Taken by the Boss

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Jennifer beckoned him into her office. Luke glanced up from his desk, brows furrowed. He’d been in the middle of finishing up another grant application and didn’t appreciate the interruption. However, as his eyes took in the curvature of her body – the swell of her breasts, the curves of her shapely waist – his annoyance dissipated. He cleared his throat, dragging his eyes away from her impressive cleavage. “Hey Jennifer. What’s up?”

As she stood in the doorway she took the opportunity to take in his muscular frame. She noticed that he was wearing a tight yellow t-shirt that she’d never seen before. She knew he’d gone home for winter break, he must have taken the opportunity to do some shopping. She felt her pussy tingle as she cast her glance downward. Because he was sitting down the view was obscured, however she could tell by the way his pants clung to his muscular thighs that she would be getting a nice view of his khaki-covered bulge when he stood up.

“We should discuss the next phase of the research plan. We need to contact the programs to see what data they have and how it can be aggregated.” She spoke with a sense of urgency, hoping to mask the sexual tension with a veneer of professionalism.

“Oh right, gotcha.” Luke stood up and Jennifer fought back a sharp intake of breath. Those khaki pants did indeed show off his sizable bulge, and his shirt displayed his rippling arms rather nicely. As she turned, Luke’s eyes were glued to her round, heart-shaped ass as he followed her into the office. For an older woman she’d definitely kept herself in shape. He’d always been an ass man, and Jennifer’s taut hourglass frame satisfied that particular ideal nicely.

Oblivious to his lingering stare, she sat down at her desk and leaned back in her chair. His eyes flickered to her heavy breasts, clad in an an impossibly deep purple v-neck. He’d noticed that she’d been dressing much more provocatively lately and quietly wondered if she’d been consciously or unconsciously showing off for him. Either way, he wasn’t complaining.

Luke stood in the doorway for a moment before shutting the door and sitting in the chair across from her desk. In spite of their mutual attraction, he still felt mild discomfort as he became immediately conscious of her gaze.

“So, Luke…why don’t you just update me on the progress you’ve made so far?” Jennifer said as she shuffled her papers.

“Um, well…I’ve been pretty busy, I haven’t really had the time to talk to anyone”, Luke sheepishly responded.

Jennifer sighed. Sexy as he was, his work habits were endlessly frustrating Kurtköy Escort to her. “Luke…I’ve told you this a thousand times. You need to be more aggressive. This data isn’t going to collect itself!”

Luke shrunk back in his chair. What was going on? He’d never seen her react this intensely before. On the rare occasions that their professional relationship was strained, she’d generally reacted coolly, hoping to capitalize on the vaguely mother-son flavor of their relationship and shame him into better behavior. The edge in her voice made him nervous.

“You must talk to them…in person! You have to …to…find them…find…find…FIND THEM!” She sputtered, as she began rocking her hips from side to side, hands gripping to desk. Her pupils dilated and her eyes widened, completely bewildered.

Suddenly she clenched her thighs as she felt a sharp jolt of arousal run through her body. Out of nowhere she found herself on the verge of an orgasm, every muscle in her body tensed. Her pussy, tingling mildly at the initial sight of Luke earlier in the day, suddenly felt like it was on fire and the sensation was achingly pleasurable and bordering on painful. A guttural moan escaped her throat. “I’m so sorry…I don’t…I can’t…just…ohhh…” she trailed off, her eyes wide in shock and helplessness.

Completely unable to stop herself she squeezed her eyes shut and began to grind her pussy against her chair, desperate to relieve her tension. Any semblance of civility was gone. Her sense of decorum and even awareness of her surroundings was completely overwhelmed by a sudden desperate and urgent need to cum. She gripped her desk, roughly clenching her thighs and continued to grind. She needed relief. She needed to cum. She gasped with urgency, lost in total animalistic desire.

Luke’s body flooded with adrenaline. He sat still, completely frozen, a look of complete and utter shock on his face and he witnessed the scene unfolding in front of him. Was this really happening? Was his sexy older boss, the woman he’d been simultaneously aroused by and fearful of for the past 6 months, grinding her clit against her chair in front of him? For a moment he wondered if she was playing a practical joke on him. How could this be real?

Several moments passed as Jennifer continued gasping and thrusting, her office chair squeaking loudly as she rocked back and forth. Luke remained utterly in shock, and his legs trembled as he stood up from his chair and began to stumble out of the room, totally bewildered. As he stood up, he accidentally knocked over a Pendik Escort nearby trashcan and it clattered to the ground.

“Fuck! What the fuck…” Luke stammered, realizing that in spite of his intense confusion, his cock was beginning to swell at the scene. He stood frozen, wondering if the sound of the trashcan falling would be enough to knock her out of her trance.

It was. At once, Jennifer stopped thrusting. The chair stopped squeaking. She looked up at him and inhaled sharply, her eyes out of focus and glazed over with arousal. She stood up suddenly, knocking over a stack of files. Breathing heavily she hiked up her fitted pencil skirt and fervently rubbed her nylon-clad pussy, bending forward slightly with her other hand on the desk. In one sweeping motion she swept the rest of her papers and her laptop off her desk and it all came crashing to the floor.

Desperate to cum, she clambered on top her now-empty desk and leaned backwards onto her forearms, her legs spread wide and her black pencil skirt hiked all the way up around her smooth thighs. She began tearing at the crotch of her pantyhose, intent on removing the thin barrier to her throbbing cunt. She whimpered at Luke in desperation. She could feel her pussy throb, juices flowing down her thighs, her body wracked with desire.

“Oh please…oh please…lick…lick…god, please lick my fucking pussy, I need it, need it…need it…please,…PLEASE. PLEASE. NOW.” Her whimper turned into a growl, her desperate pleas turned into commands.

Her voice reached a level of urgency Luke had never experienced. He had been with many sexual women, but the panting desperation in her voice almost scared him…almost.

Luke realized that his own arousal rapidly began to rise. His cock was fully engorged, straining against the fly of his khakis. He took a step forward. His body seemed to be acting on autopilot. He had no idea why this was happening, all he knew was that his beautiful boss, the sexy older woman he’d spent the last 6 months fantasizing and pleasuring himself to, was lying spread eagled in front of him, breathless and beautiful. Countless times he had stroked his cock, conjuring up images of her body in various positions, always wondering how her pussy felt and tasted.

He took one more step, bent all the way forward and put his hands on her firm thighs as he took a deep breath in, his face nearing ever closer to her swollen, yearning cunt as he took in the intoxicating scent of her arousal. At this point she had successfully torn open the seam of her nylons, her fingers Maltepe Escort probing her insides as she moaned. Her fingers were slick with her juices as she pulled him in. Luke pressed his mouth against her sex, savoring the taste. At this point he would normally tease and trace the edge of her opening with his tongue, drawing out his partner’s arousal. But this was not a normal situation and he fed her arousal as he began to suck and lick her in earnest, her moans growing louder.

The feeling of Luke’s tongue on her pussy was pure heaven. He slowly circled his thumb around her entrance and slid his fingers inside her slick, hot wetness as he vigorously sucked on her clit. Jennifer arched her back and began to moan louder, simultaneously clutching the back of his head and squeezing her breasts as she ground her pussy into his face.

The taste of her arousal was having an intense effect on Luke. He glanced up at her face as he continued to lick and the sight of her gripping her naked breasts spilling out over her plunging top made his cock throb. Her small, dark nipples were clearly hard as she squeezed them with one hand, never letting go of his head with the other. Her impressively large, round tits began to jiggle as she moved her hips back and forth with a greater urgency. Luke sucked relentlessly on her clit and she let out a squeal. He slid two more fingers inside and bent them upward to massage her on the inside.

After a few minutes Jennifer screamed and squeezed her thighs together, pinning Luke’s head against her cunt as her pussy contracted violently around his fingers. Luke shoved his fingers deeper as Jennifer began to cum. “Fuck…oh god, I’m cumming!”

Jennifer began to tremble, her scream fading to a guttural groan as she felt her body melt in pleasure. Her entire body was lost in the incredible sensation of her orgasm as Luke continued to suck her pussy, drawing out her climax and moving his fingers in fast, pulsing thrusts. The sound of her cumming sent electric shock waves of pleasure straight to his dick. This was his fantasy come to life. Jennifer gasped and her head fell back as her orgasm began to peak and then subside, her hips still thrusting into him and then relaxing. After a few seconds she relaxed completely, exhaling heavily as she began to come to her senses. Luke gently licked up her juices with his soft, wet tongue as she basked in the afterglow of her climax.

Luke stood up as Jennifer remained on the desk, her legs open and her wet, throbbing cunt displayed obscenely in front of him. Her ample tits were still on display as she looked at him with a mix of bewilderment and relief. Luke became more conscious of his own arousal. He’d never been so hard in his life. He unzipped his fly and released his cock. Jennifer moaned in anticipation, bit her lip and nodded as he grabbed ahold of her hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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