Taming Her Master Pt. 03


Torn between running for her life, or bravely facing him down, although wondering if she was crazy, Elise chose the latter. Holding her head high, doing her best to look calm, despite the fact that her legs were shaking pretty damn hard, she approached the bed, meeting her Master’s gaze head on. No matter how unnerving, she had to admit, seeing him gloriously naked and fully erect in this room, full of every conceivable sexual device imaginable, had her pulse leaping out of control, and her poor heart practically beating out of her chest. Surprisingly aroused, she was also terrified of what he might do to her, since she’d never seen him like this, looking so frighteningly disturbed.

“Get your clothes off,” he barked at her, stopping her in her tracks. “In this room, you are to be naked and at my disposal. And you will learn that in the confines of these four walls, I will do anything I please with you.”

Doing her best to control her voice, she quietly asked, “Anything?”

Slowly nodding his head, with the most wicked gleam in his eye she had ever seen, he said, “Yes, my lovely, Elise – anything. Anything I choose.”

Swallowing hard, she began to unbutton her damp blouse, still wet from her swim, beginning to wonder if she’d actually lost her mind. Since all she’d have to do to ensure her safety would be to turn and leave, which would be so easy to do, since the door was still ajar. And he’d offered her two full year’s salary, if she’d agree to leave tonight. But then she’d be giving up. Not just on this job, but on him – the man himself. And he was obviously so wounded, after the harrowing life he’d had; she just couldn’t turn her back on him and go, no matter the consequences. Of course the unnerving sight of the whips and floggers spread around him had her thinking twice, since she’d never been struck before by a man, for any reason, particularly not during a sexual encounter.

But as scared as she was, a part of her was curious too, wondering what he would be like with her in this eerie place that he referred to as his True Domain. And she’d already experienced how wildly insatiable he could be when he was simply aroused, having been taken in his room, on his desk, in his pool, even finding herself bound and at his mercy, with his erect cock poised over her face, just that morning in his bed.

This would be different in here though, she knew that.

His voice deceptively quiet, he said none too patiently, “I’m waiting, Elise.”

Her head snapped up when he said that. Quickly nodding her head, she slipped off the rest of her things, letting them fall to the floor, her fingers trembling so hard, she could hardly pull down her panties or unclasp her bra. But when she finally stood before him completely naked, his eyes now as hot as burning embers, a shiver of dread slithered down her spine. “Now, get on the bed,” he told her, his voice dark and low. “And I will have my way with you.” Already stroking his cock, he could hardly wait to have her, especially in the confines of this room, where he felt free to explore his dark desires.

A part of her convinced that she’d completely lost her mind, Elise still obeyed, and anxiously slipped onto the bed with him, hoping she could reason with him. Her gaze focused hard on the smoldering look in his eyes, getting onto her knees, she reached up and cupped his rigid jaw and quietly asked, “Why do you feel this need to dominate me, Nicholas, when you know I’m happy to be with you without the need for coercion?”

A dark glimmer of amusement flickering in his eyes, he said, “Well, my sweet Elise, you may change your mind about being with me before this night is over.”

“No,” she said firmly, shaking her head, “I won’t.” At least she hoped not.

As though to prove his point, he ignored her gasp, as he spun her around and roughly pushed her facedown on the bed. Then taking hold of her right wrist he clasped it in a manacle hanging from the stone wall, then reached across and did the same with the other, the resounding click echoing in her ear, seemed to be mocking her decision to stay.

Seeing her with her arms bound, his grin was positively feral as his eyes feasted on the sight of her slender body enticingly bare, helpless and completely at his mercy. Running a single finger down along her spine, seeing the way she shivered with fear, only aroused him more. Stopping his journey at the curve of her delectable ass, he cupped it and squeezed hard as he bent and breathed into her ear, “I think I’ll take this beautiful ass tonight. Have you ever been fucked like that before, Elise?” When she gasped and quickly shook her head, his chuckle dark and foreboding, filling her with a renewed sense dread, as he told her, “Well, you will be now.”

When he got off the bed to locate a tube of lubricant in the massive armoire set against the wall, practically bursting at seams with every type of sex aid imaginable, seeing her turn her head and anxiously watch him doeda slick up his alarmingly erect cock, he told her, “Considering how tight you’ll be, I should tell you that the first time will hurt, but I’m afraid that can’t be avoided. But I promise eventually you’ll learn to enjoy it, and eventually I’m betting you’ll be begging me to take you this way.”

His cock now slick and painfully erect, more than prepared to take her, his thighs trembling with need, body aching for her, he thought he was hearing things when in a surprisingly firm voice, she said, “No, Nicholas. You’re not going to do that to me. You are not going to take my ass tonight, or any other night. That’s something I’ve never wanted. And we had an agreement, remember? If I told you no, or said the word stop, you said you’d listen, and wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want you to do. And I’m telling you that I do not want you to penetrate my ass.”

His brow furrowed, making his way back over to the bed, he stared down at her with a sly grin and murmured, “Ah, but that was not in here, Elise.” He waved his arms around. “You must understand this room is where I rule. And you have no say in what I do to you within these four walls. And if you remember, I offered to let you leave, but stubborn thing that you are, you refused. So, now as far as I’m concerned, you’ve given me permission to take you any way I see fit.” He got back on the bed beside her, slapped her ass, and told her, “Now spread your legs open wide, so I can slick you up, and prepare you to be fucked.”

Stubbornly doing the exact opposite and clenching her thighs together as tight as she could, turning her head, she said to him over her shoulder, “So, it appears that you’re not a man of your word, and the contract you had me sign meant nothing. Is that what you’re telling me, that you can’t be trusted?”

Eyeing her for a long moment, shaking his head and finally heaving a weary sigh, he said, “Okay, fine. I will give you ten thousand dollars to ignore that part of our agreement, and let me do as I want with you.”


Studying the back of her head, his eyes widening, he said, “Did I just hear you turn down ten thousand dollars, just so I won’t take your ass?”

“That’s right.”

Running his hand over the smoothness of her perfect pale little bottom, just begging to be taken, eyeing it, he said, “Okay, then, how about a hundred thousand? Surely you’re not foolish enough to turn down a sum like that, over such a minor request.”

“Nicholas, you could offer me a million dollars and the answer would still be no. Despite what you might think, I’m not a whore that you can barter with for every last thing you want.”

Astounded by her gall, his eyes flew open wider. “I can’t believe my ears. I suppose if I offered you five million, the answer would still be no.”

“And you’d be right. I wouldn’t agree to let you do that to me for all the money in the world. It’s just something I’ve never wanted and never will. Now, if you’ll release me, I’m tired and I’d like to go to bed. It’s been a long day.”

Flabbergasted at the utter audacity of her, he finally shook his head and humorlessly laughed. “God, you really are something, aren’t you? Can’t you see that you have no power here, and I can do anything I want with you? Chained to the wall the way you are, completely helpless, I could whip or flog you, and take you any way I please. And still you have the nerve to tell me, no, and demand that I release you?”

Now, more angry than scared, fighting to keep her temper in check, she told him, “What you don’t understand is that I will stay with you, Nicholas – just as I promised – but it’s up to you if I’m willing and happy to be with you, or angry and resentful, denying you anything you ask of me from now on. The choice is yours.”

His voice rising with his temper, his face turning an angry shade of red, at the thought of her daring to defy him, he reached for a whip and snapped it down on the bed beside her, striking the sheet close enough to her thigh to make her flinch, as he bellowed at her, “I can’t believe you. I’ve never encountered a more willful, difficult woman in my life. I ask you to leave and you stay, and now that you’ve refused to leave you think you can dictate how this arrangement between us is going to work. You’re making me so angry, what I should do is pry open those pretty ass cheeks, slam my cock into you, and fuck you hard, without a drop of lube to ease your pain. And while I take your burning ass, you can think about all the money you turned down when I offered to you pay you for the privilege. Millions of dollars for a simple little fuck, and you foolishly said no. And it would damn well serve you right if I did, it, too.”

Silent for a moment, after his outburst, Elise finally said quietly, “But if you were to do that then I’d never forgive you, Nicholas – ever.”

Staring hard at the back of her head, he hurled himself off the eş değiştirmeli porno bed, frustrated beyond belief, he hurled the whip at the wall with all his might, and throwing his hands in the air, he muttered, “I swear I’ve never experienced a woman like you before. Utterly helpless and yet you think you hold all the power, and that you can tell me what I can and cannot do to you.” His voice angrily rising, he shouted at her, “Well, I’ve got news for you, Elise, you don’t!”

Then without bothering to dress again, he threw open the door and stormed out of the room without a stitch of clothing, leaving her bound at the wrists and naked on the bed, deciding he didn’t even want to look at her anymore, she was just so infuriating.

Despite how helpless she felt, knowing she’d won even this small victory over his tyranny Elise blew out a sigh of relief. But as time passed and her eyes gradually grew heavy, she began to wonder if he might be too far gone to even try and save, although she hated to think it might be true. Despite being desperately uncomfortable and cold, her arms really beginning to ache from being suspended by the chains, utterly exhausted, she eventually drifted off into a fitful sleep.

But when she awoke a long while later, her arms so numb she could barely feel them, lifting her head, she realized Nicholas was back and unlocking the manacles, freeing her wrists. Then wordlessly wrapping her in a soft wooly blanket, he lifted her into his arms and quietly carried her out of the room and down the hall to his bed chamber. And after tucking her in his bed, he crawled in beside her and hugged her to his side, taking each of her wrists and gently massaging them, till the feeling began to return in them again. But he stayed quiet for so long, he had her wondering what he was planning to do next. Until at last, he said in an even tone, “You know, as annoyed as you’ve made me, I have to admire your courage, standing up to me like that, when you have to know I could have done anything I wanted with you.” He turned and looked at her face, a hint of amusement in his gaze, when he said, “You really are quite a tenacious little thing aren’t you? And you don’t back down, do you?”

Coyly grinning and nodding in agreement, she looked up at him and touched her hand to his cheek, telling him, “What you might not realize, Nicholas, is that I actually like you when you’re not trying to terrify me, and I just wish you’d understand that I have no plans to leave you. And things can be incredibly good between us, or bad, the choice is all yours.”

Reaching over and running his hands through her silky blonde hair, studying her pretty face, he considered what she was saying. Although she was still stubbornly digging in her heels about what she would allow him, apparently she was still open to the idea of being with him, if he’d just behave himself and try to act less controlling with her. Considering the fact, of all the women he’d ever had here, she was the one he’d hate most to lose; he thought it might be worth a try. Although she’d have to know she could never totally deny him access to her, he imagined if taking her ass was a hard limit for her, he could live with that. And in the end it might be a small price to pay, if he could keep her with him. Closing his eyes with a sigh, enjoying the feel of her dropping her head, and pressing a warm, tender kiss to his chest, the heat of her tongue teasing his nipple, long silky blonde hair tickling his skin, gently running a hand over her scalp, he realized she was just too precious to deny, no matter how infuriating she could be.

And the fact was her liked her too – really liked her – which was why he couldn’t force himself on her, no matter how much he wanted her – every last inch of her. Surprisingly courageous for such a little thing, he had to admire her strength of character, despite the fact no one had ever dared challenge him before. But then again, he’d quickly tired of all the other’s complaisance. They’d all just been so eager to please, like mindless little lap dogs, happily obeying his every wish. There was nothing they wouldn’t allow him to do – absolutely nothing – even when he chose to degrade them. And of course the only thing they required was for the price to be right, and then they’d just roll over and let him do whatever he pleased. But he knew the little vixen making his cock grow hard right now would have turned down every cent he had, had he offered it to her, just for the pleasure of taking her the way he’d wanted. And amazingly not even two year’s salary was incentive enough to make her leave him – which got him wondering if she actually did care for him in her own way. So, he might be wise to see how far this thing they had between them could go – providing of course he could actually control himself – which was something he’d never really attempted before.

Then he smiled. Although, it was true that no genç porno one had ever dared challenge him before, he was beginning to realize that he just might enjoy the thrill of a challenge .

But as she slid her soft, warm little body over his, smiling into his eyes as she ran her pussy along the length of his erect cock, amazingly making him grow even harder, Nicholas decided he’d happily be on his best behavior, if she was willing to reward him like this. Cupping the back of his head in her hand and capturing his mouth in a hot sultry kiss, Elise had him moaning deep as she reached between them, and stroked him before she fed his cock into her tight, welcoming little pussy.

Groaning as she sank her tongue into his mouth, along with his cock into the heat of her body, Nicholas would gladly give up his tyrannical ways if only she’d never stop taking him like this. Damn, he’d had more women than he could count, but she was the only one who had ever made him feel even close to this, like she actually cared for him and wanted him – just him – and not all the trappings of his wealth. And as she began to slide him in and out of her, the heat of her kiss alone, nearly burning him up, he knew what they had was something worth nurturing. His tongue mating with hers as he thrust his cock just deep as he could go, he just prayed she’d been telling him the truth, because the things she was making him feel were so alien to him, and yet almost too tantalizing to imagine. For the first time in his life, he actually wanted to explore this gentler side of himself, at least with her. All he knew was that he did not want her to leave. And if this was all it took, was to temper his dark side and just savor the feel of her expressing her emotions, and for him to try his best to reciprocate her affection – groaning as she circled her hips and mercilessly teased his cock – then he decided it was something he could completely get on board with.

As she rocked her hips, driving him so unbelievably deep inside her, clutching her ass in his hands, as she pressed hot opened mouth kisses over his chest, licking her hot little tongue into the hollow in his throat, he groaned and mindlessly whispered, “Yes, Elise, love me, and never leave me.”

Pulling back, she asked, “What did you say?”

Embarrassed at his show of vulnerability, capturing her face in his hand, hold her gaze, he lied and said, “I said, I love this, how it feels with you, so incredible.”

She smiled into his eyes, since she loved it, too. When he was being like this, warm and affectionate instead of scary and cruel, she could actually feel herself melting for him. Hard to believe he was the same man who’d terrified her only a few hours ago.

Sitting up higher, biting into her lip, softly moaning at the feel of being so deliciously full, pumping up and down on him, she rode him hard, till he was groaning out loud and grinding his cock into her deep, eyes closed as he clenched at her hips feeling himself beginning to come apart right along with her, as they both crested on a wave of pure unadulterated bliss, she whispered, “You see how good we can be together, Nicholas, just so good.”

As his balls began to tighten, he rammed his cock up into her body hard and stilled, savoring the sensation of filling her with his release, as wave after explosive wave shot through him and into her. Her delicate body quivering in his arms, he tugged her down and took her mouth. Desperate to taste her as they came, utterly lost in the feel of her, the way she clenched him deep inside her, like she never wanted to let go. If he really thought she’d stay, he’d be willing to promise her anything. But he knew it was foolish to even hope, since no ever stayed, he just wrapped his arms around her and savored what she’d give him, for just as long as she agreed to let whatever time they had left together play out.

In the morning, opening her eyes and turning her head, checking the other pillow, Elise woke to find Nicholas gone. Worried that he might be in another dark mood after the wonderful night they’d ended up sharing after the horrible way it had begun, she hurried through her shower and dressed quickly, then rushed down to the library, praying she’d find him there.

Passing his housekeeper Mary, in the hallway, she said, “Morning, Mary,” but didn’t slow down to chat, not when she was desperate to see how he was.

And the moment she pushed open the door to the library and saw him at his desk, and noticed the smile he was wearing that lit up his eyes, she almost sagged against the door with relief. Thank god, he looked happy, with no sign of torment this morning. “I thought I’d let you sleep in, but I was hoping you’d come down and join me,” he said, nodding at the food on the trolley. “Mary’s just brought us breakfast.”

Deciding to be a little daring, she sauntered over to his desk, touched her hand to his chin, tipped up his face and pressed a warm lingering kiss to his lips. Finally pulling back, she smiled into the surprised look in his eyes and whispered playfully, “Morning, Nicholas.” No harm in letting him know how much she’d enjoyed her time with him last night, once he’d began to change his wicked ways, and actually make love with her.