Surreptitious Love Ch. 46

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While I was seriously thinking of driving out to Linh’s village before she would have to go back to Saigon, Tuyet called and asked if I was good at math. She had just learned that she had failed one exam last semester and needed some extra tutoring. Math had never been her strong point but if she didn’t pass that one test, she couldn’t continue her degree program. At least, there were two new corona infections at her university, so she got two extra weeks to sort things out.

I promised Tuyet to help her, of course, knowing that I would have to go through algebra and trig myself first. But I genuinely liked her and would do anything to help. At Tuyet’s house, however, there would be her sister, who still wanted the three of us to have sex together, Tuyet said, so I invited her to come to my house instead, which was a first. She arrived dressed all prim and proper, and my wife even fixed us lunch. We spent two or three hours working, and when she left, we hadn’t touched each other.

Tuyet’s problem was that she seemed to lack prior understanding of higher math. So, before we could do differential and integral calculus, we had to do some algebra, logarithms, equation solving, and trigonometry—the whole nine yards. I had forgotten some of it but was fairly ambitious to re-acquire what I had mastered 30 years earlier. Tuyet had also asked some of her former fellow students from high school, but they were either busy, as clueless as she was, or didn’t feel like helping her. I, on the other hand, knew that we eventually would transition from dry numbers and formulas to moister, more amusing pursuits.

When Tuyet showed up at my house again, my wife wasn’t there, coincidentally. And I knew she wouldn’t be back till 4 in the afternoon or so. Tuyet was wearing a white T-shirt, under which she had a stiff bra that looked like she had stuffed it with golf balls. Her jeans were too large; perhaps she had borrowed them from her sister, who was a little bigger. Tuyet had brought her textbooks again as well as notebooks and various pens, and I got us some plain paper, which I put on the table in the living room. After I fetched some ice-tea, we continued where we had left off the last time.

Looking at her, I didn’t feel like doing math, though. Tuyet was irresistible whatever she was wearing. I wanted to lift her shirt and check out those golf balls and reach inside her jeans to stroke her tiny bush. But, then, if we fucked now, neither of us would want to do any work afterwards. So I tried to focus on the task in front of us and comprehend what we needed to do, which was hard, because now I caught a whiff of her perfume. Oh, Tuyet, you tantalizing temptress. When I looked at her again, I also realized she was wearing subtle make-up, including lipstick. She had her hair in a simple bun in her neck and radiated determination.

As she was breathing, her golf balls were heaving, and I asked myself if she had borrowed her bra, too, from her sister, as Tuyet didn’t really have any breasts. Anyway, I had to remind myself why she was here. I hadn’t known how bad she was in math, but she had told me the last time that, back in high school, she often cried herself to sleep over math. She had felt she was just too stupid to ‘get math’, but when she had asked her fellow students, they often responded with insolent, snide, or snotty remarks. And those who were supposed to help her only made matters worse: Once, a high school teacher had forced her to copy a solution process 250 times.

As Tuyet’s lack of skills was revealing itself, we ended up going through everything backwards: While, the last time, we had looked at algebra and equations, today we were doing trig. We looked at the various ways to calculate the areas of spherical, non-Euclidean areas. Her textbook was full of examples, explanations, and exercises but, of course, the text was all in Vietnamese. But it was mostly formulas, and we still had my laptop. As an example, we were trying to calculate the area of land between Hanoi, Saigon, and Bangkok. We looked up the distances as well as the Earth’s radius and Tuyet got going.

While she was busy, I hung up laundry and made some more iced tea. I looked for cookies in various places, as I wanted to be a good host. When I sat down again, I checked her progress but she was already stuck again.

“Well, I did the area for a two-dimensional, flat triangle, but I know that’s not the same, as Earth is a sphere.”

“Right. But that’s not a waste, as you have a rough idea what the result must be. Now you need to calculate the angles with the side lengths and the cosine function.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said, huffing a little.

To help her, I looked for the page with the sample calculations, which were the same in all languages, thank God.

“Here,” I said, pointing on the page. “Just replace the numbers and do every step methodologically. Take your time!”

While she was busy again, I read the news on the internet Şerifali Escort and then looked at Facebook. I asked Tuyet if she was hungry, as it was lunch-time, but she replied that the cookies were enough for now. Once we got hungry, she could quickly go somewhere and buy lunch, she offered.

As I was looking at Facebook, Linh video-called, which she had already done twice since our bash at the old hotel the previous week. One evening, she had actually undressed in front of the webcam. As I had already been in bed, I had jerked off to her show, but she complained that she hadn’t seen anything, as I had kept off the lights in my bedroom.

Somehow, Linh had started doing cheeky things during both of these calls. Once, she rolled up her T-shirt and opened her bra in the back. But at lunchtime, her parents and her sisters were usually at home, so she didn’t get naked that first time she called.

Linh was good at math, I recalled, and I told her that Tuyet was here, reviewing trig. Linh certainly remembered the cheeky, hot stuff that Tuyet had done two weeks earlier at the photo shooting with Tina and waved at her when I tilted my laptop towards her. Linh asked me what was new and then absent-mindedly rolled her shirt up to just below her breasts.

She laughed: “When are you coming to visit me, like you promised?”

“Next week. This week I’ve got to tutor Tuyet,” I replied.

“I’m by myself, by the way,” she told me. “And you know what we’ll do when you’re here,” she asked rhetorically and giggled.

Linh meant sex, of course, but I wasn’t sure if Tuyet wouldn’t be jealous. At least, it was distracting right now, I thought.

“Yeah, yeah. I can’t wait,” I nodded, eager to end the call.

However, now Linh reached at her back and snapped her bra open. Well, ok, being by herself was rare, so I guessed she needed to take advantage of the opportunity. Tuyet looked up from her papers and leaned over to see what was going on. She raised her eyebrows, made a mock-disgusted face, and giggled:

“You just do that occasionally, huh?”

“Yeah, but only since last week,” I told her.

Linh had taken off her bra and rolled up her shirt almost to her neck. Apparently, she had her lunch next to her on the bed, as she now opened a Styrofoam box with some food and started to eat like it was the most natural thing to eat lunch with her boobs exposed. Linh’s breasts weren’t particularly special but it was hot how she nonchalantly was exposing herself. Her nipples were larger and darker than Tuyets, who looked over at me again and shook her head once more in mock exasperation. I felt an erection coming and wanted Linh to take off her sweatpants as well.

“Ben,” Tuyet asked, “look: could that be right? The angle in Saigon is about 80 degrees …”

I had to pull myself together not to take off my pants and tell Tuyet to stop worrying about math for a little while, but finally managed to lean away from the computer and said:

“Sure, Bangkok and Saigon are the same latitude, roughly. And Saigon and Hanoi are about on the same meridian. Look at the map here!” I said pointing at the computer screen where I had quickly switched programs, away from Linh to Google Maps.

As cheeky and spunky as Tuyet was, though, she switched back to the webcam to take another look at Linh and laughed. Linh had moved back on the bed and was massaging one of her breasts. She was still holding her chopsticks in her other hand.

“Hey, Linh: how come you are eating lunch half-naked today?” Tuyet asked her.

“I don’t know. I guess because of Ben. I’m horny and no one’s here. I think I need to jerk off,” Linh added.

“Feel free!” Tuyet said with a smile and looked at me.

As it sounded like Linh would follow through with her masturbation plans, I got up and closed the front door. I would have to take off my pants too, and perhaps even Tuyet’s. There was a gate about six yards away from our house but only very few people walked past, so probably no one would see us.

Linh took off her shirt and now was massaging both breasts with her hands. She spread her legs and grinned into the camera.

“Ben, get your dick out!” Linh challenged me. “If you show me your dick, I’ll take off everything and you can look at my bush. But then I want you to jerk off,” she laughed again.

Tuyet, who had been listening, of course, came back to the camera and asked Linh if she should jack me off, perhaps. Both girls were laughing heartily.

“Well, I wanna see how he does it himself, first,” Linh objected.

The two of them were talking like I wasn’t even there. Or their toy. Anyway, what was going on was hot, and so I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, together with my underpants. My stiff dick snapped out between the folds of my shirt, just below the last button. Tuyet giggled and pushed my foreskin back so that Linh could see everything better.

Linh seemed happy with what she saw, as she caught up with me immediately. Üsküdar Escort She fulfilled her promise by putting both thumbs in the rubber waistband of her jogging pants, which she then pushed down to her thighs after she had wiggled her butt a little. But now her pants were stuck around her knees and I couldn’t see anything. If Linh wouldn’t speed it up, I would have to tear Tuyet’s clothes off, who seemed to sense my predicament and urged Linh to finally show it all.

When Linh saw that Tuyet was already stroking my dick, she took off the sweatpants but not her panties. It was sheer torture, even though I could already sense her dense bush under her non-descript white underwear. Tuyet spit on my glans and kept going. I slid forward on my chair, so that my dick filled the whole frame on the computer, but this was everything I could do for now. Finally, Linh pushed her panties down.

Unlike Tina, Tuyet hadn’t seen Linh’s bush yet, and her reaction was priceless. Admiring the large, black, dense fur triangle, Tuyet rejoiced enchanted but stopped stroking my cock. While Tuyet was still mesmerized, Linh fiddled her panties off her ankles, while I was watching both girls. Unfortunately, Linh’s webcam only had low resolution, so I promised myself to drive out to her house and look at her bush again next week. Maybe even together with Tuyet; perhaps Linh could help her with her math problems.

When Linh finally opened her legs, leaning against the headrest of her bed, I whispered:

“Hey, Tuyet this is awesome, isn’t it?”

Tuyet nodded and finally continued stroking my dick.

“Hey, Linh wanted me to do it,” I reminded Tuyet.

As the fan across the room was blowing my glans dry, I asked Tuyet to switch to off. Then she sat down next to me again, on the armrest of the large wooden armchair. Now we were both looking at the computer, admiring Linh’s massive black pubic mound.

“Oh, my God. Linh has so much hair down there!” Tuyet whispered in awe.

“Yeah, it’s even bigger than your mother’s,” I teased her.

She punched my arm but laughed: “Yeah, maybe. But what I like is that’s it’s so evenly black and dense. It’s really well-proportioned, isn’t it?”

“It sure is. And you can’t even see her pussy, can you? The hairs in the middle and at the bottom are even denser than around the edges,” I pointed out.

“Linh!” Tuyet yelled towards the computer. “Show us your pussy! We can’t see it because of all the hair …”

Linh didn’t seem to mind, as she was now brushing her hair to the sides before she pulled her labia apart. I was happy that I had resisted when Linh had asked me to trim her bush the previous week. I could see her clit now, which was stiff and erect. Linh must have been seriously horny, judging from the glistening of her pussy and how far her clit was already protruding. What a salacious, tantalizing, and titillating webcam show that was!

Linh pulled her computer closer, so that all we saw was her bush and snatch. I moved further forward in my chair, so that Linh just saw my throbbing purple glans. Linh’s clit was twitching, and now she was using her pussy juice to stimulate it further. While I was still stroking my dick, I began to think where I would come. In front of me was the computer, to my left where the math papers. So I sat up on the other armrest, turned by 45 degrees, and put one foot onto the seat of the chair.

“Tuyet! Finish him off, will ya?” Linh insisted from the other end.

Looking at Tuyet pushed me over the brink. As hot as Linh’s large bush was, I also loved Tuyet’s slim body and nimble features. We turned towards the camera; Tuyet got down on her knees and suggested:

“Hey, Ben, come on my face! We haven’t done that forever.”

With relish, Tuyet stroked my dick for another 30 seconds, or a minute, while I was looking at the screen, completely mesmerized. I yelled at Linh to spread her legs a little further and then came profusely on Tuyet’s delightful young face.

Linh was diddling herself quite heavily now. The splashing lasted for several seconds and it was so quiet here at my house that I thought I even heard my cum smack on Tuyet’s skin. Linh appeared to be in trance already, however; I wasn’t sure if she had actually watched me come on Tuyet. Tuyet was breathing with her mouth open, as my cum was blocking her nostrils. When she tried to blow it free, I saw some white, foamy bubbles emerge. Now, semen was dripping down from her cheeks and nose onto her lips and teeth, but she smiled and was enjoying everything immensely. She turned and looked into the camera, which prompted me to push my glans into her mouth.

“Awesome!” Linh laughed but closed her legs.

Like an encore, Linh lifted up her legs and stretched them towards the ceiling of her room, at her house in her village. Tuyet and I saw her anus and laughed. Her legs were now tipping towards the wall behind her, and her ass was filling the screen. Her anus was pulsating, just like her Ümraniye Escort pussy, but I preferred seeing her large, black triangle. In the end, there was nothing better.

I stroked Tuyet’s hair, kissed her forehead and then told Linh that we needed to go to the bathroom. Linh had her fingers already up her pussy and just nodded. As horny as she was, she would finish herself off during the next two minutes. Tuyet was bending over as she was walking through our kitchen. I just put my shorts and shirt on again and then washed my hands. I checked if Tuyet’s clothes had any stains on them, before we went back to the front of the house, switched the fan back on, and watched the final seconds of Linh masturbating.

“Have you ever watched a woman masturbate?” I asked her.

“Sure. On video.”

“Does that turn you on? Or would you rather watch a guy?” I wanted to know.

“A guy, of course. Although, Linh here is special. Her bush and the fact that we have known each other for years make it unique,” she insisted.

Linh was wincing and convulsing on the bed, but we couldn’t see much, as her hand was between her legs, which were mostly closed now. At some point, she reached for something that was outside the camera range and stuffed her pussy with it. It looked like a medium-sized cucumber. Tuyet and I giggled a bit and kept watching, until Linh laughed and held two slimy, sticky fingers in the camera. When she moved away from the webcam, we saw that there was also a large wet spot where she had been sitting.

Exhausted, Linh said goodbye, and we agreed that I would drive out to her house the following week. Tuyet reached for her motorcycle keys and said that she would go and get some take-out. I cleaned up a bit while she was gone and got bowls and chopsticks.

She had bought banh beo, which were flat, whitish rice cakes that were largely void of any flavor. But the reddish/orange sauce that came with it was delicious. It was nothing special but a good snack for an in-between meal.

“I liked what we just did,” Tuyet reiterated with her mouth full and chewing with puffy cheeks. “Perhaps you thought Linh’s bush was best, but I love it when you come on my face,” she nodded.

“Well, I don’t think we can compare this or take everything apart. It was damn hot, that’s right,” I nodded. “What went through your mind when you saw Linh’s bush for the first time?” I was curious. “Did that turn you on?”

“It did. I perfectly understand that you can’t help looking at it. But it’s also a little weird, I think. It looks unreal. Like a wig,” she giggled.

„Yeah, or a toupee. To me it looks like a carpenter carefully laid it, filling in every inch down there. Like someone bought it at a hardware store and cut it carefully to make it fit.”

Tuyet laughed: “Kind of. Yeah, it’s really dark and well-proportioned.”

“It must be three times the size of yours,” I laughed back. “It’s probably bigger than yours and Tina’s together.”

“Well, we could calculate it,” Tuyet said with a mischievous look on her face. “We know the formula, don’t we?”

Tuyet was just great. I loved her for her spunk, humor, and adventurousness: “Well, yes, all pubic mounds are spherical triangles. Or, to keep it simple, we’ll just multiply height by width and divide it by two.”

“Do you have a ruler?” she asked.

She seemed to be serious. Ha! Great! I got up and got a ruler from my briefcase in the study. When I was back, Tuyet got up, unbuttoned her pants and pulled her panties down with one hand. Tuyets cute little bush was maybe a third of Linh’s wall-to-wall-carpeting but it fit her slim, nimble, graceful frame. She looked down on herself, pulling her T-Shirt up a bit now with her other hand.


I would never have suggested measuring her hairy triangle but if she insisted …

“Well, it’s almost ten centimeters wide. Just about.”

I measured its height as well, which was about 11 centimeters. Just slightly more than four inches. Tuyet’s bush stopped pretty much directly at her clit. It was beautiful and cute to watch it heaving. Tuyet’s hair was also shorter and softer than Linh’s, who in the end was a country bumpkin. And: I had never really noticed it but Tuyet’s bush was dark brown, not black.

“Well, yeah, about 11 centimeters, perhaps 11.5.

She let the waistband snap and pulled her pants up again for now. She sat down and calculated the area.

“Mine is about 56 square centimeters. How big do you think Linh’s is?” she asked seriously. I loved her for that.

“We should call her and ask her to give us the measurements. She’d do it, I’m sure,” I added, grinning.

“Ha! Yeah. Just imagine. But she’s probably taking a nap now. She just had lunch and jerked off. That’s how I do it, by the way,” Tuyet laughed. “You too?” she asked.

“Yeah, I usually sleep really well after I jack off,” I agreed. “We could go together next week and measure Linh’s triangle,” I threw out, changing the topic back.

“Hey, just guestimate, will ya?” she insisted.

“Well, it’s at least 8 inches wide and high. Perhaps half-an-inch more. So that would be 21 by 22 centimeters. We could just calculate it with 20 today and then measure exactly next week.”