dopey ex-colleague Nga had shown up. Charlie opened the window and then turned his empty beer can into a makeshift ashtray, like last week.

“Well, Mister Ben, things seem to be more difficult than I thought…” Nguyet sighed. “No, there’s no one scheduled for an interview today… but next week, there will be two girls…”

“Well, Mrs. Nguyet, as beautiful as you are…” I said to her, looking at Charlie, though, who was checking out her naked shoulders and the smooth skin above her bosom, where the towel ended.

Her little nimble hour-glass figure looked fucking delicious under that towel. We could sense the two rather gentle bulges of her breasts, which were bigger now than when we had met, since she had breastfed her son. But, as a tradeoff, her tits were also located further down on her body. Between her legs, there was some nano-black darkness, which was probably due to both, the lack of light and her ample, dense, pitch-black bush. She obviously had just taken a shower or even a bath upstairs, in the only room with a tub, and had probably arranged the whole situation today to be alone with us two guys. After all, they were several beguiling, titillating projects pending.

“Oh, before I forget: Do you want me to call the restaurant again?” she asked suddenly. “I don’t really have anything here for lunch…”

Charlie and I nodded at each other with pursed lips and then looked back at her: “Sure, but this time I’ll pay,” I instantly insisted.

She nodded, as it was my turn to pay, anyway. It almost looked like Charlie wanted to rip her towel off when she got up, but then he remembered that she had to make that call, first. So, he just lit another ciggy nonchalantly and then blew the smoke out of the window. Somehow, I was still hoping that Hanh would turn up spontaneously, under some pretext, while Charlie was perhaps longing for his aunt. Over the phone, Nguyet sounded rather familiar with the person at the other end, laughing a bit here and there, after she had sat back down at the table again and crossed her legs. For a split-second, it looked like she would lose her towel.

“Oh, by the way, there’s a little delicate project, which we might be able to accomplish today…” Nguyet told us. “I mean, could the two of you shave my butt crack and trim my bush a bit? You know, it’s growing kinda wild…” she chuckled.

“Y-you mean right now? Bef-before lunch?” Charlie stammered, sounding awfully eager.

“Well, we all know how this would end…” I objected facetiously.

“Well, the food will be a while, the guy said…” Nguyet counter-argued, insinuating that we would have enough time for a quick round. “But you’re right, Mister Ben: It would be awkward to get interrupted…”

And so, we were just sitting there in silence for a few moments, during which I could sense the sensual tension heighten between the two of them. Nguyet and Charlie were positively staring at each other, and I regretted that I had cautioned us about the shaving. Should we quickly get it over and done with?! But then, it was a rather erotic task and could lead to salacious scenes and sensations. No, that shaving project was too precious to rush it. Like Nguyet didn’t want to waste those 15 or 20 minutes until the food would be delivered, though, she opened her towel near her bosom and showed us her boobs. The way she was holding the thing with both arms folded away from her reminded me of a butterfly. Shit, she looked hot, especially her relatively large reddish-brown nipples. Suddenly, I felt warm all over.

Nguyet let completely go of her towel a second later and took her hairclip out. She shook her head, which caused her ever so slightly sagging boobies to dance, and when we saw her nipples stiffen, we all got up. We guys took her hands and led her to the room across the hall, where Beşiktaş escort bayan Charlie and I undressed, before I grabbed the bottle with the lubricant from the small table and lay down. Nguyet instantly kneeled between my legs and pulled my foreskin back – as was her habit – and then took my pumping cock in her mouth. Yes, we didn’t have time for a lengthy fore-play, but everything was hot as it was, of course. Charlie, in turn, kneeled down on the floor and started sucking and licking her butt crack, wasting no time, either.

As hairy as Nguyet was back there, it was perhaps a good idea to trim her a bit, in the end, even though I loved a good, savory, large bush. Always have. But I adored Nguyet and would do almost anything for her. Judging by Charlie’s enthusiasm, however, he didn’t care about the hair in her butt crack; he was sniffing, snorting, spluttering, smacking, heaving fervently, and when his noodle was sufficiently stiff, he pushed our puppet master gently further up the bed and nonchalantly penetrated her eager snatch – at least, that’s what it looked like from my perspective – with his throbbing glans. Now he was gathering steam but still seemed to be conscious not to bang her too hard, as that would have interfered with her blowing.

After perhaps three minutes, he was panting and already moaning considerably, but Nguyet interrupted him:

“Hey, quickly! You both take me at once… that would save time…” she added impishly.

When I didn’t reply immediately, she explained herself once more: “One above and one below… one in the front, one in the back,” she demanded, giggling.

As quietly as she had said it: those few lines were incredibly powerful, of course. I showed Charlie my palms to make him stop, before I rolled the lubricant bottle in his direction, while Nguyet was crawling upward on my belly to fumble my cock inside her wet sheath, after Charlie had pulled out. Still kneeling behind Nguyet’s ass, Charlie didn’t seem to need an explicit invitation or further instructions: he loved backdoor sex, and his noodle was slim enough to get in effortlessly. And Nguyet had just taken a bath. For a reason, obviously. And me at the bottom was probably the best combo, as I weighed about as much as the two of them combined.

Oh, I loved it already: Our first double-penetration ever. And nicely spontaneous. Effortless. Charlie’s legs touched my hands at some point, which were on Nguyet’s supple ass, and – as small as Nguyet was – I now watched Charlie grease her butthole as well as his cock. Nguyet was thrusting her pelvis languidly, which caused a very satisfying tickling and prickling on my glans, of course, which soon translated into more rousing sensations in my loins and groins. My presumed nephew, in our role-play, was now holding his cock to make sure it went in Nguyet’s tight brownish anus funnel smoothly. She clenched her teeth, made a face for a few seconds, and – after he had penetrated her sphincter fully – she let out some sizzling sounds. Soon after the two of them had found their rhythm, her wet sheath began to polish my rod properly, almost as a side-effect.

Of course, I prayed that the dude with the food wouldn’t arrive the next eight minutes, as what we were doing lifted us to new heights. I also focused on my glans to see if I could feel Charlie’s through the thin partition wall inside Nguyet’s midsection. And, yes, with a bit of imagination, I could feel some rhythmic friction on the back part of my purple tip, which coincided with his thrusts. The whole room was now filled with seething, groaning, and screaming, which drove our arousal to ever new levels. Of course. After Charlie had added a bit more lubricant, he thrusted more fervently, like he was aware that he might have to be the one who would have to go downstairs to open the door and thus wanted to get done quickly. Or he just couldn’t help it, as her fine rectum was his young cock’s new favorite abode. After I had removed my hands from her butt to fondle her tits, I asked Nguyet if she wanted me to come in her ass as well, after Charlie would be done.

“Aaarh… a-ha… either way,” she only squealed back at me, panting.

Well, while I was thinking now which would be hotter, Charlie exploded inside her, roaring towards the ceiling, but I believed I had also heard the doorbell downstairs. As my loins were tickling and prickling already, I grabbed Nguyet’s slim hips and rhythmically pressed her nimble little ass onto my thighs. Concurrently, her eager sheath was milking my cock up inside her, towards her cervix, and she sat more upright, before she hollered at Charlie to get the door downstairs and, by all means, invite the delivery guy up. O-ha!

I decided not to change positions, and Nguyet seemed fine with it as well. She cheered me on, while she began to gyrate her hips on my bursting rod, before she placed her hands onto my shoulders and start to bob up and down more decisively. I juggled her tits, which were nicely within reach, and when Escort beşiktaş I squeezed her nipples with my index fingers and thumbs, she climaxed and splashed quite a load of lukewarm liquid onto my thighs. To make me come as quickly as possible, she even attempted to feed me her tits, but they wouldn’t reach my mouth, as small as she was. Overstimulated as I was already, it didn’t take much longer to lavish myself profusely inside her glorious tight sheath, though. I felt my juices come up inside me, before I gladly graced her birth canal with half a dozen fat flakes of whitish gooey gold.

I could almost hear the lumps hitting her cervix, but then we heard voices in the stairwell. We kissed briefly and then got up again. I got dressed, while Nguyet just wrapped the towel back around her torso. Phew, Jesus, what was that?! Our first double-penetration, I marveled again but regretted that we hadn’t had more time to enjoy the novelty and also the coming-down-again-together; somehow, I would have liked to celebrate it a bit more. But then, on the other hand, I was exceedingly glad that it had happened at all. There had never been a better quickie to grind off the apex of our arousal. And, in all likelihood, we would double-penetrate her again soon.

Did Nguyet and Charlie actually plan things, though, when I wasn’t there? Did they talk about what they both wanted to try? I asked myself, as the two of them were really a wonderful team. They seemed to be able to read each other’s minds. Or was it all just intuitive? Interestingly, when I got to the alcove across the hall, Nguyet didn’t look like she would dress for the delivery guy, even though she didn’t know him, as far as I knew. Or did she? Her freshly-fucked body was still only covered with said bath towel, but now she introduced us.

“This is Minh… he works at that restaurant where we ordered last week…”

I immediately liked the guy. We shook hands, and I asked if he had been the one who had refused to come up the previous week, even though Nguyet had flirted with him downstairs at the door, as she had told us.

“Yeah, yeah…” she nodded and blushed.

As Nguyet went into the kitchen, I had the chance to examine the young dude further. He had nice thick, pitch-black hair and a winning smile, even though – or because – his right eye tooth was protruding a bit, which reminded me of the fabulous receptionist at ‘my’ dental clinic, who I had subtly hit on in the meantime. But that story would take time; another two or three months, perhaps. Anyway, Minh was perhaps 26 and neither short nor tall. He was wearing a T-shirt and baggy jeans like a hip-hopper, plus grey crocs, which didn’t look great but didn’t really matter. After all, he was working. Charlie had already started a conversation with him, and so I just cracked some beers open and put some more ice into everyone’s glasses.

It didn’t look like Minh and Charlie knew each other, but I wondered where Nguyet could know Minh from, as they seemed quite comfortable with each other. Just from the food delivery? Unlikely. Anyway, After Nguyet had brought chopsticks and bowls to the table, she disappeared again; perhaps to put on some clothes. I lit another ciggy, as long as the boxes with the food were still closed, and wasn’t surprised when Nguyet reappeared in a simple linen blouse and a knee-length black skirt – underneath of which she wasn’t wearing anything, I was certain. She would surely undress again before the meal was over; the only question was if Minh would stay. Well, I grew more and more convinced that he would. Did they have sex yet?

Oh, I was still longing for our blind neighbor’s daughter Hanh to show up – ideally with her mother – but that seemed unlikely. But a great idea for another episode of our role-play, I made a mental note. After Nguyet had opened the Styrofoam boxes with the food, she put rice in everyone’s bowls, and then we all took some fish and vegetables. The three of them were chatting away in Vietnamese, so that I only understood a third, but then I asked Nguyet where she and Minh knew each other from, to be part of the conversation.

“We discovered his restaurant a while back… and then started ordering food there… he’s usually the one who delivers it… he’s always so cheerful and friendly…”

I didn’t know who ‘we’ was, but it didn’t really matter. Somewhat naïve, I asked if he really owned the restaurant.

“No, I don’t think so… he just works there…”

Anyway, I lifted my glass to drink to the fact that Minh was here, and we clinked our glasses. Knowing Nguyet, she certainly wanted to integrate him into our orgy circle; especially, since Charlie was leaving again for three months. She truly loved young guys, and after the disaster with Huy – the divorced guy who was still living with his ex – she had probably sworn to herself that she wasn’t going to look for a husband for another year or two. Now that I thought about it: Hanh’s new boyfriend’s name was Minh, and he worked at a restaurant. Could it be him? But then, why did he leave the previous week, when she was here? And why was he here at the table today, while Hanh wasn’t? Did they have some sort of agreement that they would only take part in orgies when the other wasn’t around? Could be, but I found it trifle strange.

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