Teach Me Ch. 08

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“He is finally leaving,” she whispered.

“When,” I asked very intrigued?

“Saturday morning,” she said excited.

“How long,” I asked?

He had left and came back twice over the past week. She was hoping he would leave for a week like he had done in the past but he wouldn’t go. Something had gone wrong and he wouldn’t venture out for long.

“He hasn’t told me but I’m assuming Monday morning,” she replied.

“That’s not safe or long enough,” I hissed.

“Well, there is a teacher’s conference in Orlando over the weekend,” she suggested. “We can use that as a get a way.”

The first thing that came to mind when she said that was Disney World. Everybody knows that.

“Hmmmm,” I said softly lost in thought.

“What are you thinking,” she asked hopeful that I had a plan?

I can swing it I relented after some thought. It was Wednesday so I still had some time.

“Do you want to go to Disney or the teachers’ thing,” I asked?

“Depends on which one you are going to be at,” she replied.

“If I can swing it I’m going to be at Disney, I just need to make my story up to the drill sergeant,” I said.

“Let me see what I can do before we go any further,” I ordered.

“I will let him know I’m going tonight,” she said quickly. “I’m getting away one way or another.”


Class started and she wasn’t in the mood for making more work for herself.

“If everyone can keep shut about this,” she started. “I’m going to let you have the day to yourself.”

It was a no brainer for the 25 or so of us. You would be stupid to not to take a free day and do your own thing.

“If anyone says anything,” she barked. “There will be a test every day next week.”

They all agreed that wasn’t what they wanted. The day was ours. I started my way to her desk.

“He confirms his trip to Miami is good for Saturday and returns Monday morning,” she said softly.

“Miami,” I asked? “What happened to Columbia?”

“Don’t ask,” she replied. “I’m done following his schedule.”

“Ok,” I said. “I’m set for the trip to Disney. The room is booked, the tickets are bought, and the limo will take you from here to our meeting point at my house where I will be picked up.”

She had a smile but an odd look also crossed her face. “Who will foot the bill for this,” she asked? “You know how the teacher thing works.”

“Everything is set,” I said.

“How,” she pressed?

“Do you really want to know,” I asked?

“Yes, this trip don’t sound cheap,” she hissed.

“My parents have a lot of money,” I started. “I moved stuff and shifted funds and hid things from them. I have a little nest egg that I am using to take us out of here for a weekend. Just enjoy and don’t worry about what happens.”

“Ok, I just hope you don’t get caught,” she said.

“All the more fun,” I teased.

“How are you getting away,” she asked?

“I have ‘training’ out of town,” I replied. “Be back Sunday.”

“This should be fun then,” she cheered.

“I’m almost done too,” she smiled.

“Done with what,” I asked?

“You know, my period,” she whispered. “Then I can start the pills.”

“You got them,” I asked?

Her smile said it all.

“Finally, no more fucking rubbers,” I whispered.

“No more,” she said. “Now I can be your cum dumpster.”

“Wow,” I cried. I didn’t expect that from her.

“Fill me up baby,” she teased. “You can be the first.”

“Well, not the first to fuck you but the first to fill you,” I said. “I wish I was the first though,” I continued.

“I’m not a nun,” she retorted. “I did have some fun when I was younger. I was always careful though.”

“What’s your number,” I asked? “And not your phone number,” I teased. Her face smiled coyly and I knew that was coming.

“You really want to know,” she asked?

“I don’t know,” I replied as I scanned the room again.

“It isn’t that bad,” she replied. I looked on with interest as she paused before continuing. “I had three men before I married. You are number five. The first was the worst, the second wasn’t much better,” she explained.

“The third is the one who showed me most of what I know, but he wasn’t into me like you are, he was just using me. I was tired of dating and getting hurt, then Mike came along. He was so nice in the beginning. We dated for a year and then we got married. Then his business started to take up all his time and he forgot about me. When he did remember, it was only to say this was wrong or that was wrong. It has been downhill for a long time. Then you came along.”

“That’s my history,” she said. “Nobody ever stuck anything into my pussy without something over it. I got it in the ass a few times with nothing on but I never let them cum inside me. You are a lot of first for me. I just hope you don’t run off on me like the third one did,” she sighed.

“Do you still like him,” I asked? “The third guy I mean.”

“No, he was just good at what he did,” she replied quickly. “Besides, he is in the state pen for hitting a family while driving drunk one Kartal escort night. “Dumb fucker,” she snickered.

“How about Mike,” I asked? “You still love him?” She thought. “As a person when he isn’t wrapped up in his dealings he is okay,” she replied. “Do I love him, no? He wouldn’t even be somebody I would want to associate with when we split up,” she continued.

“Why is that,” I dug deeper.

“He isn’t what she seems,” she replied after some thought. There was so much more to him that I wanted to know but she wouldn’t let on. I wished she would open up and tell me what I was dealing with by messing around with her. Maybe at a later time I thought.

“Enough about this,” she said to change the subject. “What are we going to do while we are away,” she asked?

“Well,” I started.

We talked quietly until the bell rang.

“I’m probably going to skip school tomorrow so don’t be alarmed if I’m not here,” I assured her.

“Why,” she asked?

“Just because,” I replied. I gave the ‘I love you’ hand signal and started for the door. She had her orders and tomorrow would be the start of a fun and I’m sure wild weekend.


Mom was out doing whatever it was that she did. Dad was working as usual so it made skipping school easy. I didn’t even have to walk down to the waiting area now. I had the limo pick me up right at the house.

I climbed into the back and saw her smiling face. She had opened the bottle of Champaign and had the glasses poured. I kissed her softly as the driver loaded up my bag. My hand started to sneak up her short little skirt. She softly batted my hand away.

“Not here you naughty boy,” she teased.

She held her glass up as I took mine.

“Here’s to us, this weekend, and great sex,” she cheered.

“And beyond,” I added as the glasses clanked together.

We sipped and enjoyed the ride.

We arrived at the hotel and exited the limo to check in.

I followed her as she opened the door and gasped.

“Wow, this is nice,” she said excitedly.

“That’s what I was told,” I said.

She went to the big window that over looked the lake and stared out. I set the luggage down and followed her over to the window. I came behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She grabbed them softly and leaned into me.

“Wow, what a view,” she sighed.

I reached around her and pulled the slider open. The warm late afternoon air hit us as I guided her out onto the private balcony.

We looked out at the view. It was breath taking. We were on the 11th floor and had a great view of the lake and some of the theme park.

We held each other closely and just took in the view. Boats cruised by on the lake below, people could be heard having a good time at the nearby park. Buses and cars hummed on the streets below. It was a busy place with an ever changing view and it made me want to get out there and enjoy. I had had enough so I lead her back inside and let her look around the rest of the room. It was very nice and very modern and the newest resort they had.

“You want to go to the Magic Kingdom,” I asked? “I got us 3 day passes so we may as well use them.”

“Yes, let me change out of these school clothes,” she hollered from the bedroom.

I waited until she finished and met her by the door. I had the next two days to fuck her every way I felt like so I wasn’t in a rush to pounce on her. I think she sensed this and it only relaxed her.

“Wow,” I said as she walked out.

“What,” she teased?

“You look fantastic,” I drooled.

“Hmm,” she growled. “Thank you.”

She was dressed simple but looked very sexy. She had her hair back in a ponytail. A light amount of makeup covered her face, it almost looked like she had just touched it up a little. Her top was a pale purple cowl neck tank top that hugged her nicely and showed her shapely figure. She coupled it with a pair of hip hugging skinny jeans. They rested nicely on her hips and showed her midriff as she strolled out to take my hand.

“Ready,” I asked?

She glanced seductively back towards the bed and chewed her lip a little.

“I do if you do,” I replied.

“We got all night baby, let’s see something else other than these four walls,” she said coyly. “Besides this is my first time here, I actually want to make it out of bed before we have to leave.”

I slapped her ass softly as I opened the door and let her out. Then it registered what she had just said.

“You have lived her for 23 years and haven’t been here,” I asked?

“I know, it’s terrible isn’t it,” she pouted?

“Yeah,” I replied shocked. “Shit, I lived here when I was growing up. Come on, I will show you around.”

We crossed the private bridge and took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. We strolled through the gate and down Main Street passing all the shops. We window gawked for a while as we slowly made it towards the castle.

“Wow,” she cried. “So this is the castle.”

“Yeah, there it is,” I said. I wasn’t as excited as she was.

“Where are all the Kurtköy Escort rides,” she asked?

“This way,” I pulled her along. We started our roller coaster marathon until it got well into the evening. We took a break and ate dinner. If you have ever been you know there isn’t a fancy place per say inside Magic Kingdom. I took her to the nicest option they had available and we had a nice dinner.

After that it was more rides and some junk food to wind down the night. The parade started followed by fireworks and the like.

“Babe, this is the best,” she said softly. She leaned in and kissed me. We gently kissed for about as long as it was appropriate before she stopped and eyed each other up.

“I’m all horned up now,” she teased.” You ready to head back?”

I was already taking her hand so we could find the exit.

We reached the room and had to stop kissing long enough for me to find the key. The lump in my pants strained against my pants and made it hard for me to get my hand in and pull the plastic card out. Finally I succeeded and opened the door. We continued kissing and making our way to the bedroom.

Her hand dropped the zipper on my pants. They slid down my legs and crumpled on the floor at my ankles. I shifted and kicked my shoes free and stepped out of them. She had pulled her shirt off and popped the thin bra free from her tits. They bounced free as her clothes floated to the floor.

We embraced again and returned kissing. My fingers worked quickly and unbuttoned her jeans. The zipper slid down as my hand pressed into skin and sought the inside of her pants. I felt her lacey thong slide over the back of my fingers on my way down to her smooth lips. They felt way to smooth for a fresh shave. She read my mind and had a coy smile.

“Surprise, I got waxed,” she cooed. She pushed away from me and sat down on the bed. She knew I wanted her now more than I had before.

She rolled the pant legs down to her ankle. She leaned back and brought her leg up to unbind the pile of material at her ankles. The pressure and twisting pushed her thong away from her lips. They peeked out on one side and glistened in the light. She was wet and very smooth as I watched her work quickly to remove the pants.

I tossed my shirt over my head as she pulled her other leg free. She rolled up on her back and sucked her knees to her chest as her thong rolled off her hips and down her legs. It came loose in a curled mess as she tossed it my way. Her tight pink lips pressed out between her legs before she flattened out and opened them wide. Her lips parted slightly but were held together by her wetness. It was then I realized tonight was going to be the night.

I dropped my boxers and approached the bed. She sat up quickly and took my cock softly in her grip.

“You sure are excited,” she cooed.

She stuck her tongue out to lick the glob of pre cum that had oozed out of the tip. I shrilled as her mouth swallowed the full length of my cock until I could feel her nose touching my hair. She gagged a little as she removed it and then returned it back in.

She withdrew again. “Almost,” she teased. “Just can’t stop myself from gagging.” She returned.

The deep throating and the idea had me buzzing. I would cum quickly if I didn’t stop her. I softly took her cheeks into my hands and removed her sucking mouth from my cock.

“What’s wrong,” she asked?

I gently pushed her back onto the bed. She dropped back but still looked at me with concern.

“I better take care of you first because I don’t think I can hold on for very long,” I said as I parted her knees and lowered my head between them.

“Don’t worry about….,” Her sentence trailed off as I began running my tongue over her excited clit. She squirmed around and enjoyed the sensation as I picked up the pace. I spread her lips apart to get better access to her clit.

I rolled and sucked her into my mouth. Her taste was perfect and kept me lapping for more. She moaned and thrashed with pleasure as I lapped. Her hands curled the sheets into piles as she balled her fists.

“God, that’s fucking amazing,” she cried.

I released and twisted my tongue over her very excited clit now. Her juice flowed and glistened in the light. I dipped my tongue down and got a taste before returning to the pink nub.

“Oh,” she moaned loudly. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” she cried. She pulled my head into her creaming cunt and arched her back making sure my tongue kept the mark.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried desperately. “I’m fucking cumming hard.”

I couldn’t if I wanted too, she had me locked in place with a small space to get some air. I lapped until her bucking hips settled down on the bed. She gasped heavy as she softened her grip but continued to guide my licks.

“Fuck that felt good,” she sighed. “Come up here.” She was all smiles as I crawled up the bed and smiled back at her soft eyes.

My cock rested at her soaked opening. Her legs were spread out with knees bent leaving herself open to me. She was giving herself Maltepe Escort to me without hesitation. I quickly realized the depth of the situation but pushed the thoughts out of my head. I tried to remain calm so I wouldn’t be a two pump chump. To stall, I softly took a nipple into my mouth while brushing my cock over her clit.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Don’t be afraid about lasting,” she whispered. “We have all night.”

That was all I needed. My cock softly pushed into her wet folds and opened her up. It tunneled slowly into her wetness. I felt her lips stretch and slide easily over my smooth shaft. I pressed all the way into her and remained buried feeling her cunt clinch my cock.

“Oh,” she moaned. It was a deep and passionate moan.

I retracted slowly until just my head remained inside her slippery wetness. Her pussy was so soft and smooth. It pulled my cock to return. I pushed and started into a nice rhythm of in and out.

“Fuck,” she cried softly. “You feel so good. I can feel your curves without the rubbers.”

“You should feel it from my end,” I gasped softly.

“I’m getting close,” I admitted. I was fighting it but I wasn’t going to win for much longer.

“Soft and slow,” she puffed. “I’m close too.”

She shifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips. Her pussy soaked my shaft as it plunged at an unhurried pace. We both moaned softly as I felt that feeling. My balls were set to explode. She broke the soft duet of moans.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” she rasped softly. Her pussy slopped as my cock pushed deep into her. Her cunt tightened around my cock making my nuts churn harder. She was soaked and hot, it almost felt like her pussy was a mouth sucking me. I focused on her eyes and started to pump hot white cum into her.

She stared back at me realizing what I was doing. We moaned softly together as my cock coated her cunt walls with thick white cum. It fired from her opening all the way down into her belly, filling her womb full. I prayed the pills worked because I was certainly testing them with this one.

“Yes, fill my pussy,” she cried softly.

I pumped and finished as we still looked into each other’s eyes. I softly settled on top of her and kissed her gently.

“That was perfect,” she sighed. I agreed.

I softly slipped from her and lay next to her. She rolled and started to get up.

“What’s wrong,” I asked thinking I did something wrong?

“You are leaking from me,” she said. Her hand cupped her pussy as she walked towards the bathroom. “I have to clean myself.”

I rested quietly until she returned. She crawled into bed and snuggled next to me. She wiggled around until she was spooned into me and felt comfortable.

“Love you,” she sighed.

“Love you too,” I replied.

She fell asleep quickly as I remained awake. I thought about everything. I did love her, how was I going to make her mine and get her away from asshole. My mind relented after some time and I was asleep.

I awoke early and listened quietly to my hot little teacher breathe softly in sleep. I decided that this weekend shouldn’t be a total lose so I got up and got ready to run. I left the room quietly and started jogging around the hotel grounds. I ran for a while then went to the front desk and ordered room service.

I returned to the room, showered quickly, then waited for breakfast. He arrived right after I got out. I tipped him and carried the tray into the room.

Sarah was sitting up in bed covering herself with the sheet.

“I was wondering who that was,” she said relieved. I set her tray down and kissed her softly. She opened the lid and smiled.

“You read my mind,” she said. “I am starving.”

“After last night I bet you are,” I teased.

“Man, it’s so nice to wake up and not worry about getting caught or sneaking around or remembering to empty the trash,” she said.

“It is, isn’t it,” I agreed.

I returned with my tray and we ate our food from bed.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said as she stepped on the floor. Her naked body had my attention.

“You want to join me,” she asked?

“I’ve already taken one but I will if you want,” I replied.

“Where was I,” she asked?

“I’ve been up, went for a run, and showered while you were getting your beauty sleep,” I said. “You sure do look sexy too.”

She struck a stretched out pose along the door frame and teased me with it.

“No, you decide where we are going to go today, I will shower and get ready,” she said. She blew me a kiss and shut the door softly.

I decided that we had so much fun at Magic Kingdom we should go back there to start and then head off somewhere else. I sat and waited patiently until she was ready to go. She once again captured my attention as she walked out from the bedroom.

I sighed and stared at her as she came out nonchalantly.

“You love to tease don’t you,” I asked?

“What,” she asked innocently?

“I’m going to be all over you all day,” I admitted.

“And your point,” she asked coyly?

“Fair warning,” I replied. “I might take you behind a bush and fuck you from behind.”

“Hmm,” she growled. “Let’s not get tossed out too early though.”

She strutted past me. I slapped her ass up under her short ruffled little skirt and made good contact with her ass cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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