Teaching a Virgin Jock Pt. 01

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Nick was nearing the end of his workout around 10pm on a Monday night. He enjoyed visiting his local 24-hour gym late at night because he liked the solitude of exercising alone. When he was by himself, he didn’t have to worry about anyone occupying the equipment he wanted and could instead focus on his form. Nick loved staring at himself in the mirror while he lifted weights or did exercises, studying his technique and searching for signs of progress.

Not that Nick needed to improve his fitness. A regular at the gym since high school, he was now 31-years-old and in the best shape of his life. Standing 6′ tall, he had medium build that was extremely toned. He was proud of his visible six-pack and defined chest, a strong back, and a thick ass. Black hair lighted coated his chest and created a trail from his navel to his pubes. With short black hair, hazel eyes, and a clean-shaven face, he thought he looked handsome. As an out gay man, he never had problems finding dates.

On this particular night, Nick saw just one other person in the gym. He was wearing baggy pants and an oversized white hoodie, completely hiding his body from view. But Nick didn’t mind his fellow gym-goer’s presence, since he was clearly dedicated and knowledgeable about the gym — he was running through a physical list of exercises, executing each with perfect form.

After a final set of bench presses, Nick did some quick stretching before returning to the locker room. It was just him in the men’s room at the moment, which was excellent given how tiny it was. The room had just one locker bank, a small bathroom area, and a gang-style shower with two showerheads. Nick took off his sweaty gym clothes, threw them into an open locker, and walked fully nude to the showers.

After turning on the water, he stepped into the stream and began to lather up. He loved feeling the hot water on his skin after a tough workout, allowing it to soothe his muscles. Nick could tell he had made some good progress tonight, as his muscles felt pumped and a little sore as he ran his hands over them.

He was distracted enough (or perhaps just tired) that he completely missed the other guy entering the locker room. But sure enough, the man now approached the showerhead wearing just a towel around his waist. Now with his body visible, Nick was completely surprised by the man’s appearance. Standing a few inches taller than Nick, the man was extremely buff. His biceps bulged out of his arms, while his massive pecs left shadows beneath them. Even with a substantial amount of weight on his frame, his abs were perfectly visible. All of this was made even more clear by the fact that the man had almost no hair on his body, besides the short blond hair on his head. But most surprising of all was the man’s apparent age. Despite his impressive musculature, his face looked like that of someone no older than 21. He had soft skin, no facial hair, and big blue eyes. For someone who appeared so tough at first, his face made him look kinder than a puppy.

Without a word, the man hung up his towel and turned on the shower, now standing directly in front of Nick. He immediately noticed the man’s dick, which was clearly a show-er. Still flaccid, it looked to be about 5 inches long. It hung on a nice set of balls, which like the rest of the man were completely smooth. Nick tried to avoid making eye contact as he continued to rinse off, not wanting to grow an erection and embarrass himself.

But after about thirty seconds, he noticed the man become flushed as he grew a boner himself. It was impressive: About 8″ long with a thick head, it had a big vein that ran the length of the shaft. Nick smirked, feeling almost proud that he had been able to avoid an erection as a gay dude, but the probably-straight jock across from him couldn’t. Regardless of the guy’s sexuality, he was clearly at an age where random boners still happened — and Nick knew all too well that after a big workout, the testosterone flowed and could do wild things.

Still embarrassed, the man quickly finished up, turned off the shower, and rushed off in his towel to the locker banks. Nick was about done showering but decided escort izmir to give the other guy a minute before turning off the water and toweling down himself. As he walked back to the lockers, he saw the young jock slipping into a pair of white boxers before drying off his chiseled upper body. Nick removed his towel as he began to pat his own body dry.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, dude. It happens to the best of us,” Nick said to the other guy with smirk, surprising even himself by talking to a stranger at the gym. But since it was late and they were the only two people there, he felt he could loosen some of his self-imposed rules.

After a brief pause, the man took the comment in stride, turning around to face Nick while he laughed softly.

“Sorry about that. I’m not gay or anything,” he said with a deep voice, a little too quickly. “To be honest, man, I’m just horny after a long day at school and need to go take care of it.”

Nick was a little taken aback by the guy’s honesty, laughing a little to diffuse the situation.

“I get that,” he replied. “Are you a college student?”

“Yeah, I’m a sophomore. My name’s Adam.”

“Nick,” he replied, extending his hand for a shake. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you at this gym and not the campus one?”

“I’m on the wrestling team, and we usually work out together at school,” said Adam. “But sometimes I want a quiet place to exercise alone, so I got this membership too.”

“Damn, I should have done that back in college,” said Nick. “I was on the swim team back in the day and really could have used some time by myself in the gym.”

“Cool you were on the swim team,” said Adam. “I can tell you’ve been keeping in good shape. So many of guys I know that graduated last year have already fallen off the wagon.”

Avoiding the subtle acknowledgement that Nick was more than a few years out of college, Nick nodded and smiled.

“Well thanks for the compliment,” Nick started, “but I’m nothing compared to you. You’re absolutely massive, dude. Look at that chest! How old are you even?”

“20,” replied Adam with pride.

“You must be very popular with the girls on campus,” said Nick. He could tell immediately that he had touched a sore subject. At the flip of a switch, Adam looked less confident than before.

“You’d think so, but I’ve been striking out a lot recently,” said Adam.

“Well I’m sure you’ll get lucky again sometime soon,” said Nick casually, trying to lighten the mood. “Guy to guy, how long has it been?”

Adam again got shy. After a long pause, he finally said, “Since before I got to college. I’m a virgin.”

“Oh fuck,” said Nick, now feeling guilty for prying. How could this absolutely perfect specimen of a man not have found some girl to fuck by now? “Not even a blowjob?”

Adam shook his head no. “I try, but I always get nervous in front of girls and make a fool of myself. And at this point, I’ll be so much worse than all the other guys.”

“Everyone’s bad their first time,” Nick tried to say comfortingly. “Maybe you just need to find some random chick you don’t care about for your first time.”

“For sure, man,” Adam replied. “But the hard part is finding someone.”

In that moment, a devious thought entered Nick’s mind. He would have normally never said anything, but Adam’s candidness about sex made Nick feel confident to say it out loud. After a few seconds, his own horniness got the best of him and he spoke.

“I could suck your dick right now.”

Adam was stunned silent. As he stared directly into Nick’s hazel eyes, Nick could see him assessing the situation. On one hand, he could get off and have his first blow job here and now. But on the other, it would be with another guy and he would risk getting caught.

“So you’re gay?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, I don’t usually tell people that in the locker room, but you really look like you need to get off,” said Nick. “Plus, it’s fun to be someone’s first.”

Adam nodded, looking extremely hesitant but excitedly anxious about potentially getting his dick sucked right then and there. Nick felt encouraged he could convince this escort izmir straight jock to let him suck his dick.

“Promise you won’t say anything to anyone?” Adam asked cautiously.

“Promise,” Nick replied. “I won’t even mind if you keep your eyes closed. And you definitely don’t need to worry about anyone coming in here, it’s always empty at this hour.”

“Okay,” Adam finally agreed. He still looked nervous as he took off his boxers again. But his dick was completely erect, pulsing on its own in the air. Even if Adam was hesitant, his dick wasn’t. “So what do I do now?”

“Just stay right there,” said Nick. Taking off his towel, he got down on his knees in front of Adam without touching him at all. His face was now even with Adam’s beautiful, 8″ cock. Staring up, he could see every ripple of Adam’s abs, his bulky chest, and Adam’s soft eyes excitedly looking down at him.

“Ready to get off?” Nick asked teasingly.

“Fuck yeah,” Adam replied in his deep voice before looking away.

Nick grabbed Adam’s cock with right hand, feeling his rock-solid, girthy shaft on his palm. With his left hand, he grabbed Adam’s balls and began to tug on them gently as he stroked the shaft in long fluid motions.

Adam exhaled deeply, obviously enjoying himself. His placed his arms behind his head, showing Nick below his beautiful blond pits and defined triceps. Based on how loud Adam started to moan, Nick knew that Adam had been desperate for sex.

“You have a great dick,” said Nick admiringly.

“That feels so good,” Adam grunted. “Oh yeah…oh fuck…uh-oh, shit!!”

Before Nick could realize what was happening, he felt a thick glob of cum spray out of Adam’s cock directly onto his forehead. Adam’s body was now shaking as a massive orgasm came over him. Knowing there was no going back, Nick continued to stroke Adam’s dick.

“Fuck yeah, Adam. Cover me with you cum,” said Nick. Jizz continued to spray out, coating Nick’s cheeks, neck, and chest.

When the orgasm finally subsided, Adam looked relieved and a little embarrassed.

“Sorry man, didn’t mean to cum that quickly.”

“It’s all good,” said Nick standing up. “It’s hot seeing you cum all over me. You don’t get that when you give someone a blow job.”

Adam nodded, clearly not sure what to do next.

“Well, I won’t be offended if you want to get out of here,” said Nick, sensing Adam’s slight discomfort. “But I’m really horny now, so I’m gonna jack off.” He smiled devilishly as he wiped some of Adam’s cum from his face, then began stroking his own cock with it.

To Nick’s surprise, Adam didn’t leave. Instead, his feet stayed planted just a few feet in front of Nick as he watched Nick begin to masturbate.

“Are you using my cum as lube?” Adam asked curiously.

“Yeah man,” Nick replied. “I guess you wouldn’t have ever done this if you haven’t been with a guy before.”

Nick wasn’t sure what Adam was still doing there, but he enjoyed being able to stare at his body as he jacked himself off. Adam was now a little sweaty from the orgasm, making his soft skin shine under the locker room lights. His muscles were so big and well-defined, Nick had no doubt Adam could pick him up (or hold him down for that matter). He looked so innocent, like the young jock that he was. Knowing that his own dick was lubed with cum from this college wrestling jock made it even better.

Just seconds later, Nick saw Adam’s cock began to harden again. He remembered what it was like to be just 20-years-old, brimming with pent-up sexual energy and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Adam was now stroking his cock, staring directly at it to avoid making eye contact with Nick.

“Want me to try again?” Nick offered. “You look ready for round two.”

Still looking down at this fully erect cock, Adam shrugged before glancing back up at Nick and nodding. “Why the fuck not?” he asked rhetorically with a wide grin.

“Figured you would,” said Nick before getting on his knees again. “This time, I’m going to give you some pointers on receiving a good blowjob, okay?”

“What do you mean? Aren’t you doing all the work here?” asked Adam, seemingly baffled.

“That’s mostly true, but you can still do a few things to help me out. First off, you should let me know when you’re close to finishing so I can prepare to swallow your load.”

Adam nodded, starting to understand.

“Other than that, you should just let me know what feels good and what doesn’t. You can tell me to speed up, slow down, play with your balls, whatever.”

“Makes sense, dude,” said Adam. “I’m not really sure what I like, but I guess we’ll find out.”

Nick let go of his own dick to grab Adam’s once more, this time right at the base of the shaft. In one long, slow motion, he traced his tongue up the length of Adam’s dick before wrapping his lips around the bulbous head. Adam grunted loudly in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Adam in his deep voice. “That feels so good.”

He didn’t know what was coming. Nick began the slide his mouth deeper down the 8″ shaft until he felt Nick’s tip hitting the back of his throat. He now sucked Adam’s cock long and deep while gently stroking the base with his right hand.

Looking up, he could see Adam closing his eyes while enjoying the sensation. His breathing was heavy as sweat rolled down his chest. Nick himself was extremely turned on just watching the college jock enjoy his first blowjob.

As Nick continued to suck Adam’s cock, he reached up with his left hand to feel his muscular body. He heard Adam moan as he played with each nipple, before slowly running his hand down to Adam’s rock-solid abs. Last, he wrapped his hand behind Adam to grab his ass, which was firm, rounded, and big.

“Keep your hand on my ass,” said Adam almost immediately. Sensing that Adam liked that most of all, Nick reached around with his right hand as well to play with both cheeks at once as he started to suck Adam’s cock faster and deeper.

Adam’s moans became louder and longer. He then grabbed the back of Nick’s head and began thrusting his cock hard to the back of Nick’s throat, making him gag.

“Take that big fucking dick,” said Adam, all of a sudden more confident. Nick loved how Adam was finally taking control as his youthful hormones raged.

Nick knew Adam was close as his moans turned into deep, animalistic grunts. As Adam continued to face fuck Nick with abandon, Nick squeezed Adam’s ass harder than ever.

“I’m so close,” said Adam. “Oh fuck, bro!! I’M GONNA CUM!!”

Moments later, Adam rammed his groin one last time inside Nick as his cock exploded. Cum sprayed out in wave after wave, coating the back of Nick’s throat with his hot, salty seed.

Nick grabbed his own cock and began to stroke furiously as Adam continued to ejaculate. In second, Nick felt an orgasm approach as he began shooting his load onto the ground between Adam’s feet. At the same time, he swallowed as much of Adam’s massive load as he could, the taste making himself cum even more.

“Damn,” said Adam he finally looked down at Nick. “I’ve never cum that hard before.”

“I’m not surprised,” replied Nick. “That was insanely hot.”

Adam noticed the pool of Nick’s cum at his feet. “Didn’t realize you came too, man.”

“Couldn’t help myself,” said Nick with a smile as he stood up again. “I love a guy cumming in me more than almost anything.”

“Lucky for me,” said Adam. After a brief pause, he caught sight of the clock, which told him it was nearly 11pm. “Shit, I should really get back to my dorm. I have to be up at 7am for class.”

“No worries, dude,” replied Nick.

Adam hastily threw back on his clothes, grabbed his gym bag, and rushed for the door. But just as he was about to leave, he stopped dead in his tracks and spun around, facing a still-naked Nick once more.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone about this?” he asked earnestly.

“For sure,” said Nick reassuringly. “But feel free to hit me up if you want to do this again.”

He could tell that Adam wasn’t expecting that offer. After an exasperated look, Adam whipped out his phone and handed it to Nick.

“Here, put your number in there and maybe I’ll text you sometime.”

Nick typed in his number quickly, saving it under the contact “Nick (from the gym)”. After handing back the phone, Adam rushed out the door without another word.

Nick smiled, knowing Adam would be back soon.

To be continued

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