Teacher Surprised


When you work next door to someone for a few years, especially in a small school, you eventually learn a lot about them. Sherry and I were Social Studies teachers at the same high school. We’d both started at the school fresh from college.

As the years go by, and we changed subjects, we bounced around from room to room, yet we always stayed in the same hallway. When I was giving a test, I liked to stand in the open doorway where I was behind the kids. They never really knew where I was, so they couldn’t cheat as easy. The other reason I stood back there is that I could see across the hall directly into Sherry’s room. Sometimes she’d leave her classroom door open and I’d watch her from time to time. Every now and then, she’d turn and see me watching her and she’d smile. She’s also a really good speaker and I enjoyed listening to her as she lectured. I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

Okay, that’s the background that leads to the story I’m about to share. We’re both married and in our early thirties. Sherry is very attractive, with a cute, girl-next-door familiarity about her. She’s only been married for a few years, while my wife and I are approaching our eighth year.

I don’t want to dwell on it, but I’m finding that it’s getting more difficult these days to get romantic with my wife. We both work and we’re always tired. That doesn’t mean that I’m not your typical horny man. In fact, I’d have to say that I’m finding myself needing sexual release more than ever. The problem, again, is that making love with my wife isn’t the “everyday and every night, non-stop sex-fest” that I thought marriage would be. This leaves me to take matters into my own hands, if you will. Actually, to be more specific, it leads me to my computer and a quick rendezvous with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Three to five minutes with that vibrating “muscle relaxing massager” and I’m good for one more day.

Now, I am a man. I enjoy the naked flesh of the female body just as much as the next guy. However, over the years, I’ve discovered that I enjoy the pictures that I conjure up in my mind just as much. That’s why I started reading and eventually writing erotic stories. The majority of my stories come from my daily life, blended with a lot of fantasy.

Lately, I’ve been downloading erotic audio stories into my mp3 player. It’s done wonders for my lawn mowing skills. I can spend hours outside giving the lawn a manicure. About a month ago, I was stopped in my tracks at the voice I heard through my headphones. I literally stopped the lawn mower and stood there, transfixed as I listened to a story about a teacher being secretly seduced by a former student. The voice coming through the mp3 player was the same voice I’d heard each day for years at work. It was Sherry, the teacher across the hall from me.

Monday was the longest day. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Every chance I could, I would work my way over to my open door to listen to her voice. She was describing the creation of fjords and peninsulas and all I could do was imagine her naked and lying on her stomach across her teacher desk. That’s what the story was about. In her story, a former student had contacted her by commenting on the stories she had submitted online. An online friendship had quickly turned sexual. He knew exactly the right words to get her juices flowing. He ended up persuading her to stay after hours in her classroom. Although he had never identified himself to her, she felt that she could trust him. Tonight, they were to meet for the first time.

She had followed his instructions to remove all of her clothing, turn off her light, put on a blindfold, and then stay in the teacher wardrobe/closet in the corner of her room. She had gone to the basketball game, and then went back to her room to grade papers. At ten o’clock, she unlocked the padlock on the closet, and cleared out enough hd porno space for her to stand. Then she opened her classroom door, peeked around to see if anyone was around, and then quickly shut it. She stripped her clothes off and tossed them into her desk drawer. Turning out the lights, she sprinted over to the closet and stepped inside. She tied the blindfold around her eyes. The area was so cramped that she wouldn’t be able to reach up to her head after the door was closed. Feeling aroused and exposed, she reached out and pulled the cabinet door shut. In the darkness, she waited.

She had waited for what seemed like forever. When she heard the classroom door open, she could feel her body betray her by the sudden intake of breath, and the sudden rush of heat between her legs. She could see a small glimmer of light through the crack of the door. After a few seconds, she realized it was just Ben, the evening custodian emptying her trash. She stood frozen in place, goose bumps rising on her forearms and across her chest. Her nipples were growing firm, a mixture of thrill and the chill of excited nervousness.

Finally, the door had opened, but the light stayed off. She heard footsteps walking toward the closet where she hid. She smothered a laugh as she heard him slam into a student desk. Soon, he was at the door.

“Sherry?” she heard him whisper roughly. “Are you in there?”

She tried to answer, but all that came out was a little whimper.

“Good,” he whispered. “That’s a good girl.”

She was so turned on at this point. The anticipation was driving her wild. She could smell her own arousal and feel the wetness in her pussy. Her nipples were now proudly erect and brushing against the smooth laminate of the cabinet door.

When he asked if she was naked, she nearly came right there. She was so vulnerable right then, and so turned on.

The door opened. Silence. He was staring at her. Staring at her naked body. She could feel his eyes as they roamed over her.

“If he doesn’t touch me soon, I’m going to have to do it myself,” she thought as she waited there.

Finally, she felt the warmth of him as he leaned forward and placed his open mouth upon her left nipple and sucked it in.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned as she felt his arm reach around her back to pull her out of the cabinet. She stumbled forward, yet never enough to remove her nipple from his mouth. His hands roamed her body, touching her in all of the right spaces. He should know them, as she had shared her most intimate thoughts with him. He released her nipple and slowly turner her around. He pushed gently on her back and she leaned forward, finally resting her breasts on the cold top of a student desk.

She sucked in her breath when her nipples touched the cold plastic desktop. She sucked her breath in again as she felt his fingers reaching between her legs. He knew just what to do. His fingers quickly found her wetness, and when he pressed them inward, splitting her lips, the moisture coated them. Seconds later, he was thrumming a steady beat against her swollen clit.

She came hard against his hand. She nearly blacked out with the release it gave her. She was still shivering with tremors when he stood her up and pushed her back into the cabinet.

Surprised, she barely had the time to turn around before he quickly closed the door. Then, her heart nearly stopped when she heard the padlock close and the unmistakable sound of a lock snapping shut. She immediately pushed against the door of the cabinet, but she was trapped. She heard him laughing sinisterly.

“Trapped aren’t we? I guess you’re totally at my mercy.” He told her. “I hope you have enough air in there.”

She fought the panic welling up inside of her as she listened intently. She heard him walking around the room. The squeal of metal on metal told her that japon porno her desk drawers were being opened.

“Ah, what’s this?” he asked aloud. He’d found her clothes. “Well, it seems our teacher must be naked. Now why would such a respectable and responsible educator do something like that? It would be a shame for someone to find out about this.”

“Why did you lock me in here?” she pleaded through the door, her voice muffled and not carrying far at all.

“Why?” he replied, suddenly rushing toward the locked cabinet. “Why?” he growled as he slammed the palms of his hands against the door of the cabinet. “I’ll tell you why, bitch!”

She recoiled when he hit the cabinet. She was frightened but still somewhat excited, hoping deep inside her that this was part of the game.

She jumped again when he began roughly talking. “Do you know what it’s like going to this school? Everyone here goes off to University. Not college, you miserable bitch! University! They go to private universities and institutions that their snobby parents can brag about at their dinner parties. Not for people that fail your fucking class though! I had to go to summer school and now I’m stuck at fucking community college. “

This was no longer exciting. She was scared to death. His rage was growing more intense as he spoke.

“So now you’re the one that’s fucked, bitch. Let’s see how your future looks after they find you. That is, if they find you. It’s Friday and the school is empty until Monday morning.”

He heard him walking around the classroom, “I’m leaving all of your clothes out for them to find. Your blouse is at the door; your skirt is by the first desk. I’ve got your sexy bra stretched between two chairs, and your thong is right here!” As he spoke the last words, she heard the lock rattle as he stuck her thong around it.

“Can you hear me, teach? Are you still alive in there?” He whispered roughly again.

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Please let me go.”

“You can beg all that you want.” He said. “No one can hear you, and I don’t give a damn.” Then he said clearly, loudly, and with slow emphasis, “You. Are. Fucked!”

She heard him walk away. The door opened and closed. She was alone. Alone, trapped, and naked.

She cried. She screamed. She pounded her fists on the door. There was no one in the building to hear her pleas for help. She finally slumped as well as she could inside the cabinet space.

The silence was the loudest thing she’d ever heard. Then she heard the door to the room open.

“Sherry?” A voice called out hesitantly. Did she just hear that? Did someone just call her name?

“Sherry? Are you in here?” It was a male voice. Someone was here to save her. She stood up and pounded on the door, screaming out.

“Help me! Help!” she screamed, her throat raw from her previous yells.

The padlock on the door jiggled and she heard him say, “It’s me, Mike. Hold on. I think it’s your lock. Where are your keys?”

“Top desk drawer!” she cried out.

She heard him opening her desk drawer and moving things around and then suddenly he was back. He unlocked the padlock and opened the door. She fell forward and into his arms, taking deep, filling breaths of precious air.

He pulled the blindfold from her head and held her tight until she grew calm. Suddenly, she remembered her nakedness and she looked around the room for her clothes. They were gone. He hadn’t spread them around the room like he had said.

Mike removed his shirt and gave it to her to wear. She quickly put it on and buttoned it up. It barely covered her butt and she still felt exposed.

“Soooo,” Mike asked her. “Do I need to call the police? Are you okay? Would you like to tell me what’s going on?”

She took a deep breath and sighed, “I’m okay. Do not call the cops. Let me try and explain.”

She lezbiyen porno told him the whole story, of how she had met him online, and how she had stupidly let him seduce her into meeting him in her classroom. She told him about how she had let him in on her secret fantasies of being used and put into dangerous situations. He obviously used that to his advantage, getting her naked and locking her in the cabinet.

“Well, at least you didn’t have sex with him,” he said with a smile. She returned his smile but shyly looked away, not meeting his eyes.

“You had sex with him?” he asked incredulously.

“Well, yes and no,” she replied. “He umm, fingered me.” As she told him this, she glanced down at his crotch. He was aroused, and oddly enough, despite what had just happened to her, she could feel herself getting excited too.

He leaned over and whispered knowingly, “And if he had pushed you over the desk and slid his hard, thick cock inside of your pussy…would you have liked that?”

“Oh my,” she thought to herself. She looked over at him and replied huskily, “Yeah, I would have let him fuck me right there.”

As she finished her words, he leaned over and pulled her to her feet. He grabbed his shirt that she was wearing and ripped it open, sending the buttons flying around the room. He turned her around violently and pushed her down onto the top of her desk. Her breasts pushed flat against the cool desktop as he pushed himself against the back of her legs. “Ohhhh,” she actually moaned aloud as she heard his zipper come down. She arched her ass up into the air as she felt the heat of his cock approaching her. It was like a hot poker as the head of his cock pushed against her wet pussy lips. He slid the head up and down, covering it in her slickness and then he pushed it home.

It took her breath away as he slammed it into her. “Is this what you wanted?” he grunted as he thrust away. “Is this how you wanted him to fuck you?”

She couldn’t make the words come to her lips as he fucked her. She began moaning as his penetrating cock began pushing her pussy against the desktop. When he heard her moans, he grabbed her hips in his hands and really began to pound away.

“I let you cum once tonight, now it’s my turn.” He grunted as he slammed into her. “Did you really think I would just lock this fine pussy away in a cabinet?”

As he spoke, through the fog of her pleasure, she realized it was him, her friend from across the hall. It had been him all along.

“Unh!” she exclaimed as the orgasm rippled through her body with more force than she had ever felt. Her pussy filled with creamy juices as it contracted around his cock, and with that he came as well, shooting his own hot juices into her.

He kept his body pressed hard against hers until his cock softened and slipped out of her.

She was still bent across her desk, breath coming in short little gasps when he leaned over and brushed the hair away from her ear. “Let’s do this again on Monday during lunch. Wear a short skirt and no panties.”

He slapped her on the ass and walked out of the room.

That’s the story that she had written and voiced that I had downloaded. It was told in the first person point of view. It was the wildest thing I’d ever heard. I bet that I had listened to it at least thirty times over the weekend.

Finally, the day ended. I walked across the hall to Sherry’s room. I waited patiently until the last student had packed up and left.

“Hey, Mike.” She said with a smile, “what’s up?”

“Oh, not much,” I said with as much bravado as I could summon. I walked over to her desk and opened the top drawer. She looked at me curiously as I took out the key to her cabinet. I swung it on its ring as I walked back to the cabinet. I opened the door and looked inside. Sure enough, there was room for a person to stand.

I walked back up the aisle of seats to where she stood, staring at me with a nervous smile.

I tossed the key onto her desk and looked straight into her eyes.

“I’ll be back at 9:00 tonight.” I whispered as her eyes widened. “You can skip the blindfold.”