Teens Love Cum


My name is Ally. I just turned 18 and now am allowed to date. I have long brown hair that has a natural wave. I have been blessed with 30 C tits and wear size 4 dresses. I’m 5’4″ tall and weigh 101lbs. My tits look overly huge on my small frame.

I have bronze colored skin, big brown eyes and perfect white teeth under my full lips. I look like I have a tan 12 months of the year. I wear light colored clothes that show my body. I love it when I am starred at and lusted for, which I will be encouraging more now.

I got home early from my date the other night. Disappointed and horny. He came as I was just putting my mouth on his cock. Got cum on my blouse and face. It tasted good but would really liked it if he would’ve lasted long enough to fuck me.

I heard my mom screaming and ran to her room. The door was open and I looked in. Mom was on her knees clutching the head board. My dad was behind her fucking her like a dog hard. They were both sweating and my mom had her cum running down her legs.

I was both jealous and envious. I wished I could run in and join them, so dad could fuck me with his long thick shaft like he was fucking mom. Instead. I kept watching while fingering my wet cunt hole. Dad screamed. “I’m going to cum.” Mom turned. Took the head of his cock in her lips and stroked the shaft with both hands vigorously as he convulsed and shot his thick hot load in her mouth.

I left for my room wishing I could get fucked like that. I got undressed. Imagined an older man taking me and undressing Ataşehir Escort me. Licking and sucking my tits. Working down to my tight trimmed honey pot and licking me to orgasm. As I fingered myself to a creamy orgasm.

The next morning at breakfast. The phone rang. It was Mrs.Evans. Her and Mr. Evans wanted to go out to a movie and wondered if I could baby sit their 6 month old tonight. They were in their 30’s and good friends with my parents. I agreed and wondered if they fucked like mom dad did last night.

I showed up at 5:30. I was wearing a tight light colored crop top with white pleated skirt. My bronze skin showed through the flimsy clothing. Mrs. Evens met me at the door. Showed me how to warm up her breast milk and where the diapers were. “If he cries. He either needs to be fed or changed. Other than that he sleeps all the time. Feel free to have the run of the house. We will be home by 9:30.” Gave me her number for emergencies.

As they left. I thought. I don’t want boys I want a man. I went up to their room and started snooping. On the dresser was a statue made of plaster. It was of a cock. Could it be his? It was beautiful! About 8″ long. Veins running up the thick shaft. Is it his? I’d love to suck on that.

They came home. She ran upstairs. Her hair was a mess and it looked like her dress was wet. Almost like her tits were leaking. “Any problems?” He asked. None other than I’m horny as hell I thought. Shaking my head no.

She came back down wearing a blue Anadolu Yakası Escort teddy with lace on the hem. Sat on the couch. Motioned for her husband to start. He came over. “My wife wants to watch me fuck you. Is that OK? I know you want to. I told him you were too small. It won’t fit.” She said laughing.

He took my hand and wrapped it around his growing cock. I knelt down. Took it out. Eyes wide with saliva forming in my mouth. Licked up and down sucking on his ball sack. Ball sweat filled my nostrils as he reached down and played with my tits. Taking his cock in my mouth. I went down about 3/4 before gagging. Swirling my tongue as I bobbed up and down. He was bigger and thicker than my dad’s and I couldn’t wait to feel him fucking me doggy.

He led me to the couch. Put me on my knees beside his wife. She was fingering herself and began rubbing my wet cunt. His cock dripping of my spit. The mushroom head pushing in to me. I pushed back wanting his pole to fill me. Ooh. It hurts but in a good way. She began sucking my tits. My head was spinning as he began to pump back and forth in me.

My creamy cum leaking out as he thrust in and out. His balls slapping my clit with each hard thrust. Mrs. Evans. Cheering him on. “Fuck her. Fuck that teenage cunt. Is it tight enough for you stud?

She was fucking herself to orgasm. He tensed and grabbed me. Turned me around. Facing him. My cunt oozing white creamy cum. His cock head pushing into my open mouth and dripping my cum. He Kartal Escort shot a rope of cum. Hitting my open mouth and spraying down my chin.

It tasted so sweet and salty. I clamped my mouth around him and began jerking him with both hands. Milking his cock. Not wanting to miss any of it. He twitched as I sucked on his purple cock head. As his cock began to soften. I reluctantly allowed it to slip out of my mouth. Some cum escaped and fell on the coffee table.

Still shaking from my orgasm. I leaned over and licked it off. Smacking my lips. I smiled at them. “You will be perfect for our team.” Call me Linda and Mr. Evans is Dale. I am still sore from giving birth and poor Dale was so horny. You can only do this while I am present. However. We usually give our top sales man a bonus.”

“I have been providing the bonus. Since I had the baby. We thought it best if someone else should do the honors. I am going to be busy raising our son and I don’t think he needs to know his Mom is fucking the help. I have all the cock I need right here.” Squeezing Mr. Er Dale’s cock.

She gave it a little tug and his body twitched when she palmed the head of his cock. The baby started crying. “Oh baby is hungry. You two clean up and Dale drive her home and pay her. Let me know tomorrow. No more fucking on the way home, and your parents don’t need to know about your audition tonight.”

Linda went to the baby. We got dressed and I told Dale. “I would love to give bonuses. What should I wear? When do I get to do it? Where do I give them?” “Linda will let you know later.” He responded.

Pulling into my driveway. He gave me $50.00 for babysitting and told me “Linda would take me shopping and fill me in with the details. She really likes you. Your the only one she has ever let me fuck.”