Teasing Terri Ch. 2

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Wayne Reed hung up from his wife and turned to Terri. She was still on his desk, raised up on one elbow, and grinning at him. She looked magnificent, her firm naked breasts moving up and down with her panting, and her silk running shorts pulled to the side revealing her glistening pussy.

“God, Mr. Reed…that was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life!! I’m still shaking!”

Wayne grinned at her and leaned back in his chair. “I think I would agree with you, Terri. I’m still shaking myself. But I think that you can call me Wayne now…”

“What? Oh….yeah!” Terri laughed. “Wow…I can’t believe we just did that!” She sat up, grinning. “Wow…that was so hot!” She hesitated, and her eyes widened as she saw his reborn hard-on. “Mr. Reed! I mean..Wayne…damn…”

Wayne grinned again and ran his cum covered hand slowly up and down his shaft. “You were pretty hot, Terri…I haven’t come that hard in a long time. Your a very sexy girl.”

Terri glanced down shyly, but with a smile on her face. “I’m glad you think so. I think you’re pretty sexy yourself. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone come so much…not even in the movies!” She looked again at his hard cock. “And your hard again already…jeez! It takes my boyfriend twenty minutes to get another…uh…hard-on…”

“Well, Terri, you’ve always been a major turn on for me…but you know that, don’t you…” Terri looked at him and grinned, nodding her head. “I’ve always loved playing our game, Mr. R…uh, Wayne… When I’d see your…uh…cock get hard it would turn me on so much knowing that I caused it. After I’d leave here, I’d get myself off with my fingers… again and again… but I never thought…I mean…This was so hot!”

Wayne grinned at her enthusiasm. She was completely comfortable with her near nakedness, seeming to look at their latest encounter as simply another step in her growing sexuality. His cock was now rock hard as his eyes moved over her body. Damn, she was gorgeous!

“Hearing Mrs. Reed talking to you really turned me on…” Terri said dreamily, her eyes closing. “I’ve never heard a woman talk that way about…you know…sucking and stuff…it was so exciting. I could almost picture her….Damn!” Her hand moved up to cup her breast as she reminisced. Her eyes opened and glanced down at Wayne’s cock. “And watching you come…I’ve never watched a guy jerk off before…and you came everywhere…” Her gaze became thoughtful, and she looked at Wayne.

“Were you thinking of me when Mrs. Reed…uh…Jenny… was talking to you…?” she asked softly. Wayne smiled lightly and nodded his head. “I thought so…” Terri whispered. “I was thinking of that too…” Her eyes returned to Wayne’s hard-on, and her right hand began to move over her breasts. Her left hand moved over her leg, her fingers running through the droplets of Wayne’s thick cum. “I thought about how it would feel to have you come off in my mouth…that’s what made me come as I watched your cock shoot.

Wayne’s heart was beating harder as he listened to Terri ramble. Her words were turning him on so much he didn’t dare interrupt her. But if she kept it up much longer he was going to come again. He removed his hand from his hard cock, and leaned back, trying to get a grip.

Thankfully for his balls, but regretfully for his lust filled mind, Terri’s manner changed as her eyes lit up again. Gone was the pensiveness, and Bostancı Escort back was her youthful enthusiasm. “Damn, that was so hot!” she yelled.

“I’d better get going, though. Mrs. Reed will be home soon, and it sounds as if she has plans for you…” Terri winked at him and jumped down from his desk. She picked up her shirt and began to put it on, when she paused and turned to Wayne. “Happy almost birthday…” she said with a grin, she pulled the t-shirt over her head, but paused again before covering her tits.

“What did Mrs. Reed mean when she talked about your fantasy…?” she said. She walked nearer, holding her shirt above her breasts. She was teasing him again, and he knew it. “I don’t know if I should tell you…” Wayne answered with a sly look. “You might think badly of me…”

Terri smiled, getting back into the game. Her eyes dropped to Wayne’s cock as she stepped closer to his chair. “I don’t think that’s a possibility…anymore…” she said softly. She rested her hand on the back of the chair, running her fingers over the leather, then trailed her fingers down the arm. Wayne struggled to maintain his composure. His cock, though, had a mind of its own, bobbing up and down simply from her closeness. He could smell her cum as she stood next to him, and it was driving him crazy.

“I still don’t think I should tell you…” he rasped. “It’s just a fantasy, after all…”

“Then I’ll have to guess…” Terri whispered softly. She sat on the arm of the chair and put her foot onto the desk. Wayne could see his cum still clinging to her thigh from his masturbation. And her fresh pussy was now only inches from his face. Terri smiled at his obvious discomfort and pressed on. She was beginning to get turned on even more with this game.

“I’ll bet it has something to do with Jenny’s phone call…” she teased. “Is that what it is…?” Wayne looked up at her, his eyes blazing, and slowly nodded. “Have you told Mrs. Reed that you fantasize about me sometimes…?” Terri pressed. Again Wayne nodded his head. Terri grinned, immensely pleased with herself.

“And I’d guess that, because she was talking about…uh…sucking…and stuff…” Terri’s voice trailed off, as if lost in thought. Her hand trailed down her leg, moving closer and closer to the shiny trail on her thigh. Wayne’s eyes followed her fingers as if he was in a trance. When her fingers reached the wet rail, Terri began to spread it around her thigh, making a wide, wet circle with his semen. Then raising her hand, and letting it hover over her thigh, she whispered… “Watch…”

Looking deeply into Wayne’s eyes, she slowly brought her fingers up…first to her nose, where she inhaled deeply…then to her lips. Her tongue poked out, licking the sides of her fingers, then her lips opened and she slid three fingers inside. Letting out a little mewling sound, Terri used her tongue to lick his cum from her fingers…slowly teasingly…

He was groaning again, almost with each breath as he watched her. Terri was beside herself with excitement. She never allowed herself to get a guy this excited and it was turning her on immensely.

“I’ll bet that’s what it is…” she whispered, taking the fingers from her mouth and smiling as she stood beside the chair again. Her fingers trailed over Wayne’s neck and down his chest. “Does Jenny know…?” she asked. Wayne looked into her eyes and nodded once more. Kadıköy Escort “That’s a turn on…” Terri said thoughtfully, “Jenny knowing your thinking of me when she’s sucking your cock…Mmmmm….”

Terri slowly crouched lower, letting her bare breasts slide against the cool leather of the chair. Her nipples stood straight out as she let her tits rest on the chair arm. Her hand continued to move lower, pressing lightly against Wayne’s bare stomach. His cock was throbbing and bucking, and Terri smiled as she watched it.

“You fantasize about my lips on your hard-on…” Wayne moaned. “While Jenny is sucking you, you pretend it’s me blowing you…Mmmmm….I like that…” She looked up into his pleading eyes and ran her wet tongue around her lips. “You pretend it’s my mouth on your cock…sucking you…trying to make you shoot off in my mouth…” Her fingers trailed lower playing with his curly pubic hair, but never touching his cock. She was dying to…She’d yet to feel his hot cock in her fingers…but she was enjoying the sweet torment she was giving him even more. And Terri knew that Wayne was enjoying every bit as much as her.

“That’s your fantasy isn’t it, Mr. Reed?” she continued, “You fantasize about my wet mouth sucking you off…my lips running up and down your hard cock…slowly…until you begin to slide it in and out…you want to fuck my wet mouth until you come…until you come in my mouth….filling me up…letting me swallow your thick cum…drinking it as you shoot again and again….Mmmmm….”

Wayne was almost dying. He wanted desperately to grab her head and push her face onto his cock, sliding it deep into her mouth and fucking her until he shot his load into her hungry mouth. He wondered how much more of this he could take!

Terri could see the fire blazing in his eyes, but wasn’t quite finished with her teasing. She wanted his balls to fill until they were bursting. She was keeping one eye on the clock, knowing that Jenny would be home to relieve him. And, as tempted as she was to give him the relief he was begging for, she was determined to leave his cum for Jenny. She paused, turning her gaze back to his throbbing cock, and then resumed her litany.

“You know what though…” she continued, almost pensively, “I fantasize about the same thing…” She looked up at him and grinned, her fingers trailing along his thigh now, coming to rest just below his full balls. “I’ve told you about my boyfriend…what I never told you, is that when I’m using my mouth on him…” Her tongue slipped over her lips again, making Wayne groan… “When I’m sucking his cock…I think about your cock…I pretend it’s your hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth…” She said the words softly, and deliberately, using her tongue each time she paused….making him imagine her mouth on his cock.

“I love sucking him off…feeling his hard cock run over my tongue…fucking my mouth….” Wayne moaned at the torture, and Terri smiled, turning her face to look at his hard-on. It was even bigger and harder than before. Pre-come dripped in a river from his engorged cockhead, leaving a deep puddle under it. Terri moved her head lower, teasing him until he could feel her cooling breath on his cock. Again he groaned, making Terri smile. Her fingers moved up until she felt his full balls. Teasingly, she lightly trailed her fingers over them, marveling to herself how large and Göztepe Escort tight they were.

“Jason likes me to play with his balls when I’m sucking him…” Terri whispered. She saw his cock jump again. “I like it too…’cause I can feel them tighten up when he’s ready to come… That’s when I start to take him deeper….I let my mouth fill with his pre-come so he can fuck his cock faster….faster…I know he’s going to come in my mouth…You are going to come in my mouth…flood me with come…come in my mouth… “I’ll rest my head on his stomach, letting him fuck me with his hard cock….fuck me until he shoots off in my mouth…”

Terri laid her head on Wayne’s stomach as she said this, extending her tongue and licking his salty skin. She could taste the remnants of his last orgasm and sighed. Still she refused to touch his cock. Then she got the surprise of her life….

Wayn’e could take it no more. Her tormenting teasing drove him past the point of no return. Without the young tease even touching him, his come took on a mind of it’s own, rocketing up his throbbing shaft and exploding from his cockhead with a force that made Terri squeal in surprise. The first blast caught her squarely on her upper lip, flooding her extended tongue and dripping down her chin. She reeled back instinctively from the surprise, then quickly realized what she’d done. Never in a million years would she have thought that she could make a guy come simply by talking, but the taste in her mouth proved her wrong. Again she squealed, this time with utter delight as she realized what she’d done. In a millisecond she brought her hand up to grasp Wayne’s spraying cock and, at the same time opened her mouth wide, capturing his cockhead between her lips as his second blast rocketed forward. She sucked wildly, forcing him deeper as she felt his cum spray against the back of her throat. She mewled as she swallowed his semen and began to fuck her mouth up and down his trembling shaft.

Again and again Wayne shot off, delighting Terri as he filled her mouth to overflowing. She swallowed as rapidly as she could, but still couldn’t contain the copious flow. Finally, needing to breathe, she pulled her lips from his still spurting cock, letting his hot, thick come wash over her face and lips.

The laughter began deep inside Terri and exploded in exhilarated squealing as she realized again what had just transpired. She quickly turned to look up at Wayne, her smiling face drenched with his semen. His face was a mixture of pure pleasure and exhaustion as he smiled back at her.

“Wow!” she panted, her chest heaving.

“Looks like I won’t have to call Terri after all…” Jenny’s voice rang out from behind them. Terri looked up in shock, then surprise as she saw Jenny smile at her. Jenny walked slowly over to the desk and stood there, her hands resting on her hips. She shook her head in mock disapproval and looked at Wayne.

“You know, that was supposed to be mine…I was looking forward to it all day!”

Wayne looked at his wife in disbelief as he grinned. “I’ll see what I can do about that…” he chuckled.

Jenny frowned and shook her head again, turning her gaze to Terri. “I guess I’ll have to have some of this to tide me over then…”

Leaning down, she kissed Terri’s cum covered lips, running her tongue over them, then moving to her chin and cheeks, licking the semen from them. Then, turning her wet face to her husband, she grinned.

“Happy Birthday Darling…” she said softly. Smiling at Terri, she returned to her appetizer…

To Be Continued…

Copyrighted 1999 by Singertales, Inc.and Mark Singer All Rights Reserved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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