Tale of the Alpha and the Loser Ch. 06

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Aria Skye

Nearly a year has gone by since the time I found Danny in that seedy eastside neighborhood and invited him to be my faggot. I dare say that my efforts in guiding him to meet my expectations have paid off in spades. He has remained as hungry, pliable, and cooperative as ever.

I often leave him at my place when I go out on business, and I unfailingly return to find the place sparkling clean, my laundry done and neatly folded, and my shirts washed and pressed ( no need for a professional laundry when you’ve got a loser faggot at home! ).

I only have him dress up as sissy Danielle on special occasions, special ‘dates’. He’s become quite adept at applying makeup, as well as in comporting himself in feminine ways, i.e., walking like a lady, and adopting a girly voice in a higher register. He loves it, naturally. For everyday purposes, though, he wears only a pair of pink low-cut socks with baby-blue hearts on them. I insist that he keep them scrupulously clean, and he knows through experience the price to be paid if I find that they are even slightly soiled. I gave him a good whipping for that once and, unsurprisingly, it was never a problem again! I also impressed upon him that unless he kept the hardwood floors spotlessly clean, he could face the same outcome.

To my delight, Dannyy has proved to be an excellent fuck. I had immediately taken a shine to his smooth, white ass when first I saw it, and not long into our time together I took it for a test run. The results were very satisfying!

It seems that Danny, through his innate shyness and lack of social connection, had never felt the pleasure of a stiff, warm cock inside him; something that all fags love, of course. Our first coupling was a bit awkward, and painful, at first, for Danny. He was dressed up in his usual finery for the special occasion: frilly dress, pageboy wig, and tarted-up face. Such a pretty fagboy!

I positioned him on the persian carpet in the living room. He had already brought my cock to full staff through the sweet attentions of his pink-painted lips. There he was before me, on all fours. He had already confided in me that it would be a new experience for him, and I’d assuaged his anxiety as best I could. Naturally, I wanted to break him in gently, and be a caring ‘daddy’ to him.

I knelt behind him, my cock hard as a dry salami, and pulsing with anticipation. I lifted the hem of Danny’s dress and unveiled the cutest little pink sphincter I have ever seen! I could see that Danny was trembling istanbul travesti slightly, and I stroked his back to sooth him.

“Easy, fagboy. Don’t worry. I’ll be slow and gentle,” I said in a calming tone. “You’ll be fine once we get going. Okay?”

My words seemed to relax him. I ran my hands over his ass cheeks. Damn, they felt good! Soft, warm, and ready. I put a drop of lube on my fingertip and rubbed it onto his anus. Danny moaned as I worked my finger just slightly past the opening, all the while rubbing in slow circles.

“That’s a good boy. that’s it,” I said, feeling that I would soon have a very accommodating home for my penis. If it had been a dog, it would have been panting and drooling!

I applied lube to my cock head, and along the shaft. When I brought the head in contact with Danny’s hole, he shuddered.

“Do you like that, Danny?” I said as I stroked the surface of his asshole with the slick helmet.

“It feels so good, sir! Oh, it feels so good! Mmmmmm. Thank you!” he said, with such pure emotion.

“Now, Danny boy, I’m going to slowly enter you. Okay?”

“Yes sir, please do, sir,” he said, though I could see that he was still tense.

“Just relax. Who’s my little faggot, hmmm?” I said, continuing to caress his sphincter with the cock head.

“I’m your little faggot, sir. Your faggot loser, sir,” danny replied, his breath now becoming audible.

“Such a good little faggot loser, too,” I said. “Easy, now,” I said, then began to work the head into Danny’s sweet ass. I took my time and in a few moments, the prominent rim of my helmet slid past into the dark interior and I felt Danny’s warm, eager grip.

“Very nice, Danny boy!” I said. “My friend likes it inside you. He wants to explore. He wants to hurry, but I won’t let him. I won’t let him hurt my Danny boy. Okay?”

“Yes, sir. It feels so good, sir. Thank you for going slowly,” Danny said in his sweet feminine voice, clearly enjoying being host ( hostess? ) to the throbbing head.

I applied more lube to the shaft to insure a minimum of discomfort for my eager pupil. I reached under Danny and felt his small but very erect penis. Conditions were just right. I began to gradually allow an inch or two of my cock to slide forward. Danny moaned, and it was a mixture of trepidation and craving. It was my duty to correctly interpret his reactions so that we could progress to a full-out humping.

“you okay there, loser boy?” I asked.

“I’m okay, sir. Sorry istanbul travestileri I’m not better at this. I…”

“You’ll get to be better, Danny. I’ll help you. I’ll train you. Okay?”

“Okay, sir. I do so want to please you!”

“Good, Danny. Good boy,” I said, introducing a bit more of my erection into him. Danny gasped, and there was distinctly more craving and less anxiety in his voice. Excellent. By then, about two thirds of my length was inside him. He was doing well. I stayed still and felt the sublime interplay of Danny’s anal contractions and the swelling and subsiding of my cock. Feeling him relax a bit more, I ventured still further, and soon I was all but fully inserted – a tribute to Danny’s willing attitude.

“That’s it,” I said soothingly.

Danny, much to my delight, began to move his hips in small circles, taking my happy penis on a most pleasurable ride.

“Well, Danny boy! Aren’t you just a little slut. look at you go!” I encouraged.

“Mmmmmm! Oh, God, it feels so good!” Danny cried.

“Such a sweet pussy you have, Danny! You sure know how to treat a man,” I said, meaning every word, I should add! He was one tight and hungry faggot!

Sensing that I could do more without distressing him, I began to pull back slowly. I watched as my cock emerged from the warm confines, the veiny shaft lube-coated and swelled to the max. Then, with the head still in Danny’s fevered grip, I slid forward. Well, some people may have heard sounds akin to what I heard in that moment, but there can’t be many! It was the unbridled sound of someone who just discovered his purpose in life. And ‘unbridled’ is an apt word here. It was the guttural moan of a barnyard animal in heat. This, to me, was a full-on green light. I began a slow and deep thrusting, and Danny boy was totally on board. He moved back onto me, and I leaned away and watched his greedy asshole do what it was born to do.

When he had taken me into him completely, I held him there and leaned forward. Draping myself over his back, I was inches above his shoulder. Resting my chin on the sweat-dampened fabric of his dress, I spoke to him.

“You like that don’t you faggot?” I said, as I continued my slow humping.

“Oh, Jesus! Oh, God!” came Danny’s reply, punctuated by his animal grunt-moans ( I’m not sure quite what to call them! )

Danny’s ass canal was pretty much limbered up by then, and I felt it was time to put things in another gear. I stayed leaning over him. travesti istanbul I could feel the heat rising from him, mingled with the subtle fragrances from his makeup. I found the sounds he was making so divorced from anything, well… human, that it spurred me on to greater excitement, and greater efforts.

I gave myself free rein, and Danny was ready for it, and then some!

Pumping more quickly, I leaned down and bit his ear, then the smooth, white curve of his neck. I whispered into his ear:

‘You love it, don’t you, you cocksucking whore,” I said, and Danny’s asshole responded wordlessly, tightening and loosening on my cock, while continuing the slow, grinding circles with his hips.

“I love the way you fuck me, sir. you’re so good to me!”

“Yes, Danny. you’re a very lucky faggot. did you know that?”

Oh, God! I’m so happy, sir! I’ll be a good faggot for you. I promise!”

All the while, I was delighting in the sweet embrace of Danny’s asshole. He seemed to know instinctively how to treat a man’s cock. But then, I suppose he was genetically coded to be fucked by a real man. He took to it like a duck to water. A natural, really.

I came once early on, much to Danny’s intense delight. It was, after all, his first time feeling a man’s semen in him. He came, as well, when he felt me spasming inside him. I stayed in him for some minutes, relishing the warm sperm bath and Danny’s convulsing ass muscles. I had him clean up what he’d spilled onto the rug, and that of mine that had leaked from out of him.

I took a short breather, getting a glass of chardonnay from the fridge, while Danny spot-cleaned the rug. But soon we resumed. Indeed, we fucked for hours. My little faggot kept me going with sweet, sincere protestations of devotion to me, my cock, my asshole. You name it. He just kept spouting the most complimentary things about me. I simply felt that it was due me, especially from a lowlife fag like Danny. Getting fucked by me was surely the highwater mark in his disposable life, and he communicated that loud and clear!

Since that evening, I’ve satisfied myself countless times with the tight ( wonderfully tight! ) asshole of faggot Danny. Each time, he seems to surpass himself in venerating me, and this is what keeps the relationship fresh and infinitely interesting. He once told me, after I’d given him a good fucking bent over the kitchen table, that he looked to me as a god. That’s always so nice to hear!

So, that was our first get together, and, as I said, there have been myriad more. With each one, Danny shows me more of what he is capable of being. I mean, I already knew that he realized he was a loser, but to hear all about it in detail, well… that’s a very special treat!

More to come.

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