Sweet Dreams


“I have a surprise for you!” he whispered into the phone.

“You do?” I whispered back. “You know how much I love surprises!”

“Meet me in the parking lot in 20 minutes!” he replied.

“OKAY!” I said with a smile on my face.

Max Westfield and I always talk in hushed tones, especially at work. After all, our relationship is forbidden. In the public eye, we simply work at the same place and exchange pleasantries. We interact on matters of business in a professional manner. Nobody could know the private relationship we share behind closed doors.

So I sit at my desk and anxiously watch the clock for 20 minutes to tick by. What kind of surprise could it be this time, I’m wondering. The last time he did this, it was spring time and he brought me a mason jar with a big yellow ribbon tied around it, with fresh lilac’s stuffing the opening that he’d just snipped from the lilac tree. Now that its winter, I’m pretty sure he’s not bringing me fresh meadow flowers or a homemade snowman or something.

It’s been 15 minutes, I’m anxious and can’t think of anything else so I grab my coat and head outside. I wear a smile from ear to ear, my mind racing trying to figure out what the surprise could be. I hurry over to his truck, knowing no matter how fast I get there, I still have to wait for him to arrive. Well, it seems he couldn’t wait either because he was already on the far side of his truck waiting for me.

The moment I reach him, I wrap my arms around his neck and plant my lips on his! As eagerly as I kiss him, he replies with a matched enthusiasm. I love it when mornings start out this way. His arms are wrapped around me, holding me close and our kissing could so easily turn into something more. My pulse is racing as he kisses me through smiling lips.

“Now for that surprise!” he says. Honestly, I would have been content with the surprise he just gave me. Meeting in the parking lot like that for a special “good morning kiss” was rare but always welcomed and treasured. He opened the door to his truck and gave me a box. He told me to take the box to my car and said I wasn’t allowed to open it until lunch time. If I peeked too soon, it would ruin the surprise. Not being one to ruin anything, I followed his directions. I walked to my car as he walked back in the building, giving us each an ample amount of time so we’re not seen walking in together.

Now back at my desk, time crawls by. I’m able to accomplish a few things but my mind is never far from that box and what may be inside. I have to remind myself that staring at the clock will not make its hands move any faster. Anticipation is building! In order to get through the rest of the morning, I remind myself that it’s just a plain brown box, and knowing Max it may contain the new release from my favorite author. He knows how reading my books helps me forget I’m lonely when we can’t be together.

The clock strikes 11:00am. Only another hour and a half until lunch time and as much as I try to ignore it for the moment, my curiosity grows. I think this must be his intent, because I really can’t figure out what kind of surprise would be ruined depending on the time of day the box was opened. Yet, at 11:15 he turns off the light in his office and I hear him say good bye to others as he walks for the exit.

“Have a good weekend, I’ll see you Monday.” He says as he walks down the hall. He never says good bye to me that way, lest it raises suspicion but he will pass my office and send me a quick wink and a smile as he heads out the door. Now I’m filled with disappointment. He didn’t even tell me he was leaving early today. I miss him when he’s not at work, even if we’re both so busy I barely see him, because I know he’s never very far away. At least when I know he’s leaving early, I can prepare myself ahead of time.

It’s now close to 12:30, the time I go for lunch. It’s so close to the time where I open the box and find out what’s inside, ending my frenzied thoughts. Over the past few hours, I’ve thought of many Bostancı Escort things it could be. Nothing was ever really viable nor expected, but when your mind is out of control, it thinks things it normally wouldn’t think.

I don’t usually take my lunch out to my car, but today is an exception. He must have some plan based on timing, else I would have been able to open the box sooner. Once I reach my car, I toss my sandwich on the dash and reach for the box, intent on discovering its contents. I took off the cover to the box and found another smaller box inside, but also was a note. The note was telling me to retrieve my things and shut down to prepare to leave for the day. He has already arranged my afternoon off but didn’t say how. Once I was back in the car with all my things, I could open the next box.

I don’t think I’ve ever rushed through a mission so quickly before in my life. My curiosity and anticipation was winning over every other emotion I’ve ever known. I get back to my desk, set my “out of office” reply, replace my voicemail, pack up my things and rush out the door. The excitement is building as my mind explores hundreds of different possibilities.

Finally, I get back to my car! I load my things into the back seat, climb into the driver’s seat and start the engine. I open the 2nd box and find a sheer negligee, a soft pastel purple that is light and wispy, long enough to reach the top of my thighs but sheer enough to see everything anyway. Along with the negligee was another note and a key! The note told me where I was to meet him, in a cabin by the lake at a remote resort not too far away. The key would get me in the door. Once I reached the cabin, I was supposed to change into the negligee and wait for his arrival.

Once I reached the cabin and let myself in, I realized he had already been there. The cabin was toasty warm with a fire already crackling, candles were burning, soft music was playing from his iPad, and the cabin had vases of fresh lilacs scattered around. (I wonder where he found lilacs this time of year). I set my things down, removed my coat, and brought that box into the bathroom to change. On the vanity, I found another note and a blindfold. Instructions were short and to the point. Change clothes, apply the blindfold, and wait for his return on the center of the bed.

This is a new twist, something we’ve never done before, but I’m intrigued. I follow directions, freshen up my makeup, brush my hair and hurry over to the bed. I get comfortable wondering how long I’ll have to wait for him, prop myself up on the pillows, put on the blindfold and wait. I know it was probably less than 5 minutes but it seemed like forever. I heard a door open but it didn’t sound like the door to the cabin, it sounded like a closet door.

He sees me lying there, wearing the negligee, propped up on pillows with a blindfold on. I hear him take in a deep breath and moan slightly. Feeling good about myself that I can cause this reaction, I smile in the direction of his footsteps. I feel the pressure on the mattress as he joins me, my arms open instantly and rise above my head searching for an embrace. Rather than wrapping his arms around me, his hands grab mine, fingers intertwining as his lips find mine for a deep passionate kiss. This moment is so hot and exciting, I hold my breath and moan at the same time, wanting more.

“Do you trust me” he whispered?

“Yes, of course I do!” was my reply, as I wondered where this question was leading. He’d never asked me that before. He let go of my right hand, trailing his fingertips over my nipples thru the fabric, brushing his lips against mine for another soft lingering kiss. His left hand was still holding mine and he moved my arm further above my head, reaching for the far corner of the headboard. VELCRO! I heard the rip of velco opening and felt him wrap a wrist strap around my wrist. Then he quickly extended my right arm and wrapped that wrist as well, not even giving me a chance to protest (not Erenköy Escort that I would anyway but he didn’t know that).

There I lay, feeling exposed and vulnerable, and so excited. Sheer negligee, blindfolded so I can’t see what’s coming next, wrist bound so I can’t interject with anything that might happen. Even though the fire has the cabin toasty warm, I feel a chill run through my body, a chill of excitement. Just as I wonder what he’s planning next, he offers me another kiss, then grabs me by the hips and pulls me down a little on the bed. This almost stretches my arms to their limit but I’m still comfortable with my head and shoulders propped up on the pillows.

His fingers fumble with the bow ties on the shoulders holding my negligee in place. He pulls on the lace to untie the knot. The back was never secure, so once the shoulder ties are gone, he easily removes the fabric… Now I am totally naked and warm, but the tingling in my body still causes my nipples to harden.

I hear another Velcro strap. I have to wonder what that one is for. It didn’t take long for me to find out. It was for my knees. First one then the other were both tied to a strap that was waiting on the frame of the bed. My knees were at waist level, tied down to the mattress, leaving my pussy and ass wide open to the elements of the room. And if I didn’t feel exposed and vulnerable before, now I REALLY did…. But the excitement was growing and I couldn’t find a single reason to resist.

He finally breaks the silence. It was probably only a couple minutes but he had me blindfolded, arms tied above my head, knees tied in a spread eagle fashion and he whispered to me, “I wanna hear you beg.” He knows I refuse to beg anyone for anything, EVER!

He joined me on the mattress and straddled my hips. I could feel his solid cock against my thigh. His lips came down on my nipples as he licked first one, then the other. My body was at full attention. His licks turned into suckling, his fingertips twisting one nipple as his mouth covered the other, his cock resting upon my thigh. I couldn’t wrap my arms around him, I couldn’t pull him closer and hold him, I couldn’t wrap my legs around his ass. All I could do was melt under the delicious attack of his tongue, lips, and teeth as he nibbled my breasts.

I whimpered as he left me. UGH! I was waiting for more, waiting for the suckling to continue, maybe feel his tongue take its familiar path down the center of my belly to find my pulsing clit. Having lost all sight due to the blindfold, all other senses are acute. I hear the pop of something opening, although I’m not sure what it is… “Apple butter” I hear him say… then I feel the cold cream that smells of apples running over my navel and spreading down my thighs. His tongue is close behind, warming up the cool butter with his warm breath and moist tongue, softly licking the trail of apple butter. MORE SHIVERS and excitement. I want to reply in kind, I want to wrap my limbs around his body, but I am completely at his mercy. I cannot move.

OH JESUS! Just fuck me I’m thinking…! I can’t take this sweet torture anymore… it’s been at least 30 minutes of kissing, nibbling, caressing, sucking and I’m ready to crack! I need to cum! I need to explode. But every time I’m close, he retreats.

Finally, I feel his tongue on my clit! It’s only a matter of moments now before sweet release when I can explode and float in heavenly bliss. He licks me ever so softly. He always starts off that way, gets me in a frenzy, then dives in with a tongue fucking to bring an explosive release that soaks bed sheets for a week. As much as I whimper, as much as I want to hold his head closer and wrap my legs around his shoulders, I can’t. I’m not in control, I can’t facilitate, I can’t thrust my pussy into his face because I’m tied down. All I can do is accept this sweet torture and wait for his mercy.

Mercy was not forthcoming. He slowly left my clit and kissed a path back up to my breasts. His hand Göztepe Escort cupped one as his lips suckled the other. He continued his trail up my neck until her reached my lips, burying his tongue in my mouth, feeling his body press mine into the mattress, his cock pulses against my already sensitive clit, tasting myself on his tongue. It won’t take much, I’m ready to explode!

He stopped… he stopped kissing me, he stopped licking me, his body left mine… even though my wrists were bound and my knees were bound, I could still move my hips. I have so much need and desire, my clit is pounding, I rock my hips in an upward motion. I feel like I’m fucking the air, just looking for something, anything to grasp onto. This physical need is growing deep inside my pussy and I need something to put out the fire. I moan, pulsing pussy looking for assault, total consumption when without warning, I feel the vibration of something hard at the opening my center of desire, my center of need. He rests it against my opening and no amount of thrusting I can do with my hips will help me milk this toy deep into my core. He’s holding it back, watching me thrust, waiting for me to beg….

He slowly inserts this vibrating toy as deep in my pussy as he can go. He’s pushing it in, one inch at a time until I feel totally consumed. He lets it rest there, as the walls of my pussy try to inhale this toy. My hips are thrashing, I’m looking for release, I want him to fuck me hard and now, I don’t even care if it’s with a toy! I need the pounding! I need the release. If I were not bound, I’d be rubbing my own clit! “For Christ sakes Max, fuck me and let me cum already!” I’m starting to get violent; I’ll expect a violent release. “Fuck me! Eat me! Spank me! Just stop torturing me!” My orders were followed by a chuckle. I was in no position to issue orders. All I could do was succumb to his assault. I was helpless.

That’s right…. He wants me to beg. But… I’m not a beggar! I’ll take his sweet torture, but I won’t beg!

He slowly withdraws the vibrating toy, leaving me feeling totally empty. Oh my god, a void that is desperate to be filled. In a swift unsuspecting moment, I feel him plunge into my core! He’s not fucking me, he just buried his cock in me as far as he could reach and stayed there. The muscles of my pussy cling and contract, trying to milk him for everything he has. He pulses his hips just a little without moving his cock and that’s enough to send my clit into a frenzy. If I could move freely, I would have turned him over right then and there and rode him hard, slamming my hips into his groin.

“DAMN IT!” I cried out… “Just fuck me, fuck me hard! Max, make me cum!”

“I’m so sorry.” Was his reply.” I can’t do that right now.”

CHRIST!!!! He wants me to beg. If I don’t, he will never allow me to cum.

“GOD DAMMIT Max, please, I beg you… PLEASE make me cum!”

He backs off, as he’s considering my request. My body is in convulsions. I’m trying to fuck dry air, my body gasping for attention, for final release. I can’t see what he doing, or read the expression on his face, I can’t tell if he’s relenting, or feeling any mercy. My body begins to thrash as much as the bindings will allow. I need to cum but I need him to help get me there…

“PLEASE MAX!” I cry out… “Please help me! I beg you, please have mercy! I need to cum, I need to explode! I need you to help me!”

Like a time bomb, that’s all he needed to hear. I felt him plunge his solid rock hard cock deep into my core and as he rocked his hips back and forth, each drive of his cock became harder, deeper, faster until I was ready to explode. The walls of my pussy with each contraction milked him for everything he had. His own release was matched by mine as my fluid squirted into a small river.

Moments later, he removed my bindings, removed the blindfold, and allowed me to rest sleepily on his shoulder. I rolled into the crook of his arm, he wrapped his arm around me and with a kiss on the top of my head, whispered “Sweet Dreams”. I was definitely falling off into a slumber after all that precious torture. And I was wearing a smile on my face ? I will have to remember to ask what was the special occasion, then again he makes every occasion special…