Teacher’s Pet Ch. 02


Amy Ling looked herself over once more in the mirror of the bathroom. She checked her crotch to make sure all the hair was gone. The 18 year old Asian girl didn’t want to disappoint her history teacher, Ms.Robbins. She also turned around to see her ass was now bruised slightly from the harsh spanking she received from her teacher yesterday.

Today she wanted to be really sexy for her, so she put on more than her average amount of makeup. For clothes she chose a black and red checkered miniskirt that just barely met school regulations, a orange thong, her best push up bra, a black tank top, her pair of white adidas sneakers she never wore outside and finally thigh high white socks with black stripes around the thighs.

She went to school that day and could tell everyone was giving her a stare, both students and staff a like, but she only wanted the gaze of Ms.Robbins. In between classes she saw Ms.Robbins was in the hall so Amy faced away from her and pretend to be clumsy and dropped her books. She bent over to pick them up making sure her teacher got a full view of her ass and thong. Ms.Robbins looked like she was drooling when she saw that but then got her composure and did a 180 on her heels to get away from Amy.

Finally history class came around she couldn’t wait for the class to end. She tapped her foot on the floor like a jack rabbit as the minutes slowly went by. The bell finally rang and everyone flooded out of the class expect for Amy and Ms.Robbins. She stands up, locks the door, and pulls the blind down. She then walks over to Amy who is breathing heavy and licking her lips excitedly. Instead of kissing her like she expected, Ms.Robbins gives Amy a quick slap across the face. Amy holds her hand to her face very surprised by the slap. Ms.Robbins grabs a handful of her students hair and forces her out of her seat to her stand up.

“What the hell are you doing coming to school dressed like some tramp?” She asked annoyed. Amy grunts to speak as her hair is pulled.

“I’m sorry ma’am I just wanted to dress sexy for you!” She explained.

“When I want you to dress sexy I will tell you to bitch.” She said and slapped her again.

“I thought you would like it.” Amy said feeling disappointed at her teacher. Ms.Robbins then leans in and kisses Amy. Their tongues meet and intertwine with each other as Amy lets out a low moan. Ms.Robbins pulls away wiping the drool from her mouth with her hand.

“I loved how you rize escort looked, when I saw you in the hall and you bent over I wanted to tear your clothes off right then and there, but your outfit was being talked about by the faculty and the principal was planning on sending you home early. Luckily I was able to convince him to let me talk to you instead.” She explained.

“I’m sorry I put you through so much trouble ma’am.” Amy said now feeling like an idiot.

“I know you are, but still I must punish you, yet again.” Ms.Robbins said grinning.

“Take off the clothes slut, but I want you to keep those socks on.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy answered her teacher submissively. She took off her sneakers, then her shirt, next her bra, finally her skirt and panties. She then stood there naked in front of her teacher wearing nothing, but her white thigh high socks.

“On your hands and knees.” Ms.Robbins said pointing to the floor. Amy did as she was told and got down on the cold floor. Ms.Robbins then grabs her hair again and pulls it.

“Come over to my desk you little perv.” She said pulling on her hair. Amy winces as her hair is pulled and crawls on her hands and knees to the desk. She lets go of her hair and pulls out a duffel bag from under her desk.

“I have some toys for us to play with my little pet.” She said with a smirk.

“Stand up on your knees.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy said kneeling. Ms.Robbins then took out a leather collar from the duffel bag. She puts the collar around Amy’s throat tightly and tightens it to the point where it wasn’t hard to breathe or swallow, but a tad difficult. She pulled out a small lock and locked it on. Next she took a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She attached each cuff, tightened it, and then added a lock to it. She took out a set of chains that appeared to be connected to each other. She connected the two ends of the chain to Amy’s ankle restraints and locked them on. Next she locked on the two other chain end to her wrists cuffs, finally she connected the single chain end to her leather collar. The chains were not really that heavy, but did seem durable. She could only spread her ankles about a foot and a half and spread her wrists about the width of her stomach and couldn’t move them above her head. The whole appearance reminded her of the old fashioned prison chain gangs.

“Now for the final piece.” Ms.Robbins said and pulls out a purple bostnews.com ballgag from her bag.

“Open.” She ordered. Amy obliged and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Her teacher shove the ball in and secured it around her head. Amy found the rubber taste of the ballgag to be enjoying actually.

“Now that I have you dressed up my pet it’s time for your punishment.” Ms.Robbins stated and reaches into her bag to pull out a leather paddle. Amy’s ass starts to feel sore again just from the thought of the spanking she received yesterday.

“Over my knee you bad girl.” She said grabbing Amy by the arm and sitting down in her seat while putting Amy over her knee. Amy was suprised by how strong her teacher was, and while she was not looking forward to the paddling, she did love the feeling of her smooth legs under her stomach.

“Do you know why you are going to be punished Amy?” Ms.Robbins asked rubbing the paddle on her ass cheeks. Amy nods her head yes.

“You are being punished for coming to school dressed like a common street whore. Now if you are a good girl and take your punishment I have some more toys for us to play with, and I may let you lick my feet as I grade papers. Wouldn’t that be nice?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy tried her best to say through her gag while nodding profusely.

“Good girl, now lets begin.” Ms.Robbins said as she continued rubbing the paddle on Amy’s rear.


Amy’s whole body tensed from the hard hit of the paddle on her ass. It was just the first hit and it hurt so bad.


Ms.Robbins begins to paddle Amy. Hitting each ass cheek with veracity and intensity. Amy squeals through her ballgag with each whack. Ms.Robbins smiles as she continues to paddle her student.

“Remember this is what you get for coming to my class dressed like that Amy.” She said while continuing to whack her rear end.

“I think you dressed like a tramp on purpose so that way I would punish you. Am I right?” Ms.Robbins asked and pulls on Amy’s hair again.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy mumbled through her gag as a trail of saliva starts to ooze out.


Ms.Robbins begins another round of swats with her paddle. Amy tries her best to keep her composure and work through the pain of having her ass beat. Even though it was incredibly painful she was so turn on right now. She bit down on the ballgag to help absorb the pain from each hit of the paddle. After a series of smacks to her ass with the paddle, the beating finally stopped. Ms.Robbins puts the paddle down and begins to slowly rub and massage her ass.

“Good girl, now lets start the second phase of your punishment.” She said and then picks

Amy up by her arm and brings her to the white board. She takes a marker and removes the cap and puts it in Amy’s hand.

“Now I want you to fill this board with a message about 1 and a half inches long. The message will say I AM A PERVERT. If it is sloppy I will paddle you again and then make you start over. Now get to work bitch!” She commanded and gave Amy’s ass a quick spank with her hand. Amy yelped and then quickly got to work writing. She tried her best to write, but it was very difficult with her chains on. Still she wrote I AM A PERVERT over and over again in rows on the white board like teachers used to make students write on the chalkboard. Ms.Robbins sat on her desk and simply watched her, admiring her beautiful red ass. After some time she felt Amy wasn’t going fast enough. She decided to reach into her bag and pulls out a riding crop. She drags the crop slowly down Amy’s back. Amy moans a little at the sensation of the crop. Ms.Robbins puts the crop between Amy’s ass cheeks and rubs her pussy with the end of it. Amy stops writing as her pussy is teased by the crop, her teacher notices this as well and gets mad. She swats her ass cheek hard with the crop making Amy yelp in surprise.

“Did I tell you to stop you little twat?” Her teacher asks whacking her ass again. Amy shakes her head no and goes back to writing.

“You have five minutes to get this board filled. If it’s not I am going to make your ass black and blue.” She warned with another hit from the crop. Amy steps it into over gear and writes as fast as she could as slobber comes from her sore jaw and covers her breasts. Her arm feels like its going to fall off as she finally finishes writing and puts the marker down.

She turns around to face her teacher. Mrs. Robbins smiles and takes off Amy’s ballgag. She kisses Amy as a reward.

“That is a very good girl. You took your punishment so well I am going to give you another reward. Get down on all fours.” She said pointing to the floor.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy said and went to the floor.

Mrs.Robbins then takes off her shoes and sticks her beautiful, soft, manicured feet in Amy’s face.

“Lick my feet girl.” She commanded her.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy said smiling and began to suck her toes and lick the soles of her feet baby smooth feet as her teacher began to grade tests.