Teaching Tara Ch. 02

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I pulled her panties down to reveal her shaved pussy, “How long have you been shaving?” I asked in a conversational tone as I unlocked the box.

“About a year.”

Her pussy was right on my eye line, I could see the juices glistening. I rested my hands at the top of her thighs and using my thumbs on her shaven mound pulled the skin back, opening her pussy lips. I could see her clit was huge, sticking beyond its protective hood.

“How many guys have you fucked?”

“None!” at my raised eyebrow she repeated it. “None, honest!” Her words came out in a rush of air as I used a knuckle to separate the lips again.

“Oh so you are a tease are you? You like to get the guys all hot and bothered and leave them like that?”

I knew the moment I hit her clit, she moaned loudly.

“Noo, yes, I mean….” She looked confused wondering at the right answer. I now used two fingers running them up and down her slit.

“So if you are not a tease, you are a slut and have fucked them all?”

I roughly pushed the two fingers inside her. Her gasp was music to my ears. I began to push my fingers in and out of her, covering them in her juices. Her head fell back pushing her tits forward, I used my other hand to tweak her nipples. They were standing to attention like a couple of soldiers.

I slapped her tits, once each. “Answer me, are you a slut?”

As she opened her mouth to answer, I fed her my juice covered fingers, fucking her mouth, letting her lick herself from my hand.

“Get on the floor slut.”

I pulled her towards my chair and rested her legs on either side of me. Her pussy was spread open wide. Her clit begging me for attention I couldn’t resist and flicked it with my finger. She squirmed and moaned.

Highly sensitive, oh this was going to be fun.

Grabbing a vibrator from open box beside me, I applied it to her clit, she was wet, but she was going to need to be a whole lot wetter. The effect was immediate she began to thrash around on the floor. I put one foot on her stomach to hold her in place and continued to tease her clit with the vibe.

The orgasm hit her hard and I thought she was going to break her back the way she arched. I did not move the vibe, keeping it on a low pulse. She had barely recovered from the first when the next caught her, even bigger than before. I pushed a finger into her pussy, and I could feel her clamp down on it immediately. Getting there.

Another finger and another orgasm, I began to scissor my fingers opening her up.

“Play with your tits, the way you were last night, pinch those nipples for me slut, a slut just like your mother.”

She heard me through the fog in her head and I watched her already erect nipples grow even larger.

I was now on three fingers, they were soaked with her free running juices. I gave her one more orgasm with the vibrator, before bending down and bringing her up onto my lap. Grabbing her hair, I kissed her as she came back down from the orgasms. I tasted her nipples, they were almost as hard as my cock. Using my tongue I rolled one against my teeth, nibbling and then biting down gaziantep escort hard. I expected a scream, but got a mewl instead, her back arched again feeding more of her tit into my mouth.

“Does the whore want anything?”

“Will you fuck me? Will you please, please, please, fuck me.”

“You want my cock?”

“Oh Daddy I have dreamed about your cock for years.” Her eyes opened and looking straight into mine she said: “I had my first orgasm watching you fuck Mom.”

I had rested my cock at her opening, the temptation to push in was almost over whelming, but her words stopped me, I pulled her hair and forced her to look at me.

“You have been spying on us?”

She dropped her gaze “Sometimes.” I wondered how much she had seen. But the idea that she had been watching us was good. My cock twitched at the idea.

Looking back up she asked me:”Will you fuck me like you do Mom? Please Daddy, I want your cock inside me.”

“Oh I am going to fuck you sweetie, I will fuck you good. Your Mom likes it rough”, I yanked her hair back, “you want it rough too do you? Like Mother like daughter eh?”

I pushed the head of my cock inside her. She gasped.

“Oh yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me just like you fuck Mom.”

“Not your first time slut, plenty of time for that later.”

Her eyes widened at the later, did she really think I could get enough of her in one afternoon?

“Up on your knees girl, and lower yourself onto my cock, take as much as you can, take it slowly.”

Before the words had finished she was grabbing my cock

“Gently sweetie, gently. Now rub it back and forth and get him all nice and wet with your juices.”

She loosened her grip and did as she was told. But without waiting for any more instruction, I could feel her feed me into her pussy. I held her under her arms to make sure she only took what she could cope with. I felt some resistance and told her to stop moving, I raised my hips gently and pushed through. Her face scrunched in pain for a moment but is passed quickly. She really had not fucked any of those boys. This afternoon was getting better and better.

I eased back out of her and then slowly pushed back in, letting her get used to the size of my cock. Some women had problems with it let alone a first timer.

She was so fucking tight, I could feel her walls gripping me. Fuck I wanted to take this slow and not scare her but it was going to take every ounce of self control I could muster. I lifted her back off me before letting her slid back down my shaft pushing another inch into that tight wetness.

“Oh Daddy that feels so good, you are filling me.”

Taking care not to push too deep into her, I picked her up and laid her down on the floor, better I was in control of this. I pulled out and slowly fed back into her. Reaching between us, I began to rub her clit. Her walls tightened on me and it was heaven, I couldn’t stop, I pushed all of my 9″ into her as slowly as I could. Inch by inch, I watched her pussy stretch and swallow me. My cock was soaked when I pulled out. Her moans were deeper gaziantep escort haberleri now, more guttural, an animal in heat.

“Play with your clit sweetie, I want to feel you cum.” I stopped moving at all and just enjoyed the feeling of her tightening on my cock and squeezing. I was biting my lip trying not to cum. I had wanted to fuck this pussy for so long, and it was better than I had ever expected.

I began to pump into her as I felt another orgasm hit her, I increased my tempo. She was so fucking tight, it was like she was trying to squeeze me to death. She was bucking and writhing like a thing possessed.

“Oh baby, you are so tight, Daddy can’t hold on.” I was pumping in and out of her but just before I came, I managed pulled out and once again covered her tits with my spunk. Some of it splashed onto her face and her cute pink tongue lapped it up.

“Oh you taste good Daddy, can I have some more?”

I scooped it from her tits and fed it to her. She licked my fingers clean in the most natural and sexy way. It was going to be hard to have enough of her ever. I sat back to recover and then felt her mouth on my cock.

“You said I should clean Mike, shouldn’t I clean you too?”

“Yes, sweetie, lap up all your juices. I’ll be tasting them soon.”

I watched as her pink tongue darted out, licking around the head of my cock, cleaning all of her juices from me. It was heaven.

“Did you enjoy your first fuck?”

“Oh Daddy it was better than I ever expected. It was a little sore at first but then OMG, I wanted it to go on and on.”

She lowered her mouth to my cock again and began to suck it back into her mouth, her lips pushing the foreskin back, her tongue darting and licking. I laid my head back and enjoyed.

“I had been waiting to find a guy with a cock just like yours.” She sucked me deep into her mouth. She may not have fucked those guys, but she sure had learned how to give head.

“I am so happy that it is you and your cock that popped my cherry Daddy.”

My cock was loving the attention. I am not bad on recovery but I had already cum three times to-day; once in the shower thinking about what I was going to do to-day, and twice over those tits.

“How many times have you watched your Mom and me?” I did not want her to stop but I was curious. “And how did I never know about it?”

I could feel her giggle through my cock. “Well Mom is a bit noisy, I would look for the signs you were going to have one of your nights, then wait until I heard her scream. I’d sneak along the hall and open the door a little. I even used oil on the hinges so they would not squeak.”

“One of our nights?” I knew what she meant, Marion and I had made sure to keep our sex lives alive, but I wanted to hear it from her.

“Yeah, when you would tie her up and fuck her.” She sucked my cock back into her mouth before going on “Or when you had company.”

I laughed, I thought we had been so discreet.

“I bet your hand was buried deep in that pussy as you watched.”

“Oh yeah Daddy, but gaziantep escort hikayeleri I had to be quiet. I didn’t want the show to stop.” She continued sucking for a moment or two, she really was good.

“Do you remember that time you had the babysitter, Annie? You and Mom fucked her right here on the couch, Mom eating her out and you fucking her ass? I watched all of that. It was so hot.”

I couldn’t help but laugh again. Annie had been a wonderful find. She was great with the kids, but one night we came back early from a boring party and found her watching a porno on the DVD. She had been so carried away with a dildo in her ass and another shoved up her pussy that she did not hear us come in. Marion and I had always looked forward to our nights out, but with Annie, we began to look forward to coming home just as much. We still saw her the odd time when she was back from college.

Tara’s mouth and the memories of Annie were working wonders on my cock. “We had her a hell of a lot more than once. She came like Niagara Falls and loved to eat your mother while I fucked her.”

“Will you tell Mom about this?”

“She already knows sweetie.”


“She can’t wait to hear all about it. Did you like watching your mother eat out a pussy?”

“That night with Annie, you fucked Annie and Mom cleaned her up — that was incredible. I came so hard.”

“We will have to find you a nice cum filled pussy to eat. Would the slut like that?” Her grin answered the question.

Picking her up I lay her on the coffee table and got on my knees in front of her. Pushing her legs back spread her pussy nice and wide. I slowly ran my tongue down her pink lips. God she tasted better than I even imagined. I sucked her clit into my mouth flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh Daddy, yeah eat my pussy, eat your little girl’s pussy!”

She was grinding herself into me, I kept on sucking her clit, and shoved my fingers into her, pumping them. She needed no encouragement to play with those tits, pulling on them hard. Oh good fuck life did not get better than this. Hot juices landed on my face as she exploded. Lapping them up was a joy, she tasted like her mother. But I couldn’t wait any more and buried my cock balls deep into her in one hard push.

“Yeah, slut, take all of Daddy’s cock. You wanted it didn’t you, wanted Daddy’s cock in your hungry pussy.”

“Ohhh yes, Daddy, I dreamed about it fucking my hole.”

“Daddy is going to make use of all your holes, I will fill every one of them. You mark my words.” I punctuated the sentence with deep thrusts.

She was still so tight as if I had not already fucked her, but I wanted deeper, pulling her up, I leaned back on my heels and impaled her on my cock.

“Daddy you are going to split me in two, you’re too deep.”

“No such thing baby, relax take Daddy’s cock, you know you love it already.” I was slamming into her cervix, it felt so dammed good.

Her scream as she came again almost put me over the edge, her pussy had clamped down on my cock. It was so dammed hot fucking this little hell cat. All the times she had teased me with short skirts barely hiding her ass, watching those tits trying to escape her bikini, watching her going out on dates, knowing they would get to taste her before I did.

It had been a condition of her mother’s, that I waited until she was 18. I had waited long enough, now she was going to be my fuck toy.

My house, my rules.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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