Tall Tina’s First Time

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Shy 18-year-old Tina Cooper from New Jersey USA stands at an amazing 7 feet 1 inch tall, and apart from one true friend Donna she comes in for much teasing at the high school she attends as a senior in the fall of 1977. Things aren’t much better at home for Tina, where her bossy and controlling mother and older sister also bully her.

Tina doesn’t expect match to change when a client of the company where her father works comes to stay, bringing along his wife and son, 18-year-old Max. Tina and Max immediately find some connection, but while Tina is a giantess, Max at 4’11’ is close to being a dwarf. Can tall Tina with her long red hair and the charming and handsome Max find romance despite being so different in height?

This is an entry in the 2021 Valentine’s Contest, and all characters and events depicted are fictional with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. It does contain a scene with Tina using the bathroom and some references to menstruation, but no fetish material in regards to these topics. Please enjoy your trip back in time to 1977 as you read ‘Tall Tina’s First Time’, and rate and comment.


As a shy and studious middle child the last thing I wanted to do was stand out in a crowd, but unfortunately I did just that growing up in the town in New Jersey we called home.

In my immediate family, I contrasted with my Mom Joan and my sister Wendy, older than me by one year as they were both blondes with blue eyes. My Dad Henry and my younger brother Kevin shared dark brown hair and brown eyes. I on the other hand had picked up the recessive features of red hair, green eyes and the associated very fair skin. This must have come from Mom’s side of the family, as my maternal grandmother had red hair, as did one of our cousins, the younger daughter of Mom’s sister.

Back in 1962, Mom and Dad paid to have a rare color photograph taken of the three of us at a department store during a visit to New York City, this photo still framed and on the wall. It showed two little girls, a 4-year-old blonde and a 3-year-old redhead sitting with their infant brother, the baby showing that he was going to have brown hair when older. While the three siblings contrasted due to hair and eye color and skin complexion and the red haired girl was a bit on the tall side, nothing else stood out as especially unusual.

This would change drastically in the following years as I grew taller and taller and taller. There seemed no stopping my growth, and by the time I started junior high I stood at six feet four, towering over the other girls – and boys – in my year group and the older kids too. I continued to grow through junior high and high school, before at age 15 my lanky, skinny frame reached my full adult height of 7 feet 1 inch tall, or 2.16 meters for those using the metric system. Now, a high school senior having recently turned 18 in the fall of 1977 and set to graduate next June in the class of 1978, I was officially a giantess.

Last period Friday was gym class, and I stood naked under the showers with my best friend Donna Martino, who had lived across the street from me since we were born and like me had recently celebrated turning the age of 18. We looked very different, almost opposites. Donna being Italian-American had dark hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion, plus as Donna stood at an average five feet five there was the obvious difference in height. However growing up we had shared the experience of being different from the other kids, me having abnormal growth while Donna had to wear a back brace due to scoliosis from the ages of about 8 to 16, this succeeding in straightening the curvature of her spine.

“So Tina, how does this client and their family staying with your family over the weekend work again?” Donna asked as she washed her vagina with plenty of soap and water.

I washed my own vagina as I responded, the soapy suds and bubbles in my red pubic hair looking very different to the suds and bubbles in Donna’s dark brown pubic hair. “The company Dad works for has this thing where the families of clients stay with one of the guys and their family over a weekend, rather than staying at a hotel. Some corporate thing somebody dreamed up. They’ve been doing it for years.”

“I remember you doing it before,” said Donna, as we both finished washing our pubic mounds and genitals and now washed between the cheeks of our bare bottoms and our anal areas. ‘You hosted that family from Buffalo last time, the father, mother and two daughters.”

“That’s right,” I said. “I remember Dad saying that the two girls were about Wendy and my own ages and how much fun we were going to all have together, but as it turned out they were ten years younger than us. So unless we wanted to dress dolls and play fairies, not so much fun. My Dad is absolutely hopeless with ages. It’s like he’s color blind, only with people’s ages.”

Donna laughed as we both gave ourselves a final wash, soapy water all şişli escort over our bare breasts, running down our stomachs and down our legs to our bare feet and the shower floor, the water going down my legs obviously having a greater journey to the drain than the water on Donna’s naked body.

Finishing our showers, Donna and I turned off the taps and stepped our naked bodies out of the recess, took towels and began to dry off. “What are this family like?” Donna asked.

“A family of three,” I said, putting my towel between my legs to dry my pussy, Donna’s towel going between her own legs to dry her own pussy. “A Mr. and Mrs. Walsh and their son Max, Dad says he’s a year or so younger than Kevin, so that probably means he’s in kindergarten.”

“So what’s the plan for the Walsh and Cooper family sharing a house together this weekend?” Donna asked.

“Max is staying in Kevin’s room, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh are having my bedroom and I’m moving in with Wendy for the weekend.”

Donna shook her head and smiled. “I bet you’re looking forward to spending the weekend sharing a bedroom with your sister.”

I smiled and shook my head. “Not as much as Wendy is looking forward to it.”

Donna and I both laughed as we put our sweaty and smelly gym uniforms and sports briefs into our gym bags, and took out our regular panties. Both of us wore white full brief panties, only Donna’s panties had pink flowers, and my panties blue flowers.

Stepping our bare feet into our panties, Donna and I pulled them up and adjusted them around our vaginas and bare bottoms, then hooked up our bras, covering our teenage breasts. Both Donna and I were fairly well endowed in this regard, and needed to keep our boobs under control with bras that gave us plenty of support.

Walking barefoot in our bras and panties to the mirror, Donna and I brushed our hair, then put on our clothes. Donna wore a maroon colored blouse and matching skirt that came down to her knees, while I put on a long-sleeved white shirt and pulled up my flared jeans. Like all of my clothes I had to get my jeans specially made, and Mom was forever grumbling about the cost like I was to blame. It wasn’t my fault, I wasn’t the one who chose to be a girl over seven feet tall.

Donna put on a maroon colored headband and I tied my long red hair back into a loose ponytail with a blue ribbon. We both put on our shoes, Donna a pair of sandals and me socks and a pair of white sneakers. “I just need to get that book for English, I left it in my locker,” I said.

We walked through the near-deserted corridors of our high school, most students, teachers and support staff keen to make an early exit on a nice and sunny Friday afternoon. As we neared our lockers, we stopped short, looking at what was stuck to mine.

Throughout school, Donna and I had both unfortunately learned the meaning of the word bullying only too well, me for my excessive height and Donna for having scoliosis. Now that Donna no longer had to wear her brace and was so pretty, the bullying had stopped for her. Plus Donna had a fiery Southern European temper, so even when one or both of us were getting teased or bullied she would fight back.

Despite my height, I was shy, sensitive and submissive and not at all brave, a real gentle giant. I rarely stood up for myself or for Donna, and would be more likely to dissolve into tears and cry. Even one time when I did fight back — punching in the face some idiot boy in junior high who felt the need to keep snapping my bra strap — I ended up in no end of trouble both at school and with my Mom given the height difference and that he had wound up with a black eye. Now we were young adults the bullying had eased to some degree, but I still got some teasing and the item pinned to my locker was one such example.

It was a drawing of me with ‘Tina Goes to New York’ written underneath. The drawing was I had to admit quite well done, showing me in the middle of Manhattan, the cartoon me standing taller than the famed art deco skyscrapers the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, as well as the two more relatively recent additions to the New York City skyline, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The antenna atop of the North Tower failed to reach my head, and I rested one of my elbows on top of the roof of the South Tower. At my feet stood the Statue of Liberty, which failed to reach my knees.

“Tina, I’m sorry, I just wish people at this school would grow up and act their age,” said the frustrated Donna as I removed the drawing and stuffed it into my bag.

“It’s okay Donna, I’m a big girl, I’m used to it, I can take it,” I said, trying to laugh off the incident. And I was very much used to this. Just last week a similar drawing had turned up stuck to my locker which depicted me standing with King Kong, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a giraffe, a polar bear and a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, me much taller than all of them.

A few weeks before that a picture of Robert Wadlow, the World’s tallest ever man was stuck to my locker, with ‘Tina’s Prom Date’ written on it. And last year there was a drawing of me playing for one of New York’s two football teams. Which team? Well, it wasn’t the Jets.

“You shouldn’t have to be used to it, at 18 people should know better,” said Donna, who was clearly more angry about this than I was. “Would they tease a girl in a wheelchair like that? You can’t help how tall you are.”

“Oh well, next June we finish high school so this won’t happen anymore,” I said. “And this year is going so fast. Have you noticed that the O’Reilly’s have put their Halloween decorations up already?”

“Yeah, I noticed that too,” said Donna as we walked out of the front gates of the school and set off on the walk home. Sometimes we caught the bus, but today it was such a nice day that walking was better. My friend gave me a grin. “So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how high do you think your Mom’s stress levels are right now?”

“About an 11, probably much higher,” I laughed. “Making sure there isn’t one speck of dust out of place, as well as cooking a three course meal for eight people. How about you? Are your grandparents still coming over for dinner tonight?”

Donna nodded. “That’s right, both sets tonight,” she said. She gave me a smile. “One good thing is my Nonno on my Dad’s side likes Star Wars, so Joey will have somebody to talk to about his favorite subject instead of talking non-stop with Frankie about it. Sometimes when Frankie comes over I feel like my boyfriend would rather spend his time talking with my little brother about Star Wars than hanging out with me.”

I laughed in response. “Don’t worry, I’ve got a 14-year-old brother who’s mad for Star Wars too. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Walsh’s kid likes Star Wars, if he does it will keep Kevin occupied.”

“Maybe they can come and spend some time with my brother?” Donna suggested, a laugh in her voice. “Although I think given the choice of the Cooper kids to hang out Joey would prefer to hang out not with Kevin Cooper, but his older sister. Not the blonde one Wendy, but the tall red-haired one. You know that Tina girl? The really tall girl with red hair? You must have seen her around.”

I laughed and gave Donna a gentle push on her shoulder. “Oh, shut up.”

For the longest time, Donna’s younger brother Joey had had a massive crush on me, always making an excuse to come and talk to me when I was outside at our house and following me around like a puppy whenever I went to Donna’s house, trying to engage me in clumsy conversation about the weather, sports, television shows and since the release of the movie, Star Wars.

“So you aren’t going to let Joey escort you to Homecoming?” Donna asked me. “It would be his greatest dream come true.”

“Donna, I’m 18-years-old and a high school senior and your brother is 14 and in junior high,” I said. “I don’t think a few people would be very impressed. My parents, your parents, the teachers, the principal and the police to name just a few.”

“You know my brother writes love poetry about you?” Donna asked. “That’s when he’s not writing a sequel to Star Wars, or a short story about how he went to homecoming with you.”

Donna was amused at my expression of dismay and said, “Don’t worry Tina, he doesn’t show anyone his poems. He just happened to leave his notebook out by accident the other day and I took a look. It serves him right for sneaking into my bedroom and reading my diary all those times. Believe me, Joey’s not a talented poet so you don’t have to worry about them ever getting published. And I don’t think his Star Wars sequel script is the one they’re going to choose when and if they make Star Wars 2. If they do, they’re in big trouble.”

“I take it you’re not going to see Star Wars at the drive in with Frankie tomorrow night?” I joked.

Donna rolled her big brown eyes. “No, but if Frankie had his way it would be. I’ve seen it four fucking times, I nearly know the script off by heart. We’re going to see ‘Summer on the Shore’ instead.”

“Summer on the Shore? Is that the movie where Elvis plays a carnival worker on the Jersey Shore, and Shelley Fabares plays an uptight pre-medical student on summer vacation with her family?” Donna and I had watched all of Elvis Presley’s movies growing up, and given many of them were quite similar in plot some tended to blend into each other a bit. I did remember ‘Summer on the Shore’ more distinctly, with it being set and filmed in New Jersey we recognized much of it from our own summer vacations to the Shore.

“That’s right,” Donna affirmed. “Although most Elvis movies follow the same sort of formula. I still can’t believe he’s gone. We grew up listening his records and watching his movies, and he was only 42. I mean he got a bit fat after he turned 40, but still.”

“I can’t believe he died either,” I said. “It was such a strange summer this year; heatwaves, blackouts, queues a mile long at every gas station and then Elvis dies.”

Donna and I turned into our street, and she said, “Talking about strange things, there’s my brother.”

I looked at the front yard of the Martino house, and there stood Donna’s younger brother Joey. His face lit up as he caught sight of me. “Hi Tina!” he called excitedly, giving me a big wave with a love-struck look on his face.

I was polite as always. “Hi Joey.”

“So Tina, did you have a great day at high school? I had a great day at high school, I mean junior high, I don’t go to high school, you go to high school, next year I’ll be in high school, but you won’t be in high school.”

Donna spoke up. “Hey Joey, am I invisible or something?”

Joey clearly didn’t appreciate Donna’s interruption and shrugged his shoulders. “Nuh.”

“Could have fooled me. I’m your big sister, you know I live in the same house as you and we share the same parents and grandparents.”

Ignoring Donna seemed to be the best strategy for Joey. “How was math? I know you’re really good at calculus. Could you please help me with my trigonometry assignment? I can’t work out Pythagoras, and you’re so smart.”

“Hey Joey, guess who else is a straight A student in math? Your sis, Donna Louise Martino. Now why don’t we let Tina go home and I’ll help you with Pythagoras? Her family have guests staying and she needs to help her Mom. Isn’t that right Tina?”

“Right.” I was relieved that Donna had rescued me, and made my escape. “See you soon Donna, catch you around Joey.”

Joey was staring at me with a dreamy look on his face as he watched me depart to my own house across the road. I then heard Donna say, “Joey, do you think that whenever Tina is around that you maybe might blink once in a while? I’m sure it would be more comfortable for you, for me and not to mention poor Tina.”

Donna and Joey departed for their own house, and I opened the front door to my own house, stepping into the foyer. As usual, our house looked like a display home, Mom was absolutely fanatical about not having a spot of dust out of place.

Dad was out, obviously picking up the Walsh family and while my brother and sister were obviously at home, neither Wendy nor Kevin were in sight. The first person I saw was the slim blonde figure of my mother, and she was clearly in one of her moods, her face filled with stress levels off the charts as she flew at me, a dusting cloth in her hand.

“Tina, where have you been?” she snapped. No welcome, no hello, nothing.

“Walking home from school with Donna,” I said.

“Dawdling home from school so you could get out of helping here no doubt!” my mother spat. “Your sister made it home from college in plenty of time, and your brother made it home from his school in time. Why couldn’t you?”

“Mom, we had gym class, I couldn’t just walk out before the end,” I protested. “Plus we needed to shower.”

My mother was un-moved. “Get upstairs right now Tina, and help your sister move your things into her bedroom. What do you think Mr. and Mrs. Walsh would think if your bedroom wasn’t properly made up? Not a lot, I can tell you. They are important clients of your father’s company, but you don’t think about that because you’re selfish and only think about yourself. If word got back to your father’s bosses that the Walsh family had come here to be greeted by disorder, chaos and incompetence, do you know what would happen? The company would lose their account and a lot of money. Your father could forget about his next promotion, in fact he would probably lose his job. Would you like your father to lose his job, Tina? Well would you? I’m asking you a question, young lady!”

It seemed better not to argue back when Mom was clearly in one of her moods. “No Mom.”

“Good, because if he did it would be all your fault Tina, and your fault alone. Get your ass upstairs to your bedroom and help Wendy. Now Tina!”

I turned and went upstairs, sighing and wishing I was anywhere else. Mom usually turned her wrath onto me when stressed. She hated things to be out of place, and a teenage daughter who stood at 7 feet 1 inch tall when barefoot couldn’t look more out of place in a family of average height. Mom wasn’t the sort of parent to have a favorite child, but she did have an un-favorite child — me.

Going along the hallway, I entered the bedroom I would be sharing with Wendy this weekend. Most kids when they graduate high school and go to college leave home, but with the college that Wendy attended being a drive of 15 minutes or a bus trip of similar duration and Wendy having a part time job locally, there was no need to fork out lots of money for student accommodation and she continued to live at home.

My sister was setting up the fold-up bed where I would be spending the night, and she looked just like Mom did at the same age. There were some differences obviously, Mom was born in 1930 so when she was Wendy’s age in the 1940s she had a different hairstyle back then, while Wendy had her long blonde hair styled like actress Farrah Fawcett. This helped accentuate Wendy’s good looks, but while Wendy was without doubt pretty, this wasn’t reflected in her personality.