Teacher Gets An Education

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“What are you doing?” Mike asked as he leaned over my shoulder in the break room.

“Oh just a…nothing really.” I said as I quickly shut the cover closed on my binder. I looked up at Mike as he towered over me as I sat on the low sofa in. Mike is well over six feet and very muscular. His brown eyes looked down on me and smiled a smile that said that he knew I really was doing something.

“I don’t believe you.” Mike said with a wicked grin that confirmed the sparkle in his eyes. Mike loves to flirt and tease with everybody but I had noticed a certain extra attentiveness when he talked to me lately. “I see you baked again. The cookies are great.” Mike mumbled as a he sat next to me on the sofa eating one of the peanut butter cookies I had baked that morning.

I am a visiting therapist who works with troubled students. I travel between three school districts, which does not convert to an active social life. Most of the time I either driving, on the phone, or reading reports. Sex was something that was on my mind but also something that rarely happened with a real person. Lately thing that got a good work out on my bed was my trusty vibrator.

Mike scooped up two more cookies and sat back down a little closer this time before saying, “So what brings you by our school this time Jessica?”

I but my binder on the floor next to my feet and turned slightly, “Just a follow up actually. Doing a three-month check up on an old case. Looks like things worked out for the best. Student is doing much better in his classes and the mother now has a new apartment and job. I just finished the paper work to release him from my case load.” I motioned to the folder that was on the end table.

“What I really want to know is what is in the binder that got you all worked up?” Mike said as he turned to face me. Ours knees brushed each other on the small sofa that was more of a love seat. A small tingle started low in my belly.

“I told you I was just working on some paper work.” I said quickly turning away to hide the telltale blush I could feel staining my cheeks. I never was a very good liar.

Mike placed a finger under my chin and tilted my face to him and gently whispered, “That’s a lie and we both know it. I was watching you for five minutes before saying anything and I saw your breathing get faster and faster. No state report makes anybody breathe like that.” Mike held my gaze for several güvenilir bahis moments before taking his finger away from my face and sliding it down my neck to my shoulder.

What he saw was true. My breathing had been getting faster as I proofread the latest chapter from my book. The schools that I worked for would not be very happy is they new that in my spare time I wrote sex stories under a pen name. I had sold 4 books so far and had a pending contract for 3 more. I was making twice the money than working for the school system and all I ad to do was use my imagination. I had some time to kill before my next meeting and was taking the time to go over what I typed up the night before. Sometimes I would get so worked up writing that I would have to stop and rub my pussy to orgasm just so I could focus.

“So what got you so worked up?” Mike asked in his silky deep voice. The hand that had caressed my neck now rested on my knee that was still touching his.

“It was just a story. Nothing special.” I whispered not trusting my own voice.

“Liar. Guess I will just have to look for myself.” Mike slowly reached down and picked up the binder at my feet.

I watched him open it up to the third chapter and begin reading. I knew what he had read as his pupils widened a little more with each sentence. The scene he was reading was a woman with two guys in a gym. The woman just finished her workout and the guys began giving her a new kind of fitness regimen.

As Mike finished the last line on the page, he put the book down and quickly pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. The feeling of his lips against mine made my body turn to jelly. The instant his lips touched mine it felt like a live electric wire had touched the very depths of my feminine core.

I clung to him and returned the passion of his kiss matching him lick for lick and nibble for nibble. It seemed like he could read my thoughts of what I wanted, liked and needed. I could not get enough. Mike’s hand held my head in place as he kissed my neck.

“I have watched you every time you come into this building and I have wanted to do this so much that I ache for you.” Mike said as nipped at my earlobe. His hands released me and began rubbing my breasts.

My mind was racing. This man who I barely had a passing knowledge was causing more feelings in me than I had experienced in a very long time. Mike had unbuttoned türkçe bahis my red silk blouse and then his mouth replaced his hands on my 36DD breasts sucking the nipples through my bra. My nipples wrinkled into hard points.

Mike suddenly stopped his assault on my nipples and pulled me to my feet. I saw that his slacks had tented with his impressive erection. I instantly wanted to sink to my knees and orally worship the cock that was trying to get out of its fabric prison.

As Mike lead me in a total sexual haze down the hallway, I wondered if I was insane. I wanted so much to lie on the nearest hard surface and let Mike ease the ache that was growing more by the second. He took me to his earth science classroom and sat me on the workbench. He kissed me again as if he knew that I was becoming nervous.

The cold countertop seeped through my short skirt. My bikini undies were no match for the fluid that was leaking from pussy. Mike locked the door and came back to stand in front of me. My blouse was hanging off one shoulder, my hair mussed, but Mike was looking at me like I was Miss America.

“I want to tell you something before we finish what we just started. The appointment you were supposed to have in 10 minutes has been cancelled. The parents can’t make it. Just call anytime to reschedule. I was on my way to tell you that when I found you in the lounge. Now where were we? Ahh yes. I was going to make you cum.” Mike explained as he removed my blouse completely and laid it on a student’s desk. He raised my hips to remove my black skirt and laid it with the blouse. My shoes fell to the floor and were moved out of the way.

“Mike, come here and let me suck on your cock.” I tried to unzip his pants but he brushed my hands away.

“Now yet, in due time tho. First I need to taste you.” Mike ripped through my undies with a flick of his wrist and knelt between my legs to gently lap at my shaved pussy.

He licked my pussy like starving man. He started licking my clit and made his way all the way down to gently rim my ass. I jumped as his tongue made contact with my ass, I truly loved being rimmed out – but rarely found anybody that would do it. As he worked his way back to my clit he gently pulled my pussy lips apart and licked inside my hole.

I could feel myself getting closer to the edge. I could not sit still. I heard myself moaning as the first wave of an incredible of güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm hit me. I jerked off the counter and Mike reached up to grab my tits and looked me in the eyes and simply said, “Cum.”

His simple words made me fly over the edge. I could not hold my body still, my head thrashed around and my hips raised off the counter. Waves of pleasure radiated off my body, Mike raised himself up as he unzipped his pants and dropped them along with his briefs to the floor and swiftly plunged his thick cock into my soaked cunt.

As his cock bottomed out, another glorious orgasm hit me. This man had made me cum more than my last three boyfriends, and it looked like the fun had just started. Mike steadily stroked his cock in and out of my pussy keeping it in a constant state of being on the edge of cuming.

Mike picked me up like I weighed nothing and braced me up on his muscled forearms. “Ride me baby.” I lifted myself up and down on his wonderful cock. The new angled allowed me deeper penetration. I never wanted the ride to end.

Mike saw that I was getting tired of lifting myself up. All those orgasms had really drained me of my strength. So he leaned me over his desk, putting me at the perfect height to be fucked from behind. Mike new that I was about at the end of all my sexual energy and rammed me hard with all 9 inches.

After about ten minutes of hard steady pounding, Mike’s strokes became more and more frantic. “Here it comes! Feel me come!” Mike grunted as I felt his cock swell up more and spray his hot cum deep inside my pussy. As another spasm of orgasm hit me, Mike scooped some of our combined fluid and coated his finger with it and slid it into my ass.

I lost it. I was truly in heaven. Never had anybody hit all my pleasure spots with such intensity. I just melted into a pool of pleasure all over Mike’s desk. I felt totally boneless. I could still feel his cock filling my pussy and his warmth cuddling my back. I never wanted to move.

Mike gently eased his spent cock out of my pussy and scooped me up in his arms. He led me back to the counter and set me on it. He pulled his pants back on and then handed me my clothes.

As I clumsily redressed, I wondered what I had done. I never indulged in this kind of behavior before. I felt like just running away and forgetting the whole episode. Well maybe not forgetting it, I just never thought I could show my face at this school building again.

Mike must have sensed my distress, because he came to stand in front of me and raised my bowed down head with his finger. “Come home with me.”

Looks like the fun would continue.

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