Thank You for Shopping at Verizon

Big Tits

It was just another day of running around paying bills and adulting. I walk into the Verizon store to pay my cell phone bill and everything changed. Meghan greets me as I walk in. As I look up from my phone all I see are a huge set of tits straining against a blouse. The button like ready to pop and the two button undone. There was 5 inches of cleavage and what a sight it was.

Trying to not stair I look her in the eyes and smile. She asks what she can help me with and I tell her. We small talk for a few mins while she sets up her work area and begins fixing my phone. As she looks at her screen I’m staring at her giant tits. It’s takes all I have not reach over and rip her blouse open setting her titties free in the store.

She begins to flirt with me and I flirt back. I tease her about putting her number in my phone. We flirt the whole time she works on my phone. You can feel the sexual tension building between us. As she finishes my phone and hands it to me I say thanks and that is give you a hug but she is behind the counter. She smiles and jumps off her chair walking around to the front of the counter. I get off the chair and stand up. Meghan has a short skirt on that goes mid thigh. She has thick legs a nice ass and then those tits! As I give her a hug I whisper in her ear that she couldn’t handle me. As we end our hug I give her a wink and out then door I go.

Later that night I get a text from a number i did have saved in my phone. I ask who it is and the reply I get is amazing. It’s a pic of Meghan in some very sexy lingerie. She asks me if she still couldn’t handle me. My cock is instantly hard. We text dirty back and forth for a few hours that night basically talking smack to each other about who can’t handle who and why.

Over the course of the next week or so we text each other dirty pics and dirty mini porno izle stories of what we would do to each other. Or work schedules don’t line up well so actually having fun is challenging.

I’m phone one night and Meghan is working late. She had plans to go out with some girl fiends so I teased her as best I could while she was at work. Then it happened. She text me saying i win that she canceled her plans with the girls that I had to meet her right after work and fuck her in her car. We set up a time and location to meet. She only had a little more than an hour left of work but it seems to drag on for years.

Time finally is up and I leave to go to the spot we agreed to. I get there and park. We agreed to meet at a turn around of a new development that was being built by her work. No house no workers just an empty lot. Meghan wasn’t the first and she isn’t the last woman I’d fuck in this lot.

I seat there for a few mins and then i see lights. My dick hardens with anticipation. The window goes down and Meghan pops her head out the window asking if I’m sure this is a safe spot. I ensure her it is and she turns her jeep off and tells me to get in the back. She jumps out the door and gets in the back. She again has skirt on and a blouse. She already has the top half unbuttoned. Her tits all but spilling out as she moves across the seat to make room for me in the car. I start to pull the door shut and as soon as it

Clicks Meghan grabs both sides of my face.

Turning my head towards her she kicks me. Our tongue quickly find one an other. We are making out with lots of tongue. My hands find her blouse as I undo the rest of her buttons. She slips it off as I slide my hand to her back and unclip bra. Finally her massive tits are free. I break the kiss and push her back against the other door. I grab her tits with amatör porno both hands pushing them together. I tell her she has amazing tits and she giggles telling me she knows. I ask how big they are and she tells me 38 J cup and yes they are all natural.

I maul her tits. Grabbing, squeezing, biting, licking, kissing and pinching her nipples. I could play with her tits for hours. Meghan has other plans though. She grabs my hands and pushes them off her. She hicks up her skirt showing me her panties. I can see the wet spot in them. She grabs her panties pulling them off. Once she drops them in the floor she moves around and is now on her knees next to me. She grabs my shorts and pulls them down just far enough for my cock to pop out.

Meghans mouth is in my cock as soon as it is out of my shorts. She waste no time as she is bobbing up and down quickly on my cock. I learn over and reach behind her. I can feel the heat coming off her pussy I get closer and closer to her. I explore her pussy with my fingers. Rubbing my fingers up and down her slit. She is shaved bare. So smooth and wet. It’s as if I can feel her pussy begging for attention. Dying to have my fingers inside her.

As Meghan continues to fuck my cock with her mouth I part her pussy lips with fingers. Her pussy juices trickle down her and are dripping off her clit. She told me during our dirty talk she gets off sucking dick but I didn’t believe her. It’s clear she wasn’t lying as my fingers are covered and she is legit dripping juices and I haven’t even inserted a finger yet. I rub her clit with to fingers and she moans around my cock. I rub circles on her clit for a few moments before sinking both fingers into her pussy. She freezes with my cock completely in her mouth as she cums hard in my fingers. I can feel her juices running down anal porno my hand.

Meghan pulls her head off my cock and moves to straddle me. My finger fall from her pussy. She apologize but tells me she needs my cock inside her. As she gets herself in position she reaches between us grabbing my cock. She moves my cock and the head bumps her clit. She shutters and moans. Damn near cumming again. Finally she lines us up and she slowly slides herself down my cock. Inch by inch of my rock hard cock slipping inside of her.

As Meghan impales herself in my cock I’m again playing with her gigantic tits. She starts riding me slowly bouncing up and down. I have her tits pushed together taking both nipples in my mouth at the same time. As her pussy adjust to my size she picks up her pace. The faster she goes the less bouncing or more grinding she does. She is pumping her hips back and forth as fast as she can. I slide my hands down her thin waste and around to her ass. Pushing and pulling her helping her fuck me. Her tits bouncing hitting me in the face as she fucks me hard.

Meghan cums Over and over. Her pussy spazzing around my cock. As she continues to pump her hips her contracting pussy squeezing my cock. I tell her I’m going to cum. She doesn’t care as she is in her own little world as she continues to have orgasm after orgasm. I start cumming deep inside her pussy. She leans forward kissing me as I do. Pump after pump of cum fired deep into her pussy. She starts to slow down. Slowly grinding my cock. As I finish cumming she stops moving. We make out for a few mins and she climbs off me.

She gets off my lap and starts laughing. As I look down my shorts are covered in her cum. It looks as if someone spilled milk on my lap. “Looks like I couldn’t handle you all the way” she tells me. Being a smart ass she grabs her panties from the floor and tries to wipe off my shorts.

Later that week I had to go into the Verizon store again. Meghan was working and so was another big titted worker. Meghan was busy so I got the new girl. Her name was Naomi. More about her later.