Suzy Matron Ch. 02

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I left the cottage and headed for the exam room. I had Maths and English this morning and I was confident that I could do well with both of them. They were my strong suit along with history. It was the languages that were my sore point and they were tomorrow and I would have to do revision for them tonight.

I got to the exam room and looked for my seat. Being an A I knew that I would be near the front of the room. As I thought I was on the front row of the exam room. I took my seat and put my pens out ready to set to work. I eased through the maths paper and then I had a break and then I went back to the exam room and attacked the English paper. It was not too much of a struggle as we had been given the booklist beforehand so I had revised well and had the necessary quotes to hand and felt that I handled the paper quite well.

I almost ran out of the exam room and headed back to the cottage. I was hoping that Matron was still there and had not gone to her meeting yet. I was desperate to see and touch her body again. It was so sexy and I could not wait to see it as often as I could. I could not get enough of it.

I opened the door to the cottage and the site that greeted me was just amazing. Matron was sat there on the chair. She was naked and still had the pegs attached to her nipples and they looked red and sore. I was tempted to take them off because she seemed to be suffering but my sadistic streak kicked in and I thought she should keep them on.

I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss on her lips and flicked at the pegs. She winced in pain and begged that could she take them off before the meeting. I thought about it and then I said.

“Okay I will make a deal with you. You can take the pegs off your nipples but you have to attach one of them to your clit instead.”

Matron sat there and thought about it.

“Just think you can attach the one to your clit and cover it with the knickers that you are going to put on.” I said.

Matron was continuing to think about it. I looked at my watch and said.

“What the fuck I have not got the time for this indecision.” I said.

I went for her chest and pulled off the pegs attached to her nipples. I stood back and watched her cry in pain as the blood flooded back to her nipples but I also noticed that she had moved her hand down to her pussy. With me stood there she began to masturbate. She started with one finger but soon she had three imbedded in her cunt and she was rubbing her clit with her thumb. I walked forward and began to play with her nipples. This was just too much for her and she came all over the chair. She was leaking loads.

“You bastard.” She said.

“That was amazing. I have not cumm like that in years.”

I dropped my trousers and my underpants and stroked my cock. It was already erect and it was ready to fuck a pussy. I stood her up and took her place on the chair and felt her wetness against my arse. I then took hold of her and spread her legs and lowered her onto my cock.

I grabbed her by the hips and began to move her up and down on my cock. She was so wet and she was cumming all the time. She was as horny as you could get and she had brought out the dominant side of me. She may be a switch but I was not going to be her patsy. I was going to be in charge of this relationship and if I got into the college she had better watch out.

I continued to fuck her but I was aware of the time and I knew that I had about half an hour before I had to be back in the exam room and there was still so much to do. I fucked her as hard as I could and then I came in her cunt, because of her position on my lap I watched as it seeped back out again.

I eased her off my cock and sat her on the chair and spread her legs. I took one of the pegs and pulled back the hood of her clit and watched as it popped out. I had forgotten how big it was. It was as big as one of her nipples. I took the peg and attached it to her clit. She cried out in pain but she leaked out some more juice. It was again the pleasure pain situation and I loved it.

I was not finished yet. I took her by the hand and led her upstairs. I threw her onto the bed and the peg hit the mattress and she let out a scream of pleasure pain again. She pushed herself up the bed and I went to the wardrobe and opened the doors. It was full of uniforms and frumpy dresses. I then went to her drawers and opened them. They were full of big knickers and thick stockings and garter belts.

“Where were the sexy knickers that she had worn last night?” I thought.

I looked at her and said.

“Where are the sexy clothes that you were wearing last night?” I asked.

“I have a suitcase under the bed that I keep my special things in.” She said.

I reached under the bed and pulled the suitcase out. It was getting late and I decided that it would have to wait until after I had done my exam to be looked at. I went back to the wardrobe and rifled through the uniforms. I chose one that was just a little on the tight side and chucked it at her.

“Put this on for your meeting.” I said.

“It is too small.” She said.

“Just güvenilir bahis put it on bitch.” I said.

“What about underwear?” she asked.

“Do you want to wear some?” I asked.

“Yes and no.” She said.

“If I bend over the other staff will be able to see my arse and maybe even the peg attached to my clit.”

“And I care about that. Just hold the hem of your skirt if you have to bend over at all and remember to keep your legs crossed.”

I watched as she put the uniform on. God she looked sexy and I could have fucked her again but I did not have the time… She struggled to get past her large breasts with the zipper but eventually she managed to do it. When she was finished she look fantastic but she obviously was uncomfortable.

“Come on.” I said.

“I will walk you to your meeting just to make sure that you do not decide to come back to the cottage and change your uniform.”

We walked down the stairs. And out of the cottage. Matron got some strange looks from students and staff alike but to her credit she held her head high and just kept on walking and carried on to her meeting. I watched her close the door and then I went to my exam. It was History this afternoon and my favourite subject and the subjects that were on the paper I liked so I soon breezed through the paper and was finished before the time was up. I stuck up my hand and asked if I could be excused as I had done what needed to be done.

“You still have an hour to go.” Said the invigilator.

“Yes I know Sir but I have done all that needs to be done so there seems little point me being here for the next hour just staring into space.” I replied.

“Yes I can see where you are coming from.” He said.

“Go on and I wish you all the success with your future.”

He said it with the sound of someone who thought that I failed but I knew that I had aced that exam and that it was only tomorrow that I had to worry about because it was the language’s day. It was my plan that I would go back to the cottage and do some revision and maybe get some sleep before Matron got back from her meeting.

I left the exam room and got onto the concourse. I got my cigarettes out and lit one up. I inhaled deeply. Goodness that tasted good. I smoked the cigarette until I got to the cottage and then I walked in and made myself a cup of coffee. The plan was to do some revision and then take a nap and then be ready for Matron getting home. I took the coffee upstairs and got my book and tried to read but I was too intrigued to know what was in the suitcase of Matron to be able to concentrate on what I was doing. Eventually I gave up and went to Matron’s bedroom.

There was the suitcase laid on the bed just as we had left it before we had gone to our respective meetings and exams. I wondered how long it would be before Matron came home. Really I did not care I was going to look in that suitcase whether she liked it or not. I went to the bed and looked at the case. It was one that had a zipper on and she had not got a padlock on it. She obviously used it a lot.

I went for the zip and pulled it open. It came open in a couple of seconds and soon I was looking at the goods that were in the case. I was amazed. She had a load of sexy lingerie in there. I picked it up. It was made of silk like she had worn for me last night. I looked at the labels. They were all from a company called Victoria’s Secrets and from the feel of them they were not cheap. I looked at the sizes. She wore size 20 knickers and a 46F Bra. Now I knew if I ever wanted to buy her anything. There were bras, knickers and suspender belts and nighties and stockings that were so fine they were almost see through.

I lifted out all the silk lingerie and my eyes were really opened. Underneath the lingerie were the real goodies. On the bottom of the case was a load of leather goods. They were Basques, stockings, masks, crotchless knickers, zipper knickers, studded collars, dog collars whips and paddles and last of all some leather boots that went up to the thigh and were using at least 6 inch heels. God she was a dark horse I thought. I wondered when this lot had last been used. Well I intended to use it. I took the suitcase off the bed and put it under my bed ready for me to use later on in the day. I then decided to have my nap.

I do not know how long that I rested but I could hear Matron downstairs pottering about when I woke up. I checked my watch and it was still only four o’clock. I went downstairs and gave Matron a kiss. I noticed that she still had the uniform on and it made me smile.

“I am just going to the shop.” I said.

“Okay darling.” She said.

I left the cottage and headed into town. I knew what I was looking for and it took me about half an hour to find both items. I returned to the cottage and took a seat at the kitchen table and started chatting to Matron.

“So how was your meeting Matron?” I asked.

“It was quite good actually.” She said.

“How was that?” I queried

“At first I felt very self-conscious sat there with that small uniform on convinced that everyone could see türkçe bahis every part of me. I sat there with my legs crossed and one hand across my chest trying to disguise what I was wearing. The meeting began and soon I was involved in what was actually turning out to an interesting meeting. I got so involved that I forgot about the uniform that I was wearing. Suddenly I was aware that the room was silent. I wondered why until I looked down and saw that the zip had split on the uniform and my bra was on show and also I had uncrossed my legs and all the staff could see up my hem and see the peg attached to my clit.”

“Matron what the fuck is going on?” The Headmaster barked.

“I shrank my uniform in the washing machine.” I said.

“So how do you explain the lack of knickers and what is that peg doing attached to your clit?” He asked.

“I just sat there and blushed not knowing what to say yet strangely aroused. All around other members of staff were laughing at me and I knew that I would be the butt of many a joke for months to come.”

“Well you might as well take the fucker off.” He said.

“In front of the staff I ripped the zipper open because it would not pull down and stepped out of the uniform. I looked down at the floor and did not know what to say.”

“Well you might as well as take that bra off as well because you look ridiculous and then you can see me in my office afterwards.” He said

“Yes Headmaster.” I said.

“I sat back down and the meeting continued. It seemed to go on for ages and I thought that it would never end. Eventually the meeting did finish. Fortunately the Headmaster’s office was next to the meeting room and the students were still in class so I did not have to suffer the embarrassment of walking down the corridor naked for all to see. I picked up the tattered uniform and walked out of the meeting room with the Headmaster.”

“We went into his office and he took his seat behind his desk and told me to stand in front of the desk. I did as I was told. I stood there with my head bowed and waited for the tirade that I thought was to come. I was surprised when he began to speak to me quietly.”

“Now then Matron that was one hell of a display today. Have you anything to say for yourself?”

“I just stood there with my head bowed and said nothing. There was nothing that I could say.

“If you have nothing to say then I think we have to deal with the matter. You know what I do to my students with their parents’ permission no matter how old they are and you have witnessed it before so assume the position.”

“I knew what he meant. I went to his desk and bent over. I placed my large breasts on the desk and stuck out my arse. I waited to receive the punishment that he was about to administer.”

Suddenly- Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack.

I took my hands off the desk and rubbed my arse. It was stinging and I rubbed it to try and soothe the pain. What I had not noticed was that I had leaked juice all down my leg. There was a pool of my cumm juice on the floor and the Headmaster had a massive wet spot on his trousers where I had squirted on him.

“Better take these off.” He said.

“Turn round Matron” He ordered.

“I did as I was told and turned round just in time to see him drop his trousers and step out of them. He decided to take his boxer shorts off as well and the first thing that I noticed was that he was completely bald down below and he had an impressive cock though not as big as yours.”

“He moved towards me and took me by the waist. He somehow managed to lift me up and place me onto his cock. It slid in nice and easily. I did not resist and in fact I wrapped my legs round his waist and encouraged him to fuck me. He began to move in and out of my cunt. I began to sigh. It did not help when he started to flick at the peg attached to my clit. That just made me cumm again. I have to say that his technique was not bad. He would take my pussy to the head of his cock and then he would plunge his cock back into my pussy. The only problem was unlike you my darling is he was not a stayer. He only gave me a couple of strokes and then he spurted his cumm into my pussy. He put me down and dismissed me. I picked up my uniform and put it back on. I waddled back to the cottage trying to maintain my decency and this is how you have found me.”

With that she turned round and showed me how she looked. She had her big breasts hanging out of the uniform. Her nipples were like stalks. Her legs were bare and her uniform had risen up to show her pussy with the peg still attached.

“I take it from the state of your nipples that you are still aroused? Do you want a nice young cock to fuck you?”

“Yes please.” She said submissively.

“From now you will call me Sir or Master.” I said.

“Yes Sir.” She said.

“So again I ask. Do you want a nice long thick young cock to fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes Master” She said.

“Then take that ridiculous uniform off but do not throw it we may need it again and get yourself down on the floor.” I said.

“Yes George.” She said.

Slap Slap

“What güvenilir bahis siteleri did I tell you to call me bitch?” I said.

“Sir or Master.” She replied.”

“Look at the mess you have made of me bitch.” I said.

She lifted her head off the floor and looked at me. There was a big wet patch covering my trousers and my shirt.

“I am going to fuck you then you are going to clean my clothes for me bitch.” I said.

“Yes Master.” She said.

I stripped off my clothes and got onto the floor. I was not daft. I got my clothes and laid them out so that I was not lying on the cold floor. As she flicked at the peg I went between her legs. I spread them wide and then I began to lick at her pussy. It was full of cumm and I do not know why but I lapped it up.

“Mmm.” I said.

“Do you like the taste of that cumm Master?” She asked.

“Hmm it is not too bad. I thought it would taste worse.” I replied.

“Would you like to taste a cock at some time Sir?” She said.

“Maybe.” I said.

“Perhaps I could arrange that for you Sir?” She said.

I did not reply to that. I went back to licking out her pussy. I moved her fingers and began to lick at her clit. She seemed to love this. I was learning how to please Matron and it was keeping me hard. I pushed her legs up and onto her abdomen. I then took my cock and pushed it into her. She squealed as I pushed my cock into her. I had discovered a cock ring in her suitcase and a studded penis sheath. The studs were made from rubber but they still stimulated her when I pushed my cock into her.

“Oh my God you have been in my suitcase.” She said.

“Yes I have Matron and I discovered some very interesting things. You have quite a secret life haven’t you? When was the last time that you used some of that equipment?”

“It has been several years since I have used it. In fact it has not been used since my husband died. In fact last night was the first time that I got out any of the lingerie out and used it on you so what does that tell you about the effect that you are having on me.”

“It tells me that you need some loving and you need to let your inner soul out again and I am going to help you do so. I know that you think that you are a switch but you are really a true submissive aren’t you Matron.”

“Yes Sir” I am.

“Will you let me fulfil my role Sir?” She asked.

“I intend to make you into the true submissive that you should be Matron but you must promise yourself to me. You must never do anything without asking me. I do not mind you fucking other men and women but you will ask me what to wear and you will do some things that I ask you to do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She said.

“We will draw up a contract when we have finished doing this.” I said.

I had stopped fucking her whilst we had this chat so now I went back to fucking her. I pushed my cock in and out of her cunt. It was swimming with her pussy juice. I was squishing each time that I pushed into her and when I pulled out she would drip juice onto the floor I tried to keep things at a steady pace but she was squirming and she needed to cumm again. I was in such a position that I could have lasted for a lot longer.

I pushed my cock in and out of her and she was biting on her hand trying to control her emotions. I told her to pick up a breast and kiss it. She took her hand off the peg and picked up her right breast. She massaged the breast and pinched the skin. She dug her nails into the flesh until she drew blood. I bent forward and licked it up.

“Oh God that feels so good.” She said.

She then put her nipple to her mouth and began to chew on it. It was not like she was kissing it or anything like that She was actually biting it as hard as she could and she was not happy until she had made herself cumm again and she had covered me in her juice.

I pulled out of her. She looked at my cock.

“Oh my God has that just fucked me?” She asked.

“Sure has.” I said.

“No wonder I came so much.” She responded.

She laid there on the floor and tried to recover.

“I am going for a shower.” I said.

“Make sure that you clean my clothes then I want you to go to your bedroom and put on the outfit that I put out for you and when you are nearly ready I will come and finish you off.”

With that I left the kitchen and went to the bathroom. I showered and then I went to the bedroom to get ready with the clothes that I had chosen. I looked at them lying on the bed and could not wait to put them on.

I picked up the trousers. They were made of leather and had a cut-out crotch. As I pulled them on I realised that I loved the feel of leather on my skin and I was immediately hooked on it and knew that I was designed to be a dominant. I pulled them all the way up and then I fastened them up. Matron’s husband must have been a bit bigger than me because I needed to put a belt on them to keep them up. I then picked up the leather vest and pulled it on. It was a perfect fit and showed off my broad shoulders and chest and muscled arms. I looked down and saw my cock sticking straight out. Due to the fact that I had the cock ring on it looked bigger than it normally did. I completed the look with a studded collar and a pair of studded bracelets and some leather boots. I styled my hair and then left the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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