Susan and John’s Return Ch. 04


John begins to enjoy his humiliation

By Dan57 with characters from Jill York


When they returned home on the next Sunday evening, Susan immediately arranged for her husband John to move to his new bedroom. A cot and a cupboard would be his only furniture until the craftsmen had finished their job. John would have to live for a few days in the former laundry, a tiled room without central heating. She didn’t want to have John lurking in their flat in the dark. She decided that until a solution would be found, she would lock him in his bedroom. John was so deeply defeated that he had no objection to it!

Susan took her Tuesday morning off to search for a suitable chain to link John’s cock cage to this ring. It had to be around two feet long for Susan’s husband to be able to lie on the floor but not reach his Spartan bed that Susan had made him bolt to the floor. She also wanted it rather heavy so that John would be permanently aware of his status. If he had some urgent need when she wasn’t there, a pail would be at hand. She also bought a set of bondage wrists, ankles and neck restraints to immobilize him, just in case. She discovered she loved dominating her husband!

The chain she bought up was heavy : six pounds! She bought also a satin case for the chain. She added to it two big padlocks to connect the chain to a ring on one side and to the cock cage on the other side. Then she phoned to Mr Gupta, asking him to meet her urgently…

– A problem with your husband, Susan?

– No, sir! I just wanted to tell you how much I feel in debt to you!

– A commendable idea for an employee, Susan! You may come immediately to my town flat.

Susan took John’s car without asking for his permission… She entered the penthouse flat she remembered quite fondly as she had been fucked there often with her mother by Mr Gupta and his friends. Her master opened the door himself. Susan dropped the heavy parcel she was carrying on an armchair and jumped in Mr Gupta’s arms. Protocol wasn’t mandatory when they were alone and he had opened the door in person. Otherwise, he would have sent a maid… She kissed him fervently. He carried her in his arms and made her swirl without touching the ground. When he set her free, she retrieved her parcel, wrapped in a rich gold paper and offered it to her Master with a deep curtsey. Mr Gupta thanked her and unwrapped his gift. He was quite surprised to find a short chain in the case and he turned inquiringly toward Susan..

– Sir, since you decided to lock John in his cock cage, I had thought it would be even better to chain it to the wall. I’ll just have to fix rings in his bedroom. I would think it would serve him well to stay in a corner of his bedroom and just wait for my return without even being able to lay on his bed.

– Susan, I love your intelligence! But you aren’t going to place rings in your elegant bedroom!

– Certainly not but I wouldn’t either invite you there if the walls are covered with images of me fucked in any possible way by you or by Mrs Raj’s nephews! And if you agree to spend the night with me in my marital bed, I would like to do it in private if I choose it, not with my husband lurking about! Don’t you think so?

– You are certainly right, Susan dear, but in such conditions, I would like to have John move his belongings out of your bedroom, personally, and replace them with MY toothbrush, my comb and a few change clothes!

– That could be done immediately! I also thought John could replace his name on the letter box with yours.

– Why not? We could also invite in a few weeks a few friends including your mother for a formal house warming up party! Unless you are ready to consider my penthouse or my country mansion as your home!

– I do already but I’ll have to come everyday for John!

– If you are enjoying the luxury of my home, you could leave your husband to the care of Mrs Raj!

Susan hastily packed tooth paste, a tooth brush, a comb and a hair brush, a few socks, undies, a pair of pants, two or three sweaters, half a dozen shirts and ties in a wallet. It was the first time she rummaged into Mr Gupta’s wardrobe and she loved the sensations it gave her : she was like a newlywed wife entering her husband’s kingdom! It was so exciting! Mr Gupta carried the wallet into his car and they returned to Susan’s home for the formal taking up of her home by her boss… Susan opened the door to John’s bedroom. He was quite surprised to discover Mr Gupta was there. He almost fainted in fear!

– John! We are going to refurbish your home. You are going to take all your belongings immediately out of Susan’s bedroom and transfer them into your new bedroom in the basement!

– Yes, Sir!

– When it will be done, you will scrub the cupboards and install my things to replace yours. I’ll probably seldom spend a night here but everything is to be ready, just in case!

– Aye Aye, Sir!

– Ah, I was on the verge of forgetting : you’ll change the name on the letterbox : it will be from now on Mrs Susan Dale and Mr Gupta! olgun porno You will have cards made to our names, so that we can inform your friends and family! An other thing : you’ll leave me your own bunch of keys with the key holder marked Love you told me Susan has offered you. You’ll take the spare key of the back door so that you’ll take care of the garden and take out the garbage.

– May I keep the keys of the car, Mr Gupta!

– Of course, no, John! If Mrs Raj, Susan or I don’t propose you a lift, you’ll rely on public transportation!

John was badly hit by this new offense : he was, just like that, wiped out from Susan’s life and from his own home! But he was too abated to try to fight back!

– When you’ll have finished, we will leave you for the rest of the week. I will call a locksmith and change the lock. This bedroom, and yours, John, will be permanently locked and only Susan and I will have the keys!

Susan had come with the enlargements of John’s pictures of herself fucked in all possible ways by Mr Gupta and Mrs Raj’s nephews. She supervised their installation by John. At the height of the eyes, you could just see those where Mr Gupta was using her body. John was really an artist and he had taken his stills at exactly the best moment : you could see a spurt of sperm jetting into her wide open mouth or her master’s cock just coming out of her ass hole with strands of cum still linking his cock with her gaping open anus. Elsewhere, she was receiving two jets of cum straight on her face, one from her hair to the top of her nose with a thick strand covering her eye and the other one hitting just under her nose to her chin and cascading down in rivulets. It was awfully dirty but she was extremely proud that this image has been chosen to adorn her husband’s bedroom! There were plenty of place left for other images!

Mr Gupta explained Susan that he was sorry but Brian and Steven were studying at a well known university and they couldn’t keep her company until their return. Himself had important professional meetings that day and would be back around midnight, but he knew a nice man who was quite ready to entertain her! Susan would have no problem to look for some handsome man to pick her up as she was so pretty and sexy that her only problem would be choosing… but that would be for another occasion! Mr Gupta didn’t want to tell her who she was to meet. He just told her it would be someone she knew. Following Mr Gupta’s instructions, she went to the mall in the nearest town to look for a few outfits for her. She was taking tea with a muffin when someone hailed her. It was Mario, an Italian guy who had danced with her three times at the dancing hall. He was a good dancer but he had what she called roving hands, touching her ass, her breasts or her tummy at every occasion.

Like most Latin people, he was always speaking with his hands but he was so handsome : the typical Latin lover that changed her radically from the usual Englishmen she knew quite well. Mario took a coffee with Susan. She was a bit surprised as Mario had not explained her what he wanted to do with her like Mr Gupta always did. She stood up to leave but he accompanied her and took her by the waist with total ease as if he was her boyfriend. She didn’t know how to react and froze. Mario just kissed her on the lips with the naturalness of a guy who would have been her lover for ten years! She responded eagerly to his kiss.

Mario then offered Susan to accompany him, not to his house as he was married but to a nearby Best Western hotel! That was just what would please Susan the most and she agreed almost immediately, just shilly shallying a bit so that Mario wouldn’t think she was an easy girl… She had another idea that would have pleased Mr Gupta : why not come to her own apartment? Mario pointed out to her wedding and engagement rings, she had cleaned to make the diamonds shine…

– You are married, Susan! Where is your husband? My wife is on a business trip to Amsterdam… That is in Netherland! She will be back tomorrow morning!

Susan giggled. She wasn’t disturbed telling Mario she was dominating her husband! :

– My husband is waiting for my return at home! He is a submissive, a mere sissy! I will make him serve you a drink and then we will lock him into his bedroom, which is covered with erotic posters, so that we can enjoy together in a quite intimate way. I appreciated you as a dancer and I would like to know how you fare as a lover!

– I don’t understand : it was my old friend Mr Gupta who proposed me to meet you, Susan and I discover you have also a live in husband!

– Grow up, Mario! There must be millions of girls in England having a husband AND a lover or several!

– Of course, Susan but those who invite a lover at home when their husband is there must be much less common!

They arrived home and Susan opened John’s bedroom door. He came to salute her guest in a very deferent way.

– May I offer you a scotch, Sir?

– Yes, pure malt, if you have and leave porno the ice cubes out, John! And for you, my dear Susan?

– A Daiquiri will be perfect!

John served the alcohols with the elegance of a seasoned butler. Mario was surprised by his calm stance. Susan was now impatient getting fucked by her new stud. But she wanted to show her soon to be lover her complete domination on her husband.

– John, I have brought a present for you! It’s a beautiful chain, I’m going to attach it to your cock cage. The other extremity will be attached to a ring in the wall but the company will come just tomorrow to install it… How could we secure you?

– I have a chain for dogs, just turn it around a leg of my bed and a single padlock will be quite sufficient!

– Pretty good, John, You’re quite helpful!

John was resigned to his fate but, everything considered, he preferred to sleep in a good cot rather than on the tiled floor! Susan and Mario returned to the main bedroom. She ran a CD with dance songs and she abandoned to the music of Michael Cochrane in the arms of Mario. She suddenly felt a pair of hands cupping both her breasts. She was brutally expelled from her reverie as Mario’s hands played with her breasts and her nipples. He kissed her on the neck, just under the ear and it threw lightning bolts though out her body. Mario had kept a quite clear mind. He slid his hands under her dress and reached for the waist of her knickers. He pulled them down with the calmness experience can bring.

Susan lifted her legs to help him free her of her undies. To the difference of Brian and Steven who had just bunched her skirt around her waist, he then unbuttoned and unzipped her dress to peel it from her body. She had only then her bra, her stockings and her suspender belt on. He poked his nose into her twat…

– I think I’ll eat your pussy first, Susan!

– MMMhhh,… Do you like my little pussy, Mario?

– Oooohhh, Yesssss : it’s so wet and it smells soooo nice I could eat you all the night!!!

He was now playing with her steel hard nipples and it was so good that she moaned in bliss. Mario started pumping his hips back and forth, rubbing his hard cock between her legs right on her pussy lips. The constant stimulation of her clit was making her pussy wetter and wetter with every minute. He started running his cock head up and down her pussy lips until it was all slick and shinny. She felt ready to receive the biggest possible poker into her tender love tunnel. She purred back to him,

– MMMmmmmmhhhh, I need your big cock in my tiny pussy, Mario! Make it hard and fast! I don’t want any mercy!

Right then, Mario pushed her onto the small desk in a corner of the bedroom. Her feet were still on the floor and her long hait was hanging down, sweeping the floor. He then lined his cock with her pussy and gave a hard shove, filling her pussy in a single shove with his hard cock. She blubbered and moaned out:

– MMmmmmmhhh, yesssssss! Fuck me hard!

Susan grabbed the edge of the desk to hold on to it. Mario started banging into her pussy fast, hard and deep, with no mercy, just as she had required it! It didn’t take much time for them to be about to cum with such a hot fast fucking. Mario was humping her wildly trying to bury his cock even deeper and she reciprocated by humping back with the same energy trying to get him deeper into her pussy. Mario pinched her right nipple. She yelled in surprise but it was enough to push her over the edge. She cummed violently, screaming aloud :

– OH GOD, Yessss! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! I’mmm cummingggggg!

Susan clamped around Mario’s cock and the sudden pressure triggered his own release :

– Mmmmmhhh, yesss! I’m cummingg too, pet! It’s sooo good!

Susan was enjoying the aftermaths of a long series of climaxes while Mario kept pushing his slowly deflating cock into her hungry pussy. His cock was spewing wad after wad of his hot sperm deep into her pussy. Her only regret was that she had no eggs to drench in this hot gust of sperm rain! Now she had come to terms with the submissiveness of her husband, there was no reason she couldn’t choose a better stallion for her future offspring! Another problem for her to solve!

Just then the phone rang causing Susan to jump. She answered to it immediately to find Mr Gupta on the other end. He said :

– Hi, pet! I hope I didn’t spoil anything between you and Mario?

– Ahem, no, sir! We took a drink that John served us, then I locked him in his bedroom with the chain I offered you. He took it nicely! Then we went to my,…, No! to OUR bedroom and Mario has just taken me on the small desk in the corner near the window! We were relaxing quietly and his cock is still deep in my pussy!

While they chatted, she felt Mario lean over her and suck one of her still rock hard nipples into his mouth, while he was shoving three fingers into her twat. She tried to push him away, but he was way too strong for her. He rotated his fingers into her pussy and she tried ineffectively to hold back Porno 64 a moan. He pulled his fingers back out covered with his cum and her pussy juices. He then offered them to her mouth one after the other and she dutifully cleaned them with her tongue. She was still listening to Mr Gupta. Mario then started to finger her so sensitive clit. She covered the micro with her hand and told him to stop while she was answering to her boss but he dismissed her urgent plea. Oh God, her hips were beginning to dance with his fingers. Mario moved up and whispered in her ear :

– Don’t hang down, keep Gupta on the phone, Susan! I’m going to propel you into heaven while you’re talking to your boss! It will be a lasting reminder of my visit for you in the coming months!

Mario then bent down and pushed his tongue into her slit while his left finger entered her ass hole and his right hand was rolling her nipples between two fingers. His head and shoulders pinned her on the desk so that she couldn’t crawl away! She did the best she could do trying to talk quite normally to Mr Gupta as Mario was making her climb, step after step the stairs to ecstasy. She covered the mouthpiece each time she felt on the verge of screaming aloud. She abandoned her futile attempts and tried to accelerate the move. She parted her legs as wide as she could in the hope he would be content making her cum rapidly but he slowed his ministrations, keeping her sadistically on the verge of an earth shattering climax but forbidding her to reach it.

Susan in despair tried to lift her pussy up to meet Mario’s deep probing fingers. She was trying to carry on her conversation with her Master and boss while Mario was trying his best to bring her to a screaming climax : that was maddeningly wild! At a moment, she relinquished her efforts, pressed the button on the receiver marked privacy and let it happen. Her belly was on fire and so were her tits, her nipples, her pussy and every nerve in her body! It felt like a bomb exploding in her head! She screamed out :


Susan’s hips were now dancing wildly with Mario’s tongue deep in her pussy and her right breast almost severed by the fierce grip of her lover’s hand. He was, at the same time turning around his finger into her ass hole and rubbing her clit with his thumb as she kept cumming and cumming! She waited for a few seconds until she had gathered her wits before switching on back Mr Gupta…

– Sorry, Mr Gupta! I had problems hearing you!

– Wouldn’t my friend Mario be playing tricks with you while you are on the phone? That is something he loves to do, embarrassing the girl he is fucking and ridiculing the person to whom she is chatting.

Mario grinned to the phone and replied in a loud voice :

– I never tried to ridicule you, Gupta! It’s you who served me this nice girl waiting on hand and foot. You perfectly know my little innocent vagaries!

– Of course, my dear friend! Just give Susan some time to rest. I should be there a little before midnight and I intend to give her a good shagging for my first night in her marital bed!

– Aye Aye, Gupta! You are right, this poor little gal seems really tired!

Mario hung up and Susan cuddled in his arms. He had really no intention to let her rest and considered leaving Susan exhausted and covered with his filth a good practical joke to play to his old chap Gupta! He was caressing Susan’s rump as a first step to wake her up to more sensual pleasures when someone knocked at the door of the bedroom. Susan was instantly awakened, opening bewildered eyes!

– Susan! Is there someone else in the house?

– Apart from John, there is no one! And if he had been furious, he wouldn’t have knocked politely at the door!

– We will see if our visitor identifies himself! Who is there?

– Mrs Raj, Sir! Mr Gupta sent me to take care of Susan! May I enter, Mr Mario?

– Wait until I put on my pants… That’s good, Mrs Raj, you may enter!

Mrs Raj opened the door. She entered, followed by John on his hands and knees. He had a big black leather dog collar with spikes around his neck. A short leash was held by Mrs Raj in an iron grip. His ankles and wrists were locked in the restraint Susan had bought but had not tied John in. It forced him to walk like a dog! John seemed totally tamed, responding immediately to every command from Mrs Raj…

Susan noticed there was something wrong. She couldn’t see any trace of John’s cock and balls. His crotch seemed quite womanly, just a bit stuffed. She realized that Mrs Raj had replaced John’s cock cage by the chastity belt he had worn when he had been disguised into a girl, a few years before. His balls and cock were perfectly hidden by it. With just longer hair and make up, a complete body shaving and, of course, new mammary implants, Joan Dale would be back there!

Mario seemed disgusted by Joan’s new appearance. He put on his clothes swiftly and said goodbye to Susan and Mrs Raj, not even acknowledging the presence of John! Mrs Raj secured Joan’s leash around the leg a big and heavy table and accompanied Mario to the door. When she returned, with John or Joan still on tow into Susan’s bedroom, they exchanged a smile and burst into laughter. Mrs Raj embraced Susan and cuddled her lovingly.