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They dropped her bags on the floor as the door clicked shut behind him. Hanging up her coat, she turned to face him. He reached forward to wrap his arms around her and she sank into his embrace. She tilted her face up to meet his and they kissed gently, but warmly. He felt her hand press into the small of his back, pulling him tightly against her. She slipped her tongue between his lips, making little circles in his mouth. He growled hungrily from the back of his throat and returned the kiss. He could see the passion in her eyes and felt his cock rising to meet her implications. They fell against the door, her hands exploring his body. He reached down to cup her ass and pulled her roughly against him. She gave a low moan and broke the kiss to nibble his earlobe. He leaned his head against the door and let his hands wander over her back. She brought his shirt up over his head and tugged on the arms to pull it off.

He sensed her urgency and quickly undid the buttons of her shirt, dropping it silently. He unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor, pulling her breasts against him. She gripped his built body for support as he knees went weak under her. She felt the strength of his arms and glanced at his defined abs. Knowing that such a hot man was all hers turned her on even more. His cock was rock hard now and he ducked his head to take her nipple in his mouth. He groped both breasts, squeezing them together and sucking loudly on one nipple. She ran her hands through his short hair and along the back of his neck, encouraging his attentions. He looked up from her breasts and she seized his neck, kissing him roughly and grinding her hips into his body. She shuddered when his cock güvenilir bahis grazed her clit through their jeans.

He quickly lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his back. He carried her to the bed, setting her down softly despite his building need. She pulled him on top of her, immediately raising her hips to meet his. His cock was straining against his jeans now, and he could feel the heat from between her legs. She thrust upward against his cock and he moved against her to meet her thrusts. They were both breathing heavily and groaning periodically. Soon, his patience wore off and he rolled off of her. Tearing open the button and zipper of her jeans, he pulled them towards her ankles and threw them to the floor beside them. Removing his own jeans, he rested again on her, fitting his cock in the warmth of her pussy. Grinding against her again, he felt his cock slowly heading towards orgasm. Fed up with the barrier, she wiggled his boxers off and tossed them randomly to the floor with her underwear. He moaned incoherently as the wetness of her pussy spilled onto his cock, making him slide more easily across her clit. She gasped at his first thrust as it bumped her clit and sent shocks of ecstasy through her body. Continuing to grind against each other, all thoughts were lost while they focused on the rhythm of their thrusts.

Suddenly, it was not enough. She squirmed from beneath him laid herself on his chest. She saw his hard nipples and took one in her mouth, flicking the nub with her tongue. She worked the other nipple with her hand, alternately pinching and squeezing his muscular chest. She moved quickly and bent over his cock. She slowly licked the head türkçe bahis and rolled his balls in her hand. Working gradually down his shaft, she ran her tongue in circles over his cock, enjoying his small movements as a sign of her skill. She tilted her head and pushed his cock deep into her throat. A rough breath escaped him and she licked the drop of precum from the head of his cock. Pumping his shaft slowly with her hand, she swirled her tongue over his cock. Pulling gently on the pink head with her lips, she again thrust his cock deep into her throat. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed down lightly in rhythm with her movements. The warmth of her throat was drawing him closer and closer to orgasm. She brought his cock out of her mouth and immediately began pumping the shaft. Meanwhile, she bent her head and took one ball into her mouth. She moved her tongue energetically and sucked hard on the firm circle. Taking both in her mouth, she spun them against each other while still pumping his cock. As good as it felt, he wasn’t ready to come yet. He gently pulled her head from between his legs and kissed her hard.

Turning under her, he laid her gently on the bed, pushing her shoulders back into the blankets. Kissing his way down her body, he moved into a good position in which to please her. He teased her, biting gently on her thighs and kissing around her pussy, but not actually touching it. She sighed loudly and lifted her hips in an attempt to bring his mouth to her. Abruptly, he pushed one finger deep inside her. She gasped at the unexpected intrusion, but enjoyed it even more. He pushed another finger inside her, turning them in circles and grazing her g-spot. güvenilir bahis siteleri He dipped his head and kissed her clit gently, sending little shocks through her body. Sensing her impatience, he stopped teasing her and set to work. He sucked on her clit, pulling it from her body even as he licked it. Two fingers dove hard into her pussy, moving smoothly in the wetness. Her juices covered his face, making it slippery as he worked his tongue on her clit. Her breathing was ragged and she moaned softly. He gave a last hard thrust with his fingers and withdrew them. He reached up towards her and kissed her hard, their warm bodies pressed together. They were both aroused to a peak now, and would not be able to wait much longer.

He positioned his body over hers, and with a quick movement, thrust his cock into her pussy. He groaned at the incredible warmth and tightness that surrounded his cock. She wrapped her arms around his back as he began to pump in and out of her. She cried out in pleasure and begged him not to stop. He had no intentions of stopping and only increased his speed. There were slurping noises as his cock flew in and out of her pussy, bulging. Her hips bucked wildly to meet his thrusts and to force his cock deeper inside her throbbing pussy. Their sweating bodies crashed together, and the sound of his balls slapping against her skin filled the otherwise quiet room. A hot flush shot up his body, and his muscles tensed in anticipation of his climax. His balls contracted and his cock pulsed as cum spurted into her wet pussy and her tightness continued to milk the cum from his cock. The strength of his orgasm brought her to her own, and they hammered against each other as their climaxes rose and passed. Exhausted, he collapsed against her, kissing her softly. She nestled against the pillow, still holding him close. They smiled at each other, kissed again, and settled down into the blankets to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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