Terminal Liaison


I stood nervously, twisting my fingers together. This was it. After many months it was finally time. My stomach was in knots and my mouth was dry. I wondered if you would recognise me instantly. I had no such thoughts for myself as I knew I would know you instantly. I had seen so many pictures of you. I had seen you on the webcam. You had only seen a few pictures of me. What if I was not what you were expecting? What if you didn’t find me attractive in person? What if there was no spark, no chemistry between us?

I stopped my thoughts. This is what had kept me from meeting you months ago. It was time. If things did not work out then so be it. It would not be the end of the world. It would be hard and upsetting but I had lived through worse. “Things will be fine,” I told myself, willing myself to relax a little.

I glanced around the airport and idly watched the other people for a while, every few moments glancing at my watch. You would be here soon. I kept my ears strained for the arrivals announcements. It seemed mere moments later that I heard it. Your plane had landed. You were here.

I smoothed my hair down and straightened my clothes. Taking a deep breath I moved forward to the arrivals section to wait for you. The doors opened and people started milling out. Some walked right by while others stopped as they were greeted by family and friends. I scanned the crowd looking for you. Eventually I see you appear. The butterflies in my stomach start fluttering again. I drink in the sight of you while you edge forward not having noticed me yet. I find it hard to believe you are actually there in the flesh after all this time. But there you are.

Suddenly you look up and see me. My eyes meet yours. My heart stops for a moment. The world stops. There is just you and me. Everything else fades away. We both stand looking at each other, neither one of us moving. I wasn’t sure what you were feeling but I didn’t need to worry about the spark on my side of things. My whole body was tingling as I looked into your eyes.

You move forward until you are standing directly in front of me. You say my name. Oh, that voice. My heart melts as I hear it. I manage to whisper “Hi.” Your arm reaches up and you stroke the side of my face. You smile. Your hands slides through my hair to the nape of my neck and you pull me towards you. You meet me halfway and softly you place a kiss upon on my lips, your lips barely touching mine. You lean up and smile again. “Hey gorgeous,” you say and lean back down to kiss me again. This time your lips linger on mine and we share our first real kiss. The tingling throughout my body intensifies. My knees weaken. I spare no thoughts to our surroundings or the people moving around us. All I think, see and feel is you.

After a minute you pull away slowly. I open my eyes and look up at you. Your eyes are smiling down at me. I can see the passion in them that I know matches mine. All I wanted was for you to touch me more. Kiss me more. I don’t know what came over me at that moment but I grabbed your hand and turned to move quickly away, tugging you along with me. We dodged around people and I kept a tight grip on your hand. You ask where we are going as it is obvious we are moving away from the exit. I turn and just smile wickedly at you never breaking pace. The further we go the quieter it gets. The crowds of people are gone. The loud noises of a busy airport fading. Up ahead are signs and tape shutting off a section of the airport. I ignore these and walk around them. I can sense your confusion fading away and your pace quickens and soon it is you that is pulling me along.

We Şerifali Escort go round a few more corners and eventually come to a secluded spot away from all prying eyes. Your bag is thrown unceremoniously onto the floor and I am pushed against the wall. I gasp and immediately your lips are back on mine. This time all gentleness has gone and in its place is raw passion. My arms move around you and my hands clasp around your neck. Your hands grip my waist and pull me close to you. I shudder as I feel our bodies touch. Your kiss deepens and I feel your tongue pushing its way between my lips. As our tongues dance together your hands move down to my ass and pull me closer still. Already I can feel that you are hard and I move my hips gently, rubbing against you. You groan into my mouth and I feel your fingers digging into my skin through my jeans.

We pull away for a moment gasping for breath. Our eyes lock together and the mutual passion is shining from both sets. I feel your hands sliding upwards, tugging the shirt from my jeans and sliding up my back. The touch of your hands on my bare skin makes me shudder. God I had waited so long for your touch and wondered what it would be like. Now, finally, it was happening. Our lips join again, and your hands move around under my shirt to my stomach. As they move upwards I hold my breath and wait. Your fingers trail up my sides, brushing along the edges of my breasts, making me gasp a little. They trail across the top of my breasts, gently teasing my skin. A finger slides under the edge of my bra slightly and teases along. Touching, yet not touching. Tracing a finger down my cleavage, and moving back up and away again. Driving me crazy. Making me want your touch desperately.

I pull my mouth away slightly to gasp the word “Please.” Asking you. Wanting you. Needing you to touch me. You grin at me and bend to bite my bottom lip. Tugging it gently with your teeth. “What is it you want babes?” you ask me, playing innocent.

“Please. Touch me”, is all I can manage to utter.

Suddenly you grasp the bottom of my shirt and tug it up and over my head. But you stop and leave it twisted around my arms, which you hold above my head. I shiver slightly as the cool air hits my skin. Your gaze moves hungrily over my body. Eyes greedily taking in my breasts encased in their pale blue lace. “Perfect. Just like I knew they would be,” you groan. You push me back against the wall.

I let out a short gasp as you lean forward and let your tongue slide around my nipple through the lace covering. You grasp it between your teeth and tug on it slightly causing me to moan and arch my back.

Leaving one hand high holding my hands high above my head, you glide your other hand down my arm. Moving it along my chest you grab my bra and tug it down over my right breast, freeing it to your gaze. Immediately you move back down and take the nipple into your mouth. You suck it into your mouth and massage my other breast with your hand.

I feel the heat burning from my breasts down my stomach to my aching groin. The tingling almost unbearable. I can’t stop the moans from escaping my mouth. Back arched. Your hand and mouth on my sensitive breasts already causing my juices to start flowing. I can feel the slight wetness forming and dampening my panties.

You move your mouth away for a moment and push my bra up and over my breasts freeing them both to your eyes. After a moment of staring at me you move your head back down and take my left nipple into your mouth. Sucking on it. Grazing it with your teeth. Flicking it with your tongue. Wetting it and then blowing İstanbul Escort on it softly. The moans keep escaping my mouth as you suck, nibble, and lick my breasts.

You kiss your way up my neck and to my ear, tugging on the lobe gently while your free hand glides down my stomach and traces along the top of my jeans. I feel your breath on my ear as you whisper to me. “What is it you want baby?”

“You know what I want,” I whisper back.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“Touch me. Please touch me.” I almost beg.

Your fingers dip under the waist of my jeans. Stroking along my skin to tease me. “Touch you where baby?” you ask.

“Don’t tease me. I need you. Please.”

Your hand flattens against my stomach and you slide it down into my jeans. I feel the touch of your fingers slide over the lace of my panties. You glide a finger up and down the lace softly. “Is this where you want me to touch you?”

“Oh God yes,” I cry.

Your finger continues to tease me through the lace. Pushing down a little now. I shudder and sigh, wanting more. You know what I want but continue to tease me. “I can feel how wet you are. And God I am so hard for you. Don’t you want to go home and do this in privacy?” you ask me. Giving me the option to back out of this fantasy we had talked about a couple of times on the phone prior to meeting.

I open my eyes, having completely forgotten where we were. I glance around. I see an empty airport. No sounds in the near vicinity. No people. I look at you. See the lust in your eyes. Feel your hardness against my hip. Feel the touch of your fingers down my jeans. “I need you now,” I whisper.

You push your mouth down onto mine hard. Kissing me with all the passion you have in you. I return the kiss feverishly and struggle to free my arms so I can hold you to me. You refuse to let them go and keep them pinned above my head. I groan in frustration.

Your hand moves up and opens the fastening on my jeans. You slide the zip down and once again slide your hand inside. This time your hand slides under the lace of my panties. I gasp aloud as I feel your fingers touch me. You gently tease along the length of my pussy. Not sliding them in. Just teasing along the lips. “Oh God please,” I beg.

You slide your finger past my lips and touch my clit. My body shudders and another moan escapes me. You tease my clit with your fingers. Your knee shoves my legs further apart and you slide your hand down. Your fingers trail down the length of my pussy. You dip two fingers into my wetness and slide them back up to my clit. Teasing me. Stroking me. Making me wetter for you.

“Fuck you are so hot baby” I hear you say, as your fingers move down again and suddenly you push two into me. I cry out and my body shudders. You push your fingers deep into my pussy and hold them still. “God you are so wet and tight”. Your words are turning me on more. I don’t ever remember feeling like this before. Feeling so turned on.

Your fingers slide out of me and push back in. You set up a rhythm and fuck me with your fingers. Sliding them in. And out. In and out. Your thumb moves to my clit and I can’t take any more. I cry out and push down onto your hand as my orgasm grips me. “Oh yes baby. Come for me” you whisper. My body tenses and I feel your fingers moving faster as I lose control.

You kiss me hard on the lips. You move your hand down away from my arms and wrap it around my waist, holding me up. My knees are feeling very weak and I’m glad of the support. Your fingers continue to slide inside me. Your thumb continues rubbing my clit. “God I want you” Ümraniye Escort you say urgently.

Finally able to move my hands I toss the shirt to the floor, remove my bra completely and wrap my arms around you, holding you close for a moment.

I move a hand between our bodies and grip your hard cock through your pants. “I have to have you now” I tell you.

I quickly open your pants and slide my hand inside. Wrapping it around your hot and hard cock I stroke it gently up and down. “I need this inside me. Now.”

You are only happy to oblige. You push my jeans and panties down my legs and wrap them around your waist. You look around and see a work bench to the side of us. Picking me up you move across to it and lay me down on it. You pull my hips to the edge and pull your cock from your pants. Gripping yourself in your hand you slide it up the length of my wet pussy. The tip teasing, up along my clit and back down. “Please,” I beg of you again.

Knowing just what I want you slide the tip of your cock to my opening and in one hard quick thrust you push the full length into me. My back arches and I cry out. You hold still inside me. My muscles grip you tightly inside me. Squeezing you. You gasp as I do and lean down to kiss me hard. But you know what I want and you move back up, grab my legs and open them so wide. You slide your cock out of me, pausing when just the tip is still inside. Then hard and fast you push back into me. Unable to help it I cry out again. Sliding all the way out. Pushing all the way back in. Hard. Fast. So deep inside me.

I look up and see you watching our bodies move together. I look down and view what you see. Your hard cock sliding into my hot, tight and wet pussy. I see you sliding out. Pushing back in. The sight turns me on even more.

I start pushing my hips down to meet your thrusts. You quicken your pace and starting slamming into me hard and fast. Sliding half out and back in. Gripping my hips and pulling me onto you with each push. My head falls back, eyes closed, the moans falling from my mouth. My arms move up and grip the edge of the bench over my head. Harder and harder you push into me.

As you lean forward slightly I feel your pelvis grinding on my clit and unable to help myself I cry out and start to lose control again. My juices surrounding your cock still thrusting into me. My body shuddering in its release. Your grip on my hips tightens and you push hard and deep. I hear you groan as I feel your heat start to fill me. I grip you tightly inside me as you come. Holding you deep in me. Squeezing out all you have to give me. Your body shudders and with a soft moan you collapse onto me.

My arms and legs wrap tightly around you. Your face nuzzles into my neck. We lay still, catching our breaths.

Eventually you lift your head and smile down at me. I grin back and our lips meet in a soft gentle kiss. “It’s nice to meet you.” you say. I blush and hide my face in your neck. I hear your chuckle. And a squeaking noise. I frown and look around. Suddenly it dawns on me again where we are. Lying naked in an airport! With a squeaking noise that was getting ever closer.

As my body tenses you move and seem to hear the noise too. “Think we better make a move, don’t you?” you say teasingly.

I quickly get dressed, blushing the entire time. Once we are both fully clothed again you grab me and kiss me hard on the lips. “Can’t wait for round two” you inform me, making me blush all the more. The wicked grin on your face makes my breath catch. I couldn’t wait for round two either.

Grabbing your bag in one hand and my hand in the other we walk back into the hustle and bustle of the main airport, passing a cleaner on the way with his squeaky trolley. He eyes us warily as we pass him, but we just smile and keep going. Heading for home. Heading for round two.

To be continued…