Tales of the Awry


I’ve had an idea, for a while now, of a story series that has a little feel of “Tales of the Crypt” but just sexualized instead horror (there may be horror later on). Now that I started writing on here may as well give it a go.

Hope everyone enjoys!


I’ve been stuck in this dimension for a little while, 1232 years by human reasoning. I’ve seen and learned a lot about humans and what drives them. Curiously it seems that currency has a larger affect than almost anything else.

Humans will do just about anything for it. I’ve had pets turn to dust for it. Some have given their mortal skin to others for an instant in exchange for some. Still more have trained their idiotic brains to only seek it.

But there is one thing that is higher than currency, the feel of mortal skin.

I am, what humans call, a succubus. They have a lot of correct information about us, to my surprise. It’s only been a moment since humans started creating these various sized rectangles and squares they call computers and phones. They are mesmerizing, no other dimension I’ve been to have them… or mortal skin.

I looked up succubus on one such computer. First the heathens have us imagined wrong. Our species wings are more delicate and the tiny spikes on the ends are much more devious than their, so called, pictures. Our tails have the same sensations as a male human’s breeding tool.

If mortal skin was the finest silk, ours would be satin. They do have the colors right though, depending on the dimension of our creation determines our color. Much like a newly created human body development, our skin color develops based off the elements it is surrounded by for the first thousand human years.

It’s a shame not too many of these humans get to see the, oh what do humans call it again… oh, that’s it two toned. Depending on the direction of your visual sense I may appear that precious pink of a skinned animals meat once that disgusting red liquid is gone.

Or, if I turn I will look like the tantalizing orange of leaves that have surpassed their allotted time when this planets weather starts to cool for the year. I do highly enjoy catching a glimpse of myself in that color when walking by a mirror. Yes, we can see ourselves in mirrors, even though you can not see us. We have to be in our natural form though.

I’ve noticed humans are in three categories of mind when it comes to succubus. The first group just don’t believe Sex Hikayeleri we exist. The second group believe we can only show ourselves when we are being mischievous. The third group believes we take on forms of animals and some of this group believe we may take on human appearance.

The first group is the easiest to play with. They have no clue what is happening nor would they believe it if someone else told them what I was doing. Quite cute actually, it sends tingles through my tail into my vagina, as human women anatomy is referred.

That second group is quite humorous. As if we would be bound to showing ourselves only during one activity, what would bind us to such an idea? Some go further and believe we must show ourselves if challenged. Heathens!

That third group are close to being correct. Though we can’t transform into things. Instead we… what’s the human word for it… morph, no… merge. That’s it! We merge with any life force.

There are limitations though. The life force has to be of adequate size. The smallest life force I have been able to merge with was a turkey. Don’t ask. Though I have seen another succubus merge with a ferret. This I do need to elaborate on.

She chose the ferret because the human she wanted to make her pet loved the ferret. This particular human found high interest in touching their own escreet hole. I will call it the asshole that you humans refer to it as.

We use touch as our strongest influence on a potential pet. With that in your mind, use your minds vision for the rest of the influence.

After merging, she climbed onto the bed the human was on and right when the human reached to pick her up it was over. The skin meeting the fur gave the succubus her pet.

That’s right we are a species of only females. As such we are only able to merge with life forces that have higher levels of feminine traits. Yes, we can merge with what you call straight male humans, though it’s usually the ones who enjoy the feel of female human clothing on their mortal skin, but there are others.

Back to the recollection. While the human held the ferret she sent out our species pheromone, causing the human male’s heart beat to quicken, mind to start wandering, and breeding tool to start stiffening. He put the ferret down and did as directed thinking it was his own reasoning.

He stripped off his clothes and laid on the bed as Ariel (the human name this succubus chose feeling a close bond to a brightly Erotik Hikayeler colored being in the vision box) unmerged from the ferret. She summoned me over to sit next to her on the bed so I could watch.

Our pheromones can also make illusions real enough for the human mind at our bidding.

“Touch your cock, my pet.” Ariel said to the human.

And as commanded his hand reached down and started stroking his tool.

“Watch this.” Ariel said as she started stroking my tail, mimicking this human’s actions.

“Suck on your other hands finger and slide it in your asshole.” Ariel commanded.

My body pressure was rising with Ariel’s hand stroking my tail. We get wet like female human anatomy. And I was definitely getting wet. Watching this human touching that gorgeous mortal skin then raising a finger to his lips and sucking it.

Ariel’s free hand started rubbing that mortal chest skin as his hand went between his bent legs. His body started tensing and his breathing stopped for a moment. His face scrunched some and a squeal escaped his lips. Than his face turned to one of enjoyment his eyes barely opened.

I felt Ariel’s wing touch the side of my face, our wings can be as exciting to us as feet seem to be with humans. I have one of those fetish things for other succubus wings. I tilt my head and turn it slightly. I started kissing and licking her wing as I kept an eye on that body of mortal skin.

I was longing to touch it. But we suffer dreadful consequences if we touch a human under another succubus’ control. It’s only if the other succubus sends out a mixed pheromone of mine and theirs that I can touch. Otherwise I will be ill for about 200 human years. It’s not long, but humans change a lot in that tiny amount of time.

“Shall I make my tail look like a fake cock for my pet?”

“Please do and have him rotate so we may watch him use it.” I replied.

“You better not gush yet, we both know you’ll lose interest until your liquid levels replenish.” She said as she squeezed my tail harder and started stroking further up towards it’s base. I just wanted to grind against any part of her and gush all my liquids out. Gushing is our equivalent to the human orgasm.

“Then your hands better behave themselves. But leave your wing where it is.” I warned her. Besides skeletal support of our wings are covered in tiny scales, similar to Earth’s fish, a tiny rough on edges but smooth everywhere else. And my nipple was getting Tecavüz Hikayeleri pleasure from the textures.

“Grab your dildo off the floor, lick and suck on it, then force it into that tight anal hole, my pet.”

He rolled over and grabbed the end of her tail which now looked like a rather large male human tool. He put it to his lips and started kissing it, then his lips parted and his tongue started sliding all around the bulbous head and up and down the sides.

Ariel’s pulse was raging, I could feel it in her wing. I never thought about tricking a human to play with my tail like this before. Watching the effect on her was really heating me up too.

I looked back at the mortal skin body in time to see him struggle to fit just the bulb in his mouth.

“How will he get that in his asshole?” I asked Ariel.

“Who cares, as long as he keeps trying to while we gush with each other.” As she said this I reached over in between her legs. Imagining the taste held within. You haven’t tasted anything as exquisite as succubus liquid, you have no words to describe it in this dimension.

We both turned as he rolled back and lifted his legs towards his head, his asshole on our full display. He sat there pushing the top of the dildo in, his face grimacing, then letting the pressure off, only to go back at it…

I was starting to drool, mmm the feel of human mortal skin, and the pleasure obtained from it, I wanted to merge with this human and take over Ariel’s tasking. She’s such a tease.

Ariel’s breathing was racing, while my fingers played with her clit and this human was trying to fuck her tail. Oh, fuck, that’s one of my favorite human words. I do tend to use it a lot. Fuck, fuck, fuck, la, la, la!

And then it seemed like we all blew at the same time. Out of the corner of my eye, I was watching Ariel’s face, I saw the head of the dildo disappear followed by white streaks flying in the air. Then Ariel erupted all over my hand, her devilish mists covering our legs, her hand squeezing my tail near the base was too much with these visions and I followed her lead my mist mixing with hers. My pink entering her blue the new mist color changing to a purplish tint.

I’m getting ready to gush just recollecting the moment. And that was just one example of so many stories I can tell you. But I must digress. Where were we?

Oh yeah, so us succubus can merge, we can take varying levels of control of pets by using different techniques, touch being our strongest. We use pheromones to do our bidding. And we are highly sexual and deviant.

Next time we talk, I will tell you tales of the apartments I run, it’s my refuge in this dimension and with humans always coming and going, my pleasure is always at my demand.