Taking It Out In Trade

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I stood up from the freshly patched fiber glass panel, I was on panel number six of twenty. Jill was bent over near by scrubbing the other four panels with acetone, later she would hit them with a course scotch bright pad.

Here I was in jeans and a long sleeved shirt covered In fiber glass splatter and all I could think of was she isn’t wearing any panties. I know this because the shorts she is wearing have a very tattered crotch and I’m looking across the three feet between us at her sexy shaved pussy, of course she chose right now to look back at me.

“Getting a nice ass shot big sexy?” Lisa asked with an I caught you grin.

They started calling me that about a week after I got hired. The girls like to see me blush, so they had been calling it ever since. In return for all the awkward blushes there is a mountain range of cleavage to ogle. If hands stray during friendly games of grab ass no one complains, they retaliate in kind.

I grinned back at her, “I wasn’t expecting to see a beaver this close up today and it seems to have worked out how to shave its winter coat!” She laughed and turned back to what she was doing.

She shot me a sly look whipped her hands off and intentionally adjusted her shorts so that the crotch covered nothing. Sitting as she was her pussy lips were parted and I could see small drops of moister gleaming in the sun, she moved her hips and her lips parted just a bit more and her hot pink vagina winked at me.

“you realize your killing me here right!” I laughed.

Jill and I have worked together for about six years, we have been friends from the beginning. As much as we have flirted well into the inappropriate at work, this was way beyond anything I ever thought of outside of my fantasies.

“Why Carter what ever are you talking about I’m scrubbing the panels just the way you showed me?” She batted her hazel eyes at me in innocence and went back to what she had been doing.

I enjoyed the show, my Dick getting harder by the minute. I couldn’t do anything until the four panels were prepped, so I decided to see just how far she would let this go. I took the splattered shirt off and hung it on a fence post and paused to look around, her trailer was at the back end of five acres of oak, pine and walnut trees. She had the run of the land but only owned the trailer, being care taker for the five acres had been part of the trailers sale to her.

All she really had to do was make sure to hire people to clean out any dead falls and walk it every now and then checking for litter or fire hazards, five acres is a lot of space to live in. I turned back to Jill sure we were well and truly alone.

“It sure is beautiful out here,” I said as I washed my hands and arms clean of resin splatter.

I knelt on her right side and leaned close pointing at a spot on the panel as I cupped her pussy with my left hand. “Now you need to rub that a little cleaner sort of like this,” I told her.

I rubbed my fingers up and down inside her wet pussy lips, paying special attention to her clit when I reached it. Then back down dragging my nails along her slit and over her lips rubbing my fingers in circles around the entrance of her vagina before moving back up to her clit.

Each pass was slow and with each one I used my fingers to spread her own juices over her pussy, on the 5th or 6th pass I pressed a finger into her vagina. Jill moaned then gasp as I sank my thick index finger completely into her, curled it then pulled out.

Jill’s whimper of disappointment was so fucking sexy I slid the finger back inside. I played with her for a few minutes while she played at scrubbing the panel. Moaning and panting as drool dripped down her chin onto the ugly green fiberglass. Jill gave up on the panel and sat there on her hands and knees quivering, and moaning.

“Now for a really tough to get to spot you can use two fingers like so!” I slid a second finger inside her and she grunted out a throaty, “OH FUCK!” As I began to twist, twirl, and stroke her pussy walls.

Jill’s head bent down and she pushed her ass back against my hand pumping her hips up and down grinding her pussy into my palm. Her juices were frothing around my finger and she was starting to shudder in time to my stroking fingers.

“Now,” I said a little hoarsely I was so hard it was getting painful. “There is a trick I know that uses three fingers if you beg I’ll do it to you!” Jill’s pussy was gripping my fingers so tightly she would feel every inch of even my small cock.

“Tooo TA..TIGHT all ready… HoW … You Fit a ThiRD?” Jill’s voice rose and fell with the now pulsing throb of her clamping pussy.

I stopped moving my fingers inside her pussy and just rubbed the tips of the two fingers I didn’t have inside her in circles around her now engorged clit.

“DONT STOPPP!” Jill wailed begging.

I could tell she was very close, “beg,” I said quietly.


I smiled evilly and pressed Pendik escort my thumb through her tight little brown pucker into her ass. Jill cried out in surprise, “OW OW OHHHHHhhhhhhh!” she came hard her wail trailing off as she slumped face down on the panel.

Her ass in the air whispering, “Ohmygod,” over and over again.

I began rubbing my two fingers against my thumb through the thin sensitive walls of her vagina and rectum while pumping my hand up and down, Jill cried out and pushed her ass against my hand again.

“You need to clean that spot off the panel,” I told her. “There’s no more rags here uumm, use your shirt!” I said toss the small pile of wash cloths behind me onto the ground with my free hand.

“But uh …but I… I … Like what your doing,” Jill whimpered plaintively.

I stopped moving my hand but kept swirling my fingers and thumb inside her, Jill gave out with a moan some where between disappointed frustration and anger. Jill lifted her self up off the panel and removed her now filthy shirt. Bracing herself with one arm she wiped at the panel with her shirt. I began pumping my hand up and down again, hard fast strokes. Jill and I had never really had a conversation about sex, all I knew was that she said she was a wild thing in the sack.

Now in case it has some how slipped past any one I like big boobs well I like all boobs but I love big tits and Jill has a magnificent set of 46DDD’s she’s about five foot tall and has a nice ghetto ass she had four kids so isn’t a hard body but she’s better than average in my opinion and wait that’s the one that matters.

Jill’s bra was barely managing to keep her big tits contained as they bounced and swayed. Caught between the motion of her wiping the panel and the harsh finger fucking I was giving her pussy, the motion of her bounce and jiggle was erratic and damn sexy.

As Jill’s pussy clamped down on my hand spasmodically she suddenly arched her back crying out “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! WHA… WHAT THE FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!”

As she came hard squirting Jill bucked and fell face down on the panel. Her pussy lips quivered as she gushed in small jets all over it. I pulled my fingers and thumb out of her having held on through her orgasm, lifting my fingers to mouth I sucked her cunt juices off of them. I wiped her brown stains off of my thumb on her cut offs (nasty). Jill’s bra had surrendered to the inevitable at some point so I unsnapped the main strap and took it off of her.

Kneeling by her side and rubbed her back, “lets get you inside and cleaned up honey you’re a mess” I Said.

I helped the very unsteady milf to her feet. Three girls and little boy, her oldest was 18 her little boy was a wild little six year old. Knowing we would be working on the fiber glass her mother took them for the weekend.

“Wow Carter what the fuck was it you just did to me? I.. I mean I have never…” She trailed off with a soft groan as thinking about what had happened set off a series of additional smaller orgasms.

“I did tell you I have very talented hands doll”. I reminded her as we entered her bed room.

It had a king sized bed a couple of medium sized dressers, a very heavily decked out warpaint vanity and a love seat in one corner next to the window. Jill paused then looked at me sort of shyly of all things, then kissed me. As much as I had just finger fucked her to a squirting orgasm it caught me off guard.

I can handle flirty or porn moments easily, unexpected intimacy from some one who never let on she was interested was a whole different animal. Up until now I thought maybe she was just a little buzzed, she smelled faintly of alcohol and she had been way to close to the panels she was applying acetone too.

When she broke the kiss she laid her head on my shoulder, “I…I can’t pay you for all the work you’re doing Carter I just don’t have the money”. She said it with a small hitch in her voice as she ran her hand over my hard cock through my jeans.

It was my turn to groan as she unsnapped my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I was some where between “OH YAH FINALY” and money what money. “OOHHH!” escaped my lips as she wrapped her small hand around my small dick.

Funny how that made it seem bigger, now the money she mentioned was two hundred and fifty bucks not a small amount for me. I was just thanking god I had worn a butchers apron over my clothes to do the fiber glass work.

“So,” I said my voice cracking as her thumb stroked my cock head as she shoved my jeans down around my ankles. “You’re Offering to let me take it out in trade?” I asked with a groan.

“Yes” she whispered as she sank to her knees in front of me.

Licking my cock head like a lolly pop before she sucked the entire length into her mouth with ease. I closed my eyes and whimpered like a school boy, it felt so good. Jill dedicated the next five minutes too showing me I wasn’t the only one with talents. She released my cock with an intentional lip smacking pop and looked up at me. She had Kurtköy Escort drool and spit running down her chin onto her breasts.

She cocked her head to one side mischievously “I’m offering you twenty four hours of what ever the fuck you want,” in a very sexy parody of Deadpool’s girlfriend.

Then She lifted my still hard cock and leaned in as close as she could and sucked both my balls into her mouth I pulled back and she reluctantly released my nuts from her knowing mouth. “Ok,” I said pulling my T-shirt off.

Jill stood up a little too fast and swayed I caught her arm and held her until she steadied herself. We both finished stripping and she lead me into the shower. We spent five minutes scrubbing and twenty minutes making out, I truly love sucking on nipples as I am missing a tooth its got just the right gap for it.

We exited the shower when the water turned cool and she lead me by the hand back to her bedroom. She turned when we got to the bed and placed her hands on my hairy chest. She ran her finger nails over my chest, “I like hairy chests!”

Wrapping her arms around neck pressed her big tits into me then slowly began to rub them in circles as she leaned in and kissed me. Jill was a great kisser and her finger tangling in my hair as our tongues dueled was too much for me. I moved use closer to the bed sliding my palms up her belly until I held the heavy weight of each of her breasts. Pinched and rubbing circles around her nipples, I gently pushed her slowly away. When her legs touched the bed I pushed her backwards, she shrieked as she fell onto it.

“Move to the middle of the bed sexy,” I told her Laughing.

“Lift your ass babe,” I ordered her, when she did I shoved one of her pillows folded in half under her.

As she settled into the pillow her pussy was just the right height off the bed. Jill spread her legs wide “Do you like eating pussy?” she asked with a giggle.

“Absolutely!” I said before I buried my face in her waiting wetness.

Jill giggled then gave a whimpering moan as I lapped her pussy like a really big happy dog. The missing tooth I mentioned earlier was just as good for sucking on her clit. Jill thrashed and humped her hot pussy against my face as I sucked her clit into the gap then twisted and rolled my tongue over it. Jill was just getting use to that when I pressed my rough chin down into her open wet labia and rubbed it back and forth.

My new electric razor was hella good at removing most stubble and didn’t cause me to break out, but it left my face covered in fine rough whiskers. Now when I say I mean the kind of fine that leaves your face rough but you can’t quite single them out and they aren’t prickly, Jill’s pussy gushed and she came all over my face. Who said a chic can’t do a money shot she drenched me.

“Mmmmmmm pussy,” I said lapping her still twitching and clenching cunt.

“S..SSOOO N..N.NOOT FU.FAIR!” Jill cried.

She arched her back and sprayed a stream of fresh pussy juice four feet into the air. As her whole body jerked and spasmed I sat up and just watched her, it was fucking hot. Because in the back of my mind I was hoping for more then just 24 hours I sucked and finger her relentlessly for an hour.

If it looked like she was calming down I pushed two fingers into her very tight pussy. Pumping them up and down making her squirt again and again. Jill sagged down on the bed her body going limp as she lay there panting, her wet shiny pussy was too much for me to ignore. I moved forward and rubbed my cock head against her wetness until it was covered un pussy juice.

Jill moaned “Wa..Wait a minute ..nnnnn .. I …nnneed a minute Car..Carterrr!”.

I don’t know about other guys but when I have made a woman cum so hard she is having trouble finishing words it makes me that much hornier. I pressed my cock into the folds of her pussy not entering her just pressing against her and slowly thrust my hips, Jill moaned again and humped her pussy against me trying to get more instinctively.

I didn’t have the will power to draw it out so I pressed my cock head into her vaginal opening, Jill let a very long husky, “OOHHHHHHHHHH!”

Jill’s pussy was tight, it clamped onto my cock so hard it felt like it sucked me in as I pushed my cock into her until my pubic hair rubbed against her clit. Jill shuddered, “Go slow Carter!” she gasped.

I started to pump my cock into her slowly, as I did I ran my hands up her wide spread legs to her knees. I pushed them up this lifted her ass up off the pillow and altered the angle I was stroking into her at. It had been a long time for me (my hand doesn’t count), as I felt my balls sort of twinge and my cock became ever more sensitive I started fucking her harder.

The slapping sound of me fucking her filled the empty trailer house, her tits which she wasn’t holding onto at the moment bounced up and down in a fast rhythmic circle. Jill was whimpering and shaking her head back and forth her pussy clamping onto my cock so tightly it Maltepe Escort was the last straw I slammed into Jill and held her up off the bed as I came inside her.

Jill shook “OHHHHWowww oh wow oh wow”. As she came again.

I crawled up over her and slid my arms under her so that they and my knees supported my weight. Nothing could kill the moment like crushing her with my big redneck bulk. As I crawled up her I kissed my way over her sweat covered boobs to her sexy slightly parted lips I slid my tongue over them before kissing her softly.

When I got up and went out to finish the panels she was snoring, not that I would ever point out to a lady she snored. The rest of the day was a long repeat of the same though I only came three more times and the last two were less then ego building. I made her cum squirting so many times she walked around naked on shaky legs and didn’t bother to come out and help not that I asked.

On Monday morning when I got to work she blushed when she saw me but said nothing until I was close enough for our usual morning ritual hello. “Morning Doll,” I said with a bit more of a smile then usual. I hate Mondays, but today just seemed like a great day.

Jill gave a half hearted smile turned from pink to beet red and quickly walked away. I turned and walked back to the kitchen to start my day, I’m a dishwasher … meh it’s a job. Jill seemed to be trying to avoid me, I guess she thought I was going to make a scene or act weird. I kept things normal well I actually flirted with her a little less than normal to be honest.

It was dead for a Monday and the opening waitress went home early, the cook and I were so far ahead I was finishing my dishes fifteen minutes after closed and the cook left before that so it was just me and Jill. I finished my kitchen close and was double checking before going out to the lobby when Jill walked back and stood watching me. She was actually standing there for a few minutes longer then I realized as I nearly had a code brown when I turned and there she was.

“Whats up doll?” I asked, she blushed pink

“Um I uh I had fun Saturday I didn’t think… I mean wow,” She was so cute.

“Jill I’m not telling any one what we spent the day doing and I’m not going to act all weird. It Is possible for a guy to have sex with a woman he works with and not be a dick about it,” I told her.

“I.. I know Carter but well you know how this place is,” Jill looked down.

I sighed stepped over to her and hugged her. She relaxed into me and seemed to calm down. I chuckled and whispered into her ear, “But I’m still a perv.”

I laughed and ran my hands down her back and got a double hand full of her ass, my cock got hard. I thought why not, we are the last ones in the building. I had locked all the doors in and out not wanting to leave her inside by her self, some people don’t understand closed. I ran my hand up her back into her hair and slowly pulled her head back, when our eyes met I leaned in and kissed her. Jill wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back, I let go of her hair to pull her t-shirt up over her tits.

“You are so bad,” she laughed.

“Well as it happens there are no cameras back here, the rest of the building is empty and locked up. I just got to fuck you on Saturday so ima take a chance you’ll let me fuck you on the prep table,” I said.

I reached between us and unsnapped her jeans. Jill’s eyes rounded and she looked around expecting some one to walk in and shout CAUGHT YOU! I pushed them down to her ankles and then reached behind her and unsnapped her bra letting her ladies out for some air. Jill started laughing trying to pull her cloths back on until I ran my hand down over her pussy. My finger’s slid in and found it hot wet and wanting.

Jill moaned and didn’t fight, or help for that matter when I lifted her up onto the prep table. Now a cold metal table can be quite the unexpected shock to a naked ass, Jill’s sexy squeal reverberated through the empty restaurant.

“Grab the front edge of the table,” I ordered in a soft hard voice.

Jill looked surprised and bit her lower lip cutely as she realized I really was going to fuck her right there in the kitchen. I lifted her legs up laying her back onto the table, Jill was so excited she didn’t notice the cold as she gripped the edge of the table and looked at me.

“Fuck me as hard as you can big sexy,” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” I responded and slid my cock into her hot tight cunt.

Jill groaned and used the table to fuck me back as I didn’t bother with a warm up and just went right to pounding her as hard as I could. The table slammed into the wall with each stroke. Jill was only half way there when I pulled out and blew my load all over her tits.

I was raised with manners so I slid two fingers into her pussy and my thumb into her ass and finger fucked her until she squirted, she was getting some good range now the stream of pussy juice crossed the six feet from her cunt to the opposite wall behind the dish machine.

Jill lay there panting and since I was taking in her sexiness she scooped the cum splatters off her tits and liked it off her finger, then she lifted her own breast to her mouth and sucked her nipples. It really sucked that was about I could get up to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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