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The party was soon. Very soon. My sister always looked hot, but tonight…

While the folks were out of town, Kristen and I planned to have several friends over to “watch flicks”. She had bought a new outfit that hugged her curves like skin. Slightly shorter than me, her breasts were full and were perfectly complimented by her hourglass hips. At this moment, she was bent over the table setting up the preliminary snacks. I walked up behind her rubbing her ass.

She flipped around, shooing me away. Kristen never did like the idea of us getting together, but never told me to leave her alone. I hoped tonight would be my chance to show her how much she was missing. I playfully pouted at her, making her smile. She stretched up and let me kiss her on the lips, pulling away when I offered my tongue.

The doorbell rang so I slunk off to answer it. The looks run in the family. I’m a pretty good contender if I do say so. I’m tall at 6’2″ well-muscled after six seasons of fall sports and in a general good attitude. I could have any girl I wanted…except Kristen. Tonight would be it.

Our friends had begun to arrive in twos and threes, casting off their coats and shoes at the door. I greeted and sent them into the kitchen.

“Hey bro! I forgot to re-stock the liquor.” Kristen said coming up behind me. She was using her could-you-please-do-this-for-me voice. The one I can’t resist. “Would you run down to the corner and get some of your favorite supplies?” She pushed $40 bucks into my jeans pocket making a show of brushing against my cock in the process.

I was annoyed, but couldn’t help it. “Sure. Go ahead and start the movies without me.”

I walked out to the car and drove to the store. Unfortunately, we live out in the country, so running out to the store took about twenty minutes. After picking up the rest of the stuff, I returned in an hour.

Walking into the house, I knew they hadn’t been shy about starting without me.

In the blue light of the TV, the living room had become a smoky plaza with corners already occupied. A blonde was bouncing her head up and down on the guy concentrating gaziantep escort bayan on the porno in front of him. Lisa, Kristen’s sorority sister, was having her pussy gouged by some guy she had arrived with.

“Great.” I thought. Several couples nodded to me as I scanned the room for Kristen’s body. Nowhere. Up in her room, I knew.

I disposed of the liquor in the kitchen, disregarding the ridiculous noises coming from our dining room table.

Shedding my coat, I snuck upstairs to my room and retrieved the device I’d bought earlier that day from my dresser drawer, then returned to her door. Luckily, her boyfriend, Scott was coming out of the room. He winked at me. Scott and I had been friends for years and he knew about my plans. “All ready?”

“Yup, for a long time.” I answered confidently.

I pushed open the door slowly. Good. She wasn’t facing me. She was laying away from the door half on her side and half on her stomach.

In the darkness, the moonlight played over her skin. The delicate curves of her back tensed and relaxed as she breathed. The aroma of man and woman filled the room. How soon it would revive. My cock jerked in my pants.

I took a deep breath and stepped in, closing the door behind me.


Scott had really worked me tonight. I was resting for another round when I heard him come in. I heard him remove his clothes again, thinking it strange he had just walked out with them on.
He surprised me with soft and determined fingers on my calf. My eyes fluttered open to see my darkened room, barely lit from outside. I extended my curled legs for him, over-stretching like a cat. The fingers slid up my leg to rest under the curves of my bottom. They were almost trembling. That was strange. It occurred to me that this wasn’t Scott. He would usually reach into my pussy to check immediately if I was ready for him.

I attempted to turn around to see, but the person held me flat with one hand in the small of my back. My nether muscles tensed nervously. This excited me. I knew everyone in the house and my mind was gaziantep escort reklamları racing.

The fingers rested again and gently coaxed me to spread my thighs. I jumped when I felt a cold, small object pressed between my lips to appropriately stimulate my clit. It began to softly vibrate. It was perfectly placed and all of my earlier activity had left me sensitive. Twitching was unavoidable.

Suddenly a body climbed over me. I tried desperately to turn my head to see, but he avoided my gazes, only slid the vibrator’s controls into my hand. It was on the lowest setting. I hadn’t used a vibrator in a while and even now, the notion embarrassed me a little. The man stretched out his body over me, keeping me flat on my stomach. He slid his hands under me to begin pinching my nipples into protruding points. I felt his cock semi-hard against my back. Already, I could tell that this was someone I had never had before. The vibration continued on my clit. I looked at the control in my hands and cautiously moved the dial to the next setting.

The man above me breathed out with a satisfied sound. His hands played with my nipples, still very sensitive. Without realizing it, my hips began to rise and fall with those familiar motions on the small pleasure source.
My lover gripped my breasts fully and pressed himself against me. I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. This was like nothing before! He was so gentle; my breath wouldn’t stay steady as I rode out the first orgasm. It was quick and I became disappointed until I realized that my new lover was not going to settle for a single occurrence. One of his hands remained on my breast while the other caressed my side sending heightened sensations to my brain.


Her breathing became quicker and she began to moan softly. I had her under me. My beautiful sister. I was going to fuck her! I couldn’t believe it! She was so beautiful; I reached forward to caress her face. She immediately sucked in two of my fingers. Hard. My cock felt like it received an electric shock; it jumped against gaziantep escort resimleri her. I knew if I made her stop now, I’d miss half the show. I would have to be patient.

I’ve always heard my sister was wild, but wanted to see for myself. I used my other hand, resting my full body weight on her, to press the vibrator harder between her wet lips. She gave a small squeal and began to buck into the mattress, riding out her pleasure waves.

That’s what I was waiting for! Her body went limp under me. I removed the sticky vibrator and stretched her arms above her head where I held them. I could smell her pussy, but I had to touch it. Lying with her on the couch is as far as she ever allowed. Already, I was thrilled to have seen her orgasms, but almost nervously, I reached between her legs to touch those dripping lips.

I pushed them apart and was met by a flood of her juices. How sweet they smelled. My older sister, so much left unexplored for this evening. But one thing I would not deprive myself of…

I positioned myself on top of her, placing my cock at her slit and as planned, slid into those swollen lips with no resistance. I was fully erect and felt her walls tight against my engorged head.

I felt her breathe out again in pleasure, but I wasn’t concentrating on that just now. I knew I’d never get another chance like this, so I savored her body below me. Trembling. Waiting for me. Wanting me to send her into another climax. I began my rhythm. Pressing into her pussy up to the hilt. Pulling out again just before I’d be released from her tight lips, and then gaining momentum pushing into her again. I built my own climax and watched her respond to my motions; feeling her orgasm again.

With that, I was sent to that long-awaited edge. I tensed and grunted as my seed spilled into her, filling her and then squirting out, around my cock over her lips.


I was in heaven. Unsteady breaths racked my body. I pushed my ass up to meet his rhythms to make sure he was deep within me. My head was all blurred and I only knew this incredible fuck was the only thing in the world.

He tensed and released his load with a soft grunt. We collapsed together. Who was this?! I wanted so much to ask! My breathing was too shallow, only my mind could speak.

Gradually, our breathing became more normal.

Before I could turn over, he leaned and kissed my cheek breathing warmly in my ear.

Then whispered, “Thanks, Sis.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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