Teacher’s Pet Pt. 04: The Apprentice

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All participants are 18+

The swimsuit was ill-fitting. It barely contained Rebecca’s large breasts. The bikini briefs were like something out of the nineteen-eighties. White and almost see-through they cut just a little under her round tummy, but high enough that it practically showed all of her hips and hugged her fat pussy and thick pubis mound. The outfit left little to the imagination.

“Oh, Rebecca did you like the pool?”

“Yes Ms Verne, it was very refreshing.”

“I’m glad you could fit into that little bikini, I haven’t worn one…” Ms Vern trailed off as she fiddled with the knot of the robe.

Mum (Amelia) had sent her over here, some fairly extensive rules. No sex only looking and she can’t touch you down there. Rebecca’s comment on being a private stripper had predictably received a single arched eyebrow. Now the thought of that arched eyebrow made her pussy drip.

“Darling I have a drink for you.” Ms Verne said as she came out of her stupor. “I also have some old clothes for you to wear around the house as you clean it.”

Rebecca nodded and sipped the iced tea, Ms Verne. Rebecca wondered what the woman would have her wear now. This was exciting, she had to admit, Mum was right she would get a kick out of “helping” Ms Verne. Rebecca knew Ms Verne was perving on her every step of the way. The bikini she wore was a good example.

Walking inside Rebecca was directed to a small powder room and there was a very short French maid outfit. Smiling Rebecca admired the fact that this was a well-tailored dress and not something from an adult bookstore shop. Putting it on, she found that everything was near exposed or almost spilling out. Her backside, even with a slight bend could easily be seen, a decent bend, and you saw the lot. The black G-string she wore with it made her cunt lips achingly part and merely pointed out her asshole and bald twat.

Rebecca took to the part well, cleaning, not well but made sure the pretence of cleaning was obvious. She flashed Ms Verne, not obviously but with obvious effect. The robe was undone and, soon Rebecca noted her own heart aflutter, that Ms Verne was masturbating. Now her robe open and spread eagle on the couch, Rebecca watched with some fascination as Ms Verne slid a large purple vibrator into her, by the change in sound the vibrator made, her soaked cunt.


Sam woke with a text. It was Amelia’s tone, he found he rolled out of bed quicker than if it had been anyone else.

Can I call?

Texting back an affirmative he moved out of the bedroom. The lounge was now tidy, and the house felt homely. He wrapped himself in his robe and walked into the kitchen to get a coffee. It was early, but not too early Saturday. The phone rang.

“Hell… Hello,” Sam said excitedly down the phone.

“Darling how are you?” Amelia said.

Sam felt his cock harden at the sound of her voice. “Hi, Amelia.” Sam felt weirdly nervous. Concerned that he had paused for too long he spoke again. “I’m fine, good, good and Madeline is wonderful.”

“I am sure she is.” Sam went red at that statement, “In fact, my dear I am hoping I can come visit today.”

“Oh, yes today would be marvellous,” Sam said, noticing Madeline walk naked from his bedroom and wander into the kitchen. Bending over he noticed the red jewelled butt plug was still in her asshole.

“Sam,” Amelia paused, “We have a few things to discuss.”

Sam gulped audibly, “there is nothing wrong is there?”

A tittering laugh filled his ears, “No darling, not at all.”

A few hours later a red convertible sports car pulled up at Sam’s house. Amelia disembarked, wearing a suede trench coat, red pumps and black shades. She walked up the short footpath to Sam’s door, looking at the surroundings. Before she had knocked Madeline opened the door.

“Hi! Miss come on in,” Madeline exclaimed excited to meet her teacher,

Madeline obliged with a beaming smile and nod to Madeline. Sam was coming out of the kitchen a tea towel over his shoulder.

“Sorry Amelia, just tidying up,” he said with a smile, “Coffee?”

“Oh yes please,” she responded and turned her back to Madeline, motioning for help with her large trench coat. Madeline obliged. When the coat was withdrawn, Madeline gasped. Amelia wore a red corset edged in black lace, a small plaid mini skirt that left nothing to güvenilir bahis the imagination, a red garter belt edged in black lace along with a set of fishnet stockings that showed off her pale skin.

“Miss that looks exquisite,” Madeline exclaimed.

“Look at you darling,” Amelia turned around with a grin removing her sunglasses. “That white one-piece is breathtaking, do you swim in that?”

Madeline chuckled, “I did about three years ago before the girls came along.” Madeline gave her ample bosom a heft with both hands.

With a look of thought and wagging her finger, “my dear I may have a job for you.”

“Really?” Madeline replied, “doing.”

“I’ll get to that but first,” she breathed in the smell of coffee as Sam came into the room with a tray of cups.

“This is my best stuff, and as well I was a barista while I studied,” Sam said, flashing a grin.

Both the women approved and drank from the offered cups. Sam watched quietly, his robe done up tight. He anxiously moved about.

“Sam, I said on the phone that everything was ok,” Amelia said.

“He is worried about him and me,” Madeline said, “Usually he would try to plow me into oblivion in this,” she gestured to her tight and far too small swimsuit. “Without you I wouldn’t be having this fun.”

Amelia giggled, her large tits shuddering with each laugh. “Oh Sam!” she said leaning forward and slapping his exposed knee. “It’s nothing bad!” Sitting back, she regarded the two with smiles. “Such long faces, and Sam you have been to, well see me?”

“You have been rather recluse,” Sam said. Leaning forward on the chair.

“I have an apprentice,” Amelia said with glee, clapping her hands together in excitement.

“But, but I thought…” Madeline began.

“Oh, my dear! There is little I could teach you.” Amelia looked at Sam. “I also think you are rather besotted with Sam.”

Madeline’s face reddened. “There is nothing more you could teach me?”

“My dear, there is always something to learn.” Amelia paused, “I have seen a girl in need and taken her in to become an apprentice of sorts.” Amelia paused giving a reassuring rub Madeline’s leg. “My whole aim here is to create a useful harem for our mutual friend, Sam.”

With a cough, Sam spoke, “A what?”

“A Harem, sir,” Madeline said with a smile.

“To keep you here,” Amelia continued taking over from Madeline.

“To keep me where?” Sam said standing his discomfort at the situation clear by his nervous pacing from his chair to the unused fireplace.

“Sam, darling,” Amelia said standing. “Good staff are scarce, you are more than good staff. You are family.”

Sam looked at Amelia and focused on her face, avoiding her plunging cleavage. “Are you happy with this?”

“Happy? Overjoyed, ecstatic.” Amelia smiled and crossed her legs. “Sam, you are an asset to the school and well a lover to me and Madeline.”

“What about the new apprentice? Is she to be forced?” Sam said turning with a look of concern.

“Is that what this is about, darling?” Amelia said rapidly standing. “Oh, my Madeline would not be here without informed consent. I would not have taken you into my boudoir without consent.” Amelia got eye contact with Sam and locked it in. “These girls are women and they know what they want.”

Madeline had stood as well but rapidly had to push one of her tits back into her undersized swimsuit. “Sam, I came here to have fun and be with you.” Madeline walked to stand alongside him placing a hand on his shoulder with a look of concern on her face. “You are safe, stable and fun.” Leaning her head on her hand, she smiled.”

“Sam, I assure you we want you here, we love what we do,” Amelia looked at Madeline and smiled. “Nothing here is forced.”

Sam nodded his head. “Sorry, just I hadn’t seen you with Madeline and had assumed I was doing something wrong.”

“Wrong?” Amelia said, her eyes twinkling and her smile beaming. “I only suggested to Madeline here, that she take things into her hands.”

“And I did,” Madeline piped up.

“So,” Amelia began. “If we have removed your concerns, may I continue.” Amelia walked closer to Sam and began to play with his robe, shutting the opening at his neck and straightening the robe.

“Sorry Amelia, please do.”

“I have adopted a young woman to be my apprentice.” Looking at Madeline directly she türkçe bahis continued. “She has been somewhat of an issue recently since attending the school. An attitude I would like help in adjusting.”

“So another student?” Sam said resting his hands on Amelia’s ample hips.

“Ahh, she is legal, Miss?” Madeline said, looking concerned.

“Yes, and yes,” Amelia quipped, opening Sam’s robe at the neck to gently caress the skin with her long fingernails. Pausing she looked directly at Madeline. “Sweat heart everything she bullied you for she is guilty herself.”

“Rebecca?” Madeline said with a choking laugh. Realising who Amelia’s apprentice was in shock. “Her?”

“Oh yes, it seems our rather curvy young lady likes the female touch.”

“Really?” Madeline was awestruck. “You caught her?”

“Caught? No! I fucked her,” Amelia said with a wink.


Rebecca pranced through Ms Venre’s house, her underwear long since cast aside. Opening the cupboard she removed the vacuum cleaner, making sure that she gave Ms Verne a good long look at her shaved and puffy vagina.

“I’ll vacuum this room last?” She asked the attractive teacher as she observed the young woman. Rebecca noted she carried two vibrators now and was naked. This excited Rebecca, as the woman may be in her fifties but she was a fox. A lean almost muscular body with huge fake tits. Ms Verne was a sight for sore eyes.

“Please,” Ms Verne uttered in a pleading tone.

Rebecca smiled and pranced into the next room, the hot cougar in tow. Stopping in the living room she laid the vacuum cleaner down and sighed. Ms Verne came up behind her she could hear the vibrator humming away.

“Ms Verne would you like to have a seat over there,” Rebecca pointed at a seat in a bay window along the hallway, one with a perfect view. With a cheeky grin, Ms Verne sat in the chair hooking a leg over one armrest. Her hot, wet cunt fell open, and the vibrator manipulated the folds of her cunt and elicited little gasps. Turning back to the vacuum cleaner Rebecca knelt on the floor and bent forward, her dress rode up.

Her large bare white backside entranced Velma Verne. The pussy was shaved, the asshole nestled between the white puffy cheeks. It made her drool, and the vibrator slide in and out with ease as she soaked the chair cushion with her juices.

“Rebecca,” Velma said with a little sigh.

“Yes, Ms Verne” Rebecca said looking back over her shoulder at Ms Verne.

“Two things,” Velma said with a gasp as she bumped her clit with the droning vibrator. “You look rather hot perhaps you should take off that hot uniform, and dear child call me Velma.”


Sam sighed as he felt Amelia tug on the robe belt, it fell open exposing his nude body, and his rigid hard cock. Amelia’s hand wrapped neatly around the cock. Sam hissed as he felt Amelia’s nails dig into the sensitive frenulum. Madeline’s hand went over the head of the cock, finger and thumb teasing the weeping head.

All three shared an intimate and debauched kiss. Tongues went over tongues, as lips parted and moans emanated from the union. Realising he was doing nothing with his hands he reached around and grabbed Amelia’s huge rounds ass. The other hand fingered the high waistband of Madeline’s white swimsuit, sliding it down to the pubic mound and feeling the warm wet heat from her young cunt.

“So, Sam,” Amelia said breathlessly. “How shall we do this?”

Sam looked down as the two hands massaged his hard cock. “Ladies,” he sighed. “Can I get you both nude and oiled down.”

“Oh, naughty Sam. Darling, I love it!”


Velma slid the tip of the vibrator around her hardening clit. Her free hand rubbed her breast, the large nipple was so hard. Looking down she sighed as her muse had her large round ass high in the air one hand was attacking the weeping bald cunt from beneath the other hand was pushing gently on her brown flower and making it slowly gape.

“Rebecca,” Velma said as she slid the vibrator into her cunt, a squelch and a sigh halted the sentence. “Would you like a toy?”

Rebecca stabbed at her arsehole with her index finger. “Yes that would be wonderful,” She paused before saying the woman’s first name, “Velma.”

Velma pulled the purple one out of her sopping hole and handed it across the room to Rebecca. Taking the hint she got on one güvenilir bahis siteleri knee and took the gooey wet purple vibrator from her host. Rebecca switched the vibrations on low and sampled the juices from the other woman. Rebecca moaned assumed the position she had before but allowed her head to touch the floor. Her boobs squished out around her in puddles of curvy teen tits. Rebecca slowly slid the vibrator all over her privates, seeking a response from Velma, a sign on where she was to pleasure herself.

The vibrator slid along her moistening vaginal lips, teasing her clit. Rebecca slid it around the oozing entrance to her cunt and then teasingly along the line of her taint. Until it settled on the puckered anus nestled between her chunky but perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

“Ooh, Darling, please that one,” Velma lustfully begged.

Rebecca bit her bottom lip and with a coy face, knew how to elicit a good response from Velma. “Miss, can you spit on it and me?” she paused seeing Velma rise quickly, the request causing her mouth to open in anticipation.

“Darling let me drool there for you,” Velma said before allowing a long warm line of spit dribble from her puffy red lips. It crisscrossed Rebecca’s sensitive ass. Moaning slightly she gently took the purple dildo from Rebecca and sloppy mouthed its buzzing form. Returning it to Rebecca’s hand, Velma returned to her chair and pussy soaked cushion.

Rebecca sighed from a mixture of relief and horniness. Mum had told her the only rule was no touching, spit was not touching but here inserting a dildo, was. Rebecca lazily rolled the tip around the eye of her ass. Moaning she pushed a little and removed the dildo her asshole moistened let out a little squelch.

Rebecca pushed again a little more forcefully. The dildo slid a little further into her ass cave. The brown flower felt agape this time as she removed the pleasure tool. Velma’s breathing was rapid. Smiling Rebecca felt a surge of satisfaction and lust burn through her, bringing the other woman to an orgasm with no touching was quite a feat. Rebecca pushed again this time with determination as the dildo pushed deeper into her lubed and relaxed asshole. Buried now fairly deep and clenched in by her anus Rebecca moved her hands to her vagina. One hand held open the wet lips while another alternated between vagina and clit.

Suddenly she orgasmed and heard Velma follow suit. Her cunt and anus lockdown on their violators. Rebecca felt her fingers rhythmically then spasmodically squashed as she rode the wave of pleasure. The dildo moved slightly in and out pushing Rebecca over the line for a second and a third. Her breath heaving she felt the dildo clatter to the floor and agape anus and cunt cool with the passing breeze. Velma had gushed.

“Will that be all mam?” Rebecca said breathlessly.

“Oh yes my dear,” Velma caught her breath. “I must talk to Amelia about more services you could provide.”


Amelia giggled as she crushed her large naked breasts against Madeline’s. The oil made them slick and they had a slight mind of their own. Only moments ago Amelia had sent Sam out to her car to get her “bag of tricks.” Whilst out at the car both women got naked and upon entering the house he was greeted by the two lovely ladies, nude and kissing. Sam stopped to enjoy the view. Madeline spotted him first. Grinned and then grabbed both of Amelia’s massive tits. Quickly the bag was opened and a large bottle of baby oil was brought out to play.

Now Amelia and Madeline squished themselves together, giggled then sighed erotically as they began to kiss. Sam disrobed and sat on the chase, stroking his erect cock. Both women oblivious to him moved from kisses to just lashing their tongues together. Hands went everywhere, from cupping breasts, pinching nipples, rubbing asses and finally sliding achingly over hips to plump aching cunts.

After a few minutes of this, they both stopped. Amelia grinned, then turned to look at Sam. Madeline followed her gaze.

“Darlings,” she said to both of them. “Perhaps I should show Sam, and you,” Amelia smacked Madeline’s bubble butt. “Something debauched, and very naughty.”

If Sam’s cock could talk it would, at this moment it twitched as she padded over to him at the chase. Amelia bid him to stand, which he did as she knelt until his cock was at roughly Amelia’s mouth height.

“Perfect,” she purred. Amelia looked up at Sam, his pre-cum oozing cock resting on her face. “Darling you drank much today?”

Sam, knowing where this was headed rapidly nodded his head in excitement.

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