That One Night

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It started so simply, well, what I thought was simple. Harris and I had become best friends over three years. We lived apart from each other in a large condominium on the beach. Two minutes from our front door and we were in the water.

We both loved to surf and be very active, so it was only natural that we became friends instantly. That was how things started to escalate. The only difference between us was that Harris liked to party. He loved to go the clubs and party all night. On the other hand, I wanted to stay in for the night and play video games or watch movies.

Harris came home one day bragging about this woman named Grace. He didn’t stop talking about her. He would talk about it when we went to the beach and when we went for our runs. For over two weeks, it was the same thing over and over.

I had a picture of Grace in my head, and as much as he talked about her, I was sure I was close to knowing what she looked like, from her long blonde hair hazel eyes. She stood just under five-foot-eight. Her hair came down past her shoulders and nearly touched her ass. Which Harris said was huge, along with a pair of how Harris described as massive boobs.

Another thing Harris and eye didn’t have in common were our tastes in women. I loved women on the thin side, while Harris liked the thicker women, which for the both of us were total opposites to what people expected.

Harris stood five foot six, with brown hair and blue-eyed. I stood six feet tall and had dark black hair. Harris was as pale as could be, while I was dark-skinned. We were both very athletically built. He was on the slimmer and toned side, while I was more muscular.

“Fine,” I said as it was a Saturday, and Harris had begged me repeatedly to go with him to this club of his to meet his wonderful woman.

I had gone clubbing with Harris a few times, but I never found any of it interesting enough to keep going consistently.

“You’ll see, Grace is the most….” Harris started to say before I held up my hand.

“You’ve told me,” I nodded. “Thousands of times.”

“I think you will like some of her friends,” Harris tried to convince me.

I found that hard to believe. I had no interest in women who went to the clubs, nor did I interest in meeting anyone new. I was happy being single and being able to do what I wanted when I wanted and with who I wanted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

The club in question was only a few blocks away from the beach and not far from our building. The music was loud and filled the place with its pounding bass.

“What do you think?” Harris asked.

“It’s a club,” I shrugged as I got comfortable by the bar.

“There she is,” Harris smiled as he pointed to Grace.

Harris was right about a few things. She was beyond busty, as well as long blonde hair.

“Harris!” Grace said as she got close to us. “Who is your friend?”

“This is Thomas,” Harris said, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Well, nice to meet you, Thomas,” Grace smiled, beaming from ear to ear.

She was as perky as Harris said. She seemed to bounce up and down as she looked from one of us to the other.

“Nice to finally meet you as well, Harris here hasn’t stopped talking about you,” I smiled.

“Oh?” Grace asked as she looked over at Harris.

“Well, I was just telling him all the things we talked about the last time,” Harris said.

“Now, what could that be?” Grace asked as she stared directly at him.

“I am going to let you guys talk,” I nodded. Sensing that my being here was more like a third wheel than anything else.

I walked around the club and found it just as dull as the other times I had been clubbing with Harris. I made my final round and decided to tell Harris I was leaving when I bumped into Grace and a friend.

“Leaving?” Grace asked as she stared at me.

“Yeah, all of this isn’t what I am into,” I said as I looked around.

“Too bad,” her friend said. “We were just about to dance, and you would have missed it.”

Grace’s friend was more my type. The way she looked at me was enticing, to say the least. “Well?” Grace asked.

“Just for the dance,” I said.

“Well, that’s good enough,” her friend said as they headed up to what was a large stage.

“Wait until you see this,” Harris said as he joined me.

These things didn’t always amuse me, but I was willing to see them through.

Many other women dressed in short shorts and tight tops joined Grace and her friend. When the music hit, they all started dancing and twerking to the music. While I tried to keep my eyes on Grace’s friend, they were continuously drawn to Grace.

“I told you,” Harris said.

He was right. Grace stole the show, how she moved, evi olan gaziantep escort how her large chest bounced and even more impressive, how her ass moved. I had never been into twerking videos or the rap videos with the women dancing with their asses all out there, but this was beyond anything I had ever seen on any of those videos.

“You can’t stop yourself, can you?” Harris smiled.

“Of course, I can,” I said, shaking my head and looking at the others. But instantly, I was drawn back to Grace.

With every thrust, every bounce, she made my eyes focus on her.

“She’s mine,” Harris shook his head.

“You can have her,” I shrugged as I turned around and started to walk out. “Like I said, I have no interest.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was all a lie, of course, for the next following days, Grace plagued my mind. I found myself listening to the stupid song that played while she was dancing. Even worse, I started looking at other videos and clips of women with significant assets.

I even called off a few booty calls with my friend with benefits because I found myself not attracted to her the last time she came over. She wasn’t Grace, or did she have anything in common, no big ass, no big boobs.

What was worse was Harris continued to talk about her. A continuous reminder of what I saw that night.

“She’s coming to the beach tomorrow,” Harris said as we met for our usual get together at the shoreline grill.

“What?” I asked.

“Grace, she wants to see us surf, tomorrow,” Harris said with a huge smile.

I had just started to get Grace out of my head, and now she was coming here. To watch us surf.

I found myself thinking about her and what should I say. I knew Harris was into her, and she might be interested in him.

“Well, she’s your girlfriend, she should come and see you,” I said as I looked over at Harris.

“I wish,” Harris replied. “We’ve just been talking, nothing else.”

Part of me jumped for joy that they were just friends. I was sure many other men at that club were thinking the same thing that I was right now.

Grace probably had more than one admirer in that club.

“I knew it!” Harris laughed. “You’re into her as well!”

I was about to shake my head and tell him, no, but I was done lying to myself.

“Okay, Okay, she is something alright,” I nodded.

Harris laughed as we sat there and talked about Grace for the rest of the day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So,” Grace said as she circled the both of us. “The two of you go out there and surf, every weekend?”

“Boys and their toys,” her friend Cassandra said. She was the same girl from the club. The two seemed inseparable.

Cassandra had long brunette hair and a shapely figure. She didn’t have huge breasts, but she had a curvy ass and long legs with a toned stomach.

Both women were dressed in bikinis and drew the attention of most of the men on the beach.

“Well?” Grace smiled. “We are waiting.”

Harris and I took off for the water while Grace and Cassandra laid on beach towels and watched.

It didn’t take long for the two of us to notice other guys on the beach hitting on Cassandra and Grace while we were out surfing the waves. Both women were not telling them to leave, by the looks of things.

Instead, it looked like they were inviting more attention from others.

Not one to be outplayed, Harris wanted to go back to the shore. On the other hand, I decided if they wanted to be with others, so let them. Sure, Grace was a catch, but I had never been one for chasing someone that didn’t show interest, even if they were the hottest woman I had laid eyes on.

“Where are you heading?” Grace asked as I picked up my board and headed for the building.

“I am done for the day,” I nodded.

“Oh, some of us were going to a beach party, thought you would be interested,” Grace smiled.

“Nah, but you and the others have a good time,” I said while walking.

Grace followed quickly behind me. “What is it?” she asked. “First you can’t get enough of me, now you can’t look me in the eyes?”

“Nothing personal, just not a party person,” I shrugged.

“I see,” Grace nodded.

She started backing up and shook her head. “I thought you would be different, but I see you are just like the rest of them. Expect me to be all yours just because you show interest,” Grace looked at me. “I am my own person, I do what I like, with who I like, if you can’t handle that, then maybe you shouldn’t come to the party.”

I smiled back at her. “Same here,” I said and walked away.

‘Two can play this game,’ I thought as I sat at home.

Throughout the rest gaziantep evi olan escort of the day, I tried to stay busy with things around the house and play video games and other things, but all I could think of was the party on the beach.

‘You should be here,’ Harris texted me with a video of some of the girls on a stage. ‘Wet T Shirt contest!’

There was no way any other woman would be able to defeat Grace. Her bust was far more extensive than many others I had seen on the beach throughout the years.

‘I am good,’ I said as I took a picture of my beer and my television screen showing the video game.

‘I would rather be watching wet shirts and tits!’ Harris replied.

‘To each their own,’ I replied.

I typed it out, but all I could think about was going down to that party to see what was going on and, more importantly, to see Grace, but I had to stand firm.

It took a few hours, and I was deep into my game when Harris knocked on my door.

“Man, you missed it!” he said as he entered. “After the contest, there was a dance-off, and then ….”

“Not interested,” I said as I shook my head.

“Oh yeah?” Harris smiled. “Watch this,” Harris said as he showed me the video of the girls on the beach dancing. “Told you, that you missed out.”

I watched in awe at the precision and athleticism and the pure sex appeal the girls put on. “And there is more,” Harris said, showing Grace winning the wet t-shirt contest and shaking her chest for all to see.

“Well, seems everyone had fun,” I nodded.

“Yeah, Cassandra and Grace are getting cleaned up then coming over to my place,” Harris smiled. “Pity you just want to sit here and play video games instead of joining us.”

Harris smiled even more. When he saw the look on my face, he could sense that I was more than interested in joining him.

“They knew you would be interested,” Harris shook his head. “You try to put on the act that you aren’t into them, but they can tell.”

“And you just fall for them because they shake their ass and bounce their tits?” I replied.

“Whose place are they coming to?” Harris shrugged. “Pays to show a little interest now and then.”

“Lap dog,” I said, shaking my head.

“That got a lap dance,” Harris added. “Twice!”

Instantly I felt a pang of jealousy. “That’s right, both Cassandra and Grace danced on this lap! So, who is the lap dog now?” Harris laughed.

He started walking to the door and then turned around, “Are you coming, or you still want to play video games?” Harris asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We were sitting at his place for over an hour before a knock on the door. Harris quickly got up and answered. Cassandra and Grace walked in and joined us in the living room. They were both dressed in short shorts and tight tops, with knee-high boots.

“Well, look who came to join the fun?” Grace smiled.

“Thought it would be nice to get out,” I answered.

“Well, you missed these, winning the competition,” Cassandra said, grabbing Grace’s giant tits.

“Missed more than that,” Grace said

“I heard,” I said, looking over at Harris.

“Oh, he told you,” Cassandra smiled. “Did he tell you what also happened?”

Harris shook his head and tried to stop them from talking.

“He just told me you guys danced on his lap,” I nodded.

“Of course, “Grace smiled as she walked over to Harris. “Yes, we danced for him, but what he didn’t say was that both times he came in his pants.”

Cassandra smiled as she looked at Harris. “Quite fast, barely got started.”

Harris shook his head and looked at me.

I shook my head back at him. “Come on, from a lap dance?”

“You think you could do better?” Grace said as she approached me in my chair.

“I know I can,” I said, challenging her.

“Challenge accepted,” Grace smiled as she spread my legs wide.

Cassandra and Harris both found some music for her to dance to, and before I knew it, Grace’s large ass was on my groin. I could see the g string peeping up from her shorts.

Grace started slowly but then started twerking, swirling her hips on my dick. Not just on my groin area but trapping my dick between her ass and my body and gyrating quickly.

‘Fuck!’ I thought as all I could see was her long blonde hair and thick ass as it bounced in front of me.

“Give it another minute,” Grace said. “I can already feel it.”

I shook my head as I tried to think of anything else, the market where I shopped with my mom, the time my father left us. Everything I could think of to stop myself from cumming.

The more things I thought of, the faster Grace danced. The faster she danced, gaziantep evi olan escort bayan the more her ass clapped on my dick, squeezing it against me. Rubbing it up and down and all around.

Then it happened. I came, shooting cum out of my dick and in my pants.

“Two minutes, forty-two seconds,” Cassandra laughed.

“No way!” I said, shaking my head.

Cassandra quickly spun her phone around to show me the time. “From the time the music started,” Cassandra grinned.

“Ha!” Harris laughed. “At least I got to the three-minute mark!”

“The second time,” Cassandra said, pushing Harris back into one of the other chairs. “I bet you couldn’t do it again!”

I watched as Cassandra did the same thing to Harris that Grace did to me. She didn’t have a huge ass or big tits like her friend, but she was fit, and her tight stomach showed as she bounced and twerked on Harris’s lap.

“Not done with you yet,” Grace said as she pulled me up from the chair. “It’s my turn.”

Grace pulled down her shorts and bent over, showing off her impressive ass. The silver g string disappeared between her ass cheeks. It was even better than I imagined.

I immediately dived face-first into her ass from behind. “That’s right!” Grace yelled as I started to lick and tease her from behind. Her enormous ass swallowed my face whole.

“You should sit on it,” Cassandra said as she had finished Harris off in record time.

“Both of you on the floor,” Grace smiled as she ordered us to the floor.

What followed next was face sitting that I had never been a part of before. First, Grace sat on my face and just like the lap dance that she had performed on my laps, now she proceeded to do the same thing on my face until I made her cum, then they switched. Cassandra sat on my face as Grace sat on Harris’s. They went back and forth like this over and over.

It felt like my face, and the back of my head was being pounded into the floor. They were relentless. Our faces and tongues were nothing more than a tool to get them off, just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore. They both smiled at each other.

“We aren’t that bad,” Cassandra smiled as they slowly stripped out of their clothes for us.

I managed to take a break and wipe my face clean from the sweat and other liquids that dripped down it.

“Nu-uh,” Grace said as she pushed me back down onto the floor.

The music still thumped as they wrapped both our cocks in condoms. Then slowly slid down onto us.

“Holy fuck!” I said as Grace started bouncing on my dick.

“Thought the lap dance was bad,” Cassandra smiled as she looked down at Harris.

“This will be much better,” Grace finished as she looked down at me.

Again, the two women bounced and rode our cocks hard and fast. They were in unison as they smiled and looked at each other as they rode our dicks.

Harris was barely holding on. I could see it in his face; he was bursting to cum.

“Nope,” Grace said as I tried to reach up for her huge swinging tits.

Every time I tried to reach up for them, she swatted my hands away.

“When you get me off, then you can have them,” Grace said.

Harris and I repeatedly tried to last the onslaught of these two women. I fucked Grace from behind twice watching that big white ass bounce off me was the best thing to happen that night. Even when I fucked Cassandra, I still wanted to go back to Grace. Both women wanted more than we could give them.

The two of them were more than a match for both of us, even after taking a break. We went right back to it. Going back and forth between each other. Grace with me, then with Harris.

In the end, it was Harris and I lying on the floor, looking up at the two of them.

“Well,” Grace smiled as she stared down at the two of us. “Until next time,” she said as the two of them walked out.


But there was no next time. Harris and I went back to the club many times. We never saw either Cassandra or Grace there. We went to the beach and many other clubs. Finally, after a month, we gave up.

Things resumed too normal for the both of us. We vowed never again to fall for any woman as we did for the two of them.

It was another month when Harris came into my condo in a hurry. “I found them!” he shouted as he held his tablet.

There they were on the screen, dancing and twerking as I remembered.

“Where is that?” I asked.

“South beach,” Harris grinned from ear to ear.

We both watched the live showing of a dance competition happening in Florida on the other side of the nation. The two women that had drained both of us competed and showed off their skills.

All I could think about was that night and how we fucked for most of the night and into the morning.

We both thought of going across the nation and joining them for a moment. But we both knew by the time we got there, the two of them would be gone to the next dance competition and the one after that, they were living their lives.

We both shook the thought out of our heads and sat and watched. Reminiscing of our time with them.

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