Teddy Bare, Maid to Serve


Whilst this is written as a story that can stand on its own it is also a continuation to two earlier submissions, in order, ‘the bad Teddy Bare’ and ‘ Teddy Bare in captivity.’

The garden was all done, I had baked all the cakes I needed and more besides, it was Saturday and I had absolutely nothing that I had to do, nor anything I really needed to do. I could, I supposed prepare a few things for my Teddy Bare. Allow me to explain, Teddy Bare is not merely my toy boy – though I am a fat widow of fifty plus years and he a dishy young husband who’s not even celebrated his thirtieth birthday yet – he is my devoted follower, my wish is his command, at least when he visits my home. This is partly because he is a peeping pervert and I’m blackmailing him to prevent me from exposing him to his wife. Over and above that, however, most people would consider him to be as bent as the proverbial nine bob bit and, unlike his wife, I make him do things that he’d previously only dreamt of. He is christened Teddy Bare because his name is Edward or, more commonly Ted and, when he arrives at my home to perform for me, before entering the house proper, he must strip naked.

Teddy Bare likes watching women, especially partially dressed women and I became his chosen object of fascination. He likes well rounded women, that’s definitely me. He likes women who wear big navy blue knickers, I adapted to that quickly. He likes sniffing and licking women’s knickers whilst they are wearing them, I can live with that. He likes sucking women’s toes through their stocking clad feet, that is surprisingly stimulating and makes my thighs turn really juicy. He doesn’t mind licking wet hairy pussies, I do so love that bit. He doesn’t mind sucking women’s nipples especially women with nice big breasts, I have and I like that part almost as much. Best of all, he can wield my big powerful silver vibrator to make me come far harder than I can ever manage to do so by myself. I’m not sure if he likes the taste of his own come or not but at my command he laps it up anyway. That’s the final thing I’m becoming addicted to that sense of power I obtain when I am watching him doing really degrading, humiliating or embarrassing things at my behest.

Right now he has not been permitted to touch his penis for almost the whole of the week. Whenever he has to handle his, not inconsiderable, dong he has to grip it through a huge pair of my navy blue knickers. Consequently he has to carry them around with him everywhere and they’re quite large to pass of as, say a handkerchief. In addition, I had been wearing them for three days before I gave them to him and after that I had made him come into them too, so they probably smell a bit. Anyway it’s his problem not mine, I don’t care as long as he remains a good Teddy Bare.

How to fill an empty Saturday productively, that was my difficulty. Actually how to fill an empty week. There was a good concert on the radio on Saturday evening and a Jazz band down at the local pub on Sunday evening. I expected that my good friend Gwen, the local guide leader, would come around Sunday afternoon if I asked her, her husband went fishing on Sundays and her kids were packed off for their weekly visit to their Nan’s in the afternoon.

What I really wanted was to summon Teddy Bare over and demand he use my wonderful vibrator to make me come. Then again he’d only been here yesterday and anyway his wife Sandra would want to know where the Hell he was going. On Saturday it was often his job to drive her to the city and follow her around as she frittered their money away on essentials such as designer clothes that she wore once and then passed on to a charity shop. A prospective big-shot like his wife Sandra can’t possibly be seen in the same outfit twice you understand. Still having Teddy Bare make me come would have been so nice.

Actually, I wondered, did it have to be Teddy Bare? The trouble was that the vibrator was so powerful that I could not force myself to hold it really hard against my clit like Teddy Bare did. But, in principle, anyone could do that for me. Cheryl’s two sons could, Cheryl was one of the ladies who came on the weekend walks I participated in and she never shut up about her two boys for long. One of them could force the vibrator against my exposed and defenceless clitoris whilst they both sucked on my nipples. That would feel so good.

Postie could do it for me, he’d probably do anything for two pieces of parkin, especially if I baked some with extra ginger in specially for him. Funny, he’d never made a pass at me and I had invited him in and fed him cake lots of times, that’s how I knew he was partial to parkin. Perhaps he just did not fancy fat women, well he was not that much younger than me and I knew for a fact that he was not married so I ought to have been, at least in the frame.

Cheryl herself could do it, she could make me come, it did not have to be a man. I was not sure about that, perhaps Gwen would Onwin be better; even so I was still uncomfortable thinking about having a physical relationship with another woman. Yet the principle remained, it did not matter who or what held that vibrator for me. Though, I reflected, if I wanted nipple sucking too, which I most certainly did, that eliminated the what option. If I closed my eyes I would not know who it was, it could be Gwen or Teddy Bare. It could not be Cheryl, she’d start talking about her boys; a thought that brought me too, only to discover that I had slipped a hand under my panties and was massaging my little plump love bud rather vigorously. Why, oh why, was I so randy today?

I had to snap out of the mood I had slipped into and find something useful to do. Then I hit upon the perfect idea, the dress and table cloth. Helping Gwen at the Guides jumble sale I had come across an old discarded maid’s uniform dress and an old lace tablecloth. The tablecloth was worn in places but I could fashion a really lovely lace trimmed apron and mop cap from the good bits. That was what I would do today, I would turn the old dress into a full uniform. Damn I thought I was off again as I visualised Teddy Bare, maid to serve.

First I had to get my sewing machine out. I had arranged an activity room in the fourth bedroom. It was a huge room but some of one wall sloped under the roof. Still I had a really large table in there, excellent for allsorts of big jobs including cutting out. There was also a smaller empty table that I could place my sewing machine on. The big table had been constructed for my late Arthur’s model railway but playing with his trains had always ended up making me especially sad so I had packed them away. I went upstairs, unearthed the machine, set it up on the table, switched it on and it worked! So far, so good.

Eventually I found the dress, stupidly I could not remember where I had put it after I had brought it home. I held it up and inspected it, aside from the collar and cuffs being somewhat yellowed it was fine. Well a blast of stain remover followed by a dose of Glo-white and then a little ironing would soon take care of that. I went to get a bowl and some whitener and placed the cuffs carefully into the mixture, I would attend to the collar later. The apron would take a little more work, I decided to make it with a rounded skirt that dropped to about nine inches above the knee and a bib that rose to the bottom of the neck. All that then needed to be added were three simple straps, two shorter ones affixed at the shoulders and a long one that formed the waist. These would all tie together in the small of the back to keep the apron nice and snug. I found an unblemished part of the table cloth that had enough material to make both the skirt and bib of the apron and set to work.

Before you do anything you need a pattern. I found just the thing online and for free. True the skirt was too long and square cut but I soon had that sorted out, once you’ve found a pattern even a numpty like me can adapt it. The mop cap was, I discovered, based upon a simple circle and the material did not have to be so pristine either so that was easy to sort out. I marked up, I cut, I stitched and I sewed so that, by the middle of the afternoon, I had two very presentable accessories to the dress so I made a late sandwich lunch: double Gloucestershire cheese, thinly sliced tomato and home made, mild pickle, washed down with a nice refreshing brew of tea all rounded off with a scrumptious wedge of cream filled chocolate cake and, of course, another cup of tea.

Once I had eaten my lunch, and after I had also had popped out to buy a newspaper before the shop sold them all, I returned to my sewing. I was going to take the lace from around the edges of the old table cloth and use it to decorate the apron and the cap. This proved far less simple than I anticipated, eventually I had to go and fetch my portable radio so that I did not miss the beginning of the concert. Eventually, however, all was done to my satisfaction. Moreover, I had been dipping and rinsing the collar and cuffs throughout the day and they were now bright and white. I pressed the various items and I was finished. I had made Teddy Bare his first outfit but before I would allow him to wear it he would have to be trained up properly as a maid. That was going to be our new project. I would invite him over on Tuesday and teach him how to make tea properly.

Sunday I did see Gwen, we sat in my garden, drank tea, ate cake and later gorged on freshly made sausage rolls accompanied by crisp sandwiches. Between our bouts of mastication we gossiped. It’s amazing how long two women can dissect the facts and assess their implications for when nothing much has happened. Still I did find out about postie, he’s gay. Why do all the nice single men always turn out to be gay?

On Sunday evening I went to listen to the jazz. The place was packed Onwin Giriş when the band started but I had anticipated that and had arrived early to bag a table. I bought a whole bottle of red wine too so that I would not have to return to the bar and would not need the loo either. To my amazement in walked Ted and Sandra and to my horror, after looking round carefully Sandra made a bee line for my table.

“I hope you don’t mind us joining you Christine but the place is so packed.” There were already two men sharing my table, they had asked ever so politely and even offered me a drink when they bought refills. I declined equally politely and explained about my bottle of wine. They had laughed, and after refreshing their drinks, they had first toasted my low cunning and, after that, their good fortune in securing the spare seats. Still Sandra squeezed in the bench seat somehow and even located an empty stool for Ted to sit on; she’s that sort. Fortunately the band, who were very good, were also very loud so I was saved the bother of conversation.

Things changed at the break. Ted, like the two strangers, was an aficionado and they all three were soon deep in a conversation that was liberally littered with technicalities and jargon. I like jazz, well I like jazz as long as nobody sings, but I know nothing about it so I was left chatting to Sandra. To my amazement she was quite affable. She half apologised for attempting to take over my cake stall at the brownies Summer fete and even remembered to thank me for the cup-cakes that I had brought her and Ted afterwards. I think she was having a bad time at work, she had been promoted and had to do far more socialising. Ted was useless in the kitchen and she had to hire professional caterers who as a breed, she led me to believe, were a nightmare for not turning up.

After much touring around the houses Sandra finally arrived at her real point. She often had an excess of men, especially men of a certain age. Could I see my way to helping her make up the numbers occasionally, so presumably a ‘certain age’ was about my age. She had been impressed with what I had done to the hedge in her garden and was delighted with how I had trimmed the overhanging branches from my apple trees. They had been having dinner alfresco in the quiet, well screened corner that my efforts had exposed ever since. I know it’s really their job, Ted and Sandra that is, to look after their own garden. But I’d rather prune my own trees and hedges than leave it to some lackey who’s being paid by the job and who, for speed, implements a scorched earth policy. She assured me that, unreliable caterers not withstanding, the dinners were excellent and the company usually good. I agreed to attend one and then we’d talk about it; well if it went well I could tease Teddy mercilessly couldn’t I! The band struck up and that was that.

Monday was pretty uneventful until it was time to let Teddy Bare have his show. Every weekday afternoon, when Sandra is out, at around three thirty Teddy watches me through his binoculars from his attic. He can see deep into my back bedroom and from there I usually give him quite a performance. First I let him watch me peddle my exercise bike and then bob up and down on my exercise step. I usually ride the former wearing just my bra and some big navy blue knickers, which Teddy is obsessed with. Then I remove my bra before starting with the step. I’m a big girl so it’s not exactly comfortable but it makes my breasts bounce and wobble in a most titillating manner that Teddy really does appreciate. Behind the bike and step I have an armchair set on a platform. This raises the chair, and more importantly me, into his line of sight so that I can sit in various states of undress and allow Teddy Bare watch me masturbating with my big sliver vibrator. This droning monster delivers huge waves of pleasure to my eager body time and time again. Anyway that Monday, as I pedalled and stepped, Teddy only appeared mildly interested and there was no bulge apparent in his crotch. Even masturbating with the gusset of my knickers pulled to one side, which normally has Teddy’s eyes out on stalks, appeared to be of only mild interest.

I had been planning to invite Teddy Bare to visit his Auntie Christine, that’s what he has to call me at my house, on Tuesday afternoon. I had been looking forwards to training my new maid but after that display I decided to postpone his visit until the Wednesday. Though at exercise time on the Tuesday it was the same story, Teddy came to watch me but his heart was definitely not in it. What, I worried, had gone wrong? I texted him, ‘Teddy come over on Wednesday afternoon at half past two. Be prompt.’

Wednesday he arrived on time, as per my instructions, but when he stood there before me stark naked his cock, instead of sticking out and throbbing with lust and desire, drooped limply over his balls. “Teddy Bare what has happened!” I demanded to know.

“I’m Onwin Güncel Giriş sorry Auntie Christine, it’s those knickers you gave me. Every time I go for a pee I hold my tool with them exactly as you instructed. The problem is I easily become really hard and then I just have to stroke my poor stiff rod until I come. It’s dreadful I’ve been wanking, sorry Auntie Christine, I meant to say playing with myself three times every day, sometimes four. I’m always ready when I wake up. By the time I’ve come too properly I already have a raging hard-on and have to race to the bathroom. Then by lunchtime it’s happened again. After that I’m good for nothing until the evening, although by dinner I need to come again and some days I’ve even had to have a last little play before going to bed.

“I see,” I said. “Well that’s no good to me. You may not look at me today, look at the floor or your feet instead.” Teddy hung his head in shame. “Well then all you’re fit for is pleasuring me but that won’t take all afternoon so it can wait until later. Now I will have to find you something else to do in the mean time.” I pretended to think, although as I wanted to start Teddy Bare’s training as a maid today the opportunity was really a gift from the Gods. “Well Teddy Bare, the tea is not ready so I’ll teach you how to make tea properly. I shall first strip to the waist and if I catch you even sneaking a peek at my breasts I’ll have you hold your floppy little willy with my bra instead of my knickers for the whole of the rest of the week! Got that!”

“Yes Auntie Christine. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you but the urge is irresistible and you did say I could come whenever I wanted to.” I removed my blouse and my bra, folded them neatly and laid them over the back of my chair. I did not deign to reply, well he was right in what he had just told me.

“I understand Teddy Bare. I did say that but I had not anticipated such… such enthusiasm.” I realised, he really did have a huge thing about well used navy blue knickers, he was completely obsessed by them. I supposed that I should have guessed this sooner and not been so surprised by what had happened.

We went to the kitchen. “First Teddy Bear find the tray. No you cretin, the silver one. That’s better. Get the cups, saucers and side plates out, find a larger plate for the cake and place the side plates on the tray… No you moron, the china plates with the flowers painted on them not that cheap everyday stuff.” Under the lash of a string of insults I had him set the crockery and the cutlery on the tray, fill the milk jug and the sugar basin and put the kettle on to boil.

Brewing tea in Britain is an art form, not quite as elaborate as the Japanese make it but still full of little rituals. First you must warm the pot and use the excess hot water to fill the hot water jug, that way you empty the kettle. Next you must boil a fresh kettle, dry the pot and, in my kitchen, cut the cake into generous wedges. Measure the tea leaves into the warm pot and pour on boiling water from a slight height to help aerate it. Leave the tea to brew, with the delicate Sri Lankan tea I used, for exactly four minutes.

“Now Teddy Bare carry the tea things into the sitting room and place the tray on the small table next to my chair.” He complied, all the while keeping his eyes cast upon the floor; he might be able to hide a pair of dark knickers about his person but I suspected that a big white bra would be a lot more challenging for him to manage. In the sitting room I taught him the rest of the routine. Pour the milk into the cups first, then strain the tea into the cups and finally top the teapot up with hot water; the Sri Lankan tea I buy is very slow to stew.

Teddy sat at my feet, occupying his now usual place but today as he ate and drank he studied the patterns on the carpet instead of admiring my ample form. This was a development I enjoyed, it made poor Teddy Bare appear so much more humble and I became so excited by exercising a sense of power over him. His contrition was beginning to make me very wet and slippery, if I tensed my thigh muscles I had to resist the impulse to gasp gently, such were the sensations that were induced.

“Teddy you may refill my cup and then either have a second cup of your own or else you may push you head up my skirt and sniff or lick my knickers. First, however, fetch my book from that side table by the door.” It was called ‘Bound to Serve’ and had been written by one Jay Merson. My bookmark was set halfway through the pages but I had not read a word of it, I had found it on the internet, it was inexpensive and had a very lurid cover depicting a highly nubile young woman with her arms tied firmly behind her back. He started when he saw the cover but handed it over without comment. As Teddy sniffed and licked the gusset of my knickers I read. My book was neither thrilling nor inspiring but it served to occupy my thoughts whilst Teddy amused himself.

“Teddy I’d like a \ of tea please.” His head emerged from under my skirt and he poured the, by now, rather dark brew. “Teddy don’t forget to top up the pot!”

“Sorry Auntie Christine, making tea seems so simple but there’s so much to remember.”