Teacher and Student Ch. 05


Brian walked over to the box and began digging through it, looking for anything to tie Allie with. I looked at my ass in the mirror. It too was marked with red and pink by Allie’s whip. She walked over to me and studied her work on my ass.

“You did a good job,” I said.

She blushed a little, “thanks,” she said. I turned back around and faced her. We hugged and went into a deep kiss.

Of course, Brian had to interrupt us, “I get something,” he said. Allie and I broke away and looked over to Brian, he was holding three pairs of handcuffs.

Allie looked confused, “why do you have three?” she asked.

“Two for you and one for Ms. Lauren,” he said. The butterflies flew in my stomach again, he would bind both of us? Apparently he would. Allie and I exchanged a look of anticipation. Brian led us over to the couch.

“Sit down Allie,” he ordered her. Allie complied. She sat down and leant back on the soft fabric. “Hold out your hands,” he said. Allie compiled again, holding out both her hands. He took one handcuff and attached it to her right wrist. He then brought her hand down towards her leg, at the same time he brought her right ankle up and attached the other end to it. He did the same with her left wrist and ankle as well. A simple bondage, but one which spread her legs and fully exposed her to us. “Turn around Ms. Lauren,” he said. I turned around and he took both my wrists in his hands. He handcuffed me and turned me back around. I felt his hand grab my hair and push me to the ground. I yelped in pain but he didn’t have time for this. He pushed me to Allie’s pussy, “lick it,” he told me. Still gripping my hair, he pushed my face into Allie’s pussy. I yelped again from the pain and surprise of him pulling my hair. He had never done anything like that before. I had no choice, and I had never eaten out a woman before, so I stuck out my tongue and buried it in Allie’s cunt.

I moved all over her pussy. I went up and down, side to side, I made her lips bend to my will. Brian continued to grip my hair, as I’m sure he would during this whole process, and it was a process. It did take work for me to do this. I started to get tired almost right away, but I persisted. My tongue found her labia and soon I was prodding at her entrance. I pushed my tongue into her as far as it would go. She responded by moaning and sending a small amount of squirt out to greet my tongue. I lapped this sweet nectar up. I exited her as quickly as I entered her and moved up to her clit. Her juices were starting to drip ardahan escort down her pussy and onto her ass. I did not let off. I attacked her clit. I flicked it with my touge. While I was doing this I looked up at her and she looked down at me. We both knew that we were in for an amazing experience. Brian now showed his true colors. He was dominating us, at least for the time being. This ended however when I felt a firm pull on my hair. The pain came back and I cried out in pain.

“It’s my turn,” he said. He moved his already hard cock towards her shaved pussy. A combination of my saliva and her juices made for great lube, so Brian pushed his way into her without any kind of resistance. Allie moaned and rolled her head back. Her eyes gently shut as he thrusted deep into her awaiting cunt. I continue to kneel next to Brian. He had finally let my hair go as he gripped her hips. He would thrust forward and pull her hips into him, forcing his cock deeper with each thrust. Allie was already starting to build up an orgasm, but she held off for now. Meanwhile, I was completely helpless. I wanted so badly to reach down and pleasure myself, but I couldn’t because of the handcuffs. My pussy dripped and I wanted release so badly, but Brian would not yet give it to me. So I was stuck sitting there super horny with no way to pleasure myself. Allie did look like she was having fun. She looked Brian in the eye and the two did not break this while he was fucking her.

Brian looked down at me, “suck on her tits,” he told me. I was still kneeling on the ground, but I lifted myself up and bent over her. I took her tit in my mouth and started sucking on her nipples. She moaned and groaned at every opportunity. Brian bent over and started sucking on her other nipple. This finally sent Allie over the edge. She shook uncontrollably as she squirted violently. I felt droplets land on my ass and legs as she cried out in pleasure. Brian and I both let off her tits as she continued her orgasm. She strained against her handcuffs as the stream of squirt out of her pussy finally subsided. She looked at both of us while she breathed heavily.

Brian was the first to speak, “we are not done,” he declared. He turned me around and undid my handcuffs. “Go get a strapon,” he told me. I walked over to the box of pleasure and found my favorite strapon. It was long and wide, and had a small, but powerful, vibrator at the base that would pleasure my clit. I stepped into it and walked back over to Brian. Brian sat down on the artvin escort couch next to Allie. He reached under her and lifted her up onto him. She yelped and laughed, she clearly was not expecting this. Her back was now on his stomach and chest. Her legs were still spread and her pussy was still exposed to me. He maneuvered the tip of his dick to her asshole. Allie gasped slightly. Brian looked up at me, “fuck her pussy Ms. Lauren,” he told me. I walked up to Allie and moved my dildo to the entrance of her pussy. I turned on the vibrator and drew in a sharp breath as I felt the first vibrations flow through me.

Brian and I both thrust our hips forwards and entered Allie. My dildo went in easy to her soaking wet pussy. Brian faced a little more resistance. He pushed forward and eventually bottomed out in her ass. Allie already started moaning, her pussy leaked out as I thrusted in and out of her. She wouldn’t last long doing this. She squeezed her eyes shut and let Brian and I do all the work. I sped up, which only served to push the vibrator harder onto my clit. I also started to drip and moan as the constant pleasure hit my clit. Brian also sped up in Allie’s ass. I could hear the clapping noise coming from her ass. I was almost jealous. Brian pushed his way deep into her ass, reaching for any bit of skin that he could pleasure. Allie moaned loudly at being double penetrated. As I said, she wouldn’t last long. Brian started to groan, I felt my orgasm build to a point where I couldn’t wait to release it, and Allie had already had three smaller orgasm at this point. Allie was the first to go. She pushed my dildo out as a jet of squirt shot out of her pussy, soaking me from the waist down. The vibrator finally pushed me over the edge and I squirted as well. The dildo pushed it all down to the ground and a puddle formed around my feet. Brian pushed his way deep into Allie’s ass and shot his load deep into her. All three of us continued our orgasm for several seconds before we started to come down. Brian pushed Allie off of him. Her pussy was wet, her asshole started to leak cum, and she sat in a puddle of her own cum on the couch. I let the strapon fall to the floor as I finally came back from my own orgasm. We were all breathing heavily. Allie looked to me first and then to Brian. We all started laughing simultaneously. We had all just had the best sex of our lives, and laughter was the only response to something like that. Brian reached over and undid Allie’s handcuffs. She stood up and walked aydın escort over to the box. She grabbed a towel for each of us. I dried off my pussy and ass, as did Allie.

She then started walking towards the door, “I have to use the bathroom Ms. Lauren,” she said. I got the hint and walked off towards her. Brian also got up but Allie stopped him, “girls only,” she said. Brian smiled and held his hands up before sitting back down. He would be left to start cleaning up while Allie and I were in the bathroom. We both stepped out into the hall, with Allie being much more confident than me. The cameras were down, and nobody would be in the school, but it still was scary. We made it to the tiled, bland bathroom. I stepped over to one of the sinks and looked at myself in the mirror. I was sweating, my hair was wet with squirt, and my tits were lined with red marks. They could take weeks to heal, but it felt good. Allie went into the stall just behind me and didn’t bother closing the door. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs so I could have a full view of her peeing through the mirror.

I broke the silence first, “you had a good time didn’t you?” I asked somewhat rhetorically.

Allie giggled, “that double penetration…” she started to say, but trailed off as her memories flooded back.

“Was really hot,” I finished her thought for her.

She snapped back to the real world, “oh yeah, and when I whipped you,” she said.

My attention came back to my marks, “that was really good,” I said.

Her hand moved down to the top of her pussy. She moved slightly and then I heard the sound of pee hitting the water below her. I turned around and headed for the stall she was in. I squatted down in front of her. I moved my hands to her clit, careful to avoid the stream of pee below her.

I giggled, “I’m a little sad that we couldn’t pee while we were in there,” I said.

Allie smiled, “well we are making up for it here,” she responded. I couldn’t help but notice that a small amount of Brian’s cum was also dripping out of her asshole as well. Her stream was short lived as it slowly trailed off into a string of small drips before stopping. She reached for the toilet paper and dried herself off. She got up without flushing, “your turn,” she said.

We traded places and I sat down on the toilet with my legs spread. With a firm push I almost immediately shot pee out of my pussy. Allie studied this at first. Before moving up slightly to fondle my tits. This was definitely a first, having my tits grabbed while I pissed. Like Allie, I didn’t have much pee in me after squirting so much. I reached for the toilet paper and dried myself off as well. Allie let go of my tits and we both headed for the sink to wash our hands. After that, we had to help Brian clean up, but that was in the future.