Sweet, Salty, Savory Soufflé


“So, wait a minute,” Daniel said, leaning against the kitchen counter on one hip, his eyes widening with disbelief. “You woke me up at seven am, coerced me into doing a bake-off with you by threatening me with a blowjob, and yet you don’t know what the bake-off theme is.”

“No.” With the sweetest smile, Persephone shook her head, correcting Daniel. “I woke up hungry, but you didn’t let me eat your cock, so I challenged you to a breakfast bake-off.”

It was not what happened.

“I didn’t let you suck me off? What do you think happened here?” Daniel pointed to his hard-on in his boxers, which were pulled on reluctantly at the last minute, and Persephone licked her lips. She could still taste his salty pre-cum on the tip of her tongue. Just mere minutes ago, his fingers were tangled in her lush dark hair, and his cock slid deep in her hot, moist mouth. One of the spaghetti straps of her white silk camisole had fallen from the up-and-down motion of her arms, revealing half of her tit, which jiggled as she lowered her head to take in more of his cock.

Until Persephone looked up from between his legs and smirked.

Daniel continued, “You wanted to get Nutella to put on my cock, and that’s why we are here in the kitchen, talking about a bake-off!”

Persephone pulled out a chair from under the dinner table and wiggled her lace-clad ass into the soft cushion, settling herself into it. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re afraid.”

Daniel snorted, squaring his shoulders and crossing his arms at his chest. “Afraid of a bake-off with an amateur, who doesn’t know the difference between meringue and macaronage?”

She raised her eyebrows and looked Daniel straight in his deep-set eyes. And when he didn’t back down, she smiled at him, all secretive and teasing. Crossing her legs, she watched her red toes dangle in front of her, and then she lifted her gaze. “Soufflés.”

Daniel rolled his eyes skyward and huffed an exasperated sigh. He knew his woman. “You don’t know how to do soufflés.”

“No matter.” Persephone waved at her phone on the table. “I can look it up.”

“Baby, save yourself some embarrassment and just beg for my soufflés. I will gladly make them for you.” He added after a beat with an arched brow, “If you beg, that is.”

“You let me worry about embarrassing myself.”

Biting back a smile, Daniel lifted his chin and narrowed his eyes on her. Something was not right. He stared at her while she innocently toyed her hair with a finger, black curls wrapped around red lacquered nails. And then the lock tumbled down to rest on the slope of her breast when she released the curl.

And then Daniel understood. “You’re going to play dirty, aren’t you? You dirty little girl. I just don’t know what sort of dirty little trick your dirty little head is going to come up with.”

“You can set up the rules.” She looked to her fingers, admiring the perfect manicure.

“All the rules?” His voice dropped an octave. Daniel pushed himself off from the counter, advancing toward Persephone. She tried hard to ignore the throbbing in her clit so she could feign a modicum of control.

She gave him an affirmative nod. “Including appointing the judge. In fact, I suggest you choose a panel of judges.”

“Does that mean I get to play dirty, too?” He traced his finger Bostancı Escort from her jaw to her collarbone. Hovering his finger along the neckline of her camisole, he watched her eyes flutter shut and her lips part. He lowered himself to squat between her legs, letting his fingers roam freely on her breasts, enjoying the reactions he could so easily elicit from her. Drawing himself nearer, he pressed his lips to hers before he licked her lower lip. Persephone sucked in a breath, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he nibbled along her jawline. She tipped her head back, and Daniel took the invitation to tease her earlobe with an expert tongue, loving the way she gave herself to him.

Moans escaped her lips before she whispered into his ear, her voice laced with heavy arousal, “Are you so desperate that you’d resort to cheating?”

Daniel stilled, his wet tongue and exploring hands frozen. The corner of Persephone’s lips curved into a victorious little smile. One moment Daniel was tasting those plump lips, and the next, those very same lips drove him insane. She dealt her second blow as she witnessed his jaw drop a little. “I’d expected a touch more from you, an accomplished baker that you are. After all, you’ve been baking for longer than I have been breathing!”

“You’re terrible. Just terrible!” He came up to his full height, stomping toward the pantry to retrieve his precious Belgian chocolate, leaving Persephone alone in the chair. She pushed the chair away from the table and kicked her feet up to rest on the tabletop, crossing them at the ankles.

Daniel shouted from across the room, “I will feed you my soufflé until you orgasm from it!” And what he couldn’t see when he buried himself in the pantry was the twinkle in Persephone’s eyes as she prepped herself in anticipation for a fun morning.

When Daniel returned with an armful of chocolate, Persephone was flipping through his recipe book. Long fingers capped with red nails slid along the edge, flirting with the page. Without lifting her head, she asked, seemingly quoting the book, “Shall I tell you my method to give your ‘soufflé’ the staying power so that your ‘soufflé’ is not collapsing rather rapidly?”

She met Daniel with a huge grin, looking like the cat that got the cream.

Daniel snatched the book from Persephone, but not before he said to her, daggers in his eyes, “No soufflé is collapsing in this house!”

Why he ever tolerated this woman was beyond him.

And as if Persephone had heard his thought, she bit her lower lip and licked along the upper one, moistening and prepping them. Once she knew she had Daniel’s attention, she sucked two fingers into her mouth and dragged them down between her breasts to her belly, leaving a trail of wet spots on her camisole. And finally, she laid them on the coveted triangle framed by her legs.

Two lazy fingers with glistening red nails rested upon the delicately woven white lace, marked at the very end by a tuft of black hair. Daniel had his answer then. He put down whatever he was holding (his long-forgotten recipe book) on the table, unsure why he also had a handful of chocolate—he didn’t care.

Slowly, Persephone uncrossed her ankles, and a whiff of her scent filled his senses before she revealed more of those black curls. Her smell sent a jolt of electricity Erenköy Escort down the length of Daniel’s spine and directly into his cock, and it twitched, picking up where she’d left off earlier. He’d wager that she had only gotten wetter since then; she was always ready for him.

“Open your legs,” he commanded.

She parted her thighs for a split second, flashing him with a fleeting glimpse of her pink pussy lips through the sheer lace, before she made a thud with the heel of her foot and firmly locked her ankles again. She offered him a smile that made him want to flip her over the kitchen table and sink his cock deep in her tight cunt.

Daniel had had enough of her shenanigans. “Spread them. And spread them wide.”


“Yes. You’re going to do exactly what I want you to do.”

“No!” Persephone shook her head and pushed the fingers into the juncture of her legs. The red nails disappeared at the apex.

Holding Daniel’s gaze, Persephone started to move her fingers, languidly massaging. Unperturbed, Daniel pushed his boxers off his hips and took his cock in his hand, pumping himself, matching her slow and lazy movements. Persephone let out a loud whimper as his cock expanded in front of her eyes; she wanted that cock.

“I won’t say it again, and you’d better do what I say,” he said, his tone slow and even like his hand on his cock. “Open your legs and let me see your pussy. I want to see how wet you are for me.”

With the order, she rubbed herself faster—unable to resist—only to be interrupted by him. “Don’t you dare cheat! You come only when I say you can come. Do you understand?”

She nodded; at least, her fingers slowed down, but her ass picked up the rhythm, rocking itself into her fingers and the chair.

“Are you going to make me come with your ‘soufflé’?” Persephone knew she could only get into more trouble for the insolence, but in her cookbook, trouble was the essential ingredient to be filled with Daniel’s cock and cum. Her legs parted involuntarily at the thought and at the sight of him pleasuring himself, each stroke bold yet controlled.

Leaning against the back of the chair with her breasts pushed out, she lowered her legs to the floor and spread them to either side of the seat. Her plump lips were now only covered by a thin piece of gusset, the lace barely enough to hide her slit. Hit by the renewed waft of her arousal, Daniel picked up the pace of his stroking, and Persephone rubbed herself faster, rolling her rounded ass, moaning in synchronization with her thrusting hips.

“Good girl,” he said, bringing his left palm in front of her face. “Now, spit.”

She shot him a look before a sly smile played on her lips. Persephone spat, and then her pink tongue licked the center of his palm, circling. It was Daniel’s turn to groan, and she loved the sound. She loved the way she brought out the low, primal growl in him. The panting grunts were almost desperate, pleading, but Daniel kept his voice composed when he spoke—a testament of his legendary control. “Take off your panties and fuck yourself with your finger.”

Edged with dominion, his voice brought a new wave of wetness down to her core. Her sweet juices coated her fingers, smooth and slick with a sheen that made her red nails shinier. More dangerous. She raised the fingers Göztepe Escort in front of his nose and watched his nostrils flare as lust took hold of him. Before he could set his mouth on them—as she knew he wanted to taste her juices—she took them away and put them into her own mouth. Daniel growled low in his throat; frustration and excitement spurred him to squeeze his engorged cock more tightly in his grip.

This time, Daniel only needed to hold out his palm in front of her pretty face, and like a good girl that she was, she gave him more of her saliva as his lubricant. And then Persephone lifted her hips to slide her panties down, leaving the white lace hooked and bunched up around one ankle. She parted her pussy lips with one hand and inserted the wetted finger into her tight hole. The pink lips enveloped the digit, snug around it.

Daniel pumped faster, his hand sliding along the shaft and twisting around the crown, veins bulging on the back of his masculine hand. Persephone timed her own finger to his maneuver—drawing it in and out of herself, making wet suction noises with her pussy and loud whimper with her mouth—as his wrist flicked, and his hand went down the solid length toward his balls.

He stroked himself harder, panting. “Rub your clit for me.”

And Persephone did—no more games or resistance, she couldn’t bear it any longer—her other hand flying to rub her nub. She wanted him to give it to her. Needed him to allow her the final release.

“Come on me, Daniel,” she urged, pulling her top over her head, exposing her bare breasts, tight and high, her long black curls wild around them. “I need you to come on my tits. I want your cum all over me.”

Unable to deny her further—as her pleasure was his release—Daniel stepped closer, jerking his cock frantically next to her nipple, scraping the smooth head against the tightening tip.

“Fuck. More, more, more, yes…” mesmerized by his cock fucking her tit, she begged, hips rocking and rolling, fingers pumping.

“Harder, Daniel. I need you to fuck me harder. Fuck…I’m so close.” Her abs tightened as she struggled to watch him fuck her. Failing, she tilted her head, biting on her lower lip. Letting him push her into the abyss—trusting that he’d be there to catch her—she closed her eyes.

“Come, baby. Come for me.” His strained voice brought on her orgasm as her inner muscles contracted, squeezing her own finger, which continued to pump in and out to carry her through the waves of orgasm. Daniel couldn’t hear his own panting—her gasps and cries were all he heard, all he wanted, all he needed—as his balls tightened. And then he shot jets of warm cum onto her tits, covering her with himself, marking her his.

Spent, Daniel supported himself on one arm, leaning on the back of the chair, keeping his queen on her throne. She let out a blissful sigh, calming down from her high, as he lowered himself to kiss her on the lips, his cum still hot and dripping down her mons and into the thatch of black curls. His uneven breaths tickled her lips, soft and sweet. Melting under his lips, Persephone giggled—pure pleasure and satisfaction—and he couldn’t love any sound more.

“Here, baby.” Persephone dipped a finger in his cum on her nipple when she could manage to speak again and drew the finger into her mouth. “Here is your pinch of salt for the soufflé.”


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