That New Guy Ch. 06

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Big Cock

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


Despite her planning, somebody did spot Meg and Jake and figured out pretty easily exactly what was going on. It was pure coincidence that Deb happened to be in the area of Jake’s cubicle that early or maybe she was still thinking about how good he’d been at making her cum the previous evening. In either case, she saw Meg in his cube and couldn’t miss the way her arm was moving and that her hand seemed to be in his lap. The two of them were so focused that she was able to maneuver around enough until she was able to glimpse what they were looking at on his computer screen. She was able to catch enough that she knew it was still photos of Meg in various states of undress and that Meg was jerking him off as they were viewing the photos. Rather than point out what they were doing to anyone else or interrupt them, the wheels in her head just started turning and she started coming up with her own plan; a plan that would blow Meg’s still photos and handjob out of the water.

She had all that day at work to figure out what she was going to do when she got home. Her first thought was that video would trump still photos. Her second was that just about anything would trump a handjob. Since it had worked so well a few days earlier when she’d titfucked Jake then sucked his cock, she went ahead and reserved that same conference room with no windows and a lock on the door. She knew that she could run anything on her laptop through the projector in there and figured that doing that would also trump watching still photos on a computer monitor. The last thing to figure out was exactly what to shoot a video of. Whatever it was, she knew she’d end up fucking him in there before she was done. As she thought about what to wear to make fucking him easier, the concept for the video became apparent.

She owned a dress that was conservative enough to wear at the office but that also had a well-disguised zipper that ran all the way up the front of the dress, from hem to neckline. It had occurred to her as something that would be easy to slip in and out of and, as she considered what to wear under it, she realized that it might be the perfect thing to feature in a video, demonstrating how accessible it was. By the time she headed home that day, she had everything figured out and decided to start working on the video right away. She grabbed the dress from her closet then went through her lingerie until she found the perfect bra and panties to wear under the dress. She stripped off the clothes she’d worn to work and, much as Meg had, gave herself a thorough once-over in the mirror to make sure there was nothing that she didn’t want recorded in the video.

Finding nothing that caused her any concern, she pulled on her sexiest bikini panties and the matching bra that supported her substantial tits while simultaneously revealing a significant amount of cleavage. She looked herself over in the mirror again, made a few minor adjustments, then slipped into the dress and zipped it up. The set, of course, was not important aside from the requirement of good lighting. The track lights in her living room would be perfect and the background would be pretty neutral, so his attention would remain on her. She set up her digital camera and shot a couple of quick test videos to make sure she and it were both positioned well. Once she was satisfied, she went ahead and shot her video.

It was pretty straightforward so she didn’t feel the need to do any reshooting or editing. She copied it over to her laptop, watched it to make sure she was happy with it, then went and changed, leaving the outfit out so she could wear it to work the next day. She never second guessed her plan; she went over a few of the details and then was able to let the whole thing go for the rest of the night.

The next morning, she did end up changing one thing to make it a little bit more dramatic. She got her laptop set up in the conference room, tested the projection to make sure it was well-focused then, before retrieving Jake, she stripped off the sexy underwear that she was wearing in the video. She figured if he was expecting that and she was naked instead, it would definitely Maltepe Escort have more of an impact. She zipped her dress back up, stashed her bra and panties then went to grab Jake.

“Good morning, Jake,” she said cheerfully, glad to find him alone in his cube, “I’ve got a multimedia presentation that I’d like your opinion on. I think you’ll find it more compelling than the one you were forced to watch yesterday morning.”

He wasn’t surprised that she knew about Meg’s slideshow, but he assumed that she had learned about it from Meg. He figured there couldn’t be anything not to like about any presentation she was going to make, so he shrugged and followed her. Her dress clung nicely to her ass and made him think again about when she’d revealed it to him right before he’d fucked her from behind. Fortunately, she led him to a nearby conference room since he would be pitching a tent if he ended up walking behind her for much longer. It wasn’t lost on him that it was the same conference room where she’d titfucked him and blown him the first time he’d ever met her. She had him sit and locked the door, then clicked her laptop a couple of times and his attention was drawn to her image on the wall. She was wearing the same dress in the video that currently had on but it didn’t appear as though the video had been shot at the office. He was intrigued.

“Good morning, Jake,” she started, “I have a couple of demonstrations for you today, both of them involving technology. The first one is this video presentation, projected on a screen much larger than, say, a computer monitor and featuring both sound and motion. I’m sure you’ll agree that, regardless of what is featured, this format is much more advanced than a slideshow of photos. The next thing I want to show you is something I have no doubt that you are quite familiar with, but I’m going to demonstrate its use in a way that you may not have seen before. The item to which I am referring is a zipper. I’m going to assume that you did not notice, either here onscreen or there in person, that there is a zipper running up the front of this dress.”

Jake turned quickly to look at Deb’s dress. She stood before him to let him take a look.

“I’m going to show you up here first,” onscreen Deb continued, “but you will no doubt get a closer look once I’ve finished.”

In-person Deb sat down while onscreen Deb located a well-disguised zipper-pull and started to slide it down.

“One nice thing about this zipper is that you can quickly and easily slide it down and reveal whatever his hiding underneath.”

She brought the zipper down as far as her waist then pulled the front of her dress open to reveal her sexy bra and sumptuous tits. She held that pose for a beat then leaned forward, providing a view right into her ample cleavage. Jake shifted as if to try to accommodate a suddenly growing cock. Deb straightened up again onscreen then zipped her dress all the way back up.

“Now, I’m sure that demonstration was nothing you aren’t familiar with and, hopefully, if you were to unzip your own zipper at the moment, your stiff cock would pop out. But wait, there’s more! Another convenient feature of this particular dress with this particular zipper is that it also unzips from the bottom up.”

She reached down and the dress started to part as her hand moved upward. Again, once she reached her waist, she held the dress open to reveal her sexy bikini panties.

“You can imagine, I’m sure, some of the things that can be accomplished with this kind of convenient access.”

She ran the fingers of one hand over the front of her panties, then slipped it inside. She moaned softly as she ran her fingers up and down her slit which, although not obvious on the video, was dripping wet. Once she’d started this during the filming of the video, she’d had to see it all the way through. Even though he wouldn’t be able to see much, it was obvious enough what was going on as she held her dress open with one hand and the other wriggled around inside her panties. His attention was definitely riveted. She was alternately caressing her clit and sliding her finger inside her slippery pussy. Her moaning quickly became louder and longer and she was rotating her hips, which she hadn’t realized she’d been doing until she’d reviewed the video. When she started to cum, which didn’t take very long, she let out cry and her knees nearly gave out.

“How embarrassing,” she said, slipping her hand from her panties and not sounding embarrassed at all, “but a fair demonstration of the potential of a dress with access like this. Of course there is one other thing that can be accomplished with this type of zipper.”

Since the dress was unzipped from the bottom to her waist already, she just ran the zipper the rest of the way up to the neckline until the two halves separated. She held each side of the dress open, fully revealing her curvaceous figure, her succulent tits barely encased but well Ümraniye Escort supported in her sexy bra and the matching bikini panties covering what he knew to be her fully-shaved pussy.

“So, now that you know the secrets of the dress, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed that I am currently wearing there in the room with you,” she said as she zipped the dress back together, “I will defer to my live and in-person self to continue this presentation.”

The screen faded out and the wallpaper on Deb’s laptop replaced the video on the wall of the conference room. Jake’s attention turned to her as she stood and started to unzip the dress, from the top down this time. She managed to keep the two sides together until she got the zipper completely undone, then she held the two sides apart, revealing to him that she was completely naked underneath. His eyes went wide and she could see them darting back and forth between her tits and her pussy. She also noted that his pants were definitely tented out so there was no question that he was ready to go. What he asked, though, took her by surprise.

“Can I eat your pussy again?” he inquired.

“Um…of course,” she replied, recalling the skill with which he’d made her cum a few nights previously as she’d sat on the trunk of his car. She moved over to where he was sitting and hopped up on the table before him, surprised again when his attention remained on her smooth pussy rather than watching her titties bounce. She leaned back as he leaned in, going right for her pussy this time and running his tongue up her slit. She bit back a moan as he lapped at her juicy pussy before focusing on her clit as he slipped a finger into her. Pumping his finger in and out, he licked and sucked her clit while gazing up at her tits. Again he proved to be a talented clit licker as she felt an orgasm building pretty much immediately and was savoring the levels of pleasure that she was experiencing.

Feeling as comfortable as she could on a conference table in the office getting her pussy eaten, she laid all the way back and held onto his head as she humped her pussy toward his face. He didn’t fail to notice that, when she reached down to hold his head, her tits were squeezed between her arms and looked even more succulent. He wished he could eat her pussy and fuck her cleavage at the same time. Since he couldn’t, he focused on making her cum so he then could fuck her tits, or her hot, slippery pussy or first one, then the other. His cock was threatening to burst from his khakis but he was feeling very confident about his chances of fucking some part of Deb’s body as soon as he managed to make her cum. As he felt her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged the longer he ate it, he knew that she was well on her way.

Her body was tensing up more and more the closer she got to cumming until, finally, it was like a rubber band snapping as she suddenly went limp on the table. Her entire body started to shake and twitch as her orgasm washed over her and a fresh flow of her nectar washed over Jake’s finger. He continued eating her for the duration of her long, intense orgasm, only raising his head and slipping his finger free once she’d let out a content-sounding sigh. Standing up, he sucked her juices off of his finger before opening his pants and extracting his cock. Her eyes remained closed but her smile broadened as he slipped easily into her. As he had the night he fucked her on the trunk of his car, he hooked her legs over his arms to keep her from slipping away as he repeatedly thrust into her. His attention was on her tits moving along with his thrusting, though he did glance down a few times to watch as his cock slid in and out of her smooth pussy.

She was happy to once again have a thick, hard cock inside her and was savoring the feeling and the pleasure that accompanied it. Since she expected that his attention was on her tits, she resisted the urge to caress her hard nipples as he was fucking her and instead dropped a hand down to massage her clit. She wasn’t sure whether he’d need assistance in getting her to cum, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt and the additional layer of pleasure it added would only enhance the experience. He could still glance down and see his cock slipping in and out of her since her hand was at the top of her pussy but she was right that his attention was mainly on her tits. The more he stared at them, the more he was certain of what he wanted to do once he managed to get her to cum again. The fact that she was essentially assisting him in reaching that goal only took the pressure off and helped him to relax as he pursued it.

Her pussy was becoming hotter and wetter the longer he fucked her but he was feeling like she’d be cumming before he did, so he was just savoring how good it felt. The room was dead silent as they were both successfully containing the moaning that they’d typically be letting out, so they could actually hear the sloshing sound İstanbul Escort of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she got closer to cumming. Her breathing rate started to pick up as well and, as much as she wanted to make a noise to express how much pleasure she was experiencing, she refrained. She was starting to tense up once again as she found herself right on the verge of an orgasm despite trying to just relax and savor the feeling. When she suddenly gasped and the tension left her body, she started to shake as the intense pleasure completely overwhelmed her.

As her pussy was flooded with even more of her pungent nectar, Jake was tempted to just continue fucking her until he came but, watching her tits jiggling as her body shook put that right out of his mind. While still slowly thrusting in and out of her, he kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his slacks and underwear, which had pooled at his ankles. When he was sure she’d finished cumming, he slipped his cock out of her, lowered her legs and climbed up onto the table. She figured out pretty quickly what was going on and shifted her position to make sure she’d be comfortable. He straddled her ribs and laid his cock between her tits while squeezing them together around it himself. As he started to slowly fuck them, he was caressing her hard nipples so she put her arms under her head to prop it up so that she could watch.

Fucking her had been outstanding but the feeling of his cock sliding between her sumptuous tits was completely awesome, as well. He could immediately feel his orgasm beginning to build due to the pleasure provided by the soft, smooth flesh rubbing against his tool. Having his hands on her tits at the same time was definitely an added bonus. There was no question that she had exceptional tits, although Meg did as well. He felt blessed to have the two of them willing to share their all-natural beauties but he was still interested in pushing the envelope a bit to see what else their competitive natures would prompt them to do. As he considered spewing all over her chest, he recalled how she’d tried to catch his cum on her tongue the other night and decided to cum in her mouth instead. He continued to slowly fuck her tits until he was nearly on the verge of cumming then he released them and moved forward.

She saw his cock coming toward her and opened her mouth so he could fuck her face. She moved one arm out from under her head to grasp the base of his cock and guide it between her lips. He eased his cock into her mouth and, as she closed her lips around it, had to bite back a moan yet again. As he started slowly sliding it in and out, his orgasm continued building with the help of her hand around the base, gently pumping. She wasn’t trying to make him cum faster but she knew that this would help him feel even more pleasure. He was okay with cumming faster, despite enjoying everything that had occurred so far. He figured that, the longer they were in that conference room, the greater the chance of somebody figuring out what was going on, even if they hadn’t seen the two of them when they’d initially gone in there.

So he relished the pleasure and the continuing build of his orgasm but was definitely not disappointed when he started to shoot his load into her hot mouth. She swallowed his load and pumped his cock a bit more vigorously to help him along, milking his cum out of him. Only when she was sure he was completely spent did she release his cock from both her hand and mouth. He moved off of her, sitting on his heels on the tabletop beside her, catching his breath while his attention was drawn back to her naked tits. She lay there letting him look for a moment, then got up and retrieved her bra and panties. As she was starting to slip into them, he climbed down off the table and pulled his boxers and pants back on, too. She pulled her dress on over her bra and panties and zipped it back up as he was slipping back into his shoes and making sure that his shirt was tucked in neatly.

“Could I get a copy of that video?” he asked as she went to disconnect her laptop from the projector.

“Sure,” she replied, “have you got a flash drive?”

“Yeah,” he said, “let me go grab it.”

He briefly left the conference room but returned quickly and handed her a flash drive. She popped it into a USB port and copied the video over from her hard drive. As she was confirming that it arrived safely, she noticed just one other folder on his flash drive and, when she opened it and found that it was full of JPEGs, she assumed that it was the folder full of Meg’s photos. She briefly considered deleting it but, instead, made a copy of it onto her hard drive. Even though they were competitive, she thought that Meg was pretty hot and had never had an opportunity to see her naked before. Now she had something to look through when she was home alone that night. She’d considered taking some pictures of herself with Jake with the camera built into her laptop, maybe to share with Meg, but she was afraid Meg might use them as evidence against her or Jake. Plus, she just didn’t want to stop in the middle of what they had been doing.

“There you go,” she said after popping his flash drive out.

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